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  1. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Thoughts on Taysom Hill in Dallas? I strangely love the idea and want to see it happen. The problem is that he WANTS to be a full time QB. I don’t know if any team is will to give that to him. But if we franchise Dak, bringing in Hill gives us added leverage against Dak. But more importantly, he’s so good at so many things that he’s really tough to defend and gives so many options.
  2. Why do we need to do exclusive offer on Dak? I wouldn’t be opposed to getting 2 first round picks for him. Heck, I’d even take a flier on Mariota and see what McCarthy can do with him.
  3. https://overthecap.com/franchise-transition-and-rfa-tenders/ the projected qb franchise tag for 2020 is $27M. With a 20% increase in 2021, it $32M.
  4. We’d be better off franchising him for the next 2 years than pay him $36M a year.
  5. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    I’m more happy that the 49ers lost than the chiefs won but either way good game. I think Andy Reid can now be considered a GREAT coach and likely HOFer.
  6. Draft watch 2020

    My draft plans my have taken a major blow.
  7. I was just getting ready to say the exact same thing.
  8. Black Monday - HC / Front Office Changes (0 HC Openings)

    There’s no better way to minimize Barkley’s talents than to pair him with JG.
  9. Draft watch 2020

    I went with a very realistic mock for the Boys... Your score is: 33011 (GRADE: B) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 1 (CINN): Joe Burrow, QB, LSU (A) Round 2 Pick 22 (BUF): Xavier McKinney, SS/FS, Alabama (A-) Round 3 Pick 22 (BUF): Aubrey Solomon, DT, Tennessee (A+) Round 3 Pick 27 (OAK): Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford (A+) Round 3 Pick 29 (TENN): Najee Harris, RB, Alabama (A+) Round 4 Pick 16 (ATL): KJ Hill, WR, Ohio State (A+) Round 4 Pick 20 (LAR): Saahdiq Charles, OT, LSU (A+) Round 5 Pick 15 (ATL): Julian Blackmon, CB, Utah (A+)
  10. The Future of Tony Romo: Broadcasting Wars

    I’m all for Tony being promoted to prime time but Monday night games are a train wreck that I don’t think Romo can fix.
  11. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    I have a theory. Everyone talks half time adjustments. Let’s talk about first quarter adjustments. I have a theory that Bill O’brien called JG after the first quarter for some Coaching advise.
  12. Black Monday - HC / Front Office Changes (0 HC Openings)

    I was hoping the cowboys would look at Kevin Stefanski. I think he’s got a ton of potential.
  13. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    It’s as if the chiefs are using the cowboys playbook so far. Poor special teams? Check. Dropped passes? Check. Defense bending but still breaking? Check.
  14. I think Rammy is asking you for a loan, bro. I’m sure he’s good for it though.
  15. Next Cowboys Coach Discussion

    Matts, are you pmsing? Go, check the NFCE thread in the eagles forum and you’ll feel better.