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  1. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    It's a texas panhandle accent. Sounds like an oil well roughneck when you only hear him. His hair and baby face scream something else confusing the brain when you see him talk.
  2. Tyreek "The Cheetah" Hill

    Mahomes just launched it ten yards past you and Hill didn't stop when you did.
  3. Redskins sign Adrian Peterson

    No I'm saying NFL D's always will/have guarded check downs heavily with Alex Smith at QB. Doubt that changes even after last year.
  4. Redskins sign Adrian Peterson

    No but there will be 11 defenders guarding the check down. I wouldn't count on Smith opening things up near the line of scrimmage.
  5. Yes. Jak I made you co commissioner. Make this happen
  6. https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/202852 Who all will be back. I know we have one opening for a new owner. Also when do we want to draft?
  7. Last year people compared Hill to Tavon Austin as a gadget weapon only.
  8. Expectations for the 2018 Team

    I'm saving fireworks for my superbowl party 🎉
  9. KOBK players for this season?

    if he meant it as put up or shut up as in, there are running out of time to supplement the big three (Brady Brees Rogers) then I agree.
  10. This was my pick when we had Alex Smith.
  11. Though I replied long time ago. most not of hit send. it was something along the lines of lets hope someone loses so we can all point and laugh at them. But now we do need to address this with new owners.
  12. NFL Changes Catch Rule

    Here is the simple version of new rule imho. Possession plus 2 feet down equals catch unless something happens and the ball comes loose in which case it isn't a catch fumble it's incomplete. I don't think obi was a catch. I think he only got 85% of his third move done. (the reach and turn and third foot down.) this has to be as close of an example of a catch / no catch there is for third move. if obi was outside the end zone and reached across the goal line before the ball was knocked out then I think it was a TD. Anywhere else no catch or fumbles become so prevalent that BB will adjust his d so players are in better position to recover fumbles and lead the league in turnover margin by +106 and FF will have a thread more a week about how the patriots cheat.
  13. Not to late. Who do you want to keep?
  14. I set up a replacement league with all the old teams/rules/keepers. Some trades will have to be made again to get the correct draft picks. I know I owe Samsung my 5th and he owes me his 9th. Also Victory owes me their 4th (for Blake Bortles trade last year) Any others that I don't know about?????? https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/202852 log on and claim your old team. Draft is currently set for Wed 9/6/17 7:00 PM CDT, but this can be changed if a better time is agreed upon. Also we need someone to take over RVM10 team. His keepers are Rodgers, McCoy, Jordy, and Brandon Marshall