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  1. Sorry, but I couldn’t disagree more. It’s funny how much rope you give a failing coach and yet fail to see Caldwell improving the team. Don’t give the guy with success the benefit of the doubt but give ridiculous support to someone whose done nothing but lose. You keyed on something important. Patricia showed up and tried to IMPOSE the things that BB made successful in New England. BB didn’t show up one day and impose his will. He evolved the team taking into account all those individual differences in a locker room. He evolved his OWN systems and schemes. Now with a proven record of winning He can be a bit more demanding in certain areas. You don’t just walk into a room and impose change throughout an organization. BB is also a very effective manager of people. He understand how to motivate individuals. I fail to see any positive effects of, “Patricia’s, culture change. Today they rattled off a textbook drive. Next drive was a bit rougher but they still scored. Then the wheels fell off as they seem to do. They just fell off earlier. Patricias defence is terrible and requires a pretty significant talent boost. The injuries in the secondary obviously impact the defence but that doesn’t excuse the line, the backers, the lack of discipline. Really, who is worth even keeping on the D. Trufant, Coleman and Okudah. How many of the starters on defence are ex Pats? The offence is still easily thrown off balance. It all started well enough. The player that most impressed me this game was TJ. The running game showed flashes. But over all a pretty uninspiring effort. I believe Quinn and Patricia have created a disaster. They look like a Marinelli team. Of course it doesn’t matter if a team is winning. But that IS the issue. The Lions don’t win and every player or coach that finds success in Detroit is jettisoned or simply leaves with a bad taste in their mouth. Its still early in the season but I think most Lion fans don’t hold out much hope for this season. I also think most Lion fans have lost any faith they may have had in the Quinn Patricia approach. I really, really hope I’m wrong but like so many others, I have no faith in the organization. Personally, I feel now is far more suitable for a rebuild than when they fired Caldwell. I would be watching next weeks game closely. A loss and I would remove Quinn and Patricia.
  2. They were beat like a rented mule. Soon time for another rebuild and culture change.
  3. In what way did I suggest culture doesn’t matter? I think I suggested it’s an over used excuse and isn’t required with every coaching change.The reality of culture is if you don’t have coaches and a GM with excellent people skills they won’t be successful. Look at the successful teams and you will find examples of player issues they managed to work out. Not all the time, but frequently. You also don’t change culture by coming in as a first time head coach and trying to be dictatorial. In any environment you have personality types that need managing. The talent pool for NFL players is finite. Fielding a squad of, “your guys,” is very limiting. In any career where performance matters and you have high achieving individuals you have to accept feedback and objectively assess that feedback incorporating whenever possible. That’s how you create buy in. The other way you create buy in is by winning football games. Patricia and Quinn obviously haven’t won games and one of the knocks about Patricia was not listening. Reports are he’s improved but it certainly hasn’t translated to the field. The Lions have suffered from organizational rot for decades. The absence of accountability, in itself, undermines any positive cultural change.
  4. That’s the kind of elitism that’s held teams back for years. An organization is an organization. It doesn’t matter if it’s sports, casinos, airlines or the civil service, management techniques and theories are universal. One of the BIG issues in the NFL is close minded good old boys network. They continue to elevate football people who don’t have any education in actual management, conflict resolution, workplace harassment, discipline, adult learning theory, The result is a finite knowledge and recycling football people which is stale and almost incestuous. So no, I haven’t coached a Division one school but I was involved in a very technical industry and we took 6400 people out of the civil service and created the worlds only private, not for profit, non share capital corporation. It was a huge cultural and organizational change. Far larger, more complex and more diverse than an NFL roster. I managed a staff of over 200 through a reorganization as part of the corporate objectives. I had to max my staffs hours under the CLC ever 56 day period for almost two years. We reassigned specialization, introduced an entirely new system and came out of the process better for it. Bottom line if you can’t manage the behaviours of people you won’t be successful in a people oriented business. This concept of each coaching change requiring a culture change is frankly, hogwash. Its easy for people to use buzz words like culture change. It’s one of the cool words and statements right now. One only has to look at Caldwells results versus Patricias results to see that perhaps it’s not the old culture at all. There are basically two kinds of people in life. Those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk and achieve goals and objectives. So far Quinn and Patricia have done nothing but talk. Their accomplishments = Zero.
  5. Probably going to be a tough outing for the Lions. I expect they will find a way to keep it respectable until the 4th. That’s when they roll out the non existent defence and a conservative offence.
  6. Everything you’ve described is a cop out used by ineffective managers. I’ve managed through cultural change in a large organization and an effective manager can mold and change behaviours. It’s absolutely ludicrous to claim you can’t be successful without like minded individuals. If you have to move everyone out of your organization, you’re the failure not the individuals being moved. At this stage the plan has been pretty obvious. It’s pretty obvious that it hasn’t worked also.
  7. A 9-7 team with Caldwell and.a GM adding talent is certainly closer to the objective than anything from Patricia. A few wins don’t matter? News flash, that’s all that matters at this point. I expect had Caldwell stayed and they added more talent the team would be far closer than they are now. You speculate Caldwell couldn’t improve the team with more talent then argue for two individuals that haven’t proven anything but incompetence. Patricia is an ineffective coach. They added another three ex Patriots, wow, what a difference. I guess they just need a few more of, “his guys.” Meanwhile the Pats let guys walk, grab a QB and the song goes on. Because Bill Belichick is Bill Belichick! Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn are not! The Lions will play all season and the excuses will be trotted out. Injuries, officials, blah, blah, blah.....and Groundhog Day continues.
  8. Yup, every team has injuries. Every team has roster changes. Every team has calls go against them. The Detroit Lions bringing new meaning to consistently incompetent.
  9. Hear it comes, the infinite list of excuses outlining why the Lions are better than the box score.🤮 The Lions sucked two years ago, they sucked last year and they sucked yesterday. The constant under Patricia......THEY SUCK. I guess they just need 10 or 11 more discarded New England players so Patricias system will work.🤔 Next week at Lambeau then a trip to the desert. 0-3 looks very likely.
  10. I’m with you. A GT requires a good gin. I like mine with a splash of tonic and a splash of water.
  11. Not a huge Perkins fan. He has some potential but I would look elsewhere. Obviously this far out it’s conceptual.......I really like Ross but unless Quinn gets busy signing Jones they will need a more certain performer at WR. I’m not a fan of drafting guys with injury histories. This season may provide a surprise in the pass rush but I expect pass rush to be their biggest need next season. One thing is certain they certainly have a great deal of work to do. If KJ gets injured and Swift disappoints a RB may be in the mix again. Harris would be a good choice. At this point the secondary is a significant concern. Hopefully the changes at LB offer up more competency in coverage. I don’t see them taking an OT high. Deckers new contract has way to much guaranteed money and they put out the money for Halapoulivaati as well. Crosby is competent as a backup. Its great to see a mock draft this early. It’s a hard thing to visualize this far out.
  12. I’m with you. LT is no doubt an important position. Both Backus and Decker bring a consistency in their performance to the game. Neither are flashy. Neither grabs headlines but both have a good work ethic and consistency. Another consideration is using resources to upgrade a position. This signing indicates to me they feel it’s much easier to upgrade consistency at other positions and the team is fine with Decker long term. Check the guaranteed money.
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