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  1. Linehan watch starts NOW!

    LAME!!! Man the eff up and suffer like the rest of us. Hell, if taking a leave of absence was an option due to coaching issues... the forum would be dead post Jimmy.
  2. I’m confused. Please elaborate?
  3. T.O. Was Not The Problem.

    let’s compare the loss of TO to the loss of Dez. We lose TO and go to the playoffs the very next year. We lose Dez and the team goes 3-5 until we bring in Coop. I still say good riddance to bad trash with TO. Dak is the anti TO. TO was a great player with a terrible attitude. Dak is a fair player with a great attitude. I couldn’t stand TO and was forced to cheer for him but always felt dirty about it. Dak is just the opposite... I really like Dak, want him to succeed, want to cheer for him but get frustrated with his play. Then, I feel bad that I can’t blindly support the guy.
  4. Dak - Grown Man

    My argument against Dak has nothing to do with the defense... nothing at all. Compare the resources given to the defenses vs the offense. The defense is the afterthought of this team. The defense has 2 first round draft picks, no significant FA pick ups, and not nearly the same money invested on defense as there is on offense. The offense has 4 first round draft picks (5 if you count Collins), Williams was a second round pick, gallop was a third round pick, Hurns was our biggest FA pick up this offseason. I’m terms of money, the cowboys have spent far more on offense than the defense. So what I’m saying is that the team is built with an offense first mentality. With all of the resources given to Dak, Dak needed to do way more than what he did. He had multiple opportunities to deliver but he repeatedly failed. That’s the truth.
  5. Dak - Grown Man

    They held the rams to FGs enough times where the game should have been more competitive. For example, Dak had a chance to score at the end of the first half but failed. We got the ball first in the second half and he failed again. If Dak capitalizes there, we could action have the lead or be within 3 points. Dak had a chance to tie the game in the 4th quarter and failed when it mattered most.
  6. There should be only one debate!!!

    I’m so ready to get rid of JG... it’s so long overdue. He is still the epitome of mediocrity. He wasted Romo’s career. He routinely does less with more when he has it.
  7. Dak - Grown Man

    A. I agree with you that having a talented run stopper is a top priority. B. It still won’t happen because the organization does not value stopping the run at all. C. While, the defense was an issue last night, the truth is that the defense held the Rams to 3 points below their season average. Certainly not a great showing but there’s a reason the rams are one of the highest scoring teams in the NFL. This was a game where Dak needed to stop the hell up. The Rams defense was designed to take Zeke out of the game, they gave Dak time to through and Dak failed to deliver.
  8. Dak - Grown Man

    Dak was not good yesterday and to say otherwise is blatantly false. The defense was keying on Zeke all game and Dak rarely took advantage. And his inaccuracy on fairly simple plays is ridiculously bad. His decision making was subpar. The rams dared Dak to beat them and Dak came up way short. Ironically, Wade Phillips completely outcoached JG. Wade knew Dak couldn’t beat them and JG did nothing to help out Dak scheme wise.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Johnny Football May have been the most fun college football player I’ve ever seen. He was a joke as a pro but really was a top notch college QB.
  10. College Football 2018

    I know we get after SL for lack of creativity, but creativity can be overrated. Can you imagine how the guy who pitched this one to Sabin feels right now... So guys, here’s the play we are going to run: It’s 4th and 6 and We are going to fake a FG. Now, we’re not going to throw it. That’s too risky. Once the ball is snapped, the kicker is going to fake like he’s going to kick the ball but instead of kicking it, we are going to use the kicker as the lead blocker.... you know like a fullback. Then the holder is going to follow the lead blocking kicker. Guaranteed first down! Any questions?
  11. Cowboys @ Rams

    I’m from Vegas and bought tickets to the game the second Parker’s FG hit the uprights. Obviously the rams are favored for a reason... dynamic offense and good pass rush. But just on the outside chance the cowboys win the game, I want to be there for it.
  12. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    Jaylon has been an all pro in my book since this happened
  13. Dak - Grown Man

    Plan insists on mentioning the Q on a daily basis. Nothing is more insidious than that. I’m now numb to awful memories that the world should forget and never mention again.
  14. Guess who just got tickets for game???