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  1. Louis Friend's Friday Mock

    Good mock. Guice is my favourite back but I would have no problem with Chubb. I haven’t watched Davenport. Everything I’ve read indicates opinion is pretty split. Those that like him seem to really like him so if he pans out he could be a great piece to the defence and add to the versatility. I like the mock and wouldn’t be upset at all if these were the selections made. I like that you didn’t draft a TE but I expect the Lions will. My fear is with only 6 picks they draft RB,TE, and a 6 or 7 round WR.
  2. I'm going to get Roasted for this Mock

    Nothing wrong with your draft. It drives me nuts that the Lions need a TE but that’s not the fans fault.
  3. 2018 Lions Schedule

    That’s not at all a favourable schedule.
  4. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    It’s a function of time. Ive been a Lions fan for a very long time. I’ve become cynical because I’ve seen this before, so many times. With each new GM comes the offer of new beginnings but the team always ends up in the same place. As an older person I’m running out of time to see if the Lions will ever be a very good team. I doubt I will be alive if and when the Lions win a SB. My hope is to see them win a playoff game. Im very interested in what Patricia can do with the Lions. Quinn and Patricia publicly have stated a philosophy that’s very similar to mine. I’ve always believed you build a team inside, outside, front to back while Patricia builds from the ball out. We will see if they stay true to the philosophy. Im not upset by free agency. I’ve never been a believer in adding big names via free agency. My view is that free agency creates far more cap issues than solutions. Free agency can complete a team but it can’t build a team. So I’m fine with what they did. The draft is a positive. It provides hope, but has done so every year. Will they be true to philosophy? I’m not convinced they will. I could see them drafting a RB, TE and WR. The Lions are ALWAYS one draft away, one player away, a better coach away but talk is cheap and the franchise has never walked the walk. So, I’m old, I’m cynical, I’m tired of the yearly hype that will follow the draft. I also want to believe, which usually just results in shaking my head as we leave FORD field following elimination from playoff contention. It makes for a very long drive home. This year, all my hopes are on the draft. I hope they can move back, pick up a second round pick and draft a road grading guard, a penetrating DT, a LB that can be versatile and a RB that can hold the ball, fall forward, and hit a hole without filming a dancing with the stars episode in the backfield. My God this team can’t run a football. I’m hoping Blount is part of a solution not just an attempt by Quinn to appear to mend the problem. Clear as mud, right? 🤠 We are all the culmination of our life experiences and after 55 years of cheering for the Lions I expect a poor to moderate team. They haven’t demonstrated an ability to be anything but.
  5. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    Sell the team, fire everyone and apply for an expansion franchise.🤠 I’m in your court about next season. I’m not at all confident but Matt Patricia gives me hope. I have no problem trading the first round pick for a player and a future number 1. I also don’t have a problem with double dipping on the oline. In fact I don’t care what capital they have to spend to fix the running game. It’s been a problem for years and it’s time to fix it. My only issue is Dez. I understand your plan and don’t disagree I’d just rather the money be spent elsewhere. Frankly, I’m totally frustrated. I’m trying to give Quinn time but it’s hard.
  6. The Car Thread

    Some, like yourself, may not see the value in them but many do.There’s utility in being able to completely lower interior seats not to mention some have third row seating options. Increased ground clearance offered by many models is extremely valuable in snow. The reason they manufacture these vehicles is the consumer wants them. Depending on an individual’s view, you could make the case that most cars have little purpose.
  7. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    I’m surprised. I thought L.A. could win this series but it’s looking like they’re bowing out in four.
  8. The Car Thread

    Tesla has some problems. Ive had many cars that go fast. Time for something different.
  9. The Car Thread

    Tesla certainly interests me.
  10. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Good match MHM. i don’t know why but our teams always seem to play close matches that come down to the wire. Good luck!
  11. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    It’s been ridiculous trying to field a lineup this week. Between injuries and ppd games it’s required to much attention. LOL
  12. Pre draft workouts

    Walter football tracks that.
  13. Pre draft workouts

    They’ve had a number of players in with more scheduled. If you look at who they’ve worked out, met with at the combine, pro days and Senior bowl it appears that ILB is a major area of interest. Based on lists I’ve seen the Lions are one of the most active teams. They seem to have interviewed and met with more players at the various stages than others. For whatever reason I’m not able to post a link. They’ve also met with or are bringing in a bunch of RB’s Guice Chubb, Michel, Johnson. They seem very interested in Reid.
  14. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    You just never know. My gut tells me the Devils are going to do well my mind just won’t let me pick them.
  15. The Car Thread

    Well, my lease was finished so I turned my ATS in. Im taking my time because I don’t have to replace it immediately. im seriously considering buying an electric vehicle. Have any of you researched them? What are your favourite electric vehicles?