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  1. Salary Cap Casualties That Could Help The Lions

    There was an article written suggesting Talib might be a cap casualty in Denver. I highly doubt that would happen but secondary help in free agency would be great. Has the Patriots Butler got anything left?
  2. Salary Cap Casualties That Could Help The Lions

    Well the dline hasn’t been the same without him. Suh, Ngata, Robinson, Ansah and another draft choice on a rush DE would look pretty good. i believe the Suh ship sailed when he left town so I would be very surprised to see him return.
  3. Lions signed GM Bob Quinn to an extension through 2022.

    It makes sense. They will sink or swim together.
  4. The Lions are taking apart their running game

    You make a valid point. It’s certainly another area of concern. If a substantial CB was available I’m sure he would be considered. Many of these scenarios are, as you know, dependant on free agency. Some needs might have a lower priority following signings. Personally I see the secondary as less of a concern than the defensive line and running game. As for the first round running backs, I really only see 1 back I would want in the first and the Lions aren’t getting him. Which secondary players available in the draft do you like? In what round?
  5. The Lions are taking apart their running game

    The oline coach is responsible for the run game. With Jeff Davidson on board they will have a different scheme. Quinn’s personnel statements were revealing. He named every starting lineman except Swanson. Foreshadowing? An oversight? This is a tough draft to figure out for the Lions. The only positions I would rule out are QB, WR, K, P. During free agency I would add a N/S running back and a quality OG OC preferably a player that can play both positions. They would serve as quality mentors and eventual back ups if I missed my targeted players. I would have RB on my list at 20. Saquon Barkley is the best of the crop but obviously won’t be available to the Lions. If I’m Cleveland I’m taking him with the first pick. But, it is Cleveland so they will take a QB. Perhaps Barkley will fall to the 6 or 7 range at which point perhaps it’s reasonable to move up. After Barkley there’s a number of RBs with potential but none that differentiates himself so I would revisit it in the second round. I really like Guice but not enough to spend the Lions pick. How does everyone else see Guice? On the line I like Billy Price. He’s a tough kid that offers position flexibility. If available, I’m taking him, unless one of the two DT I like are available. Round two. If available Guice. If not BPA. Round 3 there should be a quality RB available. Penny, Chubb, Freeman. I haven’t looked at projections in a few weeks but there are so many good, not great RBs in this draft that one of them will be available. Round four is where I’m looking at guards again. its going to be an interesting period of free agency. The draft should also be great. What will the Browns do? Will they take a QB at one? Or, Barkley, some other player knowing they still get a QB at 4? I don’t see a clear QB choice really. So why not wait till 4? its going to be interesting.
  6. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Thanks. Is anyone else having problems with pages only loading the first comment on a page with the rest blank?
  7. Salary Cap Casualties That Could Help The Lions

    I don’t know how I feel about that. If anyone can put in the work to return to form it’s AD but Father Time is advancing. I guess it depends on the contract.
  8. Titus Young.

    Pretty much my feelings.
  9. Lions expected to hire Matt Patricia as HC

    You can’t judge anything off one game. I have yet to see a coach win every game. Players fail to execute, some teams match up better than others. I'm not positive or negative on the hire. After being let down my entire life by the Lions I take a wait and see approach.
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I think it makes the Pistons better but I don’t think it makes them good enough.
  11. Titus Young.

    It’s seems like a number of factors but what’s tragic is misdiagnosis. That simply compounds the issues.
  12. The Car Thread

    Do it! The car won’t disappoint you.
  13. Titus Young.

    An interesting article from the L.A. Times about Titus Young, his downfall and continued struggles. Its a compelling story. What do you think? http://www.latimes.com/sports/nfl/la-sp-nfl-young-mental-health-20180128-htmlstory.html
  14. 2019 Draftable RBs--Who Would You Take

    I remember when the Broncos oline was so good all running backs had success. Good line play creates so many opportunities. I would also rather the Lions invest high picks in players, that if successful, tend to have long careers.
  15. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    I agree. He has great potential. He’s also coachable and a good man.