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  1. I wouldn't want to see an anti-LGBTQ guy like Rivers ever win anything, not to mention how childish he acts on the field.
  2. Watt led the league in sacks, tackles for loss, and QB hits in 15 games. He was an absolute force both against the run and in rushing the passer, and he had a great case to win the award last year in many respects. I think it's his to lose. Not to mention, holding calls were down this year close to 40% compared to the prior five seasons. Over 250 less holding calls this year compared to recent prior seasons.
  3. What a trash post. And going for it on 4th down was the right call, but they've should've just given the ball to Ben and let them spread the field out. The Cowboys nor the Ravens had an answer for it. I'd much rather take my odds with Ben making a play than Conner against a stacked box trying to get to the edge.
  4. Big Ben's career QB rating indoors is something like 103 or 104. Put him indoors at home for half his games as opposed to slop of winter AFC North football and take the Ravens out of his division for his career? You'd probably see a 3-4 point bump up in his career QB rating, and probably up there with Brees and Brady all time as far as QBR. To me, it's Ben, pretty easily. The guy doesn't care about protecting his stats, all he cares about is making the big play at the right time to win the game. And he's done it better than damn near most everyone else in NFL history.
  5. It was an issue going back to training camp and preseason... tried to manage it and play through it until it finally gave way. Hit INT rate in 2018 was his lowest rate since 2014 and was tied for the 4th lowest of his career for all the "he's a turnover machine" talk. When you throw the ball close to 700 times in 16 games you're going to have some INTs, especially for a guy like Ben who doesn't care about protecting his INT stats like a wimp like Andy Dalton who will literally throw a ball out of bounds on a 4th down.
  6. Ben was just as good as Rivers and Luck last year, but everyone gets hung up over 16 INTs even though they came on 675 attempts. His INT rate of 2.4 was his lowest since 2014. Same as Rivers and 0.1 away from Luck. Had a higher DVOA than Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers last year. But Ben is the only guy who has fallen off apparently.
  7. It was a one score game with 9 minutes left in the third quarter. Did you even watch the second half? Or the game at all?
  8. It would be a significant drop. Patriots/Steelers would be the highest rated playoff game outside of the SB this year, and was easily the highest rated regular season game this season.
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