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  1. I'm busy with stuff, but you can always send me a PM for suggestions to see what one of the greatest Mafia players would do.
  2. I get into character as much as I can when I play Mafia, and this role was great for that.
  3. You said it all before the game, too. Damn you're good. I was town-aligned for most of the game until the conversion. You kinda caught on that I was being instructed on what to post. I was told to claim Jesus and Satan and then Darth Vader, but I typed it all up myself and I really got into character. My requirements were to insult anyone who voted for me, answer questions with questions, make bomb references, and so that was an interesting role. Other than that I actually was trying to find mafia and the cult (I really did think MD4L was the cult leader and he wasn't, but he wasn't town and that much was obvious). As the game went on and we had no proof of the cult, I started to think there was no cult. So I voted for touch because I thought that maybe if we got rid of him the game would be over, since his role was the host of the game itself. I did also think gopher was not town, but I thought touch was more of a priority. Once again Dome, you did great. I didn't suspect you at all, mainly because you didn't vote for me. Now I know it was to bring glory to your cult again.
  4. Then what are you so sure that I'm wrong about?
  5. Nope. But I do think now that we are both town, and the only way we win is to get rid of you.
  6. What? Where have you been copying posts from?
  7. This was a great result because I'm Darth Vader, Godfather of the Fictional Characters Mafia! My Death Star will be complete tonight, and this game will be over! The only way you can stop me is if you find my last remaining teammate. Good luck!
  8. What do you guys think tk3 is, mafia or cult leader? I think he is mafia and MD4L is the cult leader, and since we aren't sure if tk3 can be killed yet, then we should vote MD4L.
  9. Does it make a difference either way?
  10. I don't know, each role would've reacted differently to it.
  11. Nope. I'm regular town, no abilities......anymore. I think I got flashed by that gadget from Men in Black or something. Either way, nothing I've said is the result from any ability.
  12. Nothing official, just reads. You'll probably be disappointed by that, but I'm regular town, that's it.