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  1. When you put your fate in the hands of others you usually have a negative result. The Lions effectively lost by one yard!! That kick will be one of the most famous of all time. Wow!! I saw some positives out there. I thought the D held up well. The offensive line struggled in the first half but performed better in the second. I certainly don’t think the unit play was good enough to consider moving Decker. The WR’s caught a few balls today. Swift in space is exciting to watch. I would like to see some improved run blocking. It could be worse. Justin Fields got sacked 9 tim
  2. Great win by the Rams today. Stafford looks mighty good in a Rams jersey. It’s so great to see. He deserved this opportunity to play with a quality team.
  3. Yes. Stafford didn’t miss a start between 2011 and 2019. In 2019 over 8 games Blough and Driscoll were winless. Those are the only games he’s missed since 2011
  4. At this point a release seems likely. Maybe a same round pick swap?
  5. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t believe a player should lose his position because of injury. When Decker is ready, he comes back at LT. After he’s played a few games if the team wants Sewell at LT they have a conversation with Decker, privately. There is no immediacy for the Lions to do anything. They can let the oline play, and sort out what they want to do later.
  6. Well, it would seem Mr. Collins isn’t exactly a hot commodity. I can’t imagine there will be much interest in him
  7. The world is behind the power curve on vaccine distribution. I share your concerns over variants. I’ve stopped reading about the variants for now. My wilful ignorance helps my mood. 😎
  8. If/when Canada follows I will certainly get one.
  9. It’s a bit early for fans to be dogging Goff. Two games and the team hasn’t exactly been a world beater.
  10. Agreed. Beyond close quarters many prisons have notoriously bad ventilation systems.
  11. I just don’t think I could trade him. It leaves the oline weak. Sort of weakening a strength to get picks which may or may not work out. When Decker returns if they can get the unit playing together I think everyone would reconsider trading Decker. It’s taken a long time to get an oline of this potential so blowing up, creating questionable depth doesn’t look like the right thing to do. I’m wrong a great deal of the time but I’ve been waiting decades for a management group that recognizes the importance of line play and is doing something about it. So…..😎……I may be a bit biased. Now
  12. When I was a kid and new vaccines were being introduced we didn’t get to wait for more information. Everyone to the gym for your shot/sugar cube etc. I’ve never heard so much B.S. from so many people in my life. Facts and truth seem lost on far to many people.
  13. They faired better than I expected. The Lions are pretty much what we thought they were.
  14. Rodgers one week after an embarrassing loss, at home, against a Lions defence whose secondary is deplorable. If they can’t get after Rodgers it’s going to be a long night for the Lions.
  15. What do you think Decker would return in the trade market?
  16. 1. The Packers got blown out last week. 2. The game is in Lambeau. 3. The Lions thirdary.🙈 The Lions are big time under dogs in my view. However the Packers will be trying to find some confidence so if Detroit can come out and punch them hard it just might tip the tables. As Simba mentioned run the ball. Get pressure on Rodgers early. If he’s allowed to throw the ball without distraction the Lions are done. If Green Bay scores first possession, easily, it could be a long evening.
  17. I think Patricia destroyed some of the Lions players. There was a list of talented guys that got away from him. Some like Okudah didn’t get the coaching he needed. I feel badly for Okudah. So much promise, drafted into a terrible situation in Detroit, the pandemic now this injury.
  18. Most of our big cities have AAA teams. Calgary couldn’t support MLB. It simply isn’t a large enough city From what I understand Montreal City Council has agreed in principle to a new baseball stadium if they can entice MLB to return. They shouldn’t have left in the first place. Stupid owner that MLB rewards by giving him the Marlins. The bad for the Expos was ALWAYS the Big O. It isn’t a baseball venue and given turf condition I’m surprised the players association agreed to play there. Watching Miggy as a kid with the Marlins playing left field. There was a bulge in the turf fro
  19. While certainly not living up to his Contract Miggy has had a pretty good year. The Tigers have exceeded my expectations and there should continue to be organic improvement on the team. Schoop has had a career year! The Jays are ripping balls apart. Their bats have been on fire. Robby Ray has been incredible. Hoping they can lock down a WC birth, then, anything is possible with the way they’re playing.
  20. I miss him as well. He still watches every game with me.
  21. Are they readily available? What is the cost? Can the system handle that many tests?
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