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  1. Selection Sunday Thread

    Well, I’ve been an OU fan my entire life. I guess we all have opinions about rankings. All I know is OU, while great offensively, doesn’t seem to understand defence. I want to see good football and I don’t want to see another bad OU loss. I just don’t feel they’re a good enough team to be there.
  2. Turkey day Chicago@Detroit

    Amazing to think how many shortcomings there are on the Lions after all these years of high draft picks.
  3. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    If you know those things then act like you know those things so they don’t have to point it out, repeatedly. If you want to call people dumb then move along. As has been pointed out repeatedly, this isn’t allowed.
  4. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    I think we all know he isn’t going anywhere. Im not certain that anyone understands the concept of simply discussing an idea. This forum is dead so let’s try and get some discussion going rather than everyone simply dismissing everyone all the time. While we KNOW he isn’t going anywhere it’s interesting to speculate. It’s also interesting to see just how hamstrung a team can get based on structure etc. As for Stafford he’s had talented players to play with. Let’s not pretend the Lions haven’t spent in free agency and the draft to surround him with talent. Stafford is an okay QB but isn’t the type of QB that will carry a team. He’s had plenty of opportunity to demonstrate what he can do. If he needs the best line, best receiving Corp and a top running back then he’s overpaid. The offensive play calling and philosophy isn’t helping Stafford but he has the opportunity to make changes at the line. So we will see how things shake out but I expect the Lions won’t win anything with Stafford and at the end of his contract they will have a decision to make.
  5. Turkey day Chicago@Detroit

    I don’t care who they hire or draft anymore. I just hope someday, something works.
  6. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    Nice. Your maturity is showing If you can’t post without insults then feel free to move along.
  7. Turkey day Chicago@Detroit

    Well, chalk up another loss. They have certainly done their best to ruin whatever worked on the team. The offence is ridiculous. A team with a strong arm QB that doesn’t have a passing attack. At this point it doesn’t even look like there’s a plan.
  8. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    It’s not like the team has ever been lights out with Stafford! We’ve been suffering for decades another few seasons of 5-8 wins with a poor QB is simply the results we’ve been experiencing anyway. I don’t care what they do. Just get the team set up for the long run and stop trying to convince us they’re close. Just get er done?
  9. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    1. Because this is a football forum. 2. We discuss what if’s in a football forum. 3. Unlike you, most of us don’t have a crystal ball in front of us. Nothing in the rules states you have to post in a thread you disagree with. Cap hits are just that. Cap hits. Sometimes it’s better to take the hit, rebuild the team, and get the player and the hit off the books. Suggesting something won’t happen, regardless how unlikely, is short sighted. The Lions have never won anything with Stafford at QB. We can debate what ifs, all day long. We can talk about how Stafford is only one player etc. Bottom line is the Detroit Lions haven’t accomplished a darned thing since the 50’s. Given the QB, the roster and the executive I don’t expect any change. The Lions won’t win with Stafford under centre. He’s a good QB but he lacks the ability to carry the team on his shoulders. So you can continue with the problem or identify it, list solutions and pick one. Moving on from QB’s is never easy, the team simply has to determine which is the best course of action. I suspect like all things Lion, they will choose wrong. I suspect the contract will play out. The Lions will draft another QB and the clock resets.
  10. Turkey day Chicago@Detroit

    A drive I’ve made many times. It’s much better after a victory. 10 hours, after a loss, isn’t fun!
  11. Turkey day Chicago@Detroit

    I just saw this. I would love a true black and blue division game. Except for the trenches it’s no longer possible. But, I’m with ya! 🤠🕺
  12. Turkey day Chicago@Detroit

    Before I retired I always took U.S.Thanksgiving off. Now that I’m retired I’d rather work than watch the Lions. A few years before I retired I purchased season seats. In my mind the Lions were going to be a good team and by the time I retired I wouldn’t be able to get seats. I gave up my seats. I got tired of the driving, the cost versus value for the $$$$. So........Trubisky is out. That’s a bad sign for the Lions. Backups have great games against the Lions. Who knows which team shows up. Does anyone have a big day? I think Stafford airs it out this time around and the Lions offence is more explosive. They will be stout against the run and the secondary has a big day. Lions 38 Bears 16 Well, I think I will bake some cookies.🤠
  13. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    I agree. They wouldn’t have to draft a QB this year.
  14. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    I wish Katz would seriously consider removing all the old boys from the organization. Chia should be first out the door. I’m concerned with moves Chia may make before or at the deadline. Hopefully he needs some level of approval before the next, “gift,” trade.
  15. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    At the time of the Cutler trade the Bears were also extremely desperate for a QB. While I’m certain Chicago thought they were trading for the next Elway opinion on the trade was mixed as I recall. There were other teams interested, including the Lions, so demand also increased return. I think today’s market is different. Opinion was also split on Cutlers attitude. Stafford has never had any of those types of questions.