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  1. Potential Personnel Moves

    I’m sure Quinn is checking on the availability of players daily. As the deadline approaches players that have been available should come down in price. I think a great deal may hinge on Sunday’s game.
  2. Erick Flowers--Could He Thrive As A Guard?

    You just made my day. If I could vote for post of the year, this would be it!
  3. Potential Personnel Moves

    I don’t know who Quinn might take a run at but I read somewhere that it was expected Quinn would try and be active before the trade deadline. The secondary is banged up and the pass rush from the line is terrible. If Ansah can get on the field that’s a big step for the line. If they could add another lineman that would be significant. I guess it all depends who’s available at what cost. Quinn doesn’t seem to be foolish, so I don’t expect he would overpay.
  4. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I can’t remember where I read analysts feeling the Lions would be looking to add. It would make sense if they could add to the pass rush and the secondary. Pressure from the line is woeful. The secondary has played extremely well all things considered but with the injuries they likely need someone. Frankly I see things I like but I’m reluctant to get to excited by anything the Lions do. If and it’s a big if, Patricia and Quinn can get this team into the playoffs then I’m a believer. I would like to know what IDOG_det thinks about the team from an overall perspective and where he thinks the Lions might seek to improve before the trade deadline.
  5. Quandre Diggs suffered a broken hand Week 4

    It’s getting thin in the secondary. Tebor got banged up as well.
  6. Week 5: Cheeseheads vs Lions

    Great to get a win. Some good, some not good. The missed points are mistakes just like interceptions or fumbles. They make up part of the game. It was nice to see the Lions get a call to go their way against the Pack. We all know the Packers are beneficiaries of many calls in the past. With injuries piling up its good to have a BYE.
  7. Quandre Diggs suffered a broken hand Week 4

    That sucks. The Lions need Diggs.
  8. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Thank goodness other teams like KC and Cleveland have captured my imagination this season. Once again the Lions aren’t getting it done.
  9. Patricia's Multiple Defense=Schwart's 9-Wide?

    He missed a pair of games early in the season because of his hamstring. I think this is what he’s referencing, https://sidelionreport.com/2018/05/28/detroit-lions-kerryon-johnsons-injury-history-troubling/
  10. Patricia's Multiple Defense=Schwart's 9-Wide?

    Not to mention Detroit isn’t in a position to use a player they moved up to draft sparingly. The only thing that makes sense to me is he doesn’t have/know the whole playbook.
  11. Patricia's Multiple Defense=Schwart's 9-Wide?

    Well they need to utilize him more. He receives so few touches that 4 or 5 more per game won’t wear him out. I don’t recall where I read it but someone speculated they’re concerned about injury. It doesn’t make sense to me after the draft capital they used to get him.
  12. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Congratulations LK. ?? Excellent job. i also want to draw attention to what detfan accomplished. I’ve watched his team all season and his collection of prospects and relievers did amazing. so Congratulations to our champion LK and to detfan for trying something new.
  13. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    I agree about Johnson and Golliday. They both look good. This team desperately needs defensive linemen.
  14. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Overrated, but they beat the Lions. ?
  15. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Yikes, 1-3 with Green Bay up next. I’m really not sure what to think of that game. It seems so typical a loss for the team. Ansah didn’t play again. I’m so glad Quinn didn’t give him a big money long term deal. I hope Lang is okay. Concussions are terrifying and he got popped. Johnson continues to look good. Luke Wilson can block. Detroits front 7 got owned by the Cowboys. Elliott rocked em.