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  1. For those of you who do not fully understand the change the nfl has made... Romo had a fine career. He’s made all pro teams, pro bowls etc. His career stats... 65% career completion%. Slightly better than 2:1 TD/INT ratio. 7.9 YPA. Career passer rating of 97. Justin Herbert in his rookie year completes 67% of his passes. He has better than a 3-1 td:int ratio. He throws 7.5 ypa and has a 101 passer rating. He’s doing this on not a very good team and not much of a running game to help out. these kind of stats were unheard of years ago. It took at least 2-3 years to adjust to the NFL out of college. Now, we have MVPs in their second and third years. The learning curve is virtually non existent compared to years past.
  2. Uh-oh... can everyone smell that? Matts is talking out of his butt again... I started off by saying that there will be a few people who just wont get it. I didn't name names but we all knew who I was talking about. So, I prove to that over the past 5-6 years there has been a fundamental change to the NFL. The old model of paying ok and good QBs top dollar is outdated and is not sustainable. It may have worked 10 years ago but it doesn't work now UNLESS the QB is truly elite/HOF level QB. But it does not work for simply ok and good QBs. Here's my quote... To prove me wrong, Matts points out Eli Manning. The best part about this... Eli won SBs in 2007 and 2011. Let this sink in... to prove me wrong that the NFL has changed over the past 5-6 years, this genius points out EXACTLY what I set out to prove... that 10 and 14 seasons ago that old model worked. But under the new NFL, it doesn't work. Since 2015, Eli has been a top 10 paid QB. Any care to guess the giants record during those 4 years? 6-10, 11-5, 3-13, 5-11, 4-12. The giants record during those 5 years? 29-51. One good year but it wasn't sustainable. Like I said, paying elite money to non elite QBs is a recipe for disaster. It doesn't work. It's doomed to fail. It's not sustainable. 29-51 proves my point to a T. Thank you Matts for proving my point... unwittingly of course. Next from Matts In 2019 when Jimmy G almost won a SB, he was the 15th highest paid QB in the NFL. He was paid $20M that year. So, if you are advocating that Dak should only be paid $20M per year. Sure, I'll go along with that. $20M per year is a fair price for good, not great QB. Now, let's look at the years where Jimmy G was paid in the top 10. 2018 he was the highest paid QB in the NFL. The 49ers record? 4-12. This year he is the 4th highest paid QB. The 49ers record. 5-6. Gosh, it kinda seems like paying Jimmy G top 10 $ doesn't work, doomed to fail and not sustainable. Thank you again, for proving my point. When Goff went to the SB in 2018, he was the 26th highest paid QB in the NFL. How have the Rams improved since paying Goff? Surely, if they were on the cusp of winning a SB without paying Goff big money... paying Goff must pushed them over the edge and made them better, right? Actually, they went from being a 13-3 team to a mediocre team that missed the playoffs last year and will be a mediocre, fringe team this year. Outside of playing the NFCE, the rams are a 3-4 team. Not exactly the gold standard for paying good QBs like they are elite, right. Good enough to beat the absolute worst teams it the NFL but also bad enough to lose the 49ers with back up QBs twice. This one is so funny to me. Its as if Matts is trying to prove my point for me. First, Alex Smith was not a top 10 paid QB in 2016 and 2017. He was the 14th highest paid QB those years. He was a fringe top 10 paid qb in 2015 (he was 9th highest paid QB and less than $1M separated him from #13). But guess what happened? The chiefs moved from his big contract in 2018. What did the