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  1. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    I’m still not convinced Dak is a $30M a year guy. But against the jets, I was impressed that he kept getting up after so many vicious hits. I don’t think Romo would have survived that game. On the other hand... when you pay 1 player a hugely disproportionate % of the salary cap, there are going to be glaring holes on the team. It’s expected that the player with the huge contract is good enough to make up for these deficiencies. Right now, the coaching staff damn well better come up with a better game plan than the abortions playing tackles.
  2. GB's and Clappers: Dallas at J.E.T.S.

    Listen, I’m as disappointed as the next fan. Like most of you, I agree JG is part of the problem not the solution. But, since this thread is about laying blame... let’s not forget @Matts4313 debacle that put us in this slump. 0-3 since Matts led the eagles to victory. Before we get all caught up in firing JG, let’s fire Matts.
  3. #FireJasonGarrett

    Frankly it’s well overdue. But who in the hell is going to fix this mess on defense?
  4. Has anybody else noticed that Dallas’ defensive philosophy seems to be... bend but don’t stop bending until the other team scores?
  5. This is easily the best thing I’ve seen all day.
  6. Hot Boyz

    nah... everyone knows the run game does NOT matter.
  7. WTF!!! She really is wearing a hat!?!
  8. 2019 trade deadline.

    Another safety isn’t going to really help what ills us... we need DL help. our defense is a treadmill cause we’re getting run on. A lot.
  9. Hot Boyz

    Apparently, we are really missing Randy. It would be nice to have that 3rd pass rusher.
  10. That's a tough question. For the majority of his tenure with the Cowboys, I would absolutely love if he got fired. Over the years I've probably either started or contributed to a dozen fire JG threads. Right now, I still think its too early to fire him but if we lost to the J-E-T-S... firing JG may be the only thing that could save the season.
  11. Slappers and Clappers vs Green Bay

    Once again TOs absolutely killed us. Dak definitely needs to change his sheets cause he shat the bed. But don’t worry... he’ll play great against the jets next week. And I guess we still have games against the redskins and giants to look forward to.
  12. News and Notes W5: Hopeful prognosis on Tyron Smith

    Football is a momentum game. Things snowball. Turnovers are huge momentum changers. We had 3 of them. And, don’t discount being on the road. It forced us into silent counts. The saints DL was flying off the line. And, the saints dominated TOP. You add those 3 things together, and it’s a tough game to win. We had chances. I would like to see the outcome without the TOs... especially if it led to us having sustained scoring drives.
  13. GDT[Week 5]: Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers

    According to JG, one of our guards may be starting at LT while Smith is out. I’d be curious to see how connor does at LT.
  14. Coopers Cowboys visit the NOLA Teddy Under-waters

    Oh hell no!!! Just stop. Do NOT try to let @Matts4313 of the hook for his epic cluster F of a week.
  15. Coopers Cowboys visit the NOLA Teddy Under-waters

    Yes, we played an incredibly conservative game and game plan. When you play like that the small stuff matters more. Witten’s fumble and Zeke’s fumble were the difference in the game. BTW... do you guys remember last year when our DL didn’t get an offensive holding called against them for almost the entire year? The refs tried to make up for that in one game. It continually put the saints in holes. Sadly, the defense let them off the hook a few times.