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  1. Yep - apparently he was throwing 'bullets' to his first reads.
  2. Watson is not going to be 'cleared' - he will pay a load of women to keep their mouths' shut. As for what happens if the Broncos trade for him - well they will lose this fan of nearly 40 years, and I suspect a lot more as well. They might have a QB but will have a tarnished image for the next two decades.
  3. It seems like GB are playing a game of letting Rodgers sit for this season (saving $30+million in the process) and seeing if Love can become an NFL QB - and if he doesn't over Rodgers a new deal the following season. If that's their plan would monumentally blow up in their face.
  4. The title of this thread is 'what to do at QB?' - there are other threads dealing with other aspects of the team. I want the Broncos to win every game they play - I want the Broncos to go out and fight hard and compete in every game they play - I want to see the Broncos become the dominant team in the NFL - I hate to see the Broncos losing - I cannot understand fans who want to see their team lose to get a better draft pick - I would be upset if my team consciously attempted to lose to get a higher draft pick - I want a GM, when he has the opportunity, to th
  5. As if people on here never comment about players they think the Broncos should have drafted
  6. Oh boy - Justin Fields is ‘balling’ it in Chicago - and ‘the receivers are loving it’.
  7. I think it is pretty clear so far that Teddy is miles ahead of Lock in the QB stakes. Bridgewater has picked up the offence quickly and Lock still can't get beyond his first read and seems to panic when it is not available. And it is already being suggested that Jeudy will be elite with Bridgewater throwing the ball because he is so much better at the timing of the passes which plays directly into Jeudy's strengths.
  8. Jackson can take a hike - he'll be gone next year anyway and he can take Watson with him.
  9. At the moment Bridgewater is significantly ahead of Lock - because Lock simply has not developed over the past two seasons. Now Lock may make a jump - but if he doesn't the Bridgewater is significantly better and deserves to start. I disagree with some of your assessments - 1. I don't think that Fangio is as much on the hot seat as you imply. I get the impression that Paton and Fangio have a very good working relationship and I think he has a longer leash than you suggest. 2. I don't think that you can be so definitive in claiming that a game-manager at QB cannot win the SB - Ni
  10. The title of the thread is 'what have we got' - the answer is pretty much everything we need except a QB
  11. Given that Bridgewater is on the roster, that is all the more reason for taking Fileds. This is not about this coming season - it is potentially about the next 15 years. If Paton manages to get Rodgers than he has 3/4 years to sort out a long-term QB.
  12. Then you have to question his maturity and the fact that he wasted a year - and that is a problem. Apart from a few interviews and some insiders making claims, we have no idea if a turnaround has happened and won't until we actually see him in a game situation. I would like nothing more than to see Lock make the leap this year - I think it is positive that Manning has been working with him. But he was so far behind the curve last season that he has some distance to travel to even get close to competing with Bridgewater - and that is the problem. Can he do it? - hopefully. What annoys
  13. Does beg the question about whether he was 'really committed' last season ?
  14. I fully support BPA - except when you need a QB and one falls into your lap
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