chiefs do when they moved on from his big contract? They started a QB on his rookie deal and used the money they saved to bring in quality free agents and made trades for elite talent. Imagine that. Isn't that EXACTLY what I'm saying? Isn't this the new model that I've been telling you about? Don't overpay for a QB. Use the money that you save and bring in an elite pass rusher, shore up areas of need with FAs. And here's the best part... it WORKED. This is exactly the new model that I've been telling you about in my post. See, this is the exact opposite of the rams who went from being a SB contender before they paid Goff to mediocre after they paid Goff. The Chiefs went from being a fringe good team while paying Smith to best team in the NFL after trading him and using the money saved to bring in good and elite players to support their their young QB. Thank you AGAIN for proving my point. PS. I will say this, if you are advocating that Dak should be paid like Alex Smith in the 9-14 range ... I could live with it. That would put Dak between $21M to 22M per year. So, are you thinking 4 years $88M for Dak? If so, I'm down. Sweet child, this is too easy. Since 2015, Andrew Luck was a top 10 paid QB 2 times, 2017 and 2018. The colts record during those years... 14-18. When Luck retired in 2019, Jacoby Brissett who was the 20th highest paid qb in the NFL went 7-9. They were a mediocre team with Luck. They were a mediocre team after Luck. They brought in a high priced QB this year who is on the verge of getting benched. Genius. Absolutely genius. To prove me wrong that success is not sustainable when you pay good QBs elite money, you give us the poster child for not being able to sustain success. Since the Falcons SB appearance, they have 28-31. Do you understand what unsustainable means? I give you Matt Ryan. Since 2015, Rivers was paid as a top 10 QB with the Chargers 2 times. The Chargers record those 2 years... 9-23. Since 2015, the chargers made the playoffs exactly 1 time. Rivers was the 12th highest paid Qb that year. What exactly is your definition of a "bunch?" Over the next 5 years with their rookie QB (barring injury), I am willing to bet you heavily that the Chargers will make more playoff appearances than they did under the last 5 years with Rivers. You name the price. I am extremely confident that Chargers will be better with their low paid rookie QB than their high priced vet. Now, if you are talking about the old school NFL before the proliferation of college schemes when having a veteran QB was essential... sure that used to be the way is was done. But like I pointed out in the original post, those days are over. Now days, having a priced good not elite QB is detrimental and unsustainable long term. Those teams would be better off with low cost QB and using the saving to build up the rest of the team. Actually, Romo was only paid as a top 10 QB a couple of times in his entire career. He actually signed very team friendly deals. If Dak is interested in being paid in the 12-15 range, I'd go for it. It may not give us the BEST chance to win a SB but it is sustainable over a period time. This is completely off topic as these guys singed their second contracts over a decade ago. Brady was already an elite QB after having won multiple SBs. And, just an FYI, when Brees signed his second contract, we really wasn't a top 10 paid qb. He only broke the top 10 one time and that was at exactly #10. Certainly wasn't overpaying a good QB like he was a great QB. FACTS. Nice try, champ. Don't worry... one day you are going to get it. You'll be posting my ish all over reddit like it was your own. It will just take some time to realize the NFL has changed. For 40+ years, teams had to pay to keep their QBs. Those days are over. This will be the new normal.
