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  1. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Alex Smith had to know what was coming (Chiefs trade up, his own eyes in practice) with Mahomes. He knew he was lame duck with nothing to lose and played fearless for the first time that I've seen. Defenses didn't believe the change and continued to play him like he was still check down charlie for 1/2 the season. When D's slowly started respecting that he would go long he slowly started to revert to settling for underneath easy 1st downs. By the end of the season 3rd and 7 were becoming a struggle to convert again. But yes Alex Smith was in the MVP race for the start of the season. I was an Alex Smith fan, but not an apologiser. I didn't want a new QB, I wanted Alex Smith to play better. Mahomes is better in ways that Alex could never become. Mahomes is a different animal completely. I knew very little about Mahomes until about a week before the draft when rumors were floating that we might take him. My 1st take I liked him but only if he fell to us. Mahomes was shooting up draft boards late and there was no way he was falling to KC and I was disappointed because I didn't think we'd trade up, by now. In preseason his rookie year I was convinced after a 3rd down play. Blocking failed and Mahomes was rolling out to right. He had the RB open for easy completion that could likely be converted for 1st down by the RB. Mahomes throws it 10,000MPH (I'm thinking"take a little off those rook") 1/10 of sec's later it clearly isn't for the RB. Just off screen a TE had a step for a 20 yrds gain. The ball sails over his head too, keep in mind this thing is a frozen rope and is only ~10 feet off the ground at it's apex. As the camera man is panning hard trying to catch up with the ball, you see a WR 50yds downfield coming across the field with 1/2 a step ahead of the guy covering him but no help in the area were the play was going. Ball is in an area where only the WR can make a play (which he does). It was a 50yd dime that looked effortless. It was just a flick of the wrist then BOOM 50yds. Mahomes turned down endorsement deals his rookie year because he thought it would be a distraction having the backup QB's face everywhere. That's taking $$$ out of his pocket to not disrespect teammates. Mahomes has eidetic memory. Everyone says wait until after teams have film on him. He's collecting his own film on the D's that he has access to 24/7. D's will no longer play him like he's a dumb rookie anymore that's for sure and will cause a small drop off (~5 easy TD) However I don't think that D's are going to out learn Pat Mahomes . I also hate the old "we've seen lots of QB's do this for a year and then fall off a cliff, lets see how he does after X years" When literally the only comparable seasons are Manning, Brady, Brees and Marino at their very best. It's like I'm going to be convinced that Mahomes might not be good because XXXX QB once had a season 1/2 as good as Mahomes but then they were never as good again. If you are comparing Mahomes to RGIII after his 1st season then you're not doing football right. Great arm, Great attitude, Great brain. But my best argument for Mahomes being a stud for years to comes is that he is really really fun to watch. Fans = Ratings = Network $$ = NFL $$ = Referee's/Rulebook that want Mahomes to succeed.
  2. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    When Andy Reid and Alex Smith first got to KC it took some mental gymnastics to not put KC's WR core as the worst in the league. iirc that was the no wr TD all year.
  3. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Bumping old threads is not allowed...... Hence why I will bring it up in the GDT. Something like, Hey remember that one guy that posted random crazy stuff and said he GUARANTEED Mahomes wouldn't throw over 26TDs. Who was that and where is he now??
  4. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Mahomes will have over 26TD before we play each other, so I'll remember to bring it up for our GDT week 12.
  5. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Is the bold part your escape route? After Mahomes throws 53TD next year you'll say "Mahomes didn't have 26 tds all year, He didn't get to 26 until week 7. Weeks 1 through 6 he was under 26 just like I predicted RESPECT ME"
  6. His big knock coming out was that he couldn't disengage from blockers. While this remained a weakness his whole career he became ultra elite at not getting blocked but still being able to dice into lanes and make plays. It was a different way of playing MLB then the Ray Lewis's of the world. He was struggling when we switched to 3-4 and moved him inside until Todd Haley benched him. A switch flipped and DJ just developed a knack for being at the right place at the right time.
  7. Jamaal Charles Retiring with Chiefs

    He pancaked JJ Watt once and took Watt out for a few plays. *Disclamer JJ Watt was playing hurt
  8. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Yes, But I thought it was known that he would disobey her order and show up at just the right moment
  9. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    So it comes down to the Second Sons vs The Golden Company????
  10. Chiefs trade for Seahawks Frank Clark

    I think I like Clark, even with the high price we paid, over Dee Ford with the switch to a 4-3. But I'd rather kept J Houston with no dead money and not give up draft picks. How is Clark that much better then J Houston???
  11. Greater Tight End All-Time: Gonzo Or Gronk?

    False. Never was he a poor blocker, just was seldom used. J Dunn was the Blocking TE and Tony G was the only real receiving threat so he rarely/never stayed in to pass block. There are lots of highlights of KC RB's where Tony G had a key block when Roaf or Shields were pulling.
  12. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Did anyone else notice that the poor Umber kid was sent on a suicide mission by Sansa, and Jon and Dany were gallivanting around with the dragons while the Night King was turning him into art work.
  13. 2019 Draft Mocks

    29 Christian Wilkins , IDL Clemson 61 Irv Smith Jr. , TE Alabama 63 Sean Bunting , CB Central Michigan 92 Renell Wren , IDL Arizona State 167 Mike Edwards , S Kentucky 201 Karan Higdon , RB Michigan 214 Wyatt Ray , EDGE Boston College 216 Oli Udoh , OT Elon
  14. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    If jj Watt retired today, is he better then Reggie White, Bruce Smith? I don't think it's even close. Same with Gronk Sharpe, Gonzo, and Gates changed the TE position and how the game is played. Winslow's was to far ahead of his time. They opened up the middle of the field reliable at a time where there were "defenseless receivers" but they were the ones penalized with blindside, helmet to helmet, driven to the ground hits. The d got congrats while the QB got blamed for hanging the receiver out to dry. Teams were slow to test that area of the field even after nfl started calling penalties. After Sharpe, Gonzalez, Gate's with the size/speed had success all teams tried to emulate it. Before them TE's rarely even ran routes compared to now. So it isn't just pass friendly rules it's also play calling. I bet Tony G stayed in as a blocker on passing down's in one season as many times as Gronk did for his career. Longitivity does matter but not much. More important side is peak longitivity. How many years were you #1 or top tier. Tony G's peak lasted longer then Gronk's career. Dominance is also a factor. What's the gap between you and your peers. Gronk's wins here on the surface because Tony G was 1a 1b with Sharpe early and Gates later while Gronk was sole #1 with some stolen by injuries. But even considering that I'll give Gronk the edge here. Injuries I don't consider much separately because I don't believe in the injury what if's. If a player is injury prone it will show up in lost peak years and thats penalty enough imho.
  15. Chiefs hire Steve Spagnuolo as DC

    I wanted him as a hc over Haley years ago. So at least there's that.