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  1. The opportunity to add a player of Eichels ability doesn’t happen often in the NHL. He has increased his goal and point totals on a per game basis each year since he arrived in the league. In my opinion if Buffalo puts him on the market it would be worthwhile to pursue simply because it’s really hard to find players of his caliber. Depending on what Buffalo prefers, 2 firsts, a roster player and two prospects. As part of the same trade I would try to get Hall provided he would sign an extension. The ONLY reason he signed in Buffalo is his relationship with Krueger and if the S
  2. You make some great points. I look at some of his underlying stats like a catch rate of 55.7%, 121st in yards per reception, only one season over 100 catches. Those aren’t negatively impacted by his short career. I’m also aware of his production while dealing with the QB carousel before Staffords arrival. I understand your point about defences having to change. They hadn’t seen a receiver that big, that could jump etc. Given his natural size advantage and being an athletic freak, it surprises me he only twice finished first in yards. Teams that had a good CB and played the safeties deep
  3. I have more faith in Staffords statement than the media speculation. 95% of what media reports has some level of error right up to blatant untruths. They have a vested interest in generating attention. It’s the quiet time and everyone has space to fill. Stafford didn’t do anything wrong so why would he lie? Why would he omit it if he had bumped into McVay prior to the trade. if they did bump into each other why would it matter? It’s another big assumption for people to jump to conclusions about wrong doing. You know he’s a private person and doesn’t do anything to creàte publicity or intr
  4. Based on available information Stafford went for dinner with McVay after the trade. According to an interview he bumped into a Rams lineman who said the Rams should make a play. After the trade McVay called Stafford and they went for dinner. People need to quit the assumptions that Stafford and McVay somehow engineered this.
  5. I wouldn’t be upset if the Lions followed this type of blue print. The one thing I would like to see is the addition of a better WR. I obviously don’t know what Holmes is thinking but I would hope they do more to support Goff.
  6. Every game Connor McDavid does amazing things. Simply the best skater I’ve ever seen. His short lateral quickness and acceleration are off the charts. I’m really liking the all Canadian Division. By mid point in the schedule the games will certainly be intense.
  7. Every time I saw him play I couldn’t believe he’s a TE. His short speed is off the charts but I’m curious about his 40 time.
  8. He’s got some pretty time consuming business interests.
  9. A fallout with the best Lions player of his era over a million bucks is short sighted petty crap. The reconciliation attempts becoming public is also bad news. If the intent is to get CJ on board then make it happen and stop waffling. Im surprised CJ made it first ballot. He was a great receiver but had a short career and was never part of a team that accomplished anything.
  10. I’ve been thinking a great deal about Pitts. I would be totally in favour of drafting him if his 40 time is satisfactory. He’s virtually the same size as CJ and if he has adequate speed the versatility would bring an interesting dynamic.
  11. There were a whole bunch of NFL types in Cabo at the time but it seems easier to just blast him. Im glad for his sake he’s gotten away from the Likns.
  12. So, every player that’s played for the Lions is trash?
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