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  1. 49ers sign Tevin Coleman RB

    Mckinnon is coming off a serious injury and unless you are Adrian Peterson it takes longer than a year to get back to normal. Now I'm sure Mckinnon will be game ready if he has no setbacks but adding Coleman just gives the team an insurance policy. Breida, Mckinnon and Coleman if all three are active can gash a defense in different ways and just wear them down. I really like the signing. Speed more speed and a bruiser with speed.
  2. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    I bet if he settles out of court and there is evidence he did in fact assault her presented to Lynch and CO. Foster is gone.If they settle out of court though I doubt they will ever get the whole story or truth from the altercation. Foster has a permanent mark on his Character now. This is the stuff that if true can cost you everything and if false you have to let time gain back the trust and respect that you will lose no matter what.
  3. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    I would hate to see us bring in Dez. I think the team has enough to worry about with Foster and adding a Diva or head case like Dez just takes away from what the team is building. I don't deny his talent but damn he seems like drama. All of our WR's are team first guys and have meshed well. Bringing in Dez could disrupt that.
  4. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    What would be the chances at kicking the tires on Jordy Nelson? I have always like this guy he is still a good WR and can catch anything thrown his way. IDK what he would cost but it could't be a crazy amount.
  5. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    I think as fans all we can really ask for is some level of competence from the Owner to the GM/Coach. This last year has been really refreshing watching Lynch and Shanny make smart calculating moves. I am enjoying watching these guys make their plan a reality. I couldn't be happier watching SportCenter and hearing the 49ers made another good move or hopping on here and not seeing the doom and gloom section lol. They made a splash with Sherman and now are just picking pieces that fit what they want in a player for their scheme.
  6. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    The talent that Garnett has just needs to be brought out consistently. I am hoping he is a 3rd year blossom type of player where it just starts to click for him. I think at WR with Garcon coming with Goodwin, Taylor and Bourne. Add in a rookie and Jimmy will have plenty of options in the pass game. I would like to see them add another CB or RB but now that all the big names are getting plucked out of FA the second tier guys will see their value increase. I just hate seeing the 49ers over paying which they haven't done in a while.
  7. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    I don't mind missing out on any of these guys. Well OK Norwell maybe a little bit for Jimmy's sake. I just hate seeing guys get paid way above their worth and then bust. WR's and O-line are notorious for this. I'm not saying these guys will be busts with their new teams I'm just glad we aren't throwing money in the wind. Lynch and Shanny have shown they can draft and find under valued players to plug and play.
  8. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    I was going to count that but being a drafted 49er he wasn't really traded for from another franchise. Walsh was just smarter than the Cowboys and moved up.
  9. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    Sorry bud The Niners snagged Steve Young for a second round pick as well that will be the best trade ever for this franchise unless Jimmy brings two more SB and makes the HOF.
  10. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    Do you think Detroit lets him walk though? I mean you don't just let your premier pass rusher walk away.
  11. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    That is a great point. You see this a lot from Veteran WR's who are playing with a young QB or Rookie. All of a sudden they won't go up for a ball or fight for position or they have alligator arms. Trust between A QB and the rest of the team is huge if they don't believe in your QB your teams dead in the water.
  12. Best Comment of the year right here.