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  1. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    The way things are going he won't be the only one.
  2. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    Seriously - its not like it hasn't happened twice already - the coaches need to be sacked on the spot.
  3. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    Mullens has 124 yds in the first quarter - WTF like !
  4. When VJ gets fired

    1. No 2. The play-offs - and that might not even do it 3. We don't know is happening behind the scenes - is the current run the result of Joseph learning his craft as a HC or is it because of the players stepping up despite him or is it because of the rest of the coaching staff etc - we don't know. We also don't know if Elway is waiting to see what coaches become available - Harbaugh - and we don't know if he wants Kubiak as OC. There are a lot of ifs, buts and maybes to pan out yet. Personally I think Joseph is gone unless they make the play-offs and go past the wildcard - it would be hard to sack him in that situation.
  5. Broncos @ Bengals GDT

  6. Pittsburgh @ Denver GDT--Maybe we don't suck?

    I think the play-offs are the only way VJ keeps his job. The only other possibility is if Elway views the problem as not being his fault - the big danger is that Elway doesn't want to admit a mistake (but he did eventually cut Paxton Lynch). Who is available may also kick into the equation (eg one of the Harbaughs)
  7. Pittsburgh @ Denver GDT--Maybe we don't suck?

    Current QBR Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes Mitchell Trubisky Jared Goff Andrew Luck 2017 QBR Wentz Keenum Brady Prescott Ryan 2016 Ryan Brady Prescott Rodgers Brees 2015 Palmer Roethlisberger Dalton Wilson Brady 2014 Romo Rodgers Brady Brees Peyton Manning 2013 Peyton Manning Rivers Cutler Foles Brees 2012 Peyton Manning Brady Wilson Roethlisberger Brees 2011 Rodgers Brees Schaub Brady Ryan 2010 Brady Peyton Manning Ryan Brees Vick 2009 Brees Peyton Manning Rodgers Farve Brady 2008 Peyton Manning Garcia Ryan Warner Schaub 2007 Brady Gerrard Peyton Manning Romo Farve 2006 Peyton Manning Brady Rivers Palmer Brees
  8. Pittsburgh @ Denver GDT--Maybe we don't suck?

    Pro-bowls Smith X 3 Dalton X 3 Manning X 4 Winston X 1 Goff X 1 Carr X 3 Prescott X 1 Cousins X 1 Newton X 3 Stafford X 1 Rivers X 7 Wilson X 4 Brees X 11 Luck X 3 Roethlisberger X 6 Ryan X 4 Rodgers X 6 Brady X 13 Wentz X 1
  9. Pittsburgh @ Denver GDT--Maybe we don't suck?

    Going back to the comment about how hard it is to draft a QB - and because I'm a bit of a nerd Josh Rosen 1.10 Matt Ryan 1.3 Joe Flacco 1.18 Josh Allen 1.7 Cam Newton 1.1 Mitchell Trubisky 1.2 Andy Dalton 2.36 Baker Mayfield 1.1 Dak Prescott 4.135 Case Keenum UDFA Matt Stafford 1.1 Aaron Rodgers 1.24 Deshaun Watson 1.12 Andrew Luck 1.1 Blake Bortles 1.3 Patrick Mahomes 1.10 Phillip Rivers 1.4 Jared Goff 1.1 Ryan Tannehill 1.8 Kirk Cousins 4.102 Tom Brady 6.199 Drew Brees 2.32 Eli Manning 1.1 Sam Darnold 1.3 Derek Carr 2.36 Carson Wentz 1.2 Ben Roethlisberger 1.11 Jimmy Garoppolo 2.62 Russell Wilson 3.75 Jameis Winston 1.1 Marcus Mariota 1.2 Alex Smith 1.1 8 starting QBs were the first pick in the draft 15 starting QBs were taken in the top five picks 22 starting QBs were taken in the first round 4 starting QBs were taken in the second round The lowest ranked QB in the draft was Case Keenum – the only UDFA starter (second lowest was Tom Brady) Since 2000 - out of 48 first round QB picks - 18 were complete busts - and the Broncos drafted two of them (Tebow and Lynch) - the Browns drafted three.
  10. Broncos @ Chargers GDT

    Baltimore fans would have Kubiak back as OC in a heartbeat.
  11. Broncos @ Chargers GDT

    I think it would be interesting to see what Kubiak would do with Keenum if he ended up as our OC next year.
  12. Broncos @ Chargers GDT

    I agree with you - win as many games as you can - tanking sends the wrong message to everyone and can infect an organisation. We know this team has some talent and creating a winning culture is vital. The Broncos haven't had two consecutive losing seasons in nearly 50 years - I want 8-8 and I think that should be the target. I don't think anything saves Joseph outside of making the play-offs. As for the Chargers - they did what they do best - shooting themselves in the foot.
  13. Broncos @ Chargers GDT

    Hire Harbaugh and he'll hire Kubiak as OC
  14. When VJ gets fired

    It is not the first time Wolfe has commented - the defence had a players only meeting after the Jets game - and it looks like Wolfe, Harris and Marshall were responsible for organising it. The basis of the meeting was to discuss the difficulties they were having the the coaches and how to approach them. VJ said he wanted feedback - yet it appears that he promptly ignored what they had to say (and from all the reports we are getting that seems to be a trend).
  15. When VJ gets fired

    McDaniels has Brady in NE - anyone who thinks that McDaniels doesn't benefit significantly from having Brady needs a scope inserted in their posterior