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  1. So, how exactly does paying Dak $40M per year help fix the defense? The second Dak got paid $31M this year... winning fell squarely on Dak and the offense to our score the other team. When Dak by himself accounted for almost as much salary cap as the entire starting defense, you can’t put losing on the defense. So how does paying Dak even more money fix the defense?
  2. Hey, it’s about respect. So, we should probably just pay him $40M+ per year regardless of how much he loses.
  3. https://www.si.com/nfl/cowboys/news/dak-prescott-wants-cowboys-to-pay-him-right-behind-mahomes-and-pay-him-respect-report?fbclid=IwAR1YPCuGKNZ-IO2vsi5jz2wjdubdsJ5-vOdf60UuVfqGaXry_O4i7G_J8iI I pretty much done with Dak at this point... y’all can keep defending him if you want. But I care a lot more about the overall good of the team than whether he feels sufficiently respected after turning down huge contracts.
  4. Wilson’s not the one coming off major leg surgery and ankle surgery. The truth is we have no idea how Dak recovers both physically and psychologically from one of the most devastating injuries a QB can have. It took Alex Smith and Gordon Hayward about 2 years to recover and Alex Smith never fully recovered. Yeah, I’d take Wilson in the health debate.
  5. Yeah, because Seattle’s defense was so good, right? The difference is that Russell Wilson is good enough to overcome bad defensive play. And who in their right mind would ever say a fan is being ridiculous for wanting a better QB at nearly a 50%!discount? Honestly, wouldn’t the opposite be true? Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to sign Dak for $40M per year if we could have Wilson for $22M per year (average)?
  6. Wow. It takes a special type of delusional to say that you’d rather have Dak while paying him nearly 50% more than Russell Wilson. Bravo!!! Jerry has trained you well.
  7. That’s also do to Wilson’s ability help the team win. Again, the victim of his own success. It’s a lot easier to find good players drafting in the top 15 than it is to draft in the late 20s. The highest draft pick they’ve had in the last 8 years is #27. It’s actually fairly amazing that Seattle has been as good as they have despite not being in a position to draft elite talent.
  8. Here are a few thoughts on Russell Wilson. 1) he’s a better QB than Dak in every aspect of the game. He’s a true playmaker and game changer. 2) he had a $65M signing bonus paid by the Seahawks that Dallas would not be responsible to pay. This equates to $13M per year over the next 3 years. Dallas would pay Wilson $19M in 2021, $24M in 2022, and $27M in 2023. Obviously all of that VERY doable under the salary cap and gives Dallas plenty of room to make other moves. 3) the biggest challenge would be Seattle absorbing the huge cap hit of trading Wilson while at the
  9. In this case, IMO, Wilson is the victim of his own success. I think very highly of Wilson as a player. But, he lacks the foresight of Tom Brady. Wilson insisted on being the highest paid player in the nfl. He got what he wanted. And, to a large degree it worked out for Seahawks as they routinely make the playoffs. But, all they paid to Wilson comes at the expense of putting together a good OL. Brady was rarely paid in the top 10 QBs and he always had a good, serviceable OL. Wilson chose money over protection.
  10. A GREAT running game and very good OL can do wonders for a QB. Tannehill had both. Wentz will improve in Indy. They run the ball effectively and he won’t be playing behind a patchwork OL riddled with injury. He may not be great but he’ll definitely be a least average or better. I expect his INTs to go way down.
  11. Hell no. I trust him to miss multiple games this year. OT would be my #1 priority in the draft unless Dak get traded.
  12. Wrong. But limiting where he goes, you limit the market and negotiating power. No team is going to give up quality picks for a one year rental. By limiting access to Dak, you limit the market entirely. By putting the non exclusive tag on him, we invite everyone. Dak finds out what his market value is and whose willing to pay it. It lets him decide what he really wants. Does he really want to be a cowboy or does he really want the extra money. Either way, Dallas is 100% protected. We can match the offer or take the picks. By using the exclusive tag we run a strong risk of losing Dak f
  13. No, it’s not about SAVING money. It’s about MAXIMIZING money. The salary cap is finite. Anyway you slice up the pay, money has to be spent. But when 1 player takes a disproportionate amount of the cap, that one player better be able to make up for the shortfall. For example, Russell Wilson is extremely frustrated his OL sucks. He had a damn good OL when he was playing in SBs. The Seahawks can’t do both... have a damn good OL and pay Russell 20% of the cap. Russell is actually good enough to make up for a lot of the shortfall cause he’s athletic and elusive, etc. he makes them a contende
  14. Riiiiiiight. The cowboys were like... Screw keeping the best CB we’ve had since Newman. We’ve got Anthony Mother Effing Brown!!!! And Chido!!! We’re set Beeches!!! Naw Dawg... paying Dak $28M more last year prevented us from keeping Jones, etc. And it hurt the team. Worst defense in the history of the franchise.
  15. It will hurt Philly for 1 year. Then they will benefit from being out of the salary cap he’ll they’re in and from Carson’s stupid contract extension.
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