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  1. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    Yea Nassib also had a hit on the QB I think on that TD pass to Agholor. And yes McCoy's sack came on a stunt... Someone on the left side rushed inside and McCoy looped around. Want to say it was Curry.
  2. The HYPE Thread (2-0 LET'S GO!!!)

    Wonder what the average per rush is though because I assume that its low because the Bucs have gotten ahead in both games which caused the other to pass more often. EDIT: I actually looked it up and it isn't bad 3.6 which is good for about 6th best in a tie with others.
  3. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    Villanova has a football team :thinking:
  4. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    Great play looked like PI on him too
  5. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    Feel bad for Bortles dude is so ******* bald RIP just shave it
  6. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    With that fumble recovery (i think it was) Lavonte goes into first all-time fumble recoveries with 12...
  7. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    yea its pretty crazy and makes zero sense.
  8. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    damn that looked like what happened to denzel ward... in pre season. Hopefully he is ok
  9. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    Yea its definitely going to be interesting going forward to see what happens when there is more film etc...
  10. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    So just thinking do you think its one of those "no one has tape on the new OC" type **** or is the offense the real deal?
  11. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    Its a good worry to have but they paid him I think he will be there for a while.
  12. Im kinda surprised by this I thought Brandon Graham would match up well against Dotson... but he is the Bucs best O lineman
  13. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    Was that McCoy who almst got the block?
  14. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    Bro... I dont want to start anything but are you serious? Ryan played last season too... There is one difference and it isn't the QB.