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  1. Absolutely - an elite QB in exchange for two RBs - seriously no contest
  2. Yes - and we won't won't be picking in a position to get another PS2 anyway, so that part of the equation is irrelevant.
  3. Elway was still playing at a high level when he retired at 38 - same with Marino who said he didn't retire because of his arm but because he didn't think his legs would hold out. Kelly retired at 36 because of injuries - Young had three injury plagued years as well as the concussions before he retired. Moon made the probowl when he was 41. Now - an important factor in all of these cases is that QBs are much better protected now than they were 25-45 years ago. Neither Rodgers or Wilson (unlike Stafford) have a history of injuries and there is no indication that either are slowing down (per
  4. In my view there is a lot of wishful thinking with the idea of drafting a QB - the reality is (and I have shown it previously) that drafting a QB is like throwing darts at a dartbaord. Trying to hit the bull you have a better chance the closer you are to the board (the higher the draft pick). Even with the first of second pick you can miss completely - JeMarcus Russell, Tim Couch, Jeff George. You can hit with a sixth rounder (and I think Brady is the only one) but you are standing 100ft away from the board with a blindfold on. This team is not picking at 1.1 or 1.2 without selling the fa
  5. Rodgers will control where he goes - if GB don't play ball he will retire and they get nothing except a gaping hole at QB. It won't be cheap - but it won't be anything like what Packers fans expect.
  6. Of course the hope is that we get Rodgers or Wilson - but Cousins as a back-up plan shouldn't cost too much. He is in the last year of his contract and has a cap hit of $45m on a team that is a projected $17m over the cap.
  7. I think I would be okay with any from - Quinn, Hackett, Callahan or Glenn
  8. It would make sense - from a PR perspective at the very least - for the winning bidder to include either or both of Manning and Elway in the ownership group. It would create a good buzz around the franchise.
  9. Allbright tweeted that the Broncos never intended interviewing Pederson or Flores. If it is accurate then Paton has gone up a fw steps in my estimation.
  10. I think that is unfair to Kubiak - the Texans were a franchise team and Capers left a basketcase when he was sacked. In his four years he went 4-12, 5-11, 7-9, 2-14. First season Kubiak went 6-10 with David Carr as QB. There was consistent improvement over the next next 5 years with the exception of a blip in 2010 (after which Kubiak hired Wade Phillips as DC) - 8-8, 8-8, 9-7, 6-10, 10-6, 12-4 - before the disasterous 2-14 season in 2013 - the season Kubiak suffered health problems and Matt Shaub got into the habit of throwing pick-sixes before gtting injured and then giving way to the rookie
  11. Only two things I don't want in Denver as HC - 1. Anyone Pats rethread 2. Doug Pederson
  12. AAA has outlinde the reason to stay away from Flores - and I don't and never did want Pederson (the guy will inevitably grate on everyone's nerves behind the scenes).
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