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  1. I'd give it to Kingsbury especially going 2-1 or whatever it was with Colt McCoy. BB has been super impressive but I think i'm numb to the great things he does anymore.
  2. seriously this is something that should not have came out his mouth... he couldn't stop the run and knew it was coming thats on coaching lol
  3. I think the injuries are a concern but nahh... 12.5 is a great year for a DE IMO and what are you thinking someone picked 4th overall should be? 15-20 sacks a year? Julius Peppers most sacks he ever had was 14.5. So far Bosa has had double digits sacks 3 out of 5 years and it seems he is on his way to that this year as well.
  4. Looks like it and it seemed he was open for a second
  5. Thats awesome I was just thinking about this today and wondering if he was the oldest and who were some other guys who played Tackle into thier late 30s early 40s.. I wanna say Bruce Matthews was pretty old before he retired
  6. You think the defense is better than last year?
  7. He drove him into the ground so yea...
  8. Dude... I mean seemed like a **** play call as well
  9. Yea 2009... 12 years ago. I'll rehash for you, since 2014 Mickey has been going all in trying to get back to the SuperBowl bringing in a ton of free agents and paying guys a lot of money and they haven't been to the Superb Owl SINCE 2014 when he started doing this that's what I'm talking about and thus it did not work and was a failure. You know who went to the Superbowl since 2014? Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, and Tampa Bay Bucs.
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