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  1. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Is this the actual reason though? or just speculation?
  2. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Serious question why does the 49ers use 3 backs?? They all seem similar too
  3. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    What a block by Deebo
  4. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    That was some Steve Young esque play lol
  5. Mock offseason and draft 1.0

    I like it. The draft is BPA and works out for the Bucs to get some need in there too. I don't know what to think about Delpit though honestly.
  6. Trevor breaks down all 30 of Jameis' INTs

    Yep, it was a good one... and you can look at a couple and see what happened. Jameis makes some REALLY terrible throws when he is in that desperation mode. As Trevor said Jameis could get the Bucs to the playoffs with some other contributing factors but to win a SB nahhh prolly not unless it was a miracle or he was riding a beast RB in the playoffs with a favorable scheme like Tannehil is doing.
  7. Trevor breaks down all 30 of Jameis' INTs

    I've been waiting for this going to be interesting lol
  8. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

  9. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    I'm not taking the bait nice attempt though
  10. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    One thing I learned this playoff is the Bucs could definitely use a better running game/scheme. Watching the 49ers and Titans dominate was fun
  11. Lamar Jackson

    Maybe but I also see A LOT of people who just defend him and can't be critical of his faults
  12. Lamar Jackson

    You got beat and Lamar Jackson was contained its easy to see... Lamar didn't have much running room they contained the **** out of him he was shook. Also what about the 4 or 5 4th and 1s that were stuffed??? Not contained
  13. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    Mohstert also ran for over 140+ and Joe Mixon ran for 100+ and they also let Le'veon and the Jets run for 87 yards which was his highest total of the season. So yea I believe it has more to do with the Ravens were blowing teams out that they didn't have a chance to run as evidenced by the 21.2 attempts per game which was lowest in the league.
  14. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    Yea I was wondering this after hearing the stats posted. I guess it comes down to the Ravens not playing any good running team in the last games because I'm pretty sure Browns put up like 200+ on them too.