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  1. Jameson williams and burks at WR for sure
  2. def a decently loaded wr draft. Still love burks as #1
  3. If Raiders do hire Josh McDaniels, don’t overlook chance they improve in redzone offense. Been a problem for a long time. Patriots ranked 7th in RZ TD scoring (63%) last year with a rookie QB. They also finished 6th in 3rd down conversion rate (44%). i dont get all the hate though. honestly i thought back with broncos he needed more time. He def needs a top notch DC regardless. Id prob take him over bowles
  4. mcdaniels lead the offense to #10? this year no? with rookie mac jones and bunch of eh players.
  5. jordans son played bball and sanders son played football.. just saying
  6. we don't know... he was in first 5 games iof 2nd yr. most wrs don't bust out until year 3 either
  7. honestly when he went to jets i wanted him for raiders, not going to lie. personality wise he's meh for interviews. but he's #2/3 choice not #1. Harbaugh #1 but not many other guys make me excited.
  8. depends who is OC and at least we would blitz harbaugh with Fangio would be dream though
  9. he prob saw Stafford and said that could be me
  10. there def is something to be said for that too but i watch a lot of bucs games and NE being in NY i saw a lot. he always had very good protection outside of a couple of years coupled with getting ball out fast if he didnt
  11. using times sacked isn't an accurate account of protection. so many things go into being or getting a sacked. Crosby led nfl in pressures and had not many sacks to show.. does that mean he sucks as pass rusher because he got less sacks? youd need pressures on each and many other stats.. avg time in pocket. you cant just use one stat and say that tells whole story. carr also got sacked 40 times this yr bs brady like 22. few years back carr got sacked 50 times. bradys neblver had 50 sack season
  12. no I'm not saying carr is equal to brady lol. just was thinking of well protected qbs and brady is the most. NFL literally created a rule for him.
  13. paying all those wrs would be dumb so.i support it
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