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  1. Yea so it was 0-0 for a while no one could do much on offense .. Kyler was off and Andy Dalton was lost as well. The the turning point was the First Zeke fumble this gave Cardinals in good position to score and they did 7-0. They get the ball again and on the first running play they give it to Zeke and he fumbles again. Cards go down the field and score. 14-0 it kinda got out of hand with more turnovers etc.. TLDR - Zeke didn't get many touches because he fumbled twice in a row .
  2. Why is it so bad? what changed from last year
  3. Yea he will be in a rotation most likely with Vea's backup Nunez-Roches
  4. O line was great this game 0 penalties, 0 sacks, and 100+ rushing yards
  5. The biggest take away today was the no penalties that freakin huge for the Bucs lol
  6. They just put him in at the end of the blowout to get some reps it seems. He didn't do much but run the clock so hard to judge I think he completed one pass and then handed it off the rest of the time
  7. Yep... its an instinctual thing no doubt LVD will probably coach him up to be average at best but I doubt it will ever be one of his strengths
  8. Yea his awareness is 0 and he is lost in zone coverage 😅
  9. 🤣 Flacco I saw him running in circles
  10. They are just abusing that D line right now wow.....
  11. Yea... Looks like Vic Fangio is heading that way as well
  12. To to pick up at least a little here for a FG attempt
  13. Definitely not.. Gholston and Suh are top run stuffers in the league
  14. I agree GB is one of the top running teams in the league and beside that one long one up the middle its been quiet
  15. I dunno thats just his playstyle he's an intimidator
  16. Probably from Suh during his Lion days... He stepped on Rodgers leg and put all his weight down on it and claimed he didn't know
  17. Damn thats a huge problem if hes gone for the year for Packers
  18. Hes having flashbacks when he played for Lions facing Rodgers twice a year 😅
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