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  1. Just mentioning Sanders - he had one hell of a game for SF last night.
  2. - I am not alone
  3. The offence is doing its best to give away a safety now.
  4. And then he throws and interception - got a bit carried away with himself.
  5. We might actually have a real QB on our hands - two scrambles to keep the drive alive - he is doing everything asked of him today
  6. How long has it been since we have seen the offence play like this ?
  7. And who said Scangs was conservative?
  8. The guy is 16/19 for 235 and 3TDs in his second game - I thing we can give hi m a little lee-way
  9. Wow - BOB is an idiot
  10. Lock has had a near perfect half of football
  11. What the f*ck is happening here - this shouldn't be happening
  12. Fangio came out and said that Scangs asked him if he wanted to take a knee - not that than Scangs told Lock to take a knee.
  13. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Anyone get the vibe that the problem with James is that his head isn't right - rather than the knee not being ready?

    The problem is the 'real HC candidate' - its not like they grow on trees - most HCs are re-threads - and the new, young, hot-shots tend to flame out. We had a chance with K Shanahan but Ellis blew that one up - we had another shot when Elway planned to dump Joseph and bring in Mike with Kubes (and Cousins as QB) - and Ellis blew that one up as well. Of the coaches that were hired this year the only one that would have been worth the effort was LeFleur - and would you come to a team without a QB when you had Rodgers as the alternative? I wouldn't have wanted any of last years bunch. Getting a good HC is as hard (if not harder) than getting a good QB - and usually if you have a good QB you will get more interest in the HC job - even then there is no guarantee that you will hit with your HC candidate. So the key is hoping Lock is up to the job - and by the time we find that out we will know if Fangio is any good.

    It is worthy noticing that Fangio clarified his comments about the 'kneel' yesterday - not throwing Scangs under the bus - he pointed out that he was asked if he wanted a kneel and he said not - not that the OC called a kneel and he overruled him.