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  1. So the Lions play a nationally televised game against another bad team. Great product the NFL is going to showcase. Two incompetent organizations square off in what should be a meaningless game. The Lions organization doesn’t deserve a Thanksgiving game and the NFL should’ve taken it away. Perhaps the NFL could help motivate ownership to get the team respectable. Last weeks game should’ve been the final straw for Patricia but when your buddy is your boss nothing happens. He stood on the sidelines, hands in pocket, looking bewildered. It’s pretty obvious he has come to the realization his methodology doesn’t work. He had no answers. His media pressers he gave the same old B.S. answers looking like a deer in the headlights. From opening kickoff the Lions weren’t right. They looked gassed or simply disinterested. It was striking to me. A team with everything to play for. A team that’s played poorly still had an opportunity to get to a .500 record. Nope, instead they stunk out the joint and lost to a team battling injuries with a QB in his first NFL start. Sadly it wasn’t even close. The Lions were favoured going into the game and got blown out. Most sports organizations learn early on its easier to fire a coach than replace groups of players whom the coach has clashes with. Once again the Lions go out of their way to learn something they should’ve known all along. Tomorrows game should have ZERO impact on Patricia’s future. His performance has been there for everyone to see and one game doesn’t indicate he’s suddenly become a flexible coach with an arsenal of tools to extract the best performance from his players. Quite contrary he’s shown an inability to make tactical adjustments, inability to scheme against opponents and zero ability to coach to player strengths. Heck, the Lions staff can’t even get the right amount of players on the field. His mistakes are those of an inexperienced coach. He came in with zero HC experience and it shows. He also hasn’t progressed. Patricia, Quinn, Wood all need to be removed from the organization and the sooner it happens the better the organization will be for it. Of course it won’t happen. I suspect it won’t even happen following the season. The Lions have a long history of hiring incompetent, inexperienced people then rewarding incompetence by keeping them employed. It’s a theme amongst the coaching staff as well. Patricia and his culture change makes me wonder what’s changed. Players that played at a high level traded while players that can’t get the job done are rewarded, regardless of performance. Every single aspect of this team has been turned into a dumpster fire by the Patriots posse. What’s been done by Quinn and Patricia is ridiculous.
  2. They looked gassed. No intensity mentally or physically. They certainly didn’t play with urgency, desperation or like they care if Patricia losses his job.
  3. Caldwell had input to player decisions but wasn’t the GM so unless I can find something that changes that then final decisions rest with the GM. I understand your point I just disagree about his ability. I can even understand the rational, I just totally disagree with the organizations approach once they decided to move on. A first time GM shouldn’t be hiring a first time head coach much less one that has never been a head coach at any level. The Lions are just incompetent as an organization. They always shoot themselves in the foot. Always searching for better but never having a complete workable plan. They’ve done it since I’ve been a fan. The best way to get run out of Detroit is to be successful. Schmidt, Fontes and Caldwell fired and the team has miserable results. I’ve read many times the Fontes firing was one of the reasons Barry left. Every successful coach fired, star players disrespected, frustrated, tired of the losing. But be unsuccessful and they keep you around.well past the time they should’ve been fired. The team needs to clean house from the President on down. In fact they should hire a quality President and ownership should get out if the way. Even a blind squirrel finds the odd nut.
  4. They got a win but what a dreadful performance.
  5. Pretty much what I thought. You simply can’t be successful in any aspect of life without flexibility and Patricia is an ineffective one trick pony. He arrived on the scene and displayed a dogmatic dictatorial style which some players need and like but for the vast majority of people they just shut down. The biggest flaw in Patricia is his lack of head coaching experience. Had he more experience he would’ve known from the start you earn respect and a rookie head coach has to prove himself. As for comments from current players, what does anyone expect. They will publicly support the coach and claim improvement. They aren’t stupid. I just can’t wait for the Lions to move on.
  6. It’s interesting how your assumptions always suit your opinion. You assume Caldwell would never have improved on the 9-7 seasons, you assume WCF would’ve kept Caldwell, while assuming things will be different under the guidance of SH even though she’s been involved at the highest levels of the team as well as the league for a number of years as stated in numerous press releases. It should be noted that WCF was owner when Caldwell was hired and regardless of assumptions he was the winningest Lions coach in my lifetime. Under MFF ownership, Caldwell was fired and the current mess was created under her and allowed to continue under her daughter. The facts are Caldwell won more games, had a more consistent product on field and the progress he made was eliminated when Quinn fired him. What’s followed has been a total disaster. In the statistics you provide you compare almost two decades versus 6 years and Martha Ford, in your example is given credit for a decision made under WCF ownership. Her solitary major involvement was owner when Caldwell was fired and Patricia hired. So under her guidance the team has been a disaster. MFF and Bob Quinn have only had success when Caldwell was coach. The Lions, as an organization have been completely incompetent. I get you feel the need to be positive and that’s fine but using assumptions, cherry picked statistics without any analysis certainly doesn’t make that case. Historically the Caldwell firing was a Lions move. Any time the franchise has a winning coach they fire him. Schmidt, Fintes, Caldwell were all canned and he team collapsed each time. Coaching continuity is really important but the Lions just can’t be satisfied when they are winning. They fire winners and keep losers.
  7. I think initially the logic was membership in an exclusive club along with the marketing opportunities for Ford.
  8. The Fords ownership of the Lions has always been about the money. The Lions are the Ford families number 1 asset. Bill Ford Jr. during his time at Ford made huge $$$$ off bonuses and stock options but the rest of the family survives by selling their stock. The largest shareholder of the Ford family stock is a cousin of Ford Jr. The family (all branches) own 2% of Ford stock worth slightly over 1 billion (ownership of the class B shares includes 10 or so cousins)They retain control via a share class system that should be illegal. The majority of the shares are in a trust used as a voting block. Any family member selling their private Ford holdings have to be offered to family members first in a tight if first refusal arrangement. The foundation has wealth but it doesn’t have any value to the Fords. It was originally created to allow the Ford family to retain control of Ford Motor Company. Much of its wealth was created by selling its Ford class A shares. The Ford family has no control over the foundation. William Ford III is a director but his influence is one vote. The Ford (I forget which one) resigned from the trust because of his view that it had morphed into an anti capitalist force as it bequeathed more money to left of centre organizations. I totally disagree about your remarks that the Lions are insignificant. It’s their number 1 asset so suggesting it’s insignificant is wrong. William Clay Fords immediate descendants have a combined net worth of 2 Billion. Martha Firestone Ford owns the Lions and has a net worth of 800 million making her wealthier than only Mark Davis amongst owners. So I agree the focus isn’t about winning but I disagree with the team being insignificant.
  9. The Lions have been the major source if wealth for the Ford family. A 6 million investment now worth over 2 Billion. The only way they sell is if they can shelter the profit and create a family trust. Personally the only way I see them selling is if there are tax issues.
  10. I agree with most of this except reports indicate Brandon Hunt is the favourite to replace Colbert.
  11. The only coaches that seem to be doing a good job are special teams and oline. Ive been very frustrated by the Lions. So, I sent them an email today summing up my 55+ years of frustration. It won’t accomplish anything but it certainly felt good.
  12. I’m not a fan but there was one play that reminded me of the Blind Side. He took his block half way down the field.
  13. I think TJ and Cephus are the only two receivers that didn’t register drops today. Being a Lions fan is more difficult than rushing for two hundred yards against this defence. Two hundred yards and the defence keyed on Cook. I wish I could cheer for another team.
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