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  1. Around The League V.2

    His teammate just got hit with a weapon in the head. So yes. I'd excuse that because it's reaction to him defending a guy without a helmet being struck and I'd want that guy defending me any day.
  2. Around The League V.2

    Also Rudolph was reacting to late hit on him, coming from a guy who isn't far removed from having his helmet taken apart on his face. Everything that happened prior was pretty normal football "brawl" stuff.
  3. Around The League V.2

    Ok and football guys go after each other all the time. Ripping someone's helmet off and swinging at his uncovered head is bit different. It's actually not even as bit of a deal as could of been. Imagine he caught rudolph in different spot or crown of helmet. He could of killed or did serious damage. There is a difference between a scrum and pushing and using a helmet to hit someone. Also pouncey did what any olineman should. Good job to him.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Overly reactive? Dude ripped the QBs helmet off and hit him with it. How do u overreact to that? Def done rest of year or else NFL will look like joke. Possibly 4 games next year
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Looking at Seahawks, they have shuffled players on defense over the years but one thing has stayed constant and underrated. Bobby Wagner who I wanted badly and kj wright at LB. Since they can play well in zone and against pass and run, I feel that's helps that defense a ton. We need a compete LB in the middle. Then when our guys drop back in zone they won't be so lost and weak. Give us a stud LB mayock!
  6. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    Depending on his combine, prob goes to high.
  7. FA 2020

    Tough to say what it was with Cooper. Lack of trust from Carr? Because Carr didn't look his way much for a guy so talented. Scheme?
  8. FA 2020

    He looked dominate last night
  9. FA 2020

    Someone was just saying I was wrong about wanting him
  10. Around The League V.2

    Was always good. Was never used right here and probably slowly lost interest. Had him every year in fantasy except this year and he's been consistent this year go figure.
  11. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Way too good of a WR draft to not take one and try to fill it in FA.
  12. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    Ziggy is who I wanted that year as well.
  13. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    All those guys have at least had the same system to work in for more than one year in a row too. Continuity helps, especially the QB position.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Juedy had two big easy drops today. CeeDee Lamb may be #1 wr to go
  15. Raiders sign Dion Jordan