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  1. Looks like the relationship is done.
  2. He certainly did. A heck of an achievement given the era etc. This years league average goals against average is 2.73 Fans are watching something very special with McDavid. His improvement each year since his rookie season is amazing. Had he not scored a single goal this year he would be trailing only Draisaitle in the scoring race. The areas of the game at which he’s the best in history grows each year.
  3. Detroit has been snake bitten with running backs in recent history. A long and storied list of running backs that just didn’t develop well enough or were affected long term by injury. Its sad but better to move on and focus on positives.
  4. Great move. Oline is probably the most important unit to have player familiarity and it looks like the Lions have three foundational pieces in place.
  5. Given the 2021 draft just concluded we don’t have any idea about the team needs. Trades, free agent signings both this year and next will alter the outlook. I hope they don’t need a QB however if they do there will be a good prospect available. Comp picks look like 3rd, 5th and 7th combined with the draft capital Holmes has accumulated for the 22 and 23 drafts. Holmes can target any player he wants. He can stay put, move up, down or attempt trades to push draft capital into the 23, 24 drafts. In very short order Holmes and team have totally changed the outlook for the Lions
  6. He is starting to draw more attention. Some good QB options next year if that’s the path the Lions choose. They sit in a nice spot over the next two drafts.
  7. Certainly not good on the pitching front. Do you really think Leiter will be available to them? I expect the only choice will be Rocker of the pair.
  8. Greene is hopefully up soon. The young arms are worrisome. It’s still early but so far they haven’t met expectations. I think every Tiger fan loves Cabrera but thank goodness there’s only two years left on his contract
  9. The best aspect of the McNeil pick was scheme diversity. His selection makes any alignment possible.
  10. With TE’s it’s not if they get their block rocked it’s when.
  11. I have nothing to complain about with this draft. Sewell is a foundation piece at a premier position. They drafted arguably the best DT in the class and the best NT in the draft. They drafted a promising CB, a slot receiver that can make a difference. A between the tackles RB and a LB with promise. There are a few players I would’ve liked to see however I trust Homes to this point and love his choices. They really improved the weakest group from last year with the addition of two quality DT’s. They helped Goff or QBOTF tremendously with the addition of Sewell. They added a slot recei
  12. The Tigers are simply dreadful at offence.
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