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  1. 2019 Prospects thread.

    I like Jachai he is a monster I just felt we were staying in a 4-3 so I figured he wouldn't be worth the pick. But now he could be a nice pick up if we trade down.
  2. Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, Tyrod Taylor? Maybe Testeverde I dont remember when he retired
  3. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    10 year plan
  4. Free Agents

    Weddle wanted to go to a contender so he wasn't coming here... Hayward though was one that got away though R.I.P
  5. I liked Grimm when he was here... He wasn't very good but he was a good teammate etc... I thought him coming out of VT he would be decent just never did anything I thought he should bulk up and become a LB.
  6. Who are your favorite broadcasters right now?

    Chris Spielmannnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  7. Jets hire Adam Gase as HC

    I dunno there has to be either something wrong with him medically (not sure what it could be) or he was on something I know I have seen some crazy tweakers spun out on meth like that but I doubt that's what he was doing
  8. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    crazy how Kamara just bounces off hits
  9. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Sproles is a beast
  10. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    I dunno what you consider good but yea not elite or anything though....
  11. I stole this from somewhere in PR.com but its a list of the coaches atm on the squad. OFFENSE Offensive Coordinator/Passing game coordinator – Byron Leftwich Wide Receivers Coach – Kevin Garver Assistant Wide Receivers – vacant Quarterbacks – Clyde Christensen Offensive Line – Joe Gilbert Assistant Offensive Line – vacant Running Backs – Todd McNair Tight Ends – Rick Christophel Offensive Quality Control – vacant DEFENSE Defensive Coordinator – Todd Bowles Defensive Line – vacant (?) Assistant Defensive Line – vacant Inside Linebackers – Mike Caldwell Outside Linebackers – Larry Foote Cornerbacks – Kevin Ross Safeties – Nick Rapone Defensive Quality Control – vacant Defensive Assistant – vacant SPECIAL TEAMS Special Teams Coordinator – Keith Armstrong Assistant Special Teams/Kicking –Chris Boniol Head Strength and Conditioning – vacant Assistant Strength and Conditioning – vacant Assistant Strength and Conditioning – vacant
  12. BMF's in the NFL

    Kwon Alexander and Ryan Jensen
  13. BA wants DJax to stay?

    I just saw this a min ago on TV... I dunno what to think but im not mad I guess if anyone can get him to play it will be BA. Not sure if his problem is with the previous coaching staff or the QB so I guess we will find out lol.
  14. The Jameis Experience

    Serious question @BucsDraftGeek47 I know you say you preferred mariota at the time of the draft but now that everything has unfolded would you prefer him now?? and I do agree its all mental for Winston and we will find out how he can do in a different system/coaching.
  15. Free Agents

    Yep, im definitely excited to see what we can do with a new Scheme/coordinator on D. Its going to be great to see an aggressive defense. Also although I think Mathieu isn't great/overrated I still think he would be an upgrade and we could run some nice 3 safety/big nickel which would be cool Evans, Whitehead, Mathieu. I am sure everyone saw this week when Chargers ran it almost exclusively to shut down Lamar Jackson. It was awesome to see Gus Bradley actually make some adjustments and hopefully we will be seeing that next year as well.