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  1. I'm not saying moments and milestones don't matter, I'm saying people sometimes have a habit of overspending on their kids (at any age). You could also sum it up as people having a habit of overspending on anything and that's just one example.
  2. My point is, the kid won't recognize how much is put into it as long as it's fun. I'm sure any reasonable parent can find a cheaper way to make their kid happy. I wouldn't advise the extra decorations, the excess amount of toys, the expensive cakes or whatever. I've seen parents do this. And it seems like everyone complains about money at one point or another and I think of things like this when they do.
  3. I also don't get when parents spend a bunch of money on their kid for something like their 2nd or 3rd birthday. They won't remember it.....
  4. Week 7 GDT: Saints (4-1) @ Ravens (4-2)

    The jinx from the announcer was so funny. "He's never missed an extra point"...... We got really lucky there but I don't feel bad, because it isn't fair that we still have players in the secondary who don't know what the hell they're supposed to do when it matters the most.
  5. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    LSU just got super screwed on such an insignificant play.
  6. Good job getting things done as mostly vanillas. The main group that survived put in some great work. If it was beneficial for the town then it's all good I guess.
  7. Now that I'm thinking about it, I did see a post from someone where there seemed to be a slight bit of whiter shade behind the text (I'm on desktop fwiw).....I haven't noticed a change in font size but I'll go see if I can find this post.
  8. I agree, he had a problem with me not voting bcb. That is the core of the criticism. But he didn't just say that. He mentioned it being a wagon to make it look worse on me, and yet he was responsible for making it that. He knows it wasn't a real wagon, so if he was genuine about this, I feel like he wouldn't have mentioned it that way.
  9. What is your reasoning to defend him so hard? All I'm saying is that his reasoning wasn't good because he had to make things up to support it. He tried to make it look worse on me than it was. Hopefully the irony is not lost on you that Malf himself was the only reason it became a wagon. You said earlier you didn't like my reasoning against Malf, so does that mean you prefer his reasoning against me????
  10. You assumed that I was doing any of that to avoid talking to and voting for bcb. None of it was a conscious effort, it just so happened like that. I had no read on him so my focus was on other people. How about you look at it from my perspective and see how you'd react to something so comical? I am fine with him being suspicious of me not voting for bcb, it's just the way that he tacks on the "wagon" part when he contributed to it to make it look worse, when he knows it wasn't a real wagon.
  11. *And I'm sure Malf wasn't serious. (Matts probably wasn't either but this is about Malf)
  12. I voted for pwny, and it wasn't even really serious. And then Matts and Malf did right after. I'm sure Matts wasn't serious either. So he is not only criticizing me for voting for someone other than bcb, but he is criticizing me for joining a wagon (that I started, not even intending for a wagon) that wasn't even a real wagon anyway because his own vote in it wasn't serious.
  13. after many people were voting bcb @theuntouchable 1. No interaction with bcb on the first day doesn't tell that much. 2. I didn't vote for any wagons. The vote for pwny was a random vote I threw in there. I was the first to vote for him, and then Matts and MALF made it a wagon. 3. I attacked Orca's general logic, regardless of who it was about. 4. I wasn't sure of a read on bcb either way.