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  1. Wild Card Raiders at Bengals Patriots at Bills Steelers at Chiefs Cardinals at Rams 49ers at Cowboys Eagles at Buccaneers Divisional Bills at Chiefs Raiders at Titans Rams at Buccaneers 49ers at Packers Conference Bills at Titans 49ers at Rams Super Bowl Rams "at" Bills
  2. Title says it all. If you're a lazy bum like I am, you can use This nifty site to figure out the seeding for you. Just use the "Week" dropdown at the top to cycle between the rounds.
  3. Draft a QB, make Jones the starter but give him a short leash and insert the rookie if the season starts spiraling out of control.
  4. Cowboys-Bills would be the best, imo. Of course the Bills would have to win. Football is just more fun when the Cowboys lose in prime-time. And for them to lose to a small market team would be icing on the cake.
  5. It's just not how NFL teams operate. Maybe if Cook had a clean bill of health we'd get a 2nd or 3rd for him. With his injury history we aren't getting anything. And I don't blame any GM for that. 1,200 career touches with multiple injuries and a big cap hit for a RB.
  6. Nobody is gonna trade for Cook. He's an oft-injured RB on a big contract.
  7. Amazing is a bit of a stretch. Hughes, Gladney, and Bradbury were recent 1st round picks who failed miserably.
  8. Yup. He just moved to the top of my list. Management in Miami sabotaged their season in 2020 by forcing him to sit Fitzpatrick who was having a career year. This year, they had a really good 2nd half of the season and just spanked the Patriots.
  9. True, I suppose if you liked Fields coming out there's something. I personally wasn't a big fan of his coming out, and the scouts were saying he was a one-read QB and definitely struggled passing in year 1.
  10. He certainly left a steaming pile for the next HC to take over. I doubt there will be much competition for that job.
  11. Doubt he gets a HC gig but he'll be coaching a defense somewhere next year. He still has tons of respect around the league. However, he got exposed once some of our star players (Hunter, Barr, Rhodes) started to decline/miss games.
  12. When you lose to Cooper Rush and the Lions, these are the results...
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