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  1. Week 6 GDT

    You also have to remember he signed with the Saints before they drafted Kamara. Splitting the workload just between him and Ingram sounded reasonable but you know Sean Payton needs his receiver out of the backfield so then he got Kamara.
  2. Week 6 GDT

    The Chiefs only have 6 yards? Dafuq
  3. With the injury today to that guy from those commercials, our schedule looks really good the next few weeks. Maybe we can actually build up a nice record. They have a lot to clean up though. We still have to see if this defense can hold up with actual consistency and not lucky turnovers.
  4. Week 6 GDT

    I miss him Great to see him still balling hard though.
  5. Week 6 GDT

    This game is crazy
  6. Look on the bright side, a loss today would be perfect for the Fire Sean Payton campaign.
  7. Week 6 GDT

    @Spartica4Real I told you not to get too hyped. These guys are FRAUDS.
  8. Week 6 GDT

    Punt return TD. And penalties on us. They seriously need to get their act together.
  9. Week 6 GDT

    He probably did something to our playbook to make us line up illegally so many times.
  10. Week 6 GDT

    We really need to stop committing all these penalties. What's with all these illegal formations???
  11. Week 6 GDT

    He didn't have anything to do with that just now........
  12. The playcalling has been great today but not on that drive. Don't put Craig Robertson in that situation, get another DB on that guy.
  13. Week 6 GDT

    Which would be ridiculous against the Lions' B Team o-line.
  14. Week 6 GDT

    I absolutely hate it when two defenders try to intercept the ball at the same time. It never ends well. I think they're starting to get addicted to turnovers.
  15. Week 6 GDT

    Former Browns legend Craig Robertson. Damn, that was a great catch by Marvin Jones. Can't even be mad at that.