  3. For several decades we were told that teams needed certain foundations to be successful. We heard it so much that we accepted it. We KNOW that teams need to have a great QB, LT, Pass Rusher, #1 WR, #1 CB, and RB (probably in that order). We know that if a team has a franchise QB, that you never let that QB go. You ride that horse until that horse retires (or attempts to play way past their utility like we have sadly seen with way too many nfl QBs but I digress). We know this because that's the way it was back in the70s (Bradshaw, Staubach, etc) 80s (Montana, Elway, Marino), 90s (Aikman, Young, Favre) and 00s (Manning, Brady, Brees). Of course there were exceptions along the way... McMahon, Dilfer, Hostetler, Williams, Johnson, etc. We quickly dismissed the exceptions because of historically great defenses, etc. Those days are OVER. In the new NFL, coaches have adopted so much of the college schemes that young QBs no longer have the same learning curve. The era of the traditional pocket QBs is a relic of the past. Now, numerous second and third QBs are playing at MVP levels that we've never seen in the past. Yet, some people still hold onto the notion of veteran QB superiority because that's the way it was for 40+ years. Over the past 5 years concepts have changed so much that the 80s and 90s models no longer apply. A rookie or very young QB playing great in the first 2-3 years was rare. Now, it's become fairly common. And, it has changed everything we thought we knew about the QB position in the NFL. ONLY TRULY ELITE QBs MERIT ELITE COMPENSATION You will quickly see paying elite money to non elite QBs is a recipe for disaster. It doesn't work. It's doomed to fail. It's not sustainable. Lets look at the top 10 paid QBs for the past 5 years. For comparison sake, I've bolded the QBs that are NFL elites. The difference between elite QBs and good QBs is that the elites are so good that they justify the salary because they can make up for team deficiencies. For example, Russell Wilson has proven he can win without an good OL. The money the Seahawks save by skimping on the OL can be paid to Wilson because he is elusive, has a quick release and reads defenses well. By comparison, Philip Rivers needs elite protection to succeed. Paying Rivers similar to what the Seahawks pay Wilson is insanity. 2019 Player Record Cap hit Base Matt Stafford 3-12-1 $30,700,000 $19,500,000 Aaron Rodgers 13-3 $29,352,000 $29,260,000 Kirk Cousins 10-6 $29,000,000 $28,000,000 Russell Wilson 11-5 $26,286,766 $70,000,000 Ben Roethlisberger 8-8* $26,200,000 $45,000,000 Eli Manning 4-12 $23,200,000 $17,000,000 Cam Newton 5-11 $23,200,000 $16,700,000 Philip Rivers 5-11 $23,000,000 $16,000,000 Drew Brees 13-3 $22,700,000 $23,000,000 Derek Carr 7-9 $22,500,000 $20,000,000 Roethlisberger gets an asterisk because he was injured and back up QBs played the majority of the year. Combined record of top 10 highest paid QBs... 79-80-1 Now, let's factor out the ELITE QBs to see how the highly priced good QBs fair. The high priced good QBs were an underwhelming 34-61-1. Clearly this is well below average. Paying these QBs top dollar HURT these teams because they were not good enough to overcome the deficiencies created by paying one player such a disproportionate portion of the salary cap. Now, the top 4 teams to reach the conference championships were the Chiefs, Titans, 49ers, and Packers. Only one team had a top 10 paid QBs. Chiefs had the 31st highest paid QB. The Titans had the 44th highest paid QB. The Packers had the second highest paid QB. The 49ers had the 15th highest paid QB. The FACTS support that NOT paying good QBs elite money helps a team to win. In fact, 2 of the lowest paid QBs in the NFL made deep playoff runs. 2018 Player Record Cap hit Base