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  1. More surprising news in NFL history?

    Damnnn... lmao
  2. Predict the 53

    QB - Jameis, Griffin HB - Jones, Barber, Dare WR - Evans, Godwin, Perriman, Bobo, Scotty (i might be missing someone obvious here) TE - Howard, Brate, Auclair, Hudson OT - Smith, Dotson, Benenoch, Boozer OG - Marpet, Cappa, Watford, Bailey C - Jensen, LeRibeus DE - Suh, RnR, Gholston, Ledbetter NT - Vea, Beau, Stevie T.? OLB - Nassib, Spence, Shaquill, Nelson, MLB - David, White, Bucannon, Minter CB - Hargreaves, Davis, Dean, SMB, Stewart, Mazzi S - Edwards, Whitehead, Brice, Evans, Stewart K - Gay P - Pinion LS - I dunno whoever is the one on the roster rn
  3. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Week 1 - Bucs - 24 49ers - 14 Total - 38
  4. So Matt Gay has won the kicking battle, right?

    I think so... I mean I don't see how they keep Santos he has too weak of a leg and the little bit more accuracy he may have closer doesn't mean much.
  5. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    I would put our 2nd team against any of the other teams in the lague 2nd team and feel we got a chance to win lmao.
  6. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    wow great ******* block pick up by the Running bakc whoever it was
  7. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    Hes got to make the team... I dont see how they can let him go with how many plays he makes.
  8. I don't think it matters people are gonna get injured whether its preseason or the 1st game etc.. etc... Should everyone just keep the starters out until around midseason if they are in the playoff race? and if not just YOLO and let the backups play the rest of the games
  9. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    Griffen to the rescue
  10. Preseason Week 3 GDT

    One the LT D. Smith but they already know hes lazy / slow. Also last season made Ryan Jensen the highest paid center. I think the only reliable guy is Ali Marpet LG. Dotson the RT use to be reliable as well but injuries and age have caught up to him it seems.
  11. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    its gonna be fun to watch.
  12. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    that was terrible by Nassib very uncharacteristic
  13. I know its awesome but I'm just going to let you guys know that the Tampa Bay O line is probably going to be the worst in the league Still lookin scary though
  14. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    I agree and if they haven't they definitely will after this game.
  15. Preseason week three: Browns @ Bucs

    Silver lining before anything... I will enjoy watching us have a better defense even if we have a **** record lol