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  1. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    Seriously, some people are so dumb... they think things like coaching make a difference between winning and losing. It’s not like he’s out there trying to tackle people. Or really wanting to upgrade any roster spot for that matter... just a bunch of dim witted blowhards. Heath is a perfectly fine safety. Let’s be honest could the grass ever be any greener when you have a kicker who can kick a 60 yard FG? And who cares if your defense can’t stop the run because the run game doesn’t matter anyway. I mean a few years ago, some people were so anal that they actually wanted to draft a backup QB. WTF peeps?
  2. Week 13- News and Notes

    Well, it was a dumb answer. By your measure of “winning,” it’s so easy to do that even a coach whose players have quit on him can win more than JG. But the real reason why it’s dumb to defend JG is that any measure of winning must include post season success. JG has been given ample time and resources to have post Season success but because he sucks at Xs and Os the team cant beat good teams. He just needs to GTFO.
  3. Week 13- News and Notes

    Do you realize that Wade Phillips won the NFCE at a higher % rate than JG? If winning the NFCE is our measure of winning... we should have just kept Wade, right?
  4. Week 13- News and Notes

    I must have missed it... what have we won exactly since JG has been here?
  5. Week 13- News and Notes

    Nah. JG just isn’t a very good HC or OC. We have over a decade of experience with the dude and when has he ever out schemed a good team? His career record vs winning teams is atrocious. He needs to GTFO not because the teamed has tuned out his message. He needs to GTFO because it’s a losing message.
  6. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    I guess it took getting called out by Gronk to make JG understand that practicing in a bubble doesn’t quite simulate playing conditions of harsh outdoor conditions.
  7. Week 13- News and Notes

    How did it work out worse for them? Keeping a crappy kicker doesn’t make them better. But by changing kickers they increase their odds of finding someone decent or who can get hot at the right time.
  8. Week 13- News and Notes

    I sorry... but what exactly are you trying to say here? The team is 6 and 6. One major reason we don’t have more wins is atrocious special teams play, the most glaring of which is we have a kicker who only makes 50% of his kicks on the road and misses 1 out of every 3 kicks. Are you saying that the kickers who tried out would make less than 50% of their kicks on the road? Are you saying that missing 1 out of 3 kicks is perfectly acceptable? What exactly are you saying because I need to know who to bust on every time Maher misses another kick.
  9. Week 13- News and Notes

    Does Jerrah really need analytics when he’s got this going on?
  10. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    What’s the deal with McGovern? I know he was IR’ed but shouldn’t he be eligible to return?
  11. Week 13- News and Notes

    JG has got to love this... it’s kinda like they’re telling him SB or GTFO, but to help him make a SB run, they are giving him a one legged pole dancing stripper to kick field goals.
  12. I don’t think the bigger fish is a coach Jerry would need to trade for. First, it takes two to make a trade happen and i don’t see why the saints or pats would want to trade their HCs. Their windows for winning are still wide open. Why would any team jeopardize that for a mid first round pick (or 2). So so let’s look at the college ranks because there are some big fish there that can be had. IMO, there are only 3 big fish: Sweeney, Saban, and Meyer. If we are being real, the biggest fish is probably Sweeney. I discount Saban simply because Saban did not impress in the NFL... so much so that I don’t think Saban wants to try again at his age, etc. But Dabbo has got everything that you want in a HC. Could he be the next Pete Carrol? I see a lot of PC characteristics in Sweeney. Dabbo is the biggest fish in college football and it’s hard to find anything negative about the guy. Urban Meyer is a big fish. He’s a guy that everyone loves and can put together a staff. He’s got some health issues. He tends to burn hot and overworks himself and then burns out. Personally, he’s been my favorite college coach for a long time and so I would love/hate the hire. The part of that would hate the hire is simply I know he will burn out. What about Riley? He’s a medium fish. You can talk all about his offenses but then you have to talk about defense. He’s so far behind Meyer and Sweeney defensively that he’s not in their league. He would certainly be a splash hire. But is he a guy you would have faith in to game plan to stop Aaron Rodgers let alone Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson? No.
  13. Oh hell no. Telling JG to GTFO serves a greater purpose than merely getting rid of a sucky coach (as if that wasn’t a good enough reason alone). GTFO is about accountability. It’s the same thing with Maher really. As an employer one of the things I absolutely hate the most is when an employee tries to just their poor work performance because someone else’s poorer work performance. But that’s exactly what happens. XSF: it’s okay I missed some blocks because Maher missed all those FGs anyway. What difference does it make if we can’t even kick a FG when I do my job. Maher: it’s okay I missed those FGs because our coach has no concept of clock management. He let the clock run after the sack, he let the clock run after receiver didn’t get out of bounds. I should have never been in that position anyway. By telling JG to GTFO you are also telling everyone else to STFU.
  14. No, Richard is not worth keeping. KM is probably worth keeping. Interim HC? Maybe. It’s just a matter of time IMO.
  15. Did jerry watch the game today? This may be a situation where Stephen has to intervene to close the deal.