Jimmy Garoppolo 4-12 $37,000,000 $41,950,000 Matt Stafford 6-10 $26,500,000 $16,500,000 Derek Carr 4-12 $25,000,000 $22,500,000 Joe Flacco 10-6 $24,750,000 $12,000,000 Andrew Luck 10-6 $24,400,000 $18,000,000 Kirk Cousins 8-7-1 $24,000,000 $26,000,000 Drew Brees 13-3 $24,000,000 $27,000,000 Russell Wilson 10-6 $23,786,764 $15,500,000 Ben Roethlisberger 9-6-1 $23,200,000 $17,000,000 Eli Manning 5-11 $22,200,000 $16,000,000 Total combined record of top 10 highest paid QBs... 79-79-2 Now, factoring out the elite QBs, the good QBs were 57-65-1. The top 4 teams to reach the conference championships were the Pats, Chiefs, Rams, and Saints. Again, only 1 team had a top 10 paid QB. The pats had the 11th highest paid QB. The Chiefs had the 34th highest paid QB. The rams had the 24 highest paid QB. The saints had the 7th highest paid QB. Both Brees and Brady justify their salaries as they clearly fit into the elite category. But, the bigger point is that the SB could have just as easily been won by the 24th or 34th highest paid players. Both games could have easily gone the other way. And, here is probably the place to ask the question... WHAT HAVE THE RAMS GAINED BY MAKING GOFF THE THIRD HIGHEST PAID PLAYER IN THE NFL IN 2020 FROM WHERE THEY WERE WHEN HE WAS THE 24TH HIGHEST PAID PLAYER? HOW DID PAYING GOFF IMPROVE THE TEAM? Also consider the Patriots longevity at the top. They did this without paying Brady in the top 10 (he's been in the 12-20 range with the Pats since 2014). Is that a coincidence? No. They money they have saved by not paying Brady top dollar allowed them to bring in high priced FAs like Revis and Glimore. 2017 Player Record Cap hit Base Joe Flacco 9-7 $24,550,000 $6,000,000 Carson Palmer 8-8 $24,125,000 $17,500,000 Kirk Cousins 7-9 $23,943,600 $23,943,600 Matt Ryan 10-6 $23,750,000 $15,750,000 Ryan Tannehill 6-10 $20,300,000 $18,000,000 Aaron Rodgers 7-9* $20,300,000 $13,312,500 Cam Newton 11-5 $20,166,000 $13,660,000 Eli Manning 3-13 $19,700,000 $13,500,000 Andrew Luck 4-12 $19,400,000 $13,000,000 Drew Brees 11-5 $19,000,000 $13,000,000 Asterisk reflects Aaron Rodgers injury in 2017. Combined record of top 10 highest paid QBs... 76-84 Now, factoring out the elites, the good QBs are 58- 69. The top 4 teams were the Eagles, Pats, Jags, Vikings. The Pats had the 20th highest paid QB. The Jags had the 25th highest paid QB. The Vikings had the 46th highest paid QB. The Eagles had the 47th highest paid QB. The Eagles also had the 28th highest paid QB. If you added the 2 together, the Eagles would combine for the 23rd highest paid QB. Interestingly, the Vikings thought getting a high priced QB would get them over the top. So, they paid Kurt Cousins elite money. Yet, the Vikings have not come close to repeating their success from 2017 and may miss the playoffs this year. 2016 Player Record Cap hit Base Eli Manning 11-5 $24,200,000 $18,000,000 Ben Roethlisberger 11-5 $23,950,000 $17,750,000 Matt Ryan 11-5 $23,750,000 $15,750,000 Joe Flacco 8-8 $22,550,000 $44,000,000 Matt Stafford 9-7 $22,500,000 $17,000,000 Tony Romo 13-3 $20,835,000 $8,500,000 Colin Kaepernick 2-14 $20,231,507 $14,300,000 Kirk Cousins 8-7-1 $19,953,000 $19,953,000 Cam Newton 6-10 $19,500,000 $23,000,000 Aaron Rodgers 10-6 $19,250,000 $12,600,000 Combined record of top 10 highest paid QBs... 89-70-1 Now, factoring out the elites, the good QBs are 68-59. This is the best year for both the good and elites alike. The top 4 teams were the Pats, Steelers, Falcons, and Packers. the pats had the 18th highest paid QB. The Steelers had the 2nd highest paid QB. The Falcons had the 3rd highest paid QB. And the Packers had the 1oth highest paid QB. This year is an anomaly. Clearly, the falcons could not sustain the same level of success while paying Matt Ryan. The Pats benefited tremendously from underpaying Brady for about a decade. 