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  1. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    I've got to side with Kilty on this one. Foles has already hinted at retiring has at one point was very content to be an NFL back up. I don't know if Wentz will ever get there, but I don't doubt his commitment to the game or his commitment to be great.
  2. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Here’s the thing, Zeke must report by week 10. If he doesn’t, Dallas would have him for another year under contract. Zeke is hoping that the boys have a losing records which forces their hands ala Emmitt Smith in 1993. If Dallas is winning without Zeke, Jerry should play hard ball both this year and next year. Next year, Zeke must appear after the first week of training camp or He would not qualify as a free agent but rather a restricted free agent. Zeke is definitely playing hard ball. He’s found that narrow 10 game stretch to try to force a new contract. If Dallas is losing, he’s proved his point. If Dallas wins without him, then Jerry has every right to play har ball back at him.
  3. An Example of Changes to Dak's Mechanics

    Looks like Kitna is a really good addition to the coaching staff. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.
  4. So, since we are all sharing... I got tickets to Vikings game on SNF.
  5. If Dak has a bad or so/so year....

    Honestly, I would let Dak walk after this year. We would get a high comp pick for him. Then, I would start Rush in 2020. If rush plays too well, I’d bench him and bring back brad Johnson. I would do everything possible to secure the #1 pick after the 2020 season.
  6. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Browns and mayfield just carved the redskins on that first drive. Only pressing but impressive nonetheless.
  7. Trade Zeke

    I feel bad for Zeke in the sense that he’s clearly top 2 RB in the NFL and he really has little leverage other than the holdout but holding out doesn’t help his marketability. He’s under contract for 2 years and can be tagged for the 3rd year if the cowboys choose to do so. If he sits out this year, he will have absolutely no leverage next year as he must actually play 4 years to qualify for FA and by not reporting today he’s already lost this year of eligibility.
  8. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    If Dak is being offered top 5 money, he should have signed the contract and ran out like he stole something.
  9. Trade Zeke

    Zeke is easily the most exceptional player on the cowboys.
  10. How should the Cowboys handle Zeke?

    Here’s my take... Zeke is the nfl rushing champ for 2 of the last 3 years and the only reason it’s not 3 years in a row was a bogus suspension. Zeke is also the best football player on the cowboys. He is truly elite at his position. The CBA and his current contract all work against him as RBs have a shorter shelf life in the NFL and the cowboys have already overworked Zeke. In other words after Zeke’s 5th year, he’ll probably only have 2-3 good years left on his body before injuries etc take a toll. So, I get and understand the holdout. Zeke should be paid like the top RB in the NFL. But because he doesn’t have a lot of bargaining leverage with 2 years left on his contract both sides should work out a team friendly deal that pays Zeke in the top 3 range for the next 3-4 years. but if Zeke holds out for absolute top dollar, I’d probably move on from him. At a certain you have to reward the guys that actually show up.
  11. Salary Cap and Player Priority

    So, Stephen Jones just made a powerful comment about Zeke, Dak and Amari... "We've got three really good football players that we're dealing with here and that have very good representation. And they want to see the market," Jones said, via The Athletic. "We can't push the issue unless we want to be a market-setter. And we're damn sure not going to be a market-setter, because of all the things that go with being a Dallas Cowboy." This is getting interesting. The market for cooper just got set. He may not get $20M a year but it going to be in the $18-20 neighborhood. Dak will be $30M+. And Zeke is holding out to become highest paid RB in NFL. With Jones saying we can’t sign all of them to market setting contracts and that the players seem content to test the market... there are some really tough decisions to be made.
  12. Trade Zeke

    You seem to forget that the team that wins the run battle wins the game 70% of the time. Enough said.
  13. Who would you take?

