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  1. I did not expect this game to have started already, but it is fitting that I continue our FF meme of me not posting much.
  2. Sure but butters is incriminating himself enough already, I'm trying to find out things that aren't already obvious. By not jailing him, he made it more obvious by redirecting onto me! If I had to take one for the team, so be it, but now I'm back anyway.
  3. I redirected wolf to mission/tlo so they would be in jail. I knew that butters is obviously not up to anything good so I could've jailed him but I don't think that would've given us any more info.
  4. This is my obligatory "don't talk about me not posting, because I was watching football the past two days and football fans on a football forum should understand that, now I am going to post more" post
  5. There is more to be concerned about, like the low-quality takes in this thread! Yeah, I'll probably get back to it around the time of the playoffs. I'm past the point of regular season speculation for now.
  6. I appreciate you. I did not intend to be away for so long but those things just kinda happen sometimes. I took a break from football discussions after a certain controversial event in a particular game from January, and then all of a sudden it was December.
  7. That was my expert-level Mafia player expertise making sure you knew who you voted for first. You passed the test. Glad you're paying attention. And for you to cover it up as a joke is very amateur. There are no jokes in Mafia, this is a game about intellect. So I'm not sure you should be playing in it.
  8. What a team player you are. Voting for me (one of the most successful players in FF Mafia) first, and then making this post all about yourself. Not a good look for you.
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