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  1. I like the JVR addition and Danault signing. Danault is worth paying attention to. I read somewhere, not sure if it’s true, that he turned down 6X6 prior to the season. He is a player I hoped Holland would target until I heard the $$$ he already said no to. Of course it’s moot because Holland is going to go big on Hyman. He still has a number of depth signings to get done although it sounds like Neal will get bought out. It sure quiet given all the hoopla and expected moves after the freeze.
  2. The vaccine situation is unfortunate. I expect we will be in the same situation shortly. Our first dose vaccine uptake has slowed to a crawl. EDIT…after posting this I went to a news site. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/covid-vaccine-demand-dropping-canada-1.6111448
  3. If they do that I’m going to be totally disgusted. I haven’t been home, to Edmonton, in a number of years. We were planning on flying out to attend a game this year. Bucket list item to see the new arena. I will probably just get a tour of the arena and go to an Oil Kings game then check out the AJHL and see the Saints, Crusaders. Sometimes I wish they would’ve stayed in the WHA then folded. The team hasn’t been managed properly since Sather left.
  4. Holland will probably trade for his rights ( he spends draft picks on everything) so he can sign max term at 5-6.5 million per year. Im still frustrated but it’s looking like Larson wanted a change of scenery which the talking heads are linking to unhappy memories such as his Fathers death and Klefbom not playing. Broberg and Samorukov both looked close last year but are LD. Holland will probably trade one of them for a stop gap RD. My head hurts.
  5. I expect mutations will continue and the virus will become endemic.
  6. Our health experts suggested herd immunity requires at last 90% vaccination rate. Im not very optimistic given some of our provinces have removed restrictions. Our borders open next month which is premature. I expect a fourth wave come fall. Our politicians are simply doing the same things that created the second and third waves.
  7. Holland failed big time. If they sign Barrie it relegates Bouchard to second PP unit. They only way he gets better is playing meaningful minutes. Smith multi year is frustrating. That looks to me like drafting Cossa is their hope. Good grief.
  8. I would laugh if it wasn’t so frustrating. Holland better shake the cobwebs out. Smith multi year.😳Larson walks apparently not for a better offer but a change of scenery. I doubt it’s the scenery out the window. Job one for Holland was to get him signed, fail. Now it’s being said he’s going after Tyson Barrie good grief. So let the shutdown guy walk and sign a guy that will block Bouchard.
  9. I’m beginning to feel the same way. Looks like Larsson wanted a change of scenery. Another bad look for the team
  10. Most will. In the city, where I live the numbers are 82% and 64% age 12+. Which is 72% and 56% of our entire population.
  11. Actually it was a stupid move at the start and final analysis it’s still stupid. We have our share of antivaxxers but our elected officials have all promoted vaccines. The unanimous voice is huge. We really aren’t making much progress on first doses. In Ontario today 130k+ vaccines administered but only a few thousand were first shots. In Ontario 80 percent have had one dose, 64 percent have had both.
  12. Everyone over the age of 12 in my family has received two doses. Those who mixed vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) had more intense reactions (indicating better immune response). It seems to work well. Of course Canada’s entire Vaccine strategy has been one of panic after our esteemed Prime Minister thought it was a good idea to partner with an adversary (China). Of course that money was sunk when the Chinese Government refused to allow sharing with Canada. It put us significantly behind other countries. We are catching up now.
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