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  1. You do understand that there is a difference between "hating" a player and hating the salary cap implications of paying a player, right? I haven't seen anybody say... I don't want Dak to be the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. period. I do see people, myself included, question paying Dak top dollar based on a cost benefit analysis. That is not hate. That is economics. I'll say it again... let's watch what Dak does Sunday against the seahawks and compare it to what Cam Newton did against the Seahawks. Then, explain to us why Dak should get $30+ million more than Cam. BTW... I"m NOT saying that the Cowboys front office did not flub up saying Dak. They probably did. They probably should have signed him at the exact same time the rams and eagles signed their QBs. they saved money doing it their way but will definitely end up paying more in the end.
  2. What do you guys think about having a rookie thread? We have one specifically for CD. But, we have several rookies contributing this year.
  3. My guess is that statistically it probably would be about the same conversion rate. And, being down 15, it’s probably not going to show up in win % either. But I do remember John Madden talking about whether to go for 2 now or later when a team was down 15 and scored a TD. Madden said to wait to go for 2 because if you miss now, it’s a momentum killer... if you miss it’s still a 2 possession game after you just cut it to a one possession game.
  4. I drafted him in the 4th round... I knew he was going to put up stats, but I expected a lot of those yards would be come from behind garbage time stats. The cards are a legit team.
  5. They absolutely played more lax down 9. That tends to happen when you have a 99.9% chance of winning. That’s a different philosophy all together... ie the prevent defense. ATL decided giving up yards and points to run out the clock was worth it. They wouldn’t have played prevent to that extent whether the cowboys were down 7 or 8. Down 9, they decided it was worth it. The odds were still incredibly in their favor. Let me just put it this way... no coach wants to go down 9 so the other team can play prevent in the hopes of being able to recover an on side kick.
  6. It’s 100% subjective. There is only a preference and no technical right or wrong. McCarthy prefers knowing in advance whether the team WILL need an extra possession by going for 2 early. That is totally legit. The flip side is also totally legit. Namely, waiting to go for 2 until after the second score to actually tie the game places additional stress on the defense, leaves the defense out on the field longer, and psychologically speaking... the defense is probably down after just giving up 2 TDs. its a momentum vs time argument. Neither are technically right or wrong as the offense needs the points regardless of the timing.
  7. Here’s what I want everyone to pay attention to... Today, Can Newton passed for 397 yards and ran for 47 yards against the Seahawks. Cam had 3 TDs and 1 TO. He got the patriots to within 2 yards of a victory in Seattle. Cam’s only real offensive weapon is 34 year old Edelman. just keep this in mind next week. Let’s compare what Dak does next week to what Cam did today. Then... I’m going to ask the question again whether Dak really deserves $30M more per year than Cam?
  8. Game Balls: -whoever came up with phrase “any given Sunday.” -Entire team for not giving up A win is a win and we should never apologize for winning. That being said, Jockstraps: -Coaching. I don’t know if I’ve seen more inept coaching in a win in my entire life. I feel like the defense doesn’t even have a game plan. The defensive philosophy seems be to allow the other team to do whatever they want and hope the opposing team at a certain point takes pity and stops ruthlessly beating them. -Defense. I’ll give Diggs credit, he plays hard. Everyone else is just pulling a paycheck.
  9. People are getting a little carried away. We got an improbably win where Dak put up crazy stats against a falcons defense that played like they had the game wrapped up (which they really did). So far this year... it’s already a lot lot like year in that he puts up good stats against bad teams while not doing enough to win against good teams. After watching this game, do I suddenly want to pay him $40M a year? No.
  10. The defense is an utter mess. I have no words. Injuries have an effect for sure. But everything is just completely out of sync. Last week the rams killed us without even having to throw beyond the LOS. Today, ATL probably could have 60 by attacking downfield. But they played the run better today and last week. The bottom line is that they need to develop an identity. Right now, they can’t take anything away from an offense.
  11. Would one of you be so kind as to come to Las Vegas and lift my jaw up off the floor? #jaw drop #mic drop #WTF just happened
  12. Did Dak ever keep the ball on an option play? It was open every time.
  13. It’s definitely time for McCarthy to sit down with Moore and tell him JG left... it’s okay to open up play book on first down. It’s okay to intentionally move Dak around in the pocket. It’s okay to run some qb draws etc. and for the love of all that is good, learn how to be proficient on screens. I could not tell the difference between between MM and JG.
  14. Can we all agree that based on Dak’s performance today... he should be paid a lot closer to Cam Newton than Patrick Mahomes?
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