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  1. Seattle Seahawks (0-1) @ Chicago Bears (0-1) - Week 2

    Wilson definitely played poorly this game... even the TD throw to Lockett required a ridiculous catch. That said, WTF were our receivers doing this entire game outside of Marshall? Lockett? We just paid this guy $10M per and THAT'S what we get? I get he made a TD in basically garbage time but c'mon.... And why the hell was Penny running so much? Was Carson injured? 6 carries by Carson? I had to check out halfway through the game so maybe I missed something when I tuned in later, but why was Penny getting so many carries? He's fat, clearly out of shape, and Carson is a WAY better means of productivity.
  2. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    Michael Dickson ROY so far.... lights out punter.
  3. Doug Baldwin Out With Partial MCL Tear

    That sucks. Really would've been good to have him for Chicago, which we REALLY need to win. I think we can get a couple victories out of Dallas and Arizona before the Rams kill Wilson.
  4. Seattle Seahawks (0-1) @ Chicago Bears (0-1) - Week 2

    Put 7 in the box constantly since the Bears still only have much of a running game and Seattle got gashed by Denver. Get Dissly on Mack's side since he's a good blocker and Ifedi will need all the help he can get. Carson needs to be the featured back here. I get Penny is your 1st rounder but Carson dominated in preseason, looked good against Denver (who has a good D-Line). Bring Penny in to dual back with Carson, but Carson needs to be on the field way more. Seattle's only strength on offense at the moment (outside of Wilson - who if Seattle did not have would be a 1/2-15/14 team) is their RB situation. Use more double RB situations with Penny/Carson/Prosise and McKissick. Again, Carson should be on the field majority, but the other 3 guys are on par or better than what is marching out there at WR until Baldwin is back.
  5. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    Guess that's why we drafted Hundley. I guess after Wilson is killed next Monday, and then Hundley is a career iron lung, we can put Prosise at QB and just run the wildcat 24/7.
  6. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    How in the World of holy football hell is Ifedi still starting at right tackle? Put him at right guard or just outright cut him.
  7. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Browns Up)

    Nice write up - appreciate the effort that went into it. That said, this is honestly the first draft since 2010 (which let's face it, was LOADED and Seattle had two top 15 picks) that I've liked in the Carroll/Schneider regime. I disagree with the Penny pick being a shock given Seattle got a call right after that selection about trading Penny (almost positive that was the Pats). Penny led all RBs with yards after first contact and broken tackles... even better than Barkley, so I can't fault Seattle taking Penny with their first, especially after acquiring a 3rd. IMO they got the a top 3 best RB in the class, the best punter (Jon Ryan will be a TOP 3 highest paid punter the next 2 years, and Seattle doesn't have the cap room while Ryan is above average but nowhere near top 5) prospect in the last 5+ years, and the best blocking TE which will sorely help the blocking game. All 3 of those guys will be immediate impact players and Greene will likely get starting time. Griffin was also a WTF steal and outside of his ridiculous edge speed he'll also 100% motivate and keep his brother Shaquill happy who played great last year for Seattle and appears to be one of the better up and coming corners. End of day, it absolutely blows my f'ing mind that Seattle picked up the runningback with the best yards after first contact/broken tackles, the best blocking TE, and an underrated OT later rounds, not to mention signing one of the best pass blocking TEs in the NFL (Ed Dickson) and hiring a new OL coach (who has a great track record) and everyone is criticizing Seattle for 'not addressing the OLINE and run game to help Wilson'. Like... wtf? Seattle consistently got low draft grades from most analysts because of the "OMG IMPROVE THE LINE!" thing. Uh... they've been trying to improve the line. They've spent quite a high # of picks (including trading one for Brown) to improve it... because of Cable or something, it hasn't come together. They also finally moved on from Jimmy "I can't block for **** and have no idea why Seattle is asking me to" Graham which was probably one of the dumbest trades/acquisitions in the last 10 years...
  8. Seahawks Sign WR Brandon Marshall

    Really don't have a problem with this signing. It's whatever for me. Wilson and Baldwin are veteran enough that they can reel in Marshall's crybaby attitude. If this was a signing 2 years ago I'd hate it.
  9. Earl Thomas Situation (holding out)

    Whatever. Earl Thomas made it clear he didn't want to play for Seattle multiple times last season as well as this offseason. Trade him? Sure... however, the market was not there for safeties this year. We had a ton of decent ranked safeties as free agents and the draft class wasn't half bad either. Seattle would've gotten a 3rd MAX for someone like Thomas, and that's simply not worth what he can bring to the field this year. Sure some might think, "But he might be mailing it in this year." It's a contract year, and despite Thomas' bull**** about retiring, he wants money. He'll perform to a high level this year, give Seattle a playoff shot, and generate a huge learning curve to one of the youngest secondaries in the league (outside of Max/Chanc). Seattle wanted a 1st or GTFO.. when Seattle's FO realized they were nowhere NEAR that in the FA market, they rescinded. Done and done... football economics boys.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft

