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  1. Those that blast Mrs. Ford should be ashamed.
  2. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    The Tigers are cleaning house. I'm not to knowledgeable about the prospects they've received but it doesn't seem like enough.
  3. Goodness Gracious- DE Issues

    That's interesting.
  4. Matthew Stafford signs 5-year $135 million extension

    I think everyone gets locked into an opinion. Players are worth exactly what they can negotiate. There's also more than one way to build a team. I hope you're right about getting defensive line help.
  5. Matthew Stafford signs 5-year $135 million extension

    You could but when considering roster size and the reduced gate revenue it starts to seem about right. Where the NFL players get shafted is contracts aren't fully guaranteed like other sports and salary differences so large. Regardless of sport Stafford makes a big salary. I think all sports have ridiculous salaries with the exception of league minimum players in the NFL. I give credit to organizations like the Lions where you can still have families attend games. Ticket prices in hockey and basketball are nuts! I can take the entire family (8) to Toronto to see the Blue Jays which is a 4 hour drive and my total expense is cheaper than taking my 2 Grandsons to see a Senators game. Cathy and I drive to Detroit, stay in a hotel and my total expense is less than the Senators and we aren't even talking club seats. Its very interesting that those who distract us are the highest paid salary employees in the world except for the odd CEO.
  6. Matthew Stafford signs 5-year $135 million extension

    Is that next years projected cap space?
  7. Matthew Stafford signs 5-year $135 million extension

    It had to get done and now there can be no distraction. Hopefully Stafford doesn't fall off his wallet and get it injured. 🤠
  8. Matthew Stafford signs 5-year $135 million extension

    In that context, yes, it will appear that way. the salaries these guys are getting is sticker shock. In the realm of NFL salaries it's what was expected, maybe even a bit less. It's just mind boggling the $$$$ involved.
  9. Matthew Stafford signs 5-year $135 million extension

    It's not value. Is there such a thing with these salaries? it is however the cost of doing business.