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  1. #FireJasonGarrett

    Really would be. We just need JG and RM gone and maybe they will actually draft some talented top IDL talent!
  2. #FireJasonGarrett

    I’m with you, done watching this. Doesn’t move the needle for anything but just feels like I need to do it. Very happy I didn’t pay to go to a game this year, would be pissed to put anymore $$ into the team.
  3. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    Rebound to what? 8-8? This team is lifeless on defense and I’ve never seen an offense shut down so quick with injuries. Good teams figure it out. Apparently we are only formidable at 100% health.
  4. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    I hate the eagles so much but I think my hatred for JG at this point has me all in for a nationally televised embarrassment of a performance. May be the only thing that gets JG out before year end.
  5. #FireJasonGarrett

    Fire him. Who cares who steps in. This team isn’t going anywhere. At this point I’m all in for a better draft pick.
  6. Predict Dallas' record.

    Currently 3-2: at Jets W (4-2) Let's hope this is a W Eagles L (4-3) I think we have a let to them at home but get them back in their place later in the year at Giants W (5-3) I expect Saquan to absolutely destroy us Vikings L (5-4) I genuinely think we are a better team than the Vikings, but I think what the Vikings to good will play into our biggest weaknesses at Lions W (6-4) This could easily end up an L but we seem to have some nice luck again them as of late, I expect that to continue at Patriots L (6-5) Typical Cowboys fashion is to win the game we have no business winning so I could actually see this being a Win followed by a let down Loss Bills W (7-5) IDC how good their defense is, if we lose to this offense then I hope we lose out the rest of the games for the better draft pick at Bears W (8-5) Definitely had this at a loss to start the year but Bears have not impressed me at all Rams W (9-5) See above, same with the Rams, they look worse off (currently) than we do at Eagles W (10-5) Get these filthy miscreants back in their own place Redskins W (11-5) For the Division Lose first round of the playoffs, Garrett fired, everyone in Cowboys land is happy because we prove we don't completely suck, Garrett is fired...we get ready for next year...like we have for the past 25+ years. Rinse and repeat for the next few decades.
  7. I used to rely on that, looking for something a bit more robust...specifically heart rate and some other functions. Plus I would like to be able to do certain things without my phone, but I know that gets you into a very pricey range of equipment.
  8. I stopped drinking based on time of day years ago...not I just drink when I want (and by want I mean when my wife doesn't need me to be useful)...it's called being an adult I am going to check out a few today at lunch, I will check those out.
  9. Any of you guys wear fitness trackers/watches?
  10. Judging by my spelling of Like and eyebrow you'd think I was drunk...at 11:30am...maybe.
  11. That + the occasional eye brow one. Light overnight and somehow there is a 1 inch eye bro hair.
  12. W6 News and Notes

    Bored at work so let's go digging...Looks like 2014 was the year. 2018: 9 INT / 14 Fumbles 2017: 10 INT / 20 Fumbles 2016: 9 INT / 18 Fumbles 2015: 8 INT / 6 Fumbles 2014: 18 INT / 15 Fumbles 2013: 15 INT / 13 Fumbles 2012: 7 INT / 14 Fumbles 2011: 13 INT / 15 Fumbles 2010: 20 INT / 14 Fumbles
  13. W6 News and Notes

    No idea where to ask this...but why can't the Dallas Cowboys ever generate turnovers? I straight up cannot remember the last time we had a defense that had any type of legit play making ability.
  14. What ideas do you have or would like to see

    Accountability would be nice.
  15. Hot Boyz

    As a nick name it kind of sucked anyway...they should fix that first. The entire front 7, our "strength" has not looked good all year, even against the first crap teams. I think they got a little too cocky.