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  1. Week 15 GDT - Jets (5-8) @ Saints (9-4)

    Such an average game so far.
  2. Look at how lame some of these are https://www.zillow.com/blog/most-favorited-homes-223313/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=emm_1217_buzzhomeofyear_statefavescta
  3. The way the Pelicans let their leads wither away into losses is pathetic.
  4. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    @domepatrol91Trust me, I felt bad for you at first but then you started talking about how you weren't really into this game. So it worked out for me. When Sunday comes we'll be back to watching the Saints and we'll forget I ever had to do that.
  5. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    That was a great game. I started off as a regular civ, then I was recruited by Domepatrol to the MLB team. Then the next night I was recruited to the NFL team by Untouchable. So I was a double agent for a little while. Then as Dome started aiming at Untouchable, I got a kill and took him out. Then we recruited Ted from the NBA team and he gave us insider info on them. At that point, the MLB and NHL teams were done, and with the knowledge we had of the NBA team it was just a matter of time before we won the game. Everything just fell into place for us.
  6. The Manning Bowl: Broncos vs Colts GDT

    "Basketball basketball basketball"
  7. Week 15 GDT - Jets (5-8) @ Saints (9-4)

    It shouldn't be much of a trap game coming off a loss. Trap games normally happen to complacent teams, and we know how important it is to win out right now.
  8. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    I'm good, how are you? Nice to see you make up for lost time.
  9. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    Ty ty Hopefully he doesn't trick anyone into voting for anyone else.
  10. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    We're in a tough spot with tk. If he isn't lying, we should obviously vote for ty. However, this is once again the same kind of thing MathMan did trying to convince us to give him more days. We can't afford to let a cult leader get away for too long. I think the last two cult leaders are likely ty (and I felt throughout the whole game that he was non-town), untouchable who has been visiting people, and ET who is making blatant jokes about not being recruited while the attention is on other players.
  11. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    ^So this doesn't seem unusual to anyone else?
  12. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    I'm willing to vote bucs. The results will be very important for tk3's claims.
  13. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    I made the mistake of believing MathMan's charade. I'm not doing that again.
  14. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    Tk3 is a cult leader and it is obvious. And if he posted your name, you're next up too because he tried to recruit you and couldn't.