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  1. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    It is starting to feel like they are not even going to attempt to keep Jones. Such a big mistake.
  2. Dez Bryant Watch Part II

    I would be all for this at the right price and for essentially a specialist role. The problem I think would be we all remember the Redzone monster Dez was with Romo. I just do not see Dak being able to throw those type of high point/contested catches. Guys need to be pretty damn open for Dak to go there.
  3. Got you talking about it, did its job.
  4. I wish I could like this daily for the next few months. Awesome.
  5. Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    Does not feel real. This just sucks.
  6. Never once was really moved by a big celebrity/athlete passing. but this one hits hard. RIP to all those involved, such a tragedy.
  7. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    Had no idea he was here amongst us!
  8. Black Monday - HC / Front Office Changes (0 HC Openings)

    You can, but that is not how all of this works.
  9. Sorry to hear man, always terrible when anyone (or any pet) is taken from us early, but she and her pup are for sure going to have a good time being reunited.
  10. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    I mean...no. He can 100% concentrate on some side business, how in anyway does that impact anything he does on the field. Of all the players to call out, he is the wrong one. These guys are humans too and have every right to do other things beyond train, play, train, play, train, play. I agree, dumb nickname, but he has every right to go and make cash off of it.
  11. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    You will laugh and he will cash checks. Stupid or not he is making money off of essentially doing nothing but having a name.
  12. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    But why is it stupid if he is trying to make additional money and leverage his position/fame? While I agree nicknames in general are not something I care for, especially when the group is not particularly good, but he is making money off of it. I know I am not making any extra side money by merchandising anything so clearly a lot smarter than me.
  13. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    My understanding was he already did and hes trying to block the Niners use of two Zs. Obviously it seems ridiculous to us as fans as one player is trying to block another player (who happens to be getting ready for a Super Bowl)....but this is business for him, not football so how can anyone be upset by this? If anyone here ran a side business outside of their normal jobs and someone else tries to use essentially the same name they would do the same exact thing.
  14. Decrease?! No one told me that
  15. Black Monday - HC / Front Office Changes (0 HC Openings)

    As much as I can't stand JG, he is going to help the Giants tremendously. Same with MC if he signs.