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  1. That's a good way to put it. A celebration of their first year in school. That sounds much more reasonable.
  2. Of course I'll be proud of all her accomplishments, but a "Kindergarten Graduation" just seems like a hilarious concept.
  3. This post gives me a great start to my morning, being cynical is one of my favorite hobbies. The more you look at humans the more you notice all the animal traits. We do everything animals do. We just do them in more complicated ways. Just because we're more complicated doesn't mean we're always better or more efficient. Look at the average person and tell me there aren't thousands of kinds of animals that are more interesting. This is not to say I don't find our species to be impressive, because I do......just not most people. Also, my niece is "graduating" from kindergarten tonight and somehow it's gonna look bad on me if I don't show up??? It's KINDERGARTEN. I just posted a quick rant about the human race on a football forum, but I'd rather not put down my own family.
  4. I just missed the Jeopardy Teachers Tournament Championship because the local news had to cover some stupid people who drove into an obviously flooded road during this rainstorm. I turned the TV on to watch smart people and got the opposite. I wanted to see Mr Rogers Pringles Man, not cars going swimming.
  5. WCF: Warriors vs Rockets Thread- The Real NBA Finals

    I love watching KD's shots swish through, demoralizing his haters a little more each time. It's tough when it's against your team, but against other teams I can only respect it.
  6. Damn Windows 10 update screwed my audio settings up AGAIN.
  7. Mark Ingram suspended 4 games for PEDs

    Anyone who thinks this would be a problem for us is a sucker.
  8. That was all I need for this series. Seeing them prove that they can blow out the Warriors will justify the confidence we've built up. No moral victories tonight, we got the real thing.
  9. I noticed that too. Even in the last game when they were blowing the Jazz out, the crowd never really got into it at all. It felt like a regular season game. In comparison, the damn Warriors fans never stfu. They go crazy over everything. The other team will call a timeout and they'll cheer like they just hit another 3.
  10. A few too many turnovers and a few too many fouls. We might have won if the Warriors weren't the best at capitalizing off of those. I don't hate the Warriors though, they're aggravating as a fan of their opponent, but other than that I don't mind them. They can say whatever they want and celebrate every shot all they want, they earn it.
  11. Good thing that was only the end of the first half and not the end of the game.
  12. Far Cry 5

    It was a fun game. The Far Cry formula can't go wrong, imo. This wasn't as good as the last two, but still worth the time. They did an admirable job making up for the dull setting with how good everything else was. The characters were pretty good, from the main ones to the side ones. The story wasn't that great but I don't really have any standards for video game stories. I literally do not care about a game's story as long as the gameplay is fun. *Spoilers, even though people talked about the endings already* The ending wasn't surprising at all. But I can't understand why anyone would complain about it. What other endings could they have made? Take Joseph to jail and have everything else be normal? That would be as uninteresting as the other two endings. Having Joseph be right, as predictable as it is, was really the only interesting thing they could have done with this story. But like I said, I don't care about video game stories anyway. Go read a book if you care about stories that much.
  13. I don't care, we could beat just about any other team. So what if we can't beat the best team in the league yet?
  14. Day 3 Draft Discussion Thread

    Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep John St. Brown. What a name DANNY ETLING GOT DRAFTED TOO?
  15. Day 3 Draft Discussion Thread

    I think Key's problems aren't as bad as they might seem. He put himself into rehab so hopefully he's honest in his efforts to better himself. He was disappointing in his LSU career but he's still talented, and sooner or later, one of these LSU pass rushers will make an impact in the NFL.