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  1. Seahawks sign WR Jaron Brown

    He didn't play terrible in 17 given the Cardinals sucked and had NO QB or running game to speak of. I kind of think Seattle is going to go in with the WRs they have given Darboh was a decently high pick and with this signing. Think the draft is shaping up to be a focal point on RB, DL, CB, OL in that order. Course that depends a lot on whether McDowell will be able to play next season, but I'm not counting on that.
  2. 'Hawks and Vikings battling over Sheldon Richardson?

    Vikings sign Sheldon, 1 year $11M. Have to think Sheldon is thinking, "Vikings are a better team. Go there and maybe win a Super Bowl and look great on a stout defense, then CASH IN at 28 years of age and get fat/happy." I also wouldn't be surprised if Seattle let him walk because they have something going with Suh. Suh lives in the PNW (Oregon hometown) so maybe he wants to come back here and help rebuild Seattle's D while being close to home. I didn't think Seattle was going to give Richardson (or Suh) some 5 year contract anyway, so the 4 year age difference really doesn't matter and Suh is the better DT (PFF has him ranked #5, elite, grade 91, whereas Richardson is 83, above average).
  3. Giants on the decline

    I didn't know they could decline any further.
  4. Did the Eagles miss their window to trade Foles?

    Yep. I don't see anyone trading anything of value for him. The Eagles also have the best OL in the league... Kelce is the best center in the NFL. I could probably throw for 1,201 yards behind that line.
  5. We Better Be Active Tomorrow...

    Least amount of signed players in the league... 46, we can't even field a full roster (9 short I believe). I personally wouldn't mind seeing Suh in a Seahawks uniform. Richardson is gone to Washington. Annoyed we couldn't snag John Brown on a 1 year prove it deal to replace him. MAYBE Jordy Nelson? Not a fan of signing 30+ year old vets, but we gotta sign someone... we have so few draft picks too... Who do you guys want to see signed tomorrow?
  6. Richard Sherman Released

    Agree that Peters/Talib have every incentive to try... I think the Rams CB crew will work out fine IF they stay healthy and out of trouble. That said, Peters is an attitude problem (and now going to be in LA), Talib is 32, and Shields is a concussion waiting to happen, I'm not so sure.
  7. Richard Sherman Released

    Overrated. The 9ers signed Sherman, whatever. Sherman may recover and I wish him well but an achilles is extremely difficult to come back from. As for the Rams, are they just signing every aging/injury prone CB on the market? Either the Rams get lucky and everyone stays healthy/doesn't regress/no law trouble and they assemble the best CB crew of all time, or they don't stay healthy/regress/get arrested and it's one of the biggest joke crews of all time. Rams went FULL boom/bust with the secondary. I'm betting it backfires more than producing results, but we shall see... 49ers don't scare me at all, even with Sherman.
  8. Richard Sherman Released

    This forum was a ghost town because any time someone created a thread to start a discussion Tatupu 64 would immediately delete it and say it could be discussed in an ongoing thread... As for Sherman, sucks to lose him, but a necessary casualty to get cap room to sign younger more viable players. I actually think Seattle is fairly set in the secondary. We resigned McDougald and spend a ton of draft picks last year on that position.
  9. Any team giving Watkins $10M+ is IMO bat**** crazy. He's WAY too injury prone. That said, someone will do it. Probably Cleveland, where he'll get injured in training camp... because.. Cleveland. Yes I'm aware they signed Landry...
  10. Who was the worst draft pick by your team in your lifetime?

    Aaron Curry probably. What many considered to be the safest pick of the draft, was a complete and utter bust, whiffing on multiple sacks/tackles... actually hurting his team more than helping.. and good ol' Ruskell paid him a **** ton in guaranteed and contract value given it was under the no cap rules. Thank God Carroll/Schneider fixed that dumpster fire.
  11. Did the Seahawks Give Up Too Quickly?

    No. If anything they were too late (should've traded Sherman last year) and made way too many dumb trades (Harvin/Graham) earlier in Carroll's regime. Don't even get me started on keeping Cable and Bevell around as long as they did (yet they fire Richard who did just fine given what he was working with). They are paying a top 5 QB elite money and can't even protect him or get a stable running game going... Keeping Sherman/Bennett would've been a major mistake when they are WAY higher priorities including offensive line and either Richardson/Suh. Sherman may never even recover from his injury and Bennett is approaching mid 30s and a complete liability in terms of penalties, racking up the most for a defensive player and tied 2nd for the most in the league.. and the person he tied with was a rookie. I mean come the **** on.
  12. Bradley McDougald is back

    Great signing. It's a solid B grade IMO. Seattle didn't overpay but they didn't necessarily steal him either. Regardless, McDougald played well last year and is a viable starting safety option in the event Kam/Thomas don't return or go down with injury. I really wanted Seattle to re-sign McDougald and they did with the price not being a major issue. Agree with you, hopefully S. Richardson or even Suh is next. I wouldn't mind Suh at all... and he may actually come cheaper than Richardson given age. Pretty sure he's visiting (or visited) Seattle. Only 27 hours to go before we find out!
  13. Case Keenum will sign with broncos

    Makes sense. I personally think the Broncos draft Nelson with the 5th overall. Nelson + Bolles + Leary will be a great offensive line and improve a bottom 10 unit (PFF) immensely. This will also allow them to snag a RB in a loaded class with their 2nd round pick and put it all together with a solid defense and division that's wide open. Nelson makes WAY too much sense at #5, especially after this signing.
  14. M. Bennett To the Eagles

    Well apparently the Patriots offered a 3rd and 5th and were too late. I dunno how much of this stuff is true, but I agree with you regardless. https://247sports.com/nfl/new-england-patriots/Bolt/Patriots-had-better-offer-for-Michael-Bennett--115947652
  15. M. Bennett To the Eagles

    Mmm, I don't think the DLine is as thin as everyone thinks. I also think Bennett is due for a lackluster year soon. He's got a TON of snaps on him and is approaching mid 30s. Might as well get something for him now. The ridiculous amount of penalties (1st in the league on D) just kills as well. Way to put the offense in great situations or tire out/frustrate the rest of your defense. I mean nearly 1 offsides/neutral zone infraction a game.. and Seattle lost all of their games (spare LA Rams) by a TD (2 pt. conv) or less. Now granted Bennett's production is a big factor for those 1 score scenarios, but gotta remember Avril and Jones were both out last year and were decent contributors when in. I think the starters are good with Jones, Richardson (assuming we resign), Reed, and Avril/Clark as long as we secure some depth and some run stuffers to cycle in on non passing downs (those are cheap). It would've been tough to keep Bennett and re-sign Richardson who IMO is a priority given age and his skillset. I think a lot of this is contingent as well on whether Malik McDowell is recovering (does anyone know status?). We'll have to see... I wouldn't mind Seattle re-signing Dion Jordan either for cheap. He played pretty damn good last year when given opportunity. If we can't re-sign Richardson... oh boy. We're going to need Reed/Jones and McDowell or a rookie to come out of nowhere...