    I’m going to take this in a slightly different direction... give me these 4 guys on defense: Charles Haley Deion Sanders Darren Woodson Leon Lett then for the 5th, I’d go either aikman or romo. It would probably depend on what kind of offense we were running.
  14. Honestly, I hate to be the one to defend nfl, but it’s really smart to match us up with giants opening day. Why? Hope springs eternal week 1. The giants are still relevant week 1. By mid season Eli will probably be benched again. So the nfl is getting ratings from what will soon be an unwatchable team.
  15. Salary Cap and Player Priority

    2019 is an extremely important year for several reasons. First, there is a lot of talent on the team but many of the best players are in contract years. It’s a good problem to have but a major competition will be brewing regarding which players are MOST deserving of the big payday ahead. We will not have the cap space to re-sign everyone or if we do re-sign everyone, it would mean crazy contracts where we continually pay each player’s year salary as a signing bonus to push off money into the future. In 2020, the cowboys will be about $75 million under the projected cap. Here are the players to consider and likely contract ranges: OFFENSE 1. Dak Prescott- we all agree that QB is the most important position on the team. But, there is a lot of discussion about how good Dak really is. Dak has accuracy issues, struggles reading defenses, and struggles with pocket presence. However, he excels at leadership, he stays healthy, and plays remarkably clutch given his aforementioned struggles. In terms of cap space, Dak will likely get a contract comparable to Carson wentz which was 4 years $128M, $108M of which is guaranteed. We would have to pencil Dak in for over $30M per year. That contract alone would eat up 40% of the cap space. 2. Amari Cooper- where would the cowboys have been last year without Cooper? For 1, not in the playoffs. Cowboys were 3-5 before Cooper impacted the offense and 7-1 with Cooper. There were games he literally dominated. It would be hard argue against Cooper being the most valuable player in 2018. Cooper will definitely be paid like a top end WR. For comparisons, Antonio Brown signed a 4 year, $68M contract. OBJ signed a 5 year, $95M with $65M guaranteed. Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, and DeAndre Hopkins are all in the 5 year, $81m range. It’s safe to put Cooper in the $17m per year range. We likely didn’t trade a first round pick to not keep him for more than 2 years and he’s younger than all the other aforementioned WRs. 3. Zeke- I’m including zeke on this list even though cowboys have a 5th year option. Why? Because his 5th year option is not included in the salary cap for 2020. The 5th year option will cost cowboys $9.1M. Rumblings are Zeke wants a long term deal. Zeke is an elite nfl RB and the clear workhorse on the Cowboys. The cowboys went 3 and 3 without zeke and averaged 4 less PPG. In 2021, 4. La’el Collins- La’el is kinda an enigma. He can be truly dominant at times especially in the run game, but we’ve also seen him struggle in pass pro. La’el 2019 cap number is just under $10m. If you look at the contracts of Ju’juan James and Lane Johnson, it would put La’el in the 11-12M per year range. DEFENSE Here it’s important to point out that while most of the $ is going to pay the cowboys offensive players, the cowboys defense and run game was the only thing elite about the cowboys playoff run in 2018. In 2019, the offense accounts for $114M while the defense only accounts for $78M. The cowboys defense ranked 6th in ppg, 7th in ypg. By contrast, the cowboys offense ranked 22nd in ppg and 23 in ypg. 1. Byron Jones- last year Byron made second team all pro going back to play CB. The top CBs are all paid in the $14-15 per year range. 2. Jaylon Smith- Jaylon started to become the player we all hoped he would be after his injury. He’s a great leader and a true team guy. CJ Mosley just set the market for LBs with his $17M per contract. Then we look at guys like Deion Jones and Keon Alexander who are in the $14M per year range. NOT ON THE LIST 1. Jason Witten 2. Sean Lee 3. Robert Quinn 4. Randall Cobb 5. Maliek Collins 6. Jeff Heath 7. Antwaun Woods These are all starters/contributors who have value who will be FAs for 2020. So, right now, how would you prioritize these players? And, Lets use this thread to monitor these players in 2020 for contract purposes and salary cap discussions.