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  1. So all the offense needed was one big play with the blocked punt, and now things are going our way? That's predictable. Apparently they needed even more motivation, the #1 seed wasn't enough. Our defense is playing hard, though. Credit to those guys again.
  2. Cam Jordan too, once again. We should put Taysom Hill and Cam Jordan in the Saints Hall of Fame already.
  3. They can't run the ball either. And when's the last time a screen worked?
  4. GDT: Saints (10-1) @ Cowboys (6-5)

    I would have preferred to kick the FG, but I can't completely disagree with an aggressive coach staying aggressive. The play call was bad though. It was only a few yards but even then, they weren't doing much of anything on the ground last night. They should've called a pass instead.
  5. GDT: Saints (10-1) @ Cowboys (6-5)

    The offense played about as bad as they could, and they still could have won. This doesn't mean much. There's still a lot to be proud of. Our defense was great, despite Marshon Grabbimore and Eli Grapple. Our offense had their chances. We beat ourselves as much as the Cowboys did.
  6. GDT: Saints (10-1) @ Cowboys (6-5)

    Every year we have a TRASH game like this where the offense gets shut down. Every year.
  7. Stephen Hillenburg, Spongebob creator, dead at 57

    RIP to the creator of one of the greatest cartoons of all time.
  8. GDT: Saints (10-1) @ Cowboys (6-5)

    He's making a joke, because he'd rather forget most of the games against us since then. He'd rather try to remember what it was like when Dallas actually had a good team.
  9. I want us to play the better teams in the playoffs. I want us to continue to prove how great we are.
  10. Week 11 GDT: Eagles (4-5) @ Saints (8-1)

    This team is very consistent, and that's been the difference. Setting a franchise record for the most points scored in 3 games is impressive for a team that's used to setting offensive records.
  11. I've always been a fan of Spider-Man, my favorite superhero and really the only one I really liked. So Stan Lee was always one of my favorite people. I watched some of his recent interviews a few weeks ago to cherish the time we still had with him. He was such a cool guy, and it's inspiring to see someone as cheerful as he was even at that age.
  12. Week 10 GDT: Saints (7-1) @ Bengals (5-3)

    We got a loss out the way, so no undefeated talk, and maybe it did make some of the guys get their mind right. Now there isn't any team in the league we can't beat, especially if we get home-field advantage.
  13. Dez Bryant - coming out to workout

    We're going for it all this year, so why not?