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  1. Gerald McCoy officially released

    I think it was a decent move... Im sure they offered McCoy something similar to what Suh got before they cut him right?
  2. CB - Justin Gilbert Safety - Rahim Moore (probably worse ones) CB - Dee Millner DE/Edge - DeQuan Bowers DE/Edge - Marcus Smith OG - Danny Watkins HB - Trent Richardson
  3. Bucs sign DL Ndamukong Suh (1/yr $9.25M)

    I like it... saved us a couple mil and you get similar production if all goes well.
  4. Bucs sign DL Ndamukong Suh (1/yr $9.25M)

    with Suh and Vea in the middle I think its going to be difficult to run on the Bucs. Not that McCoy was bad in run defense but I think Suh is just very good to elite at it.
  5. Bucs claim TE Jordan Leggett from NYJ

    Upgrade over auclair I seriously got tired of seeing him whiff blocks or drop passes in crucial moments
  6. Bucs sign DL Ndamukong Suh (1/yr $9.25M)

    I hope its around 10 mil maybe wishful thinking.
  7. Tight End Statistical Projections

    Oh, so thats why I didn't see it lol. thanks for posting it though.
  8. Tight End Statistical Projections

    awesome stuff... I'm curious to see where OJ Howard projects. I dont see him but I could have overlooked. Thanks!
  9. yea... I screwed up I wanted to put Receiver or Corner. I feel with a good pass rush corners you can have below average corners and with a good QB you can have below average receivers
  10. Miserable Hot Takes

    Him and Mike Williams both wr the bucs drafted I thought were gonna be good
  11. Offseason Rumors

    That sucks I thought it was a reach but his first year was AP... terrible luck to see him drop that far in skill level. Still has plenty of time to regain his ability though.
  12. Offseason Rumors

    I dunno... When have we ever had TWO good DT's. We have always had McCoy and a JAG. Clinton was decent but other than that it was all flops. We can put Vea in the 3 tech and we have a NT in Allen. All we need is a bit of depth. If they really want they could go and grab one of Suh, Liuget, or Wilkerson. I don't think the drop off from those guys to McCoy is that huge and I know for sure you could get them for cheaper than 13 mil.
  13. Rookie Numbers

    Linebackers weren't allowed to wear 40s numbers until after 2015 when the rule changed.. . Previously they could only wear 50-59 or 90-99. Thats probably why it seems weird.
  14. Offseason Rumors

    I dont see it... Gerald McCoy is over the age of 30. Ndamakong Suh is still a FA. Gerald is not getting a 3rd by himself with a 13 Mil salary. We need RB depth I would do it in a heartbeat.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    He's got some hands