2015 Player Record Cap hit Base Drew Brees 7-9 $23,800,000 $19,000,000 Philip Rivers 4-12 $21,166,668 $37,500,000 Matt Ryan 8-8 $19,500,000 $11,500,000 Aaron Rodgers 10-6 $18,250,000 $11,600,000 Matt Stafford 7-9 $17,721,250 $9,500,000 Peyton Manning 12-4 $17,500,000 $19,000,000 Ben Roethlisberger 10-6 $17,245,000 $35,250,000 Jay Cutler 6-10 $16,500,000 $15,500,000 Alex Smith 11-5 $15,600,000 $12,000,000 Colin Kaepernick 5-11 $15,265,753 $11,925,000 Combined record of top 10 highest paid QBs... 80--80 Now, factoring out the elites, the good QBs were 39-65. The top 4 teams were Broncos, Patriots, Cardinals and Panthers. Broncos had the 6th highest paid QB. Pats had the 14th highest paid QB. Panthers had the 15th highest paid QB. And, Cards had the 18th highest paid QB. Some interesting things to point out here. The Panthers went from paying Cam top 15 money to mid top 10 money. They got worse. The Cardinals went from paying Palmer top 18 money to top 2 money. They got worse. From the time the Seahawks won the SB while Wilson was on his rookie deal to the present... only once did a top 10 paid qb win a SB (Manning) During that same stretch 3 QBs won SBs while on their rookie deals. The rest were won by Tom Brady who was paid in 12-20 range. Teams that had success with good but not great or elite QBs universally went backward upon paying the QB elite money. Ravens won SB with Flacco on rookie deal. They paid flacco top 10 money and got worse until they benched Flacco for Jackson. 49ers went to SB with Kap on rookie deal. They paid Kap top 10 money and got worse. The Chargers accomplished nothing by paying Rivers all those years. Now they have a QB on a rookie deal, and things are looking up. Same with the Dolphins who paid Tannehill top 10 money. The Vikings have gotten worse since paying Cousins as opposed to Keenum. What team has benefitted from paying ok or good QBs elite money? None. ITS OKAY TO START OVER WITH A YOUNG QB RATHER THAN PAY A VETERAN QB I know this will be hard for a lot of people to hear. I fully expect some people to disagree with what I'm about to say. Their disagreement is based on sentiment not winning. But, I also expect some of those same people will eventually copy and paste what I've done here and will eventually post it on reddit as if they came up with the idea by himself. He might even ask someone to make a pretty graph those shows NFL wins correlated with price of QB. Because of the adoption of college schemes at the NFL level, college QBs do not have the same learning curve coming the NFL. As such, teams should NEVER pay an okay QB good money and never pay a good QB elite money. Teams that have ditched their high priced QBs are finding success with QBs on their rookie deals. I'm not saying its easy to find a great young QB. I'm simply saying its easier to surround a good young QB with great talent when a team is paying QBs on their rookie deal. Dak had his best year as a rookie. He won a playoff game in this 3rd year. He was surrounded by great talent. I think all of us would like a re-do on his second year due to injuries and suspension. Mahomes, Jackson, Murray, Watson are all playing at MVP levels while on their rookie deals. The Browns for the first time in forever are relevant. They have assembled a really solid team. They brought in good FAs on the OL. They had trades because they had money under the cap. They are a legit playoff contender with a QB on his rookie deal. This is the new normal in the NFL. There is still a place for the elite veteran QBs. But they no longer have a monopoly on winning. Its just as easy to win now with QBs on a rookie deal and assembling a good team around the inexpensive rookie.
