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  1. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Last year Wadman was putting up youtube videos trying to get noticed - and he didn't look good on them. Can't understand why he is still on the roster - we should have been bringing in several punters to see what they can do.
  2. Week 1 Preseason DEN @ SEA GD Thread & PostGame Impressions

    This is pre-season - don't read too much into it. Both sides of the ball are learning new schemes. It will take time to gel. What we are looking for is incremental improvement over the pre-season games. Looked at the highlights but will try and find the game later to look at it in full - from what I can see. First-off - it looked like the refs wanted to throw a flag every play - I suspect a lot of the penalties on both sides would not be called in the regular season. Run game looks effective - and a good run game will help the pass. Flacco looked competent and has a deep threat. I think the passing game will be good enough to help win games. The OL is a work in progress - looks good with the run. McGovern as C is a little concern and hopefully he will improve with more playing time. In reality this OL is a new OL with only Bolles being a starter from last season. OLs always need time to develop as a unit. I think WRs and RBs will be okay - I am still worried about TE - hopefully Fant will contribute. I wouldn't be surprised to see another TE brought in. I think the defence will be fine. Yiadom looks like he is taking a big step forward from year 1 and some of the back-ups are showing flashes. Overall I am optimistic (then again I always am at the start of a season). I think this team, if it keeps improving over pre-season, can go better than 8-8.
  3. Week 1 Preseason DEN @ SEA GD Thread & PostGame Impressions

    It took all of two minutes after he was appointed.
  4. Lock is an idiot if he things trying to play hardball with Elway with be to his advantage - no player has ever won that one. His should sign his contract - put his head down and work his *** off to prove he deserved to be a first round pick. If he proves he is an NFL calibre QB in 4 years time he will either sign a big contract with the Broncos or get a big contract somewhere else. As for when Lock will replace Flacco - he has to get into the building before he does anything. I think Flacco will be decent in this offence. It is similar to the one Kubiak ran in Baltimore when Flacco had his best season. If he stays healthy I think he could play the entire season.
  5. Let the Offseason Begin

    The annoying thing is that Elway could have already negotiated an extension for CHJ - instead he chose not to and now Harris has a new contract he can point to.
  6. “I definitely didn’t think they were really high on me, to be honest with you, but after the local pro day that I attended, and sitting down with the receiver coach [Zach Azzanni], he really expressed high interest in me,” Winfree said. “From there I could see I really changed their point of view on me. Them seeing me close-up, seeing what type of player I am and what type of man I am off the field was big for me. That definitely helped a lot.”
  7. UDFA tracker

    No way I see Elway risk putting Rypien on the PS are giving him a six-figure guarantee.
  8. 2.42 Drew Lock QB Missouri

    I suspect that Lock is at least, capable of developing into a good back-up and if we get anymore than that from him then this has been an excellent draft. I will say that there is one difference I notice between Lock, Lynch and Osweiler - Lock appears to possess some intelligence - and I would take a smart player over one full of talent with nothing between the ears every day of the week.
  9. Chris Harris is still on the roster and could very well still be with the team in September
  10. Why use a first rounder when you can get the guy at 2.42 ?
  11. What are the chances of Harris being traded and the Broncos pick again in the 2nd round
  12. Traded a 4th and 6th to move up for Lock