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  1. TL’s “One Year to Win” Forum Simulation Challenge

    Credit where credit is due. It’s new, it’s novel, it took allot of work.
  2. TL’s “One Year to Win” Forum Simulation Challenge

    TL.......what an amazing amount of thought and hard work. This would get my vote for best topic and best post in my time on this forum. Great job.
  3. The Argument for a 2nd Round WR

    I think everyone knows I’m a huge believer in building a team inside, outside, front back. That said if Lamb is available in the second I would be upset if the Lions didn’t draft him. That of course is dependant on what they do in round one. If a player with his talent is available in the second I don’t think you pass up the opportunity. The draft only provides so many gifts and if you’re offered one you gleefully rub your hands together and sprint to the podium.
  4. RB

    They certainly need to do something. The staff claim a desire for a running game yet yet there was a slight regression in yards per game 2018 to 2019. Consistently ranking in the bottom third in rushing.
  5. Picking #3

    This is beyond unrealistic. There is no logic or rational to support such a move.
  6. Official NHL Thread

    Seattle Orcas has no flow or rhythm. One of the names the Seattle team is apparently considering is Whales. It’s equally weak.
  7. Official NHL Thread

    It’s about what was expected.

    Yup. This is the first season since the NFL package was made available on cable that I haven’t watched all the Lions games. My time is better spent with other activities.
  9. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    I’m not certain there’s an effective way to measure Quinn’s drafts. The players being on the roster isn’t an effective measure in my view. Certainly it’s easier to draft players to a roster when competence is low. The Lions Win Loss record can’t be ignored when assessing his drafts. They've failed to draft the right players to effectively satisfy the stated objective of running the ball. I find it hard to give Quinn much credit. His drafting has taken the Lions from 9 wins to three wins. Obviously there are other factors but I won’t overlook results when assessing his drafts. The amount of players you have indicated as good picks doesn’t mesh with on field results. You indicated 22/25 players as good picks. That evaluation simply doesn’t mesh with the wins achieved by the franchise especially given the Lions regression.
  10. lions sign Cory Undlin as their new defensive coordinator

    Frankly, I’m disappointed they didn’t hire anyone from the forum. I have more faith in some of the posters in here.

    LionArkie.......I don’t trust anything or anyone affiliated with the Lions. Ownership has been ineffective at assembling a management team that can generate wins. That’s on them. Those that have been given a chance and failed, that’s on them.

    Yes and the positions of others are clear as well. The reality of the teams losing year after year doesn’t seem to weigh on the optimism of fans such as yourself. Its humorous to watch fans try to justify their optimism through assumption and excuses while totally disregarding the obvious incompetence of the Lions from ownership right down to coaches. The optimists claim the doubters aren’t being realistic 🙄 yet it’s the optimists that discount the actual results of the franchise basing their opinion on assumptions and hope. The Lions are the kings of could've, should’ve, would’ve. Nothing matters but wins and losses. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, it doesn't count in football. Personally the Lions have ground out any optimism I had. I’ve wasted my money on season tickets, decades of NFL cable packages, jerseys, gasoline and hotels just to perennially be let down by a franchise that has never figured it out. For next season we purchased a seat license for the Las Vegas Raiders. If nothing else I can make some $$$$ as we have a casino host ready to buy any tickets we don’t use. Due to location the Raiders present a much better entertainment option and I don’t have to suffer the long drive home after another disappointing loss. I’m not giving up on the Lions but I’m certainly not waiting on them either.

