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  1. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    I can be guilty of the same thing. However I only do it because Chiefs are the only team I feel confident speaking about.
  2. I'm fine with Holmes just missing out. T. Gonzales, W. Roaf, W. Shields, J. Tait, B. Waters, C. Wiegmann, T. Richardson are all more worthy imho. 2000's Chiefs offense was fun to watch, but with no playoff success, how many HOFers do they deserve?
  3. Best opponent for the Chiefs - and 2020 season - opener?

    In fifty years when KC wins SB again, they will be up 3 - 0 in SB wins vs Chargers. FACTS!
  4. Chiefs Sign Jordan Ta'Amu

    I still owe a ketchup steak that I promised I'd eat if Mahomes won us a superbowl. So I have that to look forward to. I'm waiting till my Rams fan brother in law invites us over for his dry burnt steaks.
  5. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    I feel like the Brady, Belichick "feud" is about football philosophy more then anything else. Belichick wants a strong ground game and defense to win SBs. Brady wants to air it out (with checkdowns) to hold off Brees and win SBs.
  6. Tom Brady Announces He's Leaving New England

    Because you stole that right from KC, we fooled you into believing you were SB bound. Just to rip your hearts out.
  7. Strangest careers

    Alfred Morris' Washington Career. Rookie year 1613 rushing yards. 2nd year 1275 3rd year 1074 4th year 751 Started 16 games every year.
  8. If you were Brady which team would you pick?

    Do what Belichick couldn't also.
  9. Which division would have the best super team?

    Ok, but afcw gets Jason as TE.
  10. At least you guys would have been up a couple TDs early.
  11. Drew Brees will return for 2020 season

    I'm hesitant to post this out of fear of looking like past NE/Brady fans where every thing has to be about them, but..... I wanted some plays with Alex Smith and Mahomes in shotgun together his rookie year. Is it a bomb or a check down????? Unknown until after you see who gets the snap.
  12. Add a whole new 16 game season. About a month after SB start the 2nd season. Cut preseason to two games. Expanded rosters for both seasons. If you miss games during 1st regular season, you can make up games during 2nd regular season. But only 16 games combined. 1/2 salary cap for 2nd season to keep regular 1st nfl season from being deluded. No wildcards for 2nd playoffs, division winners only. I haven't really thought this through so I'm sure there are problems, but I hate the idea of adding games.
  13. Mahomes vs Wilson

    Of all the big arm QBs in history, Mahomes has the fastest release. It's near Manning speed. Add that to how fast the ball travels in the air and Defenses are extremely vulnerable to any misstep. The time from decision to receiver getting the ball is something NFL isn't use to. Zone defenders coverage radius is is next to nothing, and Chiefs have multiple players that can beat man. Off platform doesn't affect Mahomes power near the level it does other QBs. He can throw a 20 yard frozen rope with just a flick of his wrist. Russell Wilson is also great at these things and I think it is what separates them from the rest of the league.
  14. Something I've learned is that the offseason sucks even if you're SB champs. It turns out all these years of disappointment and heartache playoff losses were not the cause of my sorrow, it was the knowledge that I won't get to watch my team play again for a long time.
  15. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Mahomes poached??????
  16. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

    Finally get to move on to studying draft prospects now that we're "out of it". Is it just me or was this the longest chiefs season ever. /sarcasm
  17. National TV Projections 2020

    To boost ratings for New York market. Giant fans will tune in just because the rest of the country is being forced to watch/tweet them.
  18. I was wondering if it was a home game. I got my answer
  19. I did that the day we traded Alex Smith. I'm guessing 9er fans did it after trading for Jimmy G and finishing 5-0. Any claiming dynasty after superbowl won't be the fanbases but new bandwagon fans.
  20. Walter Payton Man of the Year vs MVP

    On application for HOF or media job, MVP. Any other time Payton MOY. IE the board of directors for Red Cross etc .
  21. 49ers drafting Mahomes wouldn't have changed his chances of starting for KC sometime in his career.
  22. An average Mahomes game is better then their best SB game /sarcasm font
  23. Joe Montana guaranteed his team would win the superbowl. That's good stuff from the guy who generally stays out of the limelight.
  24. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    I'm having steaks with ketchup for superbowl.