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  1. 2020 Mock Offseason V2

    We have picks - and could bundle a couple to move up if needed.
  2. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    You would think so
  3. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Trading for Diggs in a no-brainer for me. We have a ton of draft picks - and there is no chance all of them make the roster - it could be possible to bundle a couple of lower picks with 25 and move back up if the right player was available.
  4. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    With Garrett getting the Giants OC job it looks like we will have Shula here in the next day or two as QB coach.
  5. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    That is a possibility - but there is no evidence for it. It is very possible that Shurmur has come to the conclusion, like Wade Phillips, that he is a poor HC but a damned good OC - and he came to the Broncos because of the potential he saw on the offensive side of the ball.
  6. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    I agree - and it would have been interesting to see what he could have achieved if he had been given a couple of more years. The other thing that would have been interesting and had an impact is the 2001 draft - Jack Elway was pushing big time for the Broncos to draft Drew Brees with the No.21 pick - he died a week before the draft and Shanahan took Willie Middlebrooks leaving Brees to the Chargers with the first pick of the second round.
  7. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    I think this is a far more likely scenario - there were numerous occasions where Fangio over-ruled Scangs during games. I suspect that he just felt he couldn't trust him to get the job done when left to his own devices.
  8. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    Shanahan made a major mistake going to the Redskins - and despite jumping into a mess, he got the Redskins to the play-offs while he was there. It lot like they have set the world on fire since he left. In the 20 years since Snyder became owner the Redskins have won 2 play-off games - in 1999 and 2005 - they have finished bottom of the NFCE 10 times in the 20 years and 3rd another 6 times. The entire franchise is almost as bad as the Browns. Elway had been in Denver for 10 years - Sharpe for 4 years - and Zimmerman 2 years - and the Broncos didn't win the SB over that period. Aldridge had all of 1 tackle in 1994 and Nalen was a 7th round pick. When you take out a QB of Elway's talent you are always going to have a problem filling the space. But along with Elway, Sharpe and Zimmerman - Shanahan also lost Davis and Mobley (for one season) to injury as well as Atwater and Gordon. A lot of key pieces were missing the following season. What killed Shanahan were a series of very poor drafts from 2001 (especially in 01 and 02). He had six winning seasons in the years after the SB wins - and when he was sacked in 2008 he had put together a fairly decent roster only for McDaniels to blow it up over the following two years.
  9. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    Not the case - The starting Offence under Wade Phillips in 1994 was - Elway, Leonard Russell, Miller, Derek Russell, Sharpe, Evans, Zimmerman, Melander, Widell, Habib, Scrafford/Freeman Defence Dronett, Washington, Hasselbach, Fletcher, Croel, Mecklenburg, Alexander, Ben Smith, Crockett, Atwater, Dennis Smith. The Shanahan team that won the SB in 1998 Elway, Davis, Griffith, McCaffrey, Smith, Sharpe, Zimmerman, Schlereth, Nalen, Habib, Jones. Smith, Traylor, Perry, Williams, Romanowski, Aldridge, Mobley, Crockett, Gordon, Braxton, Atwater. Only 6 of the 22 starters in 1994 won the SB three years later - Shanahan did not inherit MOST of the pieces. In my opinion Shanahan does not get half enough credit for those SB wins - he put together a very good roster and excellent coaching staff (many of whom are still coaching at a very high level over 20 years later). As for the comparison with Jimmy Johnson - well Johnson was basically handed a blank cheque-book - in his first draft he had the No.1 pick - Aikman - and got 3 other players who were perennial pro-bowlers. The the Vikes handed him a kings ransom for Walker - that he used to get Emmet Smith, Russell Maryland (another No.1 pick), Darren Woodson and Kevin Smith. He was basically given all the key pieces to build a SB team - a QB, a RB, a FB, a C, two top DLmen and two key DBs. This is not to do down what Johnson achieved - but without the Walker trade the Cowboys do not win those SBs.
  10. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    This move is not a surprise - Scangs brought McCarthy with him from SF - Shurmur is going to change the offence and it makes sense to have a QB coach who knows the offence being run by the OC. It is clear that there was friction between Fangio and Scangs - and when Shurmur became available then moves were always going to be on the cards. It helps if the entire coaching staff are on the same page. And - one of the reasons why I, as an Irish guy, likes the NFL is because a team can turn things around very quickly because of FA, the draft and the salary cap. A couple of good FA signings - a good draft with 2-3 big contributors - and the Broncos can make the play-offs - once you are there anything can happen. The Broncos have another 3 years with Lock on a cheap contract - if he proves to be the QBOTF then that is a clear window.
  11. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    I am going to dispute this one - the senior Denver coaches are not particularly old and I think they would dispute that they are. While many HCs and coordinators etc are younger than the Broncos staff - Shurmur is 53 - there are a large number that are older and some significantly older (now in their 70s). In fact many of the successful HCs this year are around Fangio's age (61) - of the teams that played last weekend - John Harbaugh - 57 Bill O'Brien - 50 Matt LeFleur - 40 Andy Reid - 61 Mike Vrabel - 44 Pete Carroll - 68 Kyle Shanahan - 40 Mike Zimmer - 63
  12. Black Monday

    Cleveland looks like his destination - And I saw Olivo was sacked as Assistant ST coach by the Bears
  13. Broncos currently have just over $65million in cap space - (and under $0.5million in dead money) We expect Flacco to be cut - if he is cut now there is a saving of $10million ($13million dead money) - if he is cut after 1 June then the cap saving goes up to $20million but accelerates the other $10million into dead money for 2021 I expect Ron Leary to be cut - a saving of $8.5million ($875K dead money) Definitely gone should be Wadman - saving $660K (and several other back-ups could be cut with similar savings The only other big cut that might be on the cards is Todd Davis - $4million in savings ($1million dead money) So Flacco and Leary being cut brings the cap space up to about $84million Then you have to factor in Free-agents Jake Rodgers ERFA tender Diontae Spencer ERFA tender Trey Marshall ERFA tender Davontae Harris ERFA tender Tim Patrick ERFA tender After that we have unrestricted free agents - and I am only listing the ones I think will be considered Justin Simmons (Elway has spoken about the Franchise Tag - $13million) Chris Harris Jr (although it looks like he is gone) ($12million) Derek Wolfe (he was on $8million) Shelby Harris (probably looking for about $6million) Jeremiah Attaochu ($2million) DeVante Bausby (if he is healthy) Conor McGovern (probably $4-5million) Mike Purcell ($1.5million) Joseph Jones ($1million) Will Parks ($4-5million) Dymonte Thomas ($1million) Brandon Allen ($2million) I expect Booker, Wilkinson, Riddick, Nelson, Cyrus Jones, to be gone So by the time you signed the FAs you want - the cap space is likely to be back around $50m+
  14. After what Bolles did at the end of the Raiders game I don't want to see him in a Broncos uniform again - if it was a one off then I could live with it (and I have been excusing him for 3 years now) - but Bolles is likely to do something like that in every game and he will probably do it in a post-season game over the next few years and cost the Broncos the season. AAA used to p*ss me off with his anti-Bolles rants - now I am annoyed that he seems to be softening his view.
  15. Black Monday

    A couple of surprises for me - Gase and Patricia still have a job - and Wink Martindale is apparently being mentioned for the job at NYG.