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  1. Seahawks Sign Bobby Wagner To Extention

    Eh, I'd have to give it a B- grade overall. Bobby is the best ILB in the NFL (slightly above Luke) but he's got some wear and tear and we just gave him $40M guaranteed (WHOA!). This means we're definitely stuck with him for 2 years and he'll likely pull the holdout bull**** in year 3 of his highest paid contract, so I really consider this a 2 year deal - since I can't imagine with his insane tackle count + wear/tear he'll play much longer after his early 30s - and a new contract should not be dishing out massive amounts (which he'll likely want). Seattle definitely will NOT be competitive on defense without him so I can't give this a low grade, but Seattle definitely overpaid thanks to the New York Jets ridiculous contract for CJ Mosley. Nearly 75% of his contract is guaranteed over a 3 year duration. Seems like irresponsible spending given how these guys holdout these days. Tempted to bump this to a C/C+ grade.
  2. Steal 1 Player From Division Rival?

    I want to say Kupp because Wilson desperately needs some WR help if Metcalf doesn't pan out, but the smart choice is Donald... Donald + Reed + healthy Ansah + Wright + Wagner + Collier (maybe?) would be an insane package for the front 6.
  3. lmao the Ravens... actually might've been able to win the playoff game if they didn't stick with Jackson who got all his stats in garbage time. The guy weighs 200 lbs, is 6'1" and was on pace to run the ball nearly 300 times last year. Vick in a full season was 123 times. And then your backup is RG Knee? Going with Lamar Jackson might be the stupidest decision by a FO since drafting Russell.
  4. Seahawks sign DE Ziggy Ansah

    LOVE this signing whether he stays healthy or not. Adds competition and fills a major need. Sadly we probably wont see much of him until week 5-6, but this is a low risk/high upside replacement for Clark who was WAY overpaid/traded.
  5. Remove preseason matches?

    I think it's fine. The games are VERY important for rookies and free agents, especially in areas of special teams, etc.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I would love Cody Ford, Metcalf Jr., Irv Smith Jr., or Adderley/Murphy with our 2nd. Technically one of those guys will be available to us. Naturally this means we'll trade back and then select a linebacker.
  7. Seahawks 2019-2020 Schedule

    Yah they gave us a bull**** road schedule. I HATE prime time games (outside of the fact I don't have to find a hacked stream) but at least it's not too bad. 49ers SHOULD be a layup, then a bye, then Philly, than Monday (basically a week), the Rams are the only **** show, but at least our team will get a decent amount of rest beforehand. I HATE the Rams TNF game early on though... that has injuries written all over it.
  8. Frank Clark Situation

    Yah I wouldn't be shocked to see them trade their initial to move back into the top 10 2nd round picks and acquire a 3rd on top of it... and then slightly trade their other 1st into the early 2nd to snag a 5th/7th or something. But God only knows with Carroll/Schneider. I thought they'd take a RB last year with their 1st but didn't expect it to be Penny. Either way though, Seattle always looks to trade back.. they may trade their initial 1st for a 2nd + 3rd and then just use the Chiefs' 1st on a prospect they like if it falls. Lot of fans (and MANY being Seattle surprisingly) are forgetting we took Rasheem Green with our 3rd last year. Green could've potentially been a 1st or early 2nd this year if he'd gone back to school since he has the perfect mold/athleticism to succeed... he was just so raw and undersized that he fell quite a bit. If Green has really progressed and Seattle feels they can go all in with him, there may not be as big of a hole as a lot of people realize.
  9. Frank Clark Situation

    Chiefs gave up too much with the 2nd rounder next year (more like a 3rd this) but it makes sense. The Chiefs are in win now mode and have the luxury of a cheap QB for another few years. The Chiefs marched out one of the worst defenses in NFL history last year (surprisingly the Bengals were even worse), and lost Ford/Houston. Clark is a younger more healthy pass rusher than Ford/Houston so it makes sense. Seattle still clearly won the trade, but it's not terrible for the Chiefs. They needed an immediate impact player on D if they're going to make another run this year - and Clark was really the best thing available (on block + FA).
  10. Seahawks 2019-2020 Schedule

    Wish we didn't have a stupid Thursday game against the Rams of all teams... HATE Thursday games... just a higher chance for us to rack up a bunch of injuries, especially playing the division winner from the prior year. Ugh....
  11. Frank Clark Situation

    Trades aren't always that simple. #1 - Someone would need to give up a 2nd or 3rd rounder (now) - because Clark will certainly net us a 3rd compensatory given he'll likely get $15M+ going to free agency. Few teams give up 1st rounders these days during free agency/pre draft - it's usually midseason desperation trades (it seems). #2 - if someone trades him, they need to be ready to spend, and from what I've heard Clark say he wants top 10 DE money ($18-20M+) Even 3rd rounders these days are pretty highly coveted. End of day it's easier for most teams to just wait until he's a free agent, unless they are win now mode... and most of those 'win now' teams can't afford the salary he's asking for.
  12. Frank Clark Situation

    It seems like he wants $20M per year (Lawrence) money.. but IMO he's more a $13-15M type player at the moment. He's not great against the run and can disappear at times. I'd be fine with a 5 year, $70M deal... not 5 year $100M (like I think he wants). Have to let him walk for that...
  13. Frank Clark Situation

    Only problem with Clark is Wagner/Reed are free agents in 2020 as well... and Reed has looked pretty promising as a pass rusher. The 2019 draft is EXTREMELY deep with EDGE rushers (probably the deepest I've seen in my lifetime). With Wilson signing $35M per and Clark wanting Mack/Lawrence money (sorry he's not as good as either), I'm not sure Seattle pulls the trigger. I think they let him walk.
  14. Should the Seahawks Trade Chris Carson?

    Nah... they'll get poor value from him because he only has one season with an offense that traditionally runs well (if RBs are healthy). Nobody is going to give up a 2nd rounder for him... and a 3rd? I'd be shocked if they got that offer. Runningbacks grow on trees, he has one SOLID (not amazing - and was snuffed in the playoffs) year, and an injury history. You're looking at a 4th or 5th at best. I like the 1-2 punch of Penny/Carson especially if Penny can improve this year and Seattle is going to continue the heavy rush side... and having depth at the position while Carson is so cheap is too much value. I REALLY hope Penny improves his blocking this year because I think Seattle's O would be pretty potent with a dual RB set with these two guys. Penny is a great receiver, and both provide a major threat of the run. We're fairly weak at the TE position, and HOPEFULLY Baldwin comes back 100%... so Wilson really needs all the help he can get - especially after blowing $35M per on the guy. If we trade Carson and Penny goes down or is just a bust, then BLEH. Regardless, I think it's a poor value trade at the moment given what we're sacrificing.. and Carson is going to play his heart out for a big contract. Wait another year if anything... you'll still have both under contract with potentially more to barter with.. and the sell now isn't that high.
  15. Calvin Johnson is a first ballot hofer; change my mind

    Because he laid a dud in a game and cost me a chance at a fantasy league win.