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  1. GDT Week 3: Cowboys v. Cardinals on MNF

    I am going to summon my inner John Madden. If the Cowboys want to win this game they need to score more points than the Cardinals. That is all I have to say on this game.
  2. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    I have never seen it either. Likely never will. Not appealing to me. I like shows of that nature, just not that genre. I get distracted very EASILY and what I can gather is you really need to pay attention. Outside of Cowboys football, the only shows/TV I have watched for years are Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Family Guy. I am basically a grown child.
  3. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Yea I have had that struggle but I finally got to the point where my pros outweigh my cons. I will say, the accounting stuff and all of that, I would need to have an accountant, I know its just an extra cost, but I am not planning to make all that much money for a few years while I get started, but I'd rather my focus be on the actual marketing / business side as opposed to the operations side. I basically already take my 10 hour work day and add another 4-6 hours for my own thing so really my time would stay the same, except I would be doing it for myself.
  4. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Well if I learn anything I will be sure to pass it along!
  5. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

  6. Return To The Glory Hole (Need Your Input!)

    This is fact and I have a foul mouth on Sunday.
  7. DC Forum Annual Pick 'Em - SIGN UP!!

  8. - DC Fantasy Football - Discussion

    I am going to be hammered...but I will make it work. Probably win the whole thing day 1.
  9. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Gloves off....awesome.
  10. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Agreed. This all just smells so fishy. If there is damming evidence, you'd think the actual investigators would want it, not the pretend guys from the NFL.
  11. Return To The Glory Hole (Need Your Input!)

    Way messed up man, I thought we were BROs? At least you eventually came in, @plan9misfit has just ignored all of this.
  12. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Zeke need something new...I wonder if this will work as something new. I wonder if this is the first time Columbus or the NFL have seen the actual reports and all that.
  13. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    I am on the verge of finally quitting corporate America and just going for it...or at the very least, increasing my focus during the nights and weekends to start the foundation of my own business. It will be focused on real estate investing and I am happy to get into the details if this chat can gain some momentum but I figured I would start with some high level things first. Pros and cons of your decision to start your own business? Best piece or pieces of advice you can give to someone considering something like this? Looking back from the early stages what would you have done different / changed? What is your business (without giving away too much detail if you don't want too)? Any recommended reading or things of that nature that you would recommend?
  14. Return To The Glory Hole (Need Your Input!)

    Smart man...I hope those guys don't let me down. I put my $ where my mouth is.
  15. Return To The Glory Hole (Need Your Input!)

    Q&A sessions with the old tymers or new kidz on the block? I feel like we used to do these back in the day, like 1 a week / two weeks. Obviously we will run out of posters but it would give some of the new guys a chance to learn a bit about the majority of the ancient old dudes like Slam and Plan and some of us old timers the chance to catch up with some of the older posters, see what they have been doing.