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  1. Geronimo Allison Resigns with the Packers

    sureeee cop out
  2. Pats Release Adrian Clayborn

    Not good in Tampa thats why they let him go. I think his rookie year was his best with 6 sacks and than he had injuries and just was never really that good also because of his arm deformity (excuse the ignorance) he could only play on the right side.
  3. Bucs sign LB/S Deone Bucannon (1 year $2.5M)

    If anything he will be our adarius taylor since he left to the browns.
  4. Offseason Rumors

    Last season the weight loss didn't do him any favors but we will see what happens in a different scheme I really hope he does well EDIT:: Scratch that I think he gained weight not lost it ....
  5. Chiefs cut Eric Berry

    Maybe goes to the Dallas Cowboys??
  6. Steelers sign Steven Nelson

    Same reason u made this comment
  7. Cardinals sign JR Sweezy

    I think last year he was pretty decent... Well considering what he looked like playing for the Bucs.
  8. Steelers sign Steven Nelson

    super bowl confirmed Steelers making moves
  9. Giants sign Bethea s former cardinal 2 years

    thats a name I haven't heard in a while... Good for Bethea I really thought Arians was going to ****** him up and have him come to Tampa.
  10. 49ers sign Kwon Alexander LB

    seriously this makes it so much better hopefully it works out though.
  11. Bucs sign LB/S Deone Bucannon (1 year $2.5M)

    future Superbowl MVP
  12. Titans sign Adam Humphries WR 4 years 36 mil

    Clemson has been a WR producing machine.... for the last 5-6 years