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  1. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    No, he’s not there. LA had a level of dominance that is unmatched. That’s not being critical of Martin either. Martin is more of an Alan Faneca.
  2. I’m assuming this is Dak’s record against teams with a winning record?
  3. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    I’m not really down with giving up a first round pick for Adams. But, If Adams truly is the piece that would put us over the top... you do it.
  4. If you were trying to be blatantly wrong, you are doing an excellent job. Running the ball effectively and repeatedly is the most important aspect to moving the chains, converting 3rd downs and opening passing lanes. If you want chunk plays passing the ball... run the ball. If you want to sustain a drive... run the ball. If you want passing efficiency... run the ball. If you want to lose... don’t run the ball. You’ve got a 70% chance of losing if the other team out rushes you. literally, everyone who understands football agrees with this. For the life of me... I can’t comprehend how you can watch games the cowboys lose and not realize most loses we’re caused by teams running on us.
  5. Matts, this couldn’t be any more lame... you completely quoted the wrong part and focused only on a subset of the total. Here’s the quote you need to focus on... Since 1950, how successful were teams that won the rushing battle? Those teams won 72.9% of the time. That number is 72.7% since 1970, 71.9% since 1990, 71.3% since 2002, and 70.5% over the last 10 years. The same held true this year as I showed you during the regular season. And one more thing... you confuse running efficiency with out rushing the other team. A team could rush 12 times for 100 yards and the other team could rush the ball 35 times for 120 yards. I guarantee you the team that rushes 35 times wins the game 90+% of the time even though the other team was more efficient. It’s a worthless metric. Amazingly, you still don’t get it. We lost to both Buffalo and Minnesota at home last year. Are Josh Allen and Kirk Cousins better than Dak? Do they have better weapons (thielen didn’t even play that game)? Or do we lose cause we could stop the run?
  6. Wrong again. Historically it is 75%. Recently, it went down to 70%. It has never been close to 50%. So again... the running doesn’t matter UNLESS you want to win the game. If you are interested in winning, simply rushing for more yards than the other team gives your team a 70-75% chance of winning.
  7. Actually, Matts is dead wrong on this one. Since 2014, the 9 highest paid QBs over that time frame were about 50/50 In making the playoffs and not 1 SB win. Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers really brought up the other 7. Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, and joe Flacco did NOT consistently win. In fact a pretty good argument could be made that playing QBs top $ caused many of those teams to take a nose dive.
  8. Yeah, Matts is absolutely right... unless you are actually trying to win win the game. If you are interested in winning the game, simply outrushing the other team gives you a 70-75% chance of winning. I actually tracked that in 2019 if you remember.
  9. Can we change the tittle of this thread to “Dak turns down monster contract worth $175M with $106M guaranteed”. It makes a lot more sense than the current title. https://www.google.com/amp/s/heavy.com/sports/2020/05/cowboys-dak-prescott-monster-contract-offer-update/amp/
  10. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Don’t worry Giants fans... TRUST THE PROCESS
  11. Of course! That explains why he’s not signing franchise tag and threatening to hold out offseason. Now I get... Dak is currently turning down the highest paid contract in nfl history so he can immediately renegotiate that contract to be paid less!!! Yes, makes so much sense now.
  12. WTH are you talking about? We’ve already shown you the articles. What is it about you don’t understand?
  13. Wrong. Dak maybe a top 10ish QB but he is turning down #1ish QB money.
  14. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    BS. While it’s true the cap can be manipulated, the end always comes. To this day, I still don’t think Matts understands that signing bonuses apply to future caps... or that a signing bonus is prorated over the length of a contract (up to 5 years). You restructure a guy to convert base salary into signing bonus... it applies to future caps. And, YES, we have been in cap hell several times over the years. The last couple of years have been nice. we havent had to constantly play the restructure game. Our cap is pretty clean because of it. That all changes, though, when you pay QB over $35 per year.
  15. But you guess... Dak is a dumbarse for not accepting it?