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  1. Kennan Allen tweets funny, said he is best AFC WEST WR, which i actually say he is. Then goes further and saw M Evans, Godwin too. because of rankings that came out
  2. given the Adams trade... crazy Yannick has no market. unless they're are asking too high. that's what happens when u tweet **** at owners.
  3. I wanted Lamb then ruggs. juedy will be solid too, prob somewhere in between cooper and Ridley. Just thought Lamb was best overall in group. Ruggs was the only one to offer what he offers though in terms of downfield threat anytime he is out there. with that said, the Bryan Edwards pick make the ruggs pick ever more likeable. I thought offense got major upgrade. ruggs we needed, just hope Carr uses him
  4. good post. NFL has changed in terms of defense limitations. give him ball in space and let him run by people.
  5. he could be tim brown, and he was pretty elite for 6 foot wr!
  6. if Jacobs goes down again, Carr has the weapons on paper to succeed.
  7. realistic for ruggs is probably 60 rec for 970 6 tds. something in that area I think Brian Edwards could see some good work too mixed in. we added a lot of weapons this draft with Bowden too. should be fun
  8. good thing our bottom end is better than years past. sucks though, we always seem to find 1 or 2 undrafted guys that shock us and produce.
  9. can someone post some snap shots from article
  10. I'm a Carr fan because he cares, works hard at what he does and loves being a Raider. That doesn't mean he's perfect. He floats his deep balls a bit and doesn't take enough chances deep. Hopefully with new toys that will change back to earlier in his career. In games like MNF and Indy game. When he is on, he is quite good. Mix in some deep throws and the guy could really turn it up a level this year.
  11. Mayock read my mind. Much heeded depth. Not signing I was thinking but I like it. Veteran and starter, will help incase young guys struggle.
  12. Jets game has revenge written all over it. Jets will be better too.
  13. Week one is must win. Need to show off new weapons. Good balance of run and pass. Need to use ruggs and Jacobs wisely to open game up for waller
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