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  1. All I know is I am glad we did not get Sutton. I like him as a prospect, but makes no sense based on why we released Dez. Cheaper sure, but he would never provide the productivity next year that 88 would have. Much happier with Gallup. Plus what a great WR name!
  2. So the Cowboys want to draft a guy who is big, doesn't run great routes and doesn't get separation...makes sense.
  3. Dez Bryant Released

    Still not happy about this. Such a BS move by this horse crap of a FO and Coaching Staff. Room made sense, Witten would make sense, Lee would make sense...this is just stupid. I don’t care where Dez goes, even within the NFC East, I’m going to have a hell of a lot of support for that team. Cowboys did Dez wrong here, and it’s hard to support a team that is that inept.
  4. Dez Bryant Released

    Our team is run by the owner and his son....they won't be changing the front office anytime soon...
  5. Dez Bryant Released

    They also have a competent front office...we have a circus of clowns. This team really is a joke living in its glory of the 90s and past. I don't know how anyone can justify, given where this team is. At this stage they would be better served to blow it all up. We know have the most 1 dimensional offense since the 2000 Ravens. Lucky for them they had one of the best defenses of all time, we have at most an average defense. Should be a great year.
  6. Dez Bryant Released

    I disagree. We know what Dez can give a team when given the chance. Dak we have seen 1 good year and 1 awful year....we have no idea what to expect next year. What if Dak really is a 4th round average QB? Now all of a sudden his best WR is a career #2 and a few guys who barely hit 6 ft and a TE older than dirt. Should work out wonderfully when teams can stack 8 in the box since no WR commands a double team. Despite the down year, Dez was still doubled up.
  7. Dez Bryant Released

    I did it a few years ago, might have to do it again. I am sure this is an emotional overreaction, and I am sure some of the old timers here felt the same during the Landry/Walker days, but I just can't support this team. If they knew this was the plan all along and they don't try to get anything for him, I mean even a late round pick. This is just pathetic. Cutting him like this, our most passionate player, arguably the glue of the team...I am SURE this will make Dak better.
  8. Cowboys Draft Links and Meetings Thread

    What really frustrates me is the cost of winning our last game in Philly this prior year screws us on the draft side. I fully get that you plan to win all the games, but damn, would be a lot nice to get 5-6 spots (or whatever it is) better in the draft this year.
  9. Got some upcoming interviews in Dallas over the next 2-3 weeks. Looking to finally make the jump from NJ. It is getting unbearable up here.
  10. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Cap goes up a few million each year, you got guys who are worth maybe $8m a year getting $16 and fully guaranteed contracts. This is not proportional with the cap increases.
  11. Cowboys off season - Can Training Camp start already?

    I am with you on that, if they cut Dez I am going to have a hard time giving a crap about this team, it can really be a clown show down there.
  12. Irving gets 2nd Round Tender

    For whatever reason, I really feel like once Irving gets paid his motor is going to decline. His skills is undeniable, but I question his mental aspect at times specifically once he gets that big contract.
  13. Rough year guys, figured I would pop my head back up at the worst time possible after that gross "Football" game last night.
  14. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    After living there for 7+ years as an outsider and a fan of a rival team...this applied to most of the fans inside the city limits. Same with when the Phillies won the WS, they were destroying property and cars up and down the city and some of the outside area like Manayunk.