  4. I’ve been very clear on this... I’m saying the cowboys got WORSE by making Dak the highest paid QBs in the nfl this year. We lost multiple starters on what was already an average nfl defense. We lost these players because we paid Dak about $28M more than what we paid him in 2019. We attempted to replace these players with rookies and wayyyyy past their prime (and in some cases never had a prime) vets. We literally pay Dak about as much as we pay the entire starting defense. And, I’m saying that Dak is not good enough to overcome what we lost. I’m also saying that things will get worse next year when we’ll have to pay him close to $38M. I’m saying we made the same mistake the giants made with Eli’s last contract, the eagles made with wentz, the ravens made with flacco, the lions made with stafford, the rams made with Bradford, etc etc etc. There are very few nfl QBs that justify the price tag. Now, pay attention... I’m saying that trading Dak to the highest bidder (like the bears who I believe would give up 2 first round picks) and using the money saved on Dak (about $38M) to invest in the defense would strengthen the entire team. Then, using the multiple quality draft picks to draft BPAs (including QB position). This draft appears to have at least 5 first round QB prospects. And, yes, I’m even okay with low range veteran QB like Cam or Darnold as long as they are not being asked to do too much offensively... just like Dak in his rookie year. Just like the Titans did last year. There are just too many examples in the nfl of teams winning with low paid QBs to not think that’s it’s a more viable and faster option to make the team competitive. Here’s the truth... if we pay Dak, it will take about 3-4 years the the nfl salary cap to not make his cap number extremely oppressive. Those 3-4 years will suck, hard. On the other hand, we could build a complete team, focus on running the ball offensively and build a great defense and be competitive for the next 5 years because we will have cap flexibility.
  5. This question is really weird. You are asking about a defensive coach for the patriots defense and 2 offensive coaches for the cowboys defense. who would you rather have... John fassel coach the cowboys special teams or Garrett/McCarthy coach the cowboys special teams. Now, before you answer that question keep in mind that both McCarthy and Garrett won coach of the year.
  6. Or, words to describe actually winning. Cam is starting to win while the cowboys regressed this year with Dak. Yet, only a few of us are smart enough to figure out that the give (making Dak the highest paid qb this year) was not worth the take (taking quality players away from an already average defense). Cam is winning more with less talent and you guys Still can’t get over stats.
  7. You mean the same Arizona team that curb stomped our defense and could have dropped 50 on us? Sounds like maybe we should have taken that $31M we used to pay Dak to upgrade our defense. Maybe we could have fielded a competitive team then.
  8. His WRs are UDFAs. He’s the best RB on the team. His OL is full of nobodies. Yet he keeps his team in the game. Now, imagine having $30M more invested in our defense... $ we wasted on Dak. Give cam 3 stud wrs and a legit rb plus $30m infused into our defense, I guarantee we win the division by a wide margin. you guys are so turned on by stats you forget that the point is winning. Paying Dak $31m got us an expensive stat compiler on a garbage football team. the funny thing is that everybody knows I’m right. It just hurts your feelings to admit it.
  9. Do you guys remember the argument whether the cowboys would be better off this year paying Dak $31M or Cam Newton $1M? Yeah, I do too. Cam with literally no offensive weapons is now knocking on the door of making a playoff run. Dak needed a miracle to get his only win against a bad team. Just imagine if Cam had the best WR Corp in the nfl.
  10. We already know the answer to this... 0. We weren’t winning this year with paying Dak $31M. And we were exactly average last year when we only paid Dak about $3M. Yet some people think paying Dak $40M is the answer to our problems.
  11. To be fair... practicing against our defense would create a false sense of optimism that any play would actually work.
  12. I don’t think I’m a fan of our coaching staff too to bottom with the possible exception of Bones. I do hesitate to flat out condemn MM simply because of the injuries this year combined with no preseason, Etc. That being said I’m 100% convinced we need a new DC. Nolan sucks.
  13. Yeah, Dak at $40M a year is not cool. Dak at $25M is cool. Let’s not forget Dalton has led us to more wins than Dak this year. Dalton actually beat a decent team. Dak needed a miracle to beat a sucky team.
  14. Yeah anybody who blames this mess on Dalton is delusional... after all he was more efficient than Alex Smith and everybody knows that’s what it takes to win games. Considering that Dalton was playing behind turds with legs, no run game and WRs with the dropsies... he did well under the circumstances.
  15. GBs all around today. Excellent effort. JS: D82. I knew it was a terrible idea for him to do GDT. While it was ultimately successful... as I feared, it might have been too successful. I’m all for tanking this year. But Des’ actions may help support a tank next year if Martin has torn acl or similar injury.
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