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  1. Lions @ Packers GDT

    I think perhaps it’s time to have a GDT. Monday nights matchup is a big test for the Lions.
  2. Chiefs VS Lions Takeaways

    Mckissic has looked good in limited touches.

    I’m sure it’s confusing as heck out there. They think about late hits, suspensions, fines etc. That’s an added complexity in today’s game.

    You may well be right about not hearing. If you don’t hear a whistle a player needs to keep playing. If the whistle isn’t heard the refs are good about blowing it repeatedly until it is. I’m sure it’s an easy thing to screw up with the noise and confusion but it’s a basic that’s hammered home from the start in any sport. It was an unforced mental error on what turned out to be a critical play. Its over and done, hopefully they learn from it.
  5. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve felt the linebacking group was a weakness.

    Play to the whistle. They simply didn’t play to the whistle.
  7. I don’t disagree however unless Patricia does change the scheme I don’t see a DT making much difference. They have a very talented group that are held back from splash stats by the scheme. The new guy would also be held back. As I mentioned the scheme allows plays over the middle to develop. It will be interesting to see what Quinn does.
  8. Frankly, both. Tavai is still learning and I suppose to a lesser extent Davis is as well. They might be the guy, some day. Maybe it’s just me and the confusion that Patricia’s defence has created for me but it seems his defence would really benefit from a top notch middle linebacker. A guy that can cover yet be effective against the run. Rushing three and sometimes two, while effective at eventually getting there it puts stress on the secondary and gives those receivers and TE’s time to get open in the middle. Maybe I’m viewing it all wrong but unless Patricia has a revelation adding to the dline would be a waste. I would like another top flight corner but I think upgrading MLB if they can would be the biggest gain for the dollars spent.
  9. I see to many pass completions over the middle. It just seems our middle guys get beat to often. As for who’s available. 🤔 I really hadn’t given replacement much of a thought as far as who.
  10. I would actually like to see an upgrade at LB.
  11. Chiefs VS Lions Takeaways

    That’s seems about right.

    So, what kind of W-L record does a good football team have? Using your theory 16-0 and a Super Bowl.
  13. Chiefs VS Lions Takeaways

    1. The lack of sacks is because of scheme. They consistently got pressure rushing 3 players. I would like to see more blitz’s but again, that’s scheme. They held Mahomes to a 57% completion percentage, well below his season and career averages and no TD passed. 4. The goal line fumble was one thing but didn’t have to be a dagger. The Lions didn’t play to the whistle and it cost them. 5. The oline is coming together. I thought they played well enough to win the game. 9. We are seeing the benefits of the type of players Patricia and Quinn are bringing in. 10. I agree. The hits are taking a toll. He played injured last year and his back is flaring up again. It’s time to draft his eventual replacement in the next few years. This game hinged on three plays. a) The Golladay TD not a TD. Does anyone know what a TD catch is now? b) The goal line fumble where the Lions quit the play before the whistle. c) At about 2:09 they lost contain on Mahomes. Stop him and it’s game over. Before this game I thought the Lions would win because I’m seeing good things from every position grouping. I thought this might be the week all groups got together. Close but no cigar. I’m very pleased with the teams progress and based on the first 4 games I think that a playoff appearance is likely. My main concern right now is game management and the depleted secondary.
  14. Chiefs VS Lions Takeaways

    Frankly, you’re being silly. You’ve done nothing but rip on these guys and they played a heck of a game. Good teams lose football games you know.

    You know, good football teams lose games. If you thought the Lions were going undefeated then you need to lay off the kool aid.