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  1. The Run Game doesnt matter

    The bottom line is that better than 70% of the time time, the team that wins the rushing battle wins the game. That’s not a very hard stat to understand. And to take it a step further, it’s implicit that the team that runs better in the forth quarter almost always wins the game. The teams that are losing despite having a lead after 3 quarters are losing because they can’t run the ball and control the clock. 70% is 70%.
  2. The Run Game doesnt matter

    Interesting facts to consider.... Since 1950, how successful were teams that won the rushing battle? Those teams won 72.9% of the time. That number is 72.7% since 1970, 71.9% since 1990, 71.3% since 2002, and 70.5% over the last 10 years. I don’t know but it kinda seems like 70 years of history tells a different story. If your team out rushes the other team... your team has a 70% + chance of winning.
  3. The Run Game doesnt matter

    Honestly, the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. EVER.
  4. The Run Game doesnt matter

    Matts, just do my challenge... compare Dak’s stats when Zeke plays well compared to when doesn’t play or gets stopped.
  5. The Run Game doesnt matter

    Oh I read it, but I have a deeper understanding of football than the stats alone bear. I think most of us on this site do as well. It’s kinda sad that you don’t get it.
  6. The Run Game doesnt matter

    This is a horribly misguided and ill informed analysis that completely lacks understanding of the symbiotic relationship between running the ball and opening passing lanes. Tony Romo’s best season statistically by far happened to coincide with demarco Murray also playing at an mvp level. By comparison, romos worst years came when he had no run support and we lived in mediocrity. I dare you to compare Dak’s Numbers when Zeke rushes for over 100 yards to Dak’s numbers when Zeke does not play or gets held in check. If you want your QB to have high any/a, run the ball effectively. The best way to get a High any/a is to effectively run play action. To effectively run play action, guess what, you gotta run the ball effectively. You want your QBs to convert on 3rd down, give him 3rd and 3 rather than third and 7.
  7. Ranking the (B)East - QB

    This is a tough one. Wentz did some special things in 2017... demonstrating a higher ceiling than Dak. However, if you take the 3 years as a whole, Dak has a pretty clear advanatage... demonstrating a higher floor. Really tough call. I would go with Wentz based on overall potential. But, I would bet that Dak probably outplays Wentz again in 2019.

    Did Michael Irvin just take over the war room?
  9. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    DEs and DTs just got worked over. Second round is going to be all about WRs and DBs.
  10. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    Clark better be a helluva lot better than Ford, better locker guy, etc.
  11. That’s a rough stretch Matts. Hopefully things start to turn around.
  12. Guys for over a decade this for had a rule that we would never mention the Q. Same Bozo the Switzer. Why is it all of a sudden appropriate to have threads about him?
  13. Free agency - who is left.

    Good for JG. Apart from the fact that it’s true... I don’t get why they didn’t just cut Irving at that point. He did become a distraction. The dude was one of the most impressive football talents I’ve ever seen but is clearly dealing with demons.
  14. Free agency - who is left.

    I don't get the Witten hate at all. I personally like the move. Wit was never about speed... he's always been a technique guy who knows how to find open spots in the zone. He will continue to be a reliable option which is really what Dak needs most on third downs. And, Wit will also help the run game. Last year, if you guys did not notice... most of our runs came from 11 formation. We rarely ran from 12 which has been a staple for our offense. 12 formation gives us the ran pass option which helps slow down the pass rush. And, this comment is for the whiners in the forum: Dak has a horrendous propensity too hold onto the ball too long. By running more 12, it gives him an extra blocker if necessary or another short pass target that even he should be able to complete.
  15. Free agency - who is left.

    Dude, it’s the offseason. Don’t whine about people posting. And, you probably need to understand that in a football forum, discussion of your quarterback is likely to come up in MOST threads especially when there’s a discussion about whether a free agent WR would be beneficial or whether we are good with what we have. Just letting you... it’s probably gunna happen.