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  1. Week 10 GDT

    rodgers is trash
  2. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    gotta say jets d at home given claiborne & johnson both look like they'll be active.
  3. Done. Biggest Risers: Atlanta & Tennessee: Dominant road wins. Biggest Fallers: Detroit - Thoroughly embarrassed by MIN. Traded away Tate. Dallas - Trades a first round pick for a receiver. Scores 14 points at home. C'mon.
  4. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Cousins is very good, however the offense isn't performing as well as it was last year (from an efficiency standpoint). Obviously, people will look at this and say we made the wrong move. However, if you look closely, the big issues for us is on third down. Last year we were 1st in 3rd down conversion percentage. This year, we're 19th. Well, if you think back to last year, who were the players frequently getting the ball on 3rd downs? Thielen, Rudolph, McKinnon and Wright. We lost 2 of those players in free agency. Treadwell has been a disaster, and Murray doesn't operate in space like McKinnon did. I think those losses hurt us more than we expected. Also, our team for the season has only hit 66.7% of our field goals. That's abysmal. Of course the talking heads will say we overpaid and should've kept Keenum. But if we want to build a sustainable offense, we absolutely made the right move. Keenum's errant throws have caught up to him like most of us had predicted. He's thrown 10 picks. Really, the only sane alterior we had was to draft Lamar Jackson. And who knows if he'll even be any good. /rant
  5. Done. KC is putting up videogame numbers, but NO just beat 2 playoff teams on the road. Advantage Saints. Detroit & Jacksonville falling fast. Tampa gets a boost as they have upgraded the QB position.
  6. Week 9: Lions (3-4) at VIKINGS (4-3-1)

    Never said we'd shut them out. But if we shut down the run game then we know where the ball is going... should be enough to keep their offense in check. We were able to do that against the Saints and only gave up 23 points. We should have no problem putting up 24 or more. DVOA has the Lions ranked as a bottom 5 defense.
  7. Golden Tate traded to Eagles

    Having Tate does make up for a lack of a running game a bit though. Teams are using the quick passing game to make up for a lack of the run game these days. Between Ertz, Sproles & Tate they can get creative with the short passing game.
  8. Week 9: Lions (3-4) at VIKINGS (4-3-1)

    I think we'll win if Rhodes plays. Shouldn't have any problems putting points on the board. Waynes and Rhodes will be able to slow Jones & Golladay enough. Our run D has been lights out all year so I think we'll force them to throw.
  9. Golden Tate traded to Eagles

    Getting a 3rd for a 30 yo slot receiver is a good deal. However, this definitely makes them worse in the short term. TJ Jones is a big downgrade from Tate.
  10. Golden Tate traded to Eagles

    He's been their #1 the entire time. Teams stick their #1 corner on him which is why he doesn't get targeted a ton.
  11. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    O'Neill and Elflien are good building blocks. Hopefully Reiff can get back to 2017 form at some point, whether it be this year or next. If we can cut Remmers and bring in somebody decent I think our offense will be a lot better next year. Cook needs to come back, too. Murray is okay but a healthy Cook is way better.
  12. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    I think he looked bad against the 49ers, Bills, Rams, can Cardinals personally.
  13. SNF: Saints @ Vikings

    The fact that the Vikings' D only gave up 23 missing Rhodes and Barr is damn impressive. Zimmer can still coach up a defense.
  14. SNF: Saints @ Vikings

    Congrats Saints, you are the better team right now. Hope we can meet again when Rhodes, Cook, and Reiff are healthy.
  15. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    I disagree on Reiff. And I was talking about Compton who was horrible as well.