    Past performance is the best indicator of future performance. TL, you’re entitled to your opinion just as others who disagree are. I think it’s really unfair when you tell others they aren’t being realistic, then explain your point of view. I’ve followed this team for 55 years give or take a year and I feel my view of them is realistic and not coloured by bias. Some, like yourself choose to be optimistic about this team regardless of performance. The Lions have the third overall pick and cap space. It’s not like they haven’t been here before. The Lions aren’t operating in a vacuum as other teams have the draft and free agency as well. Quinn has had plenty of time to fix the roster and in fact has churned personnel more than any GM I recall. His results are terrible and there can be no argument about that. Patricia has been worse. Quinn has taken an organization that was on the cusp of stability and consistency and undermined everything with his poor coach selection and personnel decisions. I get you think they deserve another year. Many of us don’t. You base your opinion on assumption and some, like myself base our opinion on performance. Period! Nothing else matters when measuring success with the Lions. Injuries are an excuse. They happen to all teams, every year. It’s obvious and has been since Stafford was drafted that the team can’t support a QB of his caliber. Without him they didn’t win a game and Quinn and Patricia didn’t have the foresight to have a quality back up on the roster. Again, it’s their choices that resulted in a three win season. The Lions canned a number of position coaches. They’ve been made scapegoats for the ineffective hiring decisions of Quinn and Patricia. Today they announced the hiring of a defensive backs coach to take over as DC. Nothing like adding an inexperienced coordinator with a weak resume. He might find success but it’s unlikely he’s going to step in and find immediate success. I don’t know anyone who will jump up and down claiming it was a great hire. It’s more like a shot in the dark. Of course there’s the NE connection,🙄 Thats been a great strategy for these guys. In any business when the Boss publicly fires a successful coach claiming his roster under achieved then the team regresses two consecutive years he has destroyed his credibility and in performance driven organizations would be dismissed. I’ve maintained for years one of the fundamental issues surrounding the Lions is an ineffective evaluation system for coaches, trainers, the GM etc. I have yet to see evidence they’ve changed. Of course it’s possible the team could get 10 or more wins. It’s also possible they win zero games. We aren’t talking possibilities but likely outcomes. It’s not likely they go winless and it’s not likely they win 10 games. After the 2018 season the cry was it was Patricias first year. Well, his second year was worse wasn’t it. Jim Caldwell is the only coach who lasted at least a season to have a winning record since Joe Schmidt. For reference, were you born then? The Lions, as an organization are the poster team for incompetence. Imagine, one coach over a period of 48 years has a winning record and they fire him! They fired him claiming it wasn’t good enough then regress in successive seasons. Given the past two seasons the decision the organization made with Caldwell is ridiculous, unsupportable and from my perspective unacceptable. Caldwell was fired simply because Quinn wanted to bring in his buddy. It’s interesting the one hire that seems to have worked out, Bevell, has zero New England ties. It’s curious that he had experience and success at the position but rather than hire others with past success they revert to the NE connection and hire someone without experience as DC. From a management perspective you simply can’t make this stuff up. They seem incapable of recognizing what works for them and incorporating that strategy into decision making. So, I’ve been a fan for a very long time. I’ve watched them waste draft choices, continue to make the same mistakes, alienate star players, waste Stafford's career and continue to value personal connections above experience and success. This season I had optimism and they hammered it out of me. I refuse to give the Lions the benefit of the doubt after decades of disaster. They will have to prove it to me and none of their PR, excuses, or rationale will sway me. Everything this organization does I’ve seen time and time again with one exception. WINNING! They simply don’t win.
  14. lions sign Cory Undlin as their new defensive coordinator

    Earth shattering. I would’ve preferred someone with some experience but once again the Patricia connection seems to carry more weight than experience and results.

    No more so than those that continue to view the team through rose coloured glasses. Each of us have opinions based on individual observations, beliefs etc. The Lions have a long history of failing so it shouldn’t be a surprise that with each passing year the doubters increase. Theres always a chance the Lions could have a great season just as it’s possible for them to go winless next year. Since 1962 the Lions have had 6 or 7 (I can’t remember exactly and I’m to lazy to look it up 🤠) seasons of 10 or more wins with the most being 12 which occurred once, I believe. The Lions will get injured players back, most notably Stafford. Other teams will also get injured players back. Quinn has had 4 years yet the teams performance over those 4 years has gone in the wrong direction. With the upcoming draft and free agency period every team participates and I certainly don’t have faith that suddenly Quinn will outperform his counterparts. He certainly hasn’t improved the team when measured by on field performance. I get the optimism and hope. Over the last two seasons I’ve lost any belief the organization has a clue. I’m just not buying Quinn’s brand of manure any more. He canned the most successful coach they’ve had in my life and justified it with claims the team under achieved. 🙄 I had no problem with Caldwells firing but I sure have a problem with Quinn’s explanation and the subsequent results. In my view his comments leave no doubt in my mind that he can’t properly evaluate talent. It was all about bringing in his buddy regardless of the PR releases. They fire a bunch of position coaches and training staff etc. Funny how accountability works in the Lions organization. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2018/01/01/live-updates-bob-quinn-press-conference-jim-caldwell- firing/109077264/ He has no credibility. https://www.mlive.com/lions/2018/01/heres_how_bob_quinn_reached_th.html

    I certainly hope you’re correct. Can I get a nickel if you’re wrong? Because if I had a nickel for every time someone predicted a successful season for the Lions and they flushed the season I would have allot of nickels.🤠
  17. Very Sad! Prayers for the Jones Family

    Tragic news. Wishing the Jones family some time and peace as they begin their healing journey.
  18. Picking #3

    Quinn has plenty of opportunity to screw it up. If he trades down I wouldn’t be shocked if he trades way down.

