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  1. How good is Jared Goff?

    Different ways a QB has 2.5 secs. One is O-line wins across the line and qb has all day to sit in pocket and wait for wr to uncover. Other QB is running for his life and buys time. Mahomes has way more of one type then the other.
  2. Is Cap Space Significant Anymore?

    Rookie pay scale is responsible for teams being better with cap space. They get to see 4-5 years before they have to commit $$$. Aaron Curry got 60m, Bradford got 76m as rookies. One bad draft and a few bad FA signings equaled cap hell 10 years ago. Now rookies can solve cap problems instead of causing it.
  3. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    I drafted him in the 5th round, last year
  4. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    Wait until we're up 21+ then you will get all the calls. Ask Pittsburgh
  5. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    Lol you think NFL cares about rb safety
  6. Tyreek Hill

    Need vs Deserve, I guess because you're not wrong. And I think Hill has made a positive change, not that he is "trying".
  7. Tyreek Hill

    I don't mind the criticism at all. Hitting a woman is a despicable thing. Going with three strike rule he used up 2.999998489 of his. If it was a woman that beer bathed him in NE and he called her a *****, I'd almost be OK with cutting him for just that. But since the choke thing he has been a model citizen, worked it out with his gf and even married her. All while owning his mistakes 100% along the way. Until he does something to prove otherwise, I think he was a second chance that will pay off for everyone involved. But yea he still deserve to take a few cheap shots about it along the way
  8. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    It's only been 22 weeks with only a playoff loss to show for it, let's pump the breaks on the best coach train until he wins a meaningful game. Am I doing this right???
  9. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    So KC playing good/great at times in recent past compared to Rams recent history is why you're hanging your hat with them.
  10. Lawrence Taylor when I first started watching football. Derrick Thomas after 89
  11. Week 4 GDT: KC @ Den

    There's also a chance it can tear the Achilles too. With Berry's chemo maybe weakening his tendons already I'd wait.
  12. Who is paying??? Team CEO, Network CEO, Adviterisers, Consumers, Fans???
  13. If the owners thought players need to just shut up and not holdout / miss practice, maybe they should've put that into the CBA instead of the current system that sets fines / punishments for such things.
  14. Earl Thomas anyone?

    Broken bone
  15. I'd do it if it's for a third +, If kc picks 31 or 32 then pick becomes a 2nd. And ET agrees to four year extension ~10m per with free out for kc after 3 years. He can finish his career at Dallas after 3-4 years here if he still wants to.