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  1. The Car Thread

    Well, some do. Conventional oil flows slower so you can make the argument that older engines or those with lots of experience get better protected from the slower oil. I don’t know how many 2 stroke engines are still around that require mixing the oil with the gas but that was a thing. Personally (here’s that experience thing again) the only reason I use synthetic is because that’s what’s recommended. When synthetics first came out they were terrible. Destroyed so many seals, gaskets etc. Now, that was a long time ago but when products betray your trust, sometimes you never trust them again. With so many things technology has provided overkill. Motor oil works well in most applications. I’ve read much about synthetic oils performing 50% better (what are they measuring?) but what does that mean for practical purposes? Most of us don’t need the added protection because we don’t run the engine at peak loads etc. Just normal driving. So the high performance aspects aren’t required. Increasing engine life is an interesting point but is it really valid? How many vehicles get junked because of the engine? Is there a point to having one component outlast vehicle viability? I don’t have the answer I’m just throwing it out there. This summer I requested quotes from 4 companies, on two deck variations. One company provided me a quote, on the larger project of $31,000.00. They quoted $18,000.00 for the smaller project. I listened to the presentation. This company built stuff the right way. This deck would, no doubt, last 45 years. If I were building a house, he’s my guy. As I explained to him I don’t need or desire to pay for a deck that is built well beyond code. I’m just looking for this little bit of deck which is two steps down from my upper deck. I’m 63 so I’m not in this house forever. So, rather than overbuild, I purchased all the materials for the smaller project, hired a local handyman and it cost $2700.00. The deck will still be here after I’ve moved on. I guess my point is I’m not sure engine life is a valid concern. To some yes, but most of us don’t own a vehicle long enough for it to be a concern. This also ties into the thought that conventional oil flows slower so it provide’s better protection to more experienced engines. Perhaps it’s time oil changes went the way of grease jobs. If they can’t already build a largely self contained engine, they must be close. Ive heard a great deal about the cost of synthetics but based on my sharpened pencil it’s a red herring. If you look at the longevity of the synthetic I think it ends up costing about 4 bucks more a month. Those that use conventional could make the case they can go longer between oil changes than advertised by monitoring their oil. Perhaps the same can be said for synthetic. Personally I just think the money argument is invalid. 4 bucks a month seems like pretty cheap insurance from a potentially large bill. Sorry for rambling. I never thought a discussion about engine lubricants could be this interesting.
  2. The Car Thread

    The last time I was in an engine plant all new engines were run on a stand so the validity of breaking in an engine is a bit of a stretch. Obviously you don’t get in the car and red line it through the gear box although some still prescribe to the full load break in theory. Again modern tolerances are so fine everything is set. Theres no harm in changing oil early.theres no harm in following Jiffy Lubes Old 3000 mile oil change schedule either. It’s just wasting good oil. I’m certainly not the absolute authority but i’m Old, Ive owned far more vehicles than I should have. I started pulling wrenches doing routine maintenance for my father who owned an oil field trucking company. So, I’ve seen allot of oil. I’ve done 100’s oil changes on 1960’s and 70’s era Kenworth and International trucks powered by Cummins and I’ve not once found fragments of metal remotely large enough to damage an engine. I also did lube on his company cars, pickups, forklift, cranes etc. We monitored oil condition closely because of the severe conditions the equipment was exposed to. Oil was drained into a container for inspection which once completed was drained into a holding tank. Does it happen? Probably, occasionally, but it’s not likely. Given the vast improvements in machining which allows minuscule tolerances I expect it’s now very remote. Of course I’ve now jinxed myself and my next vehicle will change my experience. I think it’s one of those issues where we all have different experiences and trust in those. Bottom line though, it doesn’t hurt anything to change oil. If thats what someone does for piece of mind then so be it. i’m rambling now. 🤠 I’ve had cars that I drove less than 500km per year. I changed the oil when I prepared the car every spring and I changed the oil every fall when I put it away for the winter. In my pea sized brain those vehicles received that level of care because of how I wanted them to age. Heck, one of the cars never saw the rain. The other a light sprinkle, once.
  3. Harrison signs one year extension

    I can’t find a link yet but it appears Snacks has signed a one year extension for 11 million. With changes to his remaining year it adds 12 million guaranteed. Great news hopefully they can get something worked out with Slay.
  4. The Car Thread

    Some new vehicles are shipped with the optimum oil for break in. They will tell you not to dump the oil early. While years ago dumping the oil on new vehicles was required manufacturing processes take care of that issue now. Much closer tolerances, cylinder wall surface improvements etc. Any metal that can damage an engine is removed by the oil filter anyway. Lots of old wives tales about engine oil and break in periods etc. My favourite is people suggesting black oil means it’s time for it to be changed. Many modern oils have additives that will turn oil black.
  5. The Car Thread

    Talking to the service department is wise. New engines are run prior to installation, have the oil changed, placed in the vehicle and shipped. You certainly shouldn’t be getting an indication this early.. Years ago the first thing you did was dump the oil on a new vehicle to get any shavings or contaminants out of the engine.
  6. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    JV and Scherzer are simply amazing.
  7. Lions vs Texans GDT

    🤔 Pre season is boring and meaningless.
  8. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I can’t disagree. Looking at baseball there are a large number of really good young position players but none of them appear to be with the Tigers. Given the number of good players Avila has traded that’s disappointing. There are some promising pitchers but I’m not going to hold my breath.
  9. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Where I have difficulty is looking at the returns Avila got during the selloff. They’ve sold off allot of good players and I don’t see the talent in the system.
  11. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    I’m glad you’re optimistic. I’m an old buzzard sitting on the fence not sure which way to fall.🤠 I have concerns about the secondary. However if the line plays up to its potential that should mitigate most of my concerns. The offence scares me. Stafford has always seemed to need a rhythm to get himself established. Last year the dedication to running the ball seemed to be a detriment to the offence as a whole and Stafford specifically. As for pre season games I usually don’t put much stock in them. That said Detroit’s level of incompetence was pretty epic. When they get beaten that badly I pay attention.
  12. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Well, I hope not all of that is true. If the family sells the team I hope another owner with deep pockets that wants to win steps up.
  13. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Good grief the Tigers are bad. Miggy should call it a career.
  14. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    Not to date myself🤠but it's been 55 years. I began cheering for the Lions in 1964. I have come to grips with the fact I likely won’t ever see them win a playoff game much less a Super Bowl.
  15. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    LOL.......I understand your pain. The Lions as an organization haven’t had an original thought in 40 years. Combine that with GM’s that have been ineffective and, well, we get years of losing and frustration. i remain somewhat optimistic because Quinn seems to understand the importance of line play and has continued to upgrade every season. For years this team spent its resources on shiny position players without regard to the guys that make a football team work. Now that it’s changed they should be able to move forward.