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  1. Was reading something online (or listening - can't remember as I was half asleep - it might have been something on youtube) that made a valid point about Lock V Stafford. The Broncos offence is a very young offence - with the exception of Glasgow and Gordon there is nobody on the offence that has more than 4 years experience - and most have 1-3 years experience. The argument was that if you have a young QB you need experience on the offence to help bring the QB along - players who can tutor the QB in what he is doing right and what he is doing wrong. Similarly - if you have a young offenc
  2. Was wondering - if we decided to move on from Miller - think we should look at Shaq Barrett as an option?
  3. over the cap and it can be broken down by position https://overthecap.com/free-agency/
  4. I would expect Paton to got for a top tier CB in FA - for the reasons you point out. This does not prohibit taking a CB in the 1st round - you can never have too many good CBs.
  5. Well - fortunately we won't have to put up with him for much longer.
  6. I don't think there has been any word on who Paton's Assistant will be - and I think it is important that this hire is made asap - and there has been nothing reported as far as I can see.
  7. Yea - the news popped up for me shortly after I posted it I think it would be good if Kubiak was connected with the team in some capacity - even if only as an 'ambassadorial' role. I have a lot of time for the guy and think he was underrated both as a player and as a coach (and even in the FO - the first decent draft in years came with him there).
  8. Given that Kubiak has been with the Vikings for the past year - is there any possibility that Paton moves to bring him back to Denver in some capacity?
  9. When you think about QBs - We got Elway for effectively the No.4 pick, another 1st rounder (turned out to be 1.19) and a back-up QB. Now Elway was a surefire a draftee as they come - but there was no guarantee that he was going to pan out the way he did. We know what Watson can do and while he will never be the same standard as Elway (few QBs will be) - he is a damned good QB. So 3 1st rounders and Lock and another player is not astronomical (although I would prefer to add players and get away with 2 1st rounders). I would prefer to trade players rather than sell the farm on giv
  10. I have to say that getting Watson without selling the entire future of the franchise would start Paton's career as GM off with a bang.
  11. Here is a trade I would make - 2 first rounders + Chubb + James + Gordon + Lock for DW- the Texans could do with a RB and a RT and Chubb to ultimately replace a declining Watt.
  12. Paton said that analytics are being used and will be used in the future
  13. The one thing that I took from the press conference introducing Paton was not anything he said but a comment by Fangio. When Fangio was asked about evaluating Lock - he said that he wanted Paton to go off independently of the coaching staff and evaluate Lock himself. He said that then the coaching staff would be available to answer any questions he might have in order to allow him to do a comprehensive evaluation. I like it that Fangio wanted to avoid any biased views on Lock before Paton had an opportunity to evaluate him independently - and it suggests to me that Fangio wouldn't ha
  14. I have (that should have said haven't) totally given up on Lock - but if we had a better QB (and I'm talking about average) this season we could have been 8-8 if not better.
  15. And one of the reasons I liked him was that it is said that he doesn't have a ego (practically alone among prominent NFL FO staff - he doesn't have a wikipedia page - even I have a wikipedia page).
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