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  1. Last week people wanted him to be the LT now they’re concerned about his play. Time will solve this and Sewell will be just fine.
  2. Sometimes it feels the Lions can’t get a break (no pun intended).
  3. Well, he publicly stated Goff has to step up and be better. The media won’t let that go. They will bring it up every week so he’s created a QB issue I’m of the opinion, with that out there publicly, if Goff doesn’t improve significantly Detroit will draft a QB.
  4. I don’t know much about him personally. He comes across a bit arrogant from just watching him. I know from watching the Sooners the team responds much greater to Williams and it’s really apparent on the sidelines. Reading OU interviews the players marvel at how calm he is. One of the players said Williams never feels pressure. Williams after a TD thanks and congratulates EVERY member of the offence. The players just seem to rally to him. Unfortunately he won’t be able to be drafted until 2024. He is only the third OU player that I have ever publicly said I would love to s
  5. I’ve never been on the Rattler bandwagon. He has LOADS of arm talent, can move around and be highly effective but it’s like this season his head has been elsewhere. He was benched against Texas last season and of course he lost his starting job because of the Longhorns game this season. I wouldn’t object to him but never in the first round. There is something about the way he sees or doesn’t see the game. Now, if he transfers which seems likely and has another year the issues may disappear but right now, I would steer clear. Its interesting that Williams after one start h
  6. I think Sewell will be just fine. He actually played better this week than he has for the past few games. He took an entire year off, had the entire pre season at RT then got thrown into the fire with Deckers injury. Learning skills is all about repetition. We know Sewell has the physical aspects he just needs the repetition to improve. I think he needs this year to learn and we will see an entirely more effective player next season or perhaps in the last third of this season.
  7. Okay now I understand. Early morning math.😎 Not the best idea. Anything that adds first round picks in 23 and 24 is good. This isn’t the year for QB’s,so loading up for the two subsequent drafts is a good idea. Im really hoping the Lions can draft Caleb “Superman” Williams. I’ve been waiting all year for him to get into the Sooners starting lineup and he didn’t disappoint. He is a very special player and likely proves to be the best Sooners QB in history.
  8. So Pittsburgh is trading two firsts this year, plus a first next year?
  9. I think Sewell will be fine, long term. The kid didn’t play for a year, spent pre season at RT then got thrown into LT with insufficient preparation. It’s a perfect scenario for failure. He has real difficulty adjusting to inside moves and his footwork looks slow. He’s also confused about assignments at times. I still think he figures it out. Im okay with what the staff have done. At the onset I felt two wins were the optimistic view and frankly at this point I’m not sure they win a game this season. We knew depth was an issue and we are seeing it play out real time with all the impact in
  10. The defence played really well in the first half. I thought they would make a move to find a WR by now but apparently they feel the players they have are good enough, for now. The Lions have a real chance at the number 1 pick with the Jags winning today. At this point everyone is remembering the season no one wants to remember. 😳 I feel badly for Goff. He doesn’t do himself any favours but gosh he doesn’t have many options on most plays. In the 2022 draft or free agency they need to find a player that excites the fans.
  11. I don’t feel there is a QB worth a top 10 pick this year. I understand taking a top QB when one is available but is there really one available? The only QB that interests me this year is Kentucky QB Will Levis but I expect he will rise and his selection likely won’t be worth it where he’s selected. I am most interested in Caleb Williams but that’s a discussion for next year at the earliest. When I look at the Lions roster there are such glaring deficiencies and given this isn’t a year with great QB talent I would prefer a hard pass. I am firmly on the Thibodeaux, Neal, Stin
  12. Willis may end the season as the top rated QB. PersonallyI think it’s a mistake to get a QB this year. We just watched Stafford for 12 years without adequate team support. Build the team then get a QB. Repeating the same failed blueprint is a losing strategy.
  13. If Goff isn’t the answer then drafting a QBOTF makes far more sense. Adding a big money FA doesn’t make much sense to me.
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