    Quinn’s picks that remain on the roster are more proof of his incompetence. If his picks were sticking on a competitive team that’s one thing. However the Lions are a dumpster fire and 4 drafts and free agency periods have simply returned the Lions to laughing stock status. It really doesn’t matter how many of his picks are on the team when they are 3-12-1. If you were suggesting his picks were great and the team was 11-5 bound for the playoffs then you might have a case. Everyone preaches stability but that only holds true when you have the right people in place. Caldwell averaged 9 wins per year and achieved the playoffs twice in four years. The case for stability was in keeping Caldwell not in hiring Patricia and regressing both years. Frankly, the Lions are a joke and keeping the Patriots light staff is proof. Caldwells WORST season is better than Patricias best season yet they’re keeping Patricia. They should improve next year because they can’t get any worse. The entire reason for replacing a coaching staff is to improve not falter and fall off the map. Quinn simply wanted his buddy as coach and it’s proven to be a mistake. Teams that have won super bowls don’t wait on failure. They make changes. I shouldn’t complain because it’s obvious Lions ownership haven’t got a clue as evidenced by 60+ years of total failure. The Lions are so bad they prefer to alienate star players. It took years before Sanders would even associate with the Lions. If rumours are true CJ won’t even answer a phone call from these incompetent goofs. Theres more than enough evidence to show the Lions are a historical disaster and absolutely no evidence other than blind homerism to suggest they know what they’re doing. The Fords have a long history of management issues in all their undertakings and the Lions are their mantle piece of incompetence. The only reason I will even read about them is in the hope they trade Stafford to a competent team so he has a chance to salvage part of his career. Lord knows it’s been wasted on the amateur Lions. So here we are getting ready for the Lions true season, the draft. It’s an opportunity for Lions fans to pretend they cheer for a football team. The draft and free agency will no doubt generate optimism as Quinn and Patricia hit the media circuit talking about the great strides made in adding talent. Its like bloody Groundhog Day with this team. We can wait with baited breath to see which potential stars they pass on to draft a scheme specific player whose career they will no doubt stifle if not flat out ruin. Yet still some will look through the stench and buy in to the latest PR campaign somehow expecting these guys to build a winner. They will go 8-8 maybe even 9-7 next year and all the kool aid drinkers will rejoice claiming they were right yet the following year the Lions will fail again but be given another year. Nothing like conducting business the same way for 60 years and somehow expecting a different result.

    I thought the offence was playing well. Certainly good enough to win. I’ve always felt it was a mistake to not have a better back up option but it was a gamble that didn’t work out.
  21. New Regime question

    Your points irrelevance has been proven by the teams performance without Stafford.

    I’m sick of them drafting the wrong linemen. Winning starts in the trenches and if you can’t control the line of scrimmage you aren’t going to win many games. Until they can get improved line play then they need to keep drafting linemen. Drafting RB, TE, WR is simply a waste of time at this point.

    He is one strong dude. Fanspeak isn’t even close on their projection for him.

    Exactly! Look at what the Steelers have done historically, including this year with injuries and key player departures. Another point is Patricias ability. Since when does a coach HAVE to have HIS players? I thought good coaches could maximize existing rosters by designing schemes that enhance ability not destroy it. His defensive wizardry is non existent as we’ve seen the team collapse defensively over the past two years. Now they couldn’t stop my Grandmother much less a competent NFL team. It’s just more excuses from the worlds worst pro sports franchise.

    Merry Christmas TL. Wishing you a great New Year. Normally I’m a continuity guy but in this case I’m not. Giving them another year is the exact strategy that has doomed the Lions over the past 60 years. Stability and consistency are important but it can also be an organizations downfall. Quinn very publicly stated his expectations and goals he has failed miserably in achieving them. All he’s done is fire the winningest Lions coach in my life time, churn the roster and regress each year. You said it’s only been 2 years which is true for Patricia but Quinn has been here 4 years and done nothing. In evaluating the team the only thing that matters is performance. What are your criteria? You said it’s to early. What time frame do you believe is appropriate? During that time frame does performance matter? How does a fan accept Quinn’s public statements about Caldwell only to see Quinn fail totally in achieving his publicly stated objectives and his evaluation of the team? Quinn publicly stated he felt the team was better than results obtained under Caldwell. He’s publicly proven his incompetence at evaluating the team even after two additional drafts and free agency periods. His retention destroys what little credibility the team has left. Sorry, but we have to disagree on this one.