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  1. Turkey Week - NFL notes / Dallas offensive output

    Well, we play NO in a week from Thursday. IMHO, NO is the best team in the NFL. That game will go a long way to telling us if we are contenders or pretenders.
  2. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    I know I’m in the minority on this one but I’d let DLaw walk at $20M+ a year. I would like to keep David Irving who is just as talented and a whole lot cheaper because he’s crazy. But we would still have a decent rotation at DE without DLaw. We put Irving at LDE with Gregory at RDE and I dint see a huge drop off especially with the rotational guys behind them with Taco and Armstrong. With that same $20M, we could upgrade 3 positions on the team. Would I rather have DLaw or Irving + ET + upgrade at TE? I’d rather have the 3 players.
  3. Amari Cooper traded to Cowboys

    Daboys is right about Dak. Dak is not a “good” QB. But he has some good qualities. I think Dak could be a good leader. I think he’s tough. He’s an above average runner with the ball. He’s turnover conscious and a lot of his INTs have been off tips and drops. But there are 2-3 fundamental things that he’s just lacking. Like Daboys said Dak struggles in reading defenses and making correct reads. He clearly lacks confidence to pull the trigger and hesitates. I think that is part of his accuracy issue. Dak does have accuracy issues. People compare his completion percentage to Aikman, Brady, and Romo. YPA is a much better indicator of accuracy than completion percentage. Dak has had good YPA stats but it is in digression. He’s got a lot of McNabb type throws in the dirt or are just off. But his best throws are off play action when defense bite on the run and creates throwing holes. For Dak to be most effective, he’s got to run the ball more. He’s just not a pocket passer. The more the coaches try to force him to be a pocket passer he gets exposed... especially on the road.
  4. Mr. Brightside: Check This Out

    I should also point out that there is a possibility for FA QBs after the 2019 season (going into 2020). Granted the QBs that could be available have never lived up their draft status and have their own question marks as well. But if Mariota is available would he be an upgrade over Dak? If so, how much? Winston?
  5. Mr. Brightside: Check This Out

    Do I think we need a new QB? Honestly, yes I do. For me it’s an accuracy and reading the defense issue. But, I’m also a realist and can appreciate that getting a new qb was NEVER going to happen in this draft. Dak will be in year 4 next year and the cowboys were always going to see what he can do on his rookie deal before deciding to move on. Really, there’s no Kurt Cousins FA to go after next offseason and QB was never going to be a first round pick anyway. We are stuck with Dak for at least one more year.
  6. Mr. Brightside: Check This Out

    A lot of us are rightfully down on the team. The QB play has been ok at home and borderline awful on the road. I’m convinced SL is an idiot (btw, the cowboys ran exactly 4 plays from under center on second down against Wash... those 4 plays went for 57 yards but again SL utterly refuses to stick something that works and insists on shotgun on second down even though it has repeatedly failed to produce results). JG just isn’t a very good head coach and a worse OC. And, the FO still hasn’t learned that it’s not a good idea to trade first round picks for WRs. All I’m saying is there is a lot to be concerned about. We all know that. BUT... the thing that is getting lost in the Cooper trade and the loss of a first round pick is that 2019 was honestly the perfect year to make this gamble. Hear me out. In 2019, the cowboys have 20 of their 22 starters under contract. All 11 starters are under contract on offense. In addition all key reserves are also under contract for 2019. On defense, only DeMarcus Lawrence and David Irving are not under contract. The defense is close to becoming a very good defense and if they created more TOs, they could be dominant. In 2019, the cowboys are projected to be $66 million under the salary cap. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/dallas-cowboys/ That’s $66 million while returning almost all starters and most key reserves. 2019 is definitely a year Dallas can lean on FA instead of the draft. And there’s a recent history of teams doing just that and being successful. The rams haven’t had a first round pick the last two years. But, in FA and other trades, they were able to add players like Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, Sam Shields and Suh because they had so much money under the cap. The Eagles went strong in FA in 2017 and it worked. The Pats traded their first round pick for cooks last year then made a big FA signing in Gilmore. Again, I strongly hate the trade, but 2019 is the year to make such a gamble in trading the first round pick because we have the cap space to add quality players in FA in addition to signing their own guys.
  7. Amari Cooper traded to Cowboys

    This is effing awful. You’d think that organization would learn but apparently not. He’s in the 4th year of his rookie contract. So we could extend him one more year and pay him as a top 10 WR. Then, he’ll expect a huge payday. We all saw what happened to Dez and D Thomas after they got paid. Just stupid.
  8. DT Irving suspended first 4 games (again)

    I know the dude has lots of issues but I just want to go on record and say we should sign him now to a contract extension.
  9. #GDT - #1 Jags Defense vs. #8 Cowboys Defense

    Play was doomed from beginning. We were in shotgun with Beasley in pistol formation with Zeke next to Dak. First, nobody is scared of Beasley’s speed. If it was Austin in pistol maybe it would get the defenses attention but not Beas. The play should have been a fake to Zeke to get DE to crash with Dak and Austin running the option down the line out of that formation.
  10. Will the real cowboys please stand up

    I’m convinced JG is a cockroach. Just when you think he’s dead, he comes back alive. It’s frustrating. But we did see the real cowboys defense today. Getting Irving and Collins back was huge.
  11. Around the NFL - Week 6 - Philly wants your RB

    Just so you guys know, I have bought season tickets to the raiders when they move to Vegas. It’s more of a support Vegas thing than a Raiders thing. But that being said, I think Gruden has the right idea in building the team. Get rid of the players who don’t buy in and stock draft picks. You can see how fast a team can turn it around with good moves. It’s the same thing that Parcells did with every team he coached. I’d be willing to bet good money the raiders will have a quality team in 3-4 years.
  12. Around the NFL - Week 6 - Philly wants your RB

    I would absolutely trade Dak plus first round pick for Carr. It’s kinda no brainer.
  13. DT Irving suspended first 4 games (again)

    Does anybody know the details? It’s all kind a vague. It sounds like a custody dispute but I don’t understand why that would force him to miss games.
  14. Dak

    https://twitter.com/NFL/status/1049110442323234816?s=20 dude, that’s a drop on the WR. Granted the ball was a little high but it’s a ball good WRs catch.
  15. What do you want in a Head-Coach?

    Yeah, for me it’s either Richard or Riley at this point. I think with Riley we will need to move on from Dak in favor of a more accurate QB. With Richard, I think the defense is going to be very very good by the end of this year. But if he can establish a Seattle type defense, we may be ok with Dak at QB if we have a strong run game to support him. Either way, we will need an OC that will play Dak’s strengthens instead of forcing him into trying to be a pocket passer.