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  1. But by jaysus - Bezos would be an interfering gobsh*te Whatever happened to the chatter about Robert Smith becoming owner? I hate all billionaires - but unfortunately the owner is probably inevitably going to be one (and a Manning led consortium is still my preferred option).
  2. By the way - for those talking about KJ's dropped pass - I place most of the blame on Teddy - the ball was short and over his wrong shoulder. KJ had to beak off his stride and slow down to wait for the ball, giving the DB a chance to get to him, and then had to try and turn completely around to catch the ball. Teddy should have laid the ball out in front of him so he could catch it in stride in the endzone - but Teddy didn't have the arm to do that.
  3. You are not the only one AAA - I too am bothered by the approach of Paton. I remember when Broncos fans were complaining about going to the SB and repeatedly losing - saying that we shouldn't even try to get there because the team was embarrassing by losing so badly. I was pointed out that my local GAA team in Ireland, at the time, hadn't been to an All-Ireland final since 1914. The Irish soccer team currently has a manager who has been in charge for 16 games - he has won once (a friendly against those powerhouses of world soccer - Andorra) and after the latest defeat he came out and sai
  4. I think we will have a pretty pedestrian season with check-down Teddy at QB - and we still won't know what we have in Lock. I hope I am pleasantly surprised - but to be honest, I rarely am.
  5. Yep - terrible GM - but one hell of a good coach.
  6. The big issue is that Shanahan is now 69 - would he really want to be at HC at that age? Three years ago it was a case of getting the band back together with Kubiak coming in as OC - for another shot at a SB. Unfortunately I think the clock has run out on that one - Shanahan has an input into what Kyle if doing in SF and I can't see him taking on all the stresses of a HC gig.
  7. He is doing all the things that Lock is only getting around to now - good feet, going through progressions, accurate throws. He is making mistakes like all rookies do. Remember Elway's first season - and I am not saying that Fields is anything remotely like Elway - he was pulled from the first two games with the team trailing for DeBerg to come in and win both games and then he lost three in a row before Reeves benched him and he only got back in when DeBerg got injured. Elway won 2 of the ten games he started (Kubiak actually won the one game that he started that season as a rookie) and
  8. We don't need a lot of WRs with checkdown Teddy - RBs and TEs will do 😉
  9. The decision not to draft Fields could well be a defining moment for the Broncos for the next 15 years and unless Paton can pull a rabbit out of a hat it could also determine the success or failure of his tenure as GM. Paton may have no choice but to go out and spend 3 first rounders next year to draft a QB (who, like Fields, could well be a bust - although the signs with Fields are currently pointing in the opposite direction) in comparison to taking one this year when he fell into his lap. The cost in draft capital will impact the ability of the Broncos to build and maintain a roster. The f
  10. Yea - steady Teddy to save our jobs.
  11. You weren't watching the games I watched - and you clearly didn't see the abysmal performance by checkdown Teddy against the Rams second string last night. Even with 3 and outs Lock performed better in the game.
  12. As AAA pointed out - it doesn't matter whether Fields becomes a bust - when you don't have a QB then you have to draft a QB, especially one who was ranked top two, when they fall into your lap. Not drafting a QB because they might be a bust is a recipe for being a bargain basement team indefinitely.
  13. You can - but it is very difficult - the Broncos have spent 5 years trying to find one. Since Payton retired - The Cowboys got Prescott The Chiefs got Mahomes The Texans got Watson The Browns got Mayfield The Bills got Allen The Ravens got Jackson The Cardinals got Murray The Bengals got Burrow The Chargers got Herbert Even the Bucs got Brady who looks like he can keep going for another 3/4 years. And last draft the Jags got Lawrence - the Jets got Wilson - the 49ers got Lance - the Bears got Fields - and the Pats got Jones - all of whom a
  14. Lock definitely outplayed him in the pre-season games - the stats don't lie - but the film is even more blatant. Unlike last season Lock appears to have got up to the speed of the NFL and has started to go through his progressions. He has also improved his footwork and he has been more accurate on deep balls. He has improved and only game time would demonstrate how much he has improved. This does not mean that Lock is going to grow into a QB that we can move forward with - but it does mean that we need to find it out this season. Meanwhile Teddy repeatedly checked down when he had a wide open
  15. During pre-season Teddy repeatedly tossed the ball to the checkdown when he had a wide open receiver 10-20 yards deep.
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