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  1. You see, there’s more than one way into the record book.🤠 Every year I hope they get the line figured out so they could run the ball and every year I scratch my head. Inside, outside, front to back. Effective line play, on both sides of the ball makes everything else so much easier.
  2. Yes, injury free for all would be fantastic. Best of luck.
  3. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    So, I’m standing in my driveway, looking at the Christmas lights when some Neanderthal driving fast decides my driveway is the perfect place to pull in and turn around. It’s unfortunate I had to dive out of the way. Had I not been on the ground he would’ve gotten a heck of a surprise.
  4. He’s not boasting. It’s called a sense of humour. Lions fans have that.🤠 It’s all we have. 😢 But someday, football gods willing, maybe a playoff victory. Yup, maybe, someday.
  5. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    I agree. Between the draft and free agency they need to add some good players to the defensive front. As a fan I’m tired of these two issues being a continuing problem.
  6. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    You think at some point they will get serious about running the ball and stopping the run? with Ngata they do a reasonable job stopping the run but these problems won’t fix themselves.
  7. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Well, they’re ahead. I would like to see the Lions play a complete game.
  8. Midseason Grades

    I won’t give them a grade because of inconsistency. They play from an A to a D. Given the performance of the dline I expect changes. Do they keep Ziggy? I expect he walks because of the $$$$ and his lack of production.
  9. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    Certainly more exciting than it needed to be. They really need to start games better. It was nice to see some effective running plays today. It wasn’t pretty but it was a win.
  10. Goal Line Running

    I don’t think it’s just one thing. Play calling, true power back, improve line play would each help.
  11. Goodbye Greg Robinson

    Not to mention the Lions needed someone with some experience. So many injuries early on. good luck the rest of the way.
  12. Remaining schedule

    They control their own destiny. At the start of the year I thought they would be 8-8 or 9-7 but if their play continues to be solid 11-5 looks very possible.
  13. The future of the Detroit Lions forum

    Good point. we lost that cross banter and many of our members because when others visit it would so quickly go off the rails. There’s other reasons we’ll but we won’t revisit those.
  14. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    I don’t know why I’m nervous for this game. Well, actually I do but I’m trying to put recent memories away and give them the benefit of the doubt. Of course Stafford is rewrit8ng a bunch of that history with late game heroics. Hopefully they aren’t needed today.🤠
  15. Game 9: Browns @ Lions

    I would think the Lions dominate this game. However the Lions do have a habit of getting mixed results when playing teams with poor records.