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  1. I agree I think they will be improved this year and will finish 2nd in the division. Maybe 9-8 or 10-7 and possibly slip in the playoffs? Arthur Smith seems like a lot better offensive coach and will have the offense in a lot better position going forward.
  2. I sincerely hope so.... Gholston is also pretty old too (29). Pretty much the front 7 is 30+ except for Vea and Shaq (28)
  3. Oh god.... TB Licht its got to be the trade up in 2nd round for kicker Roberto Aguayo. I think everyone knows how that turned out lol.
  4. Great list tbh. The main ones for me are AJ Green (older & lots of injuries), Trey (for the same reasons), and Kyle Long (Injuries). Those are pretty much the ones feel that probably won't be able to make an impact.
  5. Hump was awesome in TB..... The only reason he didn't sign was because of $$. He is a great route runner and has really good hands too. The only thing that may concern me is in TB, all the attention of the DBs were on Godwin and Evans so it opened a lot of things up for him. He struggled at Tenn. or they just didn't use him as they were a run heavy team not sure.. I really hope he does well. Fitz/Winston really put a lot of trust in him and he made a ton of 3rd down catches to move the chains. As far as punt returns go he did it a bit in TB but not a lot. He is solid nothing spect
  6. This one really took a toll on the Tampa Bay fanbase because he had just broken out to become something and they let him go. Most likely was because of Schiano as I don't think they had the greatest relationship R.I.P
  7. Lol he comes back toward the end of his career interesting....
  8. Oh god it was bad with him and Quincy Black those "youngry" days lmao. Ruud before him too
  9. Injuries and the main issue was the absolute abomination of a GM that Ryan Grigson was. He made some really terrible moves and Luck never got O-line help until after he was gone.
  10. The tweet is now unavailable 👍
  11. *Regular season** They actually gave up 31 to the Bucs in the playoffs
  12. Sad to see... Man he was awesome for the Buccaneers and really helped Mike Evans a lot in his first couple years in the league. I think he showed Mike how to be a professional
  13. Ehh... I think they keep Shaq and David before anyone else. Suh will prolly retire if anything I don't see him going to another team. Fournette is probably gone. I could see them letting Chris Godwin go instead of David or Shaq. They have enough cap to keep them all they would have to back load some contracts and move some money around which is something the Bucs GM and Greenberg really don't do but this is a different circumstance I think they will make an exception for. Gronk I see doing the same thing like Suh and he will either play for the Bucs or retire. I'm not sure about AB..
  14. Thats the problem though even if Darnold stinks it up you will win more games this year most likely with a competent Head coach and staff. I mean Jets definitely should have won more games at the very least the Raiders game. You as a Jets fan should know that they REALLY had to try to lose some of those games lol. If you do the trade back this year and Darnold isn't the guy you will most likely have to use the capital you gained to trade up for the QB you do like.
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