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  1. What about Mike Singletary for the 49ers?? I thought it was pretty apparent toward the end but I could be misremembering...
  2. Did that just happen lol.... thats some Browns play
  3. Whoa... pump the brakes sir... Kyler is not elite or all pro. 2 out of 4 or 50% is probably where about the average fan would be.
  4. Yea looked like it but I Guess he was too late to recognize it.
  5. So is McVay a bad coach for making that decision?? Someone has to take the blame
  6. I know its not the same but Ravens have played the Chiefs plenty of times over the last couple years.
  7. If the Raiders can do it the Ravens can do it.... That defense is pretty ferocious
  8. Bills getting absolutely destroyed by their TEs......
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