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  1. We were supposed to get a 75% eclipse here, and so I took a picture with my phone and the sun was still full. It got a little tiny bit dim, not even dark.
  2. Sunday Preseason Games

    He was consistently disrupting the offensive line, he was running all over the field making tackles. I hope they have a roster spot for him. He is undersized, but he can play.
  3. Saints vs Chargers preseason game

    Turnover So nice to see. That was a strip too, not a lucky play.
  4. Saints vs Chargers preseason game

    He executes short quick passes well. He just can't do much when he has to drop back and make something happen. We still have Rafael Bush??????
  5. Saints vs Chargers preseason game

    Another thing to note is that we aren't making too many dumb mistakes. That's important. A lot of our worst moments are when we beat ourselves. Not everything is gonna work but at least put the best effort out there.
  6. Saints vs Chargers preseason game

    Idk but let's not just say it's because the forum is new, let's keep it up! We gotta show how much we love our team.
  7. Saints vs Chargers preseason game

    We're looking GREAT so far, but you also gotta wonder how much of it is us and how much of it is how the Chargers suck.
  8. Saints vs Chargers preseason game

    I remember when people were talking about Kamara being the best backup running back in college football. At the time I wanted to argue for someone else (Derrius Guice, of course), but I could still see the potential. The best word I can use to describe him is "athletic". Simple but fitting. He has the whole package: speed, agility, a good bit of strength, nice size. Something we haven't had since Pierre.
  9. How about they just look at the sky at night and say "Where tf is the sun???". On the other side of the GLOBE.
  10. Madden 18

    I haven't bought a Madden in a few years, but I remember in (offline) franchise mode you had to control all 32 teams and change their schemes so that they would play realistically. It worked pretty well. It's a shame you have to do all that yourself as the player, the developers should know how to implement realistic stats. But that trick did work from what I remember. Not exactly like real stats but close enough.
  11. Just remember that the ingredients they substitute for sugar aren't that great either. At least sugar is a natural ingredient (just not in those amounts). I used to drink a ton of soda but in the past year I've stuck to 4 bottles of water a day and that's it. It's really not that hard as long as you're focused on other things throughout the day.
  12. GEAUX TIGERS: The LSU thread

    We should raise championship banners for almost every year recently, with asterisks, and put at the bottom in fine print, "*If we had a good QB".
  13. Madden 18

    I get that it's easier to program with one set guy. I'm not too concerned with the story either, as far as dialogue and cutscenes go, I would just like to play the actual game with a character of my own choice. It shouldn't be too hard for them to give us just a few nicknames to choose from so they can use those instead of just one name (like that stupid "Freak" name from NBA2k). They probably made some elaborate movie-style story with a ton of cutscenes just because they thought it'd be cool. I don't need that, but if there is gonna be some kind of story to play through I'd like to play through my own story and not some "Devin Wade quarterback from Texas". I didn't mind the story of Blitz the League because the cinematics in those games were the main part of it. It was arcade style whereas Madden is simulation style. Madden is supposed to be more realistic so that's why it's disappointing for them to automatically make up a fake character for us. That being said, if there's still the classic career mode for an individual player without some sob story, I'll just play that instead. I mainly play the Franchise mode or whatever they call it now anyway so all in all it's not a big deal.
  14. Madden 18

    So the story mode guy has a set name? I knew that would happen. I don't know why sports games insist on creating some fake person you have to play as instead of just letting us make ourselves. That sucks.
  15. Crazy how fast an athlete can fall off. Just last year Usain Bolt was still dominating, that feels like only a few months ago. Now look at him. Of course everybody's gonna say he was on roids the whole time. Idk maybe he was. But what an anticlimactic end for him.