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  1. Did the refs just count themselves when they called penalty for too many men on the field
  2. The d play on 1st down was brilliant. Sorenson ran to deep coverage pre snap to an area with no Giants wr any where near. Daniel Jones only plan was to throw to whom ever Sorenson covered. When it was no one he panicked.
  3. Can he play TE?? Played my reverse skip double uno card.
  4. It's important for some people to have stories to tell when they are sitting at a bar. ...... "Did I ever tell you that I played with Brady and Mahomes?"
  5. Because I started him in a money league this week.
  6. I was looking for a little shove when the flag came out, but their was nothing. Weak call, 50% defense fault for any contact that far out of bounds, 50% ref fault
  7. I wish it would be that long of a break. Sadly people will be quoting him again soon. Blocked posters should be extended to when they are quoted also
  8. GG Baltimore, I bet Lamar's glad to get the Mahomes monkey off his back
  9. Lamar should have ran another 10 sec off the clock before scoring.
  10. If I was ref and only saw this from the corner of my eye, I might throw a flag.
  11. How to beat Chiefs... Keep Mahomes off field. Your not doing it right Ravens
  12. Need 60 from Mahomes, Hill, Kelsey, CEH. Go chiefs!!!
  13. I'm trying for the tackle by blowing up the qb into the runner.
  14. I took it as, I'm frustrated because you guys wasted a pick on my replacement instead of getting me help for a SB push for the short window I have left. But I also thought he was a tool before all this anyway, so my needle hasn't changed on him.
  15. True, I forgot the "in the NFL" qualifier. Rereading my post the "finish the season" might be where I'm wrong if last year's oline is any indication.
  16. I'll bring some absolute's... KC Oline should probably finish the season maybe ranked by some people around the 1 to 32 range.
  17. I would have given a football for this, but you quoted someone I've blocked and I was forced to read his garbage.
  18. 0-16 I doubt he'd be boasting about the Chiefs. Mahomes on the other hand.......... Also not you specific but when people quote Kirill it forces those of us that have him blocked to see his garbage.
  19. Using wins as an individual stat is dumb, however it does have some uses. If I was owner, gm, head coach and starting QB (100% job security), I could under hand toss the ball to a RB every play. I'd probably set records for completion %, if 3 and out all game, all season got me to minimum attempts to qualify. The team would be 0-16 and laughing stock of NFL. Do I deserve any credit for being an accurate passer? No. Extreme example, but if what you're doing isn't winning football games, what is the point.
  20. Maybe, but that's what I see from the 5-6 games I've seen him play. Makes decisions fairly quickly, near elite zip, some where between them is the problem. Dbs are able to close in on his targeted wr because of his awkward slow throwing motion. He'd have way more batted down balls at line of scrimmage if he wasn't a running threat and dline are afraid to leave their feet.
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