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  1. Chiefs hire Steve Spagnuolo as DC

    I wanted him as a hc over Haley years ago. So at least there's that.
  2. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    I got one. Few years ago chargers faked a punt and Weddle ran into DJ 2 yards short. Pile pushes to close to 1st. DJ strips ball and runs in for TD. Refs called forward progress stopped during the 1/10 of a sec he was across the first with the ball.
  3. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    Chiefs d can tackle When luck leads his wr into the ground
  4. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    I agree but only in the sense that we're not the worst d of all time.
  5. It's ilbs and safety play that has been terrible. I think Ragland inherited D Johnsons speed this year.
  6. Sometimes he just disappears for too much of the game. Not saying he takes plays off, he just gets absorbed by single or double blocks, but at times he is also unblockable. Imho he slows down when he unsure of his gap assignment. Probably Bob's fault more then anything. His run d is affected by the same problems. He can shed blockers and make plays with the best, but he lacks in pushing blockers to use them to close lanes when he is well blocked.
  7. MVP Race

    I'll admit I've crowned every QB that's surpassed 50 TD as great.
  8. MVP Race

  9. Who's the worst team in the first round?

    In my experience Luck's an unstoppable Superman that throws tds to himself Chuck Norris style.
  10. Expectations for the 2018 Team

    Don't forget
  11. MVP Race

    I actually believe that you don't know what you were implying. Keep beating the drum for Brees, I'll just let Mahomes play speak for him. If Brees wins then Mahomes and I will be OK.
  12. MVP Race

    B. Roethlisberger actually leads yac but Mahomes is second. Mahomes also has move air yards then Brees. So it's not like Mahomes is leading Brees in yards only because of yac like you're implying.
  13. SNF: Chiefs @ Seahawks - WK 16

    I hate when ref's call every penalty to the letter of the law against one team. But only flag obvious penalties vs the other. And predictively it's small TV market teams that get screwed. I swear that TV networks control the refs.
  14. MVP Race

    Autocorrect changed to 49 from 45, or I miss typed. What is the actual TD numbers. Ie does mahomes have 23 under, 22 over? 24 under, 21 over? 51% seems like a made up number. I'm 87.9% that you don't know the actual amount of over or under ten yard TDs.
  15. SNF: Chiefs @ Seahawks - WK 16

    I was going to go to our opponents forums and congratulate them on the win, but I couldn't find the ref's forum