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  1. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    Yea I really like Taven Bryan and Da'Ron Payne.
  2. Bucs sign C/G Ryan Jensen 4/$42M

    Yea either Jensen goes center and Sweezy is cut or they put him at LG and marpet/sweezy stay put. Either way it will be an upgrade over last year so I can't be disappointed.
  3. DL FA

    yea i always thought he was pretty solid and usually played out of position didn't he because McCoy always commanded the 3-tech?
  4. Bucs sign C/G Ryan Jensen 4/$42M

    I just thought about it earlier and it's kinda weird... Sweezy plays RG, Marpet plays RG/C, and Jensen G/C. I don't know what side Jensen plays on but whos going to play LG. It would be crazy to think to move marpet again to another position, and although it may seem easy it's super hard to adjust from left to right side or vice versa with an o lineman. That kick step is crucial and its really hard to try and learn to kick step with the other foot. Not saying its impossible but when your muscles have learned that movement for so long it's like trying to throw the football or writing with your non-dominant hand.
  5. I thought the same thing... not like its bad as no one knew LT would be a hall of famer but its pretty cool to look back on stuff like this and see the fresh take
  6. Offseason Discussion

    You also have to take into account his contract. He signed his contract coming off a 19 sack season. He's definitely far and away better than what we have but the dude is injury prone and definitely lost a step because of that. and yea I should have worded it better but his best days are behind him. He had a couple 10 sack seasons as well. Hell I wanted Quinn in the draft so I would have loved to see him here but obviously, LIcht and Co. have something else on their agenda
  7. Offseason Discussion

    I would be weary to offer him anything more... Im not mad about it. Quinn has been living off his one good season he had a while back. After that he has underperformed and been injured. Even before he was in the 3-4 he didn't do much. I think the injuries have piled up.
  8. Offseason Discussion

    I don't blame them their O-line has been pretty ****ty for a while iirc. I know luck got abused. They did draft a center i believe last year the guy from Bama and he got injured early in the season. I was hoping maybe the bucs checked on Pugh he is pretty versatile can play tackle and guard.
  9. Offseason Discussion

    Does anyone else find it odd that some of these secondary guys are still out there... Tre Boston, Kenny Vaccaro, Gaines, Tyrann Mathieu ? I wonder whats taking so long for them to sign. Was Vaccaro injured at the end of the season if so what was his injury?
  10. Offseason Discussion

    One year I believe like 2015 or so he had 9 sacks in a season they switched to 3-4 after that and he struggled. The next year which was last year I believe he generated a lot of pressure but didn't finish. He had something like 3.5 sacks but had a lot of pressures.
  11. Offseason Discussion

    he generates pressure
  12. Giants sign Jonathan Stewart

    well i guess this rules out Saquan as the #2 Browns better get ready
  13. Offseason Discussion

    its a bit baffling maybe because of his contract demands. I know he got the tag last year and his play wasn't that great so maybe that's the reason.
  14. Offseason Discussion

    this is interesting what are they doing.... and im curious to see if it will work out but Peters and Talib do not seem like a good mix lol.
  15. Offseason Discussion

    Not saying it won't hurt him but Sherman never relied on his speed. He's a physical corner and that's how he wins those match ups.