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  1. All you have to do is take care of the football
  2. Broncos / Pats game postponed until next Sunday - then Chargers and then Miami. On a bye week now.
  3. I am not in favour of tanking the season - but if there was ever a season to do it then this is it.
  4. As a back-up for Driskel https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2910169-blake-bortles-reportedly-considered-by-broncos-after-drew-locks-injury
  5. From Klis I understand it was more than ACL on Sutton’s knee
  6. Again from Klis "Relatively good news on QB Drew Lock: He does have rotator/labral issue in back of shoulder. Out 2-6 weeks"
  7. Klis is reporting that Sutton ******-up his knee and is done for the season
  8. Broncos have picked up OT Darrin Paulo off waivers
  9. Can't see Jake Butt making it to the practice squad
  10. Finding a good Tackle is not easy - it is a problem for most teams in the NFL. Elway has tried it all - the biggest gripe I have is that he refused to consider signing Whitworth 3 years ago - he has been stellar for the Rams over those three years and has just signed another 3 year contract.
  11. Look likes Hamler might miss 4 weeks
  12. Wilkinson will have to make a big step forward if he is to start over Dotson
  13. Cap saving this year is $13million and while he has not done much of anything in Denver - this does leave a big hole on the OL.
  14. Big question - is this Elway's decision or did it come from Ellis?
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