    I've generally hated most Seattle drafts under the Carroll regime. 2010 I loved (Thomas/Okung/Tate, etc.) but that was easy to love since it was such a talented class, we had 2 1st rounders, and were drafting high.... I admittedly was NOT high on Wilson (I thought he'd bust) but I did love the Wagner pick. I'll never forget Kiper bashing Seattle after trading down in round 2 and 'losing their guy' in Kendricks and 'having to settle' for Wagner, yet earlier that evening Kiper ranked Wagner ahead of Kendricks... that's kind of when I stopped listening to Kiper all together. Anyway, all said I loved this draft. I've come around to Penny but I was SUPER high on all our mid round picks, and I LOVE the Michael Dickson pick since Ryan is overpaid for what he brings.
  11. With the 27th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft...

    This pick drove me nuts. I really have no clue what Seattle is trying to do at this point. Penny goes down like a sack of potatoes when a stiff breeze hits him and we had guys like Michel/Guice who are much better graded backs still available. Someone posted above that he is a solid receiving back and can let Carson be the feature back while he provides a suitable backup? We just took a RB in the 1st round... that RB should be 100% a feature back if that's the case. The F are you talking about with a viable option on 3rd down?
  12. The 2018 Seahawks schedule

    That's pretty much where I am with it.. MAYBE Dion Jordan/Mingo break out and live up to their top 10 potential with a new regime and Nazair Jones picks up where he left off. That's kind of our only hope on defense. As for offense, I believe our O-Line will be better. Brown will be in better football shape, Pocic is not a rookie and wont be struggling with injury, Ifedi... MAYBE turns it around with a new OL coach, etc. That said, our receiving crew is certainly worse without Richardson/Graham, although blocking is VASTLY improved with Dickson. I really think we need to grab one of the RBs (Guice, Michel) after trading back to a late 1st/early 2nd. I really just don't trust Cris Carson to come back and pull it off. Prosise/McKissic are situation/3rd down backs.
  13. Mock Drafts

    I just want Guice. There's going to (IMO) be a HUGE run on RBs (no pun intended) in the early 2nd frame. The Browns are almost a lock to take Barkley so that's whatever, but the Colts (2 2nd rounders early), Bucs, and Giants ALL need runningbacks and they all pick super early. IMO just trade back into the late 20s and take Guice. You're taking him a LITTLE early (if it was a slow RB demand class he'd be early-mid 2nd) but we need a player like him. Stop ***** footing around with all these trade downs to get lesser talent in the late 2nd, etc. Guice also has about half a season less carries and is declaring earlier, so he's got fresher legs. Duane Brown, the return of Fant, and another year of experience for Britt/Ifedi will hopefully help.... and Fluker was a former top 15 pick. With Cable gone maybe the OL can improve. Ed Dickson also provides a HUGE boost blocking and is a LIGHT year upgrade (in blocking) over Graham. Jones/Johnson have smaller frames and are shifty/explosive. We already have that in Prosise (who coincidentally can't stay healthy but have to stick with him for now, we're just too thin). If for whatever reason we can't get Guice, we need to get Michel. Michel is also fairly fresh in legs thanks to Chubb and I just like him as a prospect better than Chubb (who has more wear/tear). He's got better receiving skills to boot. Various GMs/Analysts actually believe both Guice/Michel could fall into the 1st round, and with all the teams drafting early in the 2nd that need RB, I wouldn't be shocked if both do.
  14. Players Taking Shots At Their Former Team

    Seattle has $9.7M left, usually $3-5M is needed for rookies (although Seattle doesn't have a 2nd/3rd rounder), meaning Sherman would put them at $3M and the rookies basically $0, ultimately little flex elsewhere. Seattle came into the offseason with low cap room and the LEAST active contracts in the league. $6.5M cap hit was frankly too much this season and there's ZERO way they can afford $10M+ the following season. Granted his contract has an out with the 49ers... but what's the point? Seattle also drafted quite a bit of young secondary players who need a shot and have too much locked up in Kam/Thomas. To your other point, that's fine if it provides motivation and deep down they say, "Great I'm going to stick it to em!" but don't publicly burn bridges and take it as a personal attack. People choose different Companies (Teams in this instance) all the time for personal reasons and it's fine telling a new org you chose this team over the other because you like their offer. That's not bashing the other team at all. Not sure I follow what your argument is?
  15. Players Taking Shots At Their Former Team

    Really doesn't bother me but it tells me the player is ignorant/stupid and doesn't understand simple business. Sherman is a pretty intelligent guy but his message was also kind of dumb. "Seattle didn't even call me to re-negotiate"... no ****, because they know you would've wanted way more than they could afford (hence your deal with San Fran), so instead of wasting your time and theirs, they just did everyone a favor. Best advice I ever got super early in my career was: "Don't take it personal in business." If you're being fired/laid off or in the instance of sports cut/traded, it's because you suck at your job, no longer fit the direction of the Company/Team, or they simply can't afford you (which is a real situation for people getting laid off).