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  1. Be careful with the NJ numbers, they got a lot of funky math going on. Deaths are bottoming out (obviously lagging so we will see what happens by EOM), same with hospitalizations. What I will say on the hospitalizations that is concerning, I think 30%+ are under 49 years old, however not all of them (from what I am told) are there for COVID as reason #1 (not that it should fully matter but I still believe in full transparency). In terms of the daily new cases, a lot of the "new positives" are 7-100 days old. Why there is such a lag in their reporting I have no idea. I believe NJ will actually be loosening indoor rules shortly so what gets reported vs their actions are not lining up at the moment.
  2. My wife still is getting tested 3x per week, basically been a constant state of irritated / headaches for her which has not bode well for me. I myself have not had the pleasure of poking my brain yet.
  3. So you’re saying signing old washed up guys isn’t a good way to build an NFL defense? Color me shocked.
  4. LOL, trash. Gotta be on pace for one of the worst defenses in the history of the NFL right?
  5. Umm, for a few years didn’t we have a top defense under Parcells?
  6. At this pace everyone involved w the team should be on the hot seat...but no one actually will be.
  7. Lol, this team is a joke. Some good pieces in place but at its core it’s a complete joke. I’m really glad that I just was not that invested this year. I’m pretty happy the game isn’t even on NJ otherwise I’d be torturing myself and actually watching. Sad part is, we still probably take the division. This defense needs a 100% overhaul and apparently the offense needs basic understanding of fundamentals.
  8. Ever suffer from anxiety/stress? Years and years ago I got stuck in an elevator and it jacked me up something good. For a long time after that I always had these feelings of "I can't breathe" and then because my body and brain were on different pages I found myself legit holding my breathe for relatively long periods of time and never realized I was doing it. I was self inflicting some weird reaction / wooziness and often left me feeling very tired. I never actually had a monitor of my O2 levels but ultimately got back to regular. Like many have mentioned this is stressful times but I think with regards to masks its been proven with pretty much 100% certainty that it should not impact your O2 levels. Also maybe make sure there are Carbon Monoxide monitors set up, isn't fatigue and drop in O2 a potential sign of CO poisoning?
  9. So I don't know why it took me so long to realize this. In my area most kids sports have bene cancelled or heavily altered, however for probably the past 2 months or so the adult softball league has been completely good to go with zero mask requirements.
  10. When I first got sent the video, I was fully expecting him to just pick her up and launch her.
  11. Google Sciatic streteche, there are a few I can't physically do and my back will let me know, but for the most part game changing. I have gotten lazy as it has gotten better, but once in the morning, once at night was a routine that really helped me a lot.
  12. My dad and I were talking about this yesterday. The league that has covered up brain injuries is all of a sudden going to call out star players for this? I would like to think they would do the right thing, but I imagine they wouldn't. I do hope as a fan everyone stays healthy because 1) this is just a game at the end of the day and 2 if they really try to keep things quiet and it ends up in a bad outbreak, it is going to look really fricken bad for the entire brand. I assume the protocols in place are all being run by independent third parties?
  13. My Dr who had it had told me he had really bad back pain and GI issues, nothing else. I live with back pain which sucks, but stretching is your best friend (assuming there is not something damaged in there that would be made worse by the stretching). If you end up getting a test or anything keep us posted, stay healthy.
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