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  1. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    NFL be like, "Well he's not guilty yet, and we know very little about the facts of the case yet... so.... suspend him 16 games." Incoming bust season, especially with that terrible defense and the fact Mahomes almost has to regress given the stat line he put up last year and no more Hill/Hunt.
  2. Probably will receive some backlash... but Earl Thomas. He's 30, was acting like a total ***** last year with the contract scenario, and the finger was totally uncalled for. You knew what you signed up for man, play out your f'in contract. In addition, Baltimore way overpaid for a 30 year old injury prone safety. Time to move on, and the safety play from Seattle last year was actually pretty good without Thomas. A healthy KJ Wright and some DL help (they do need to resign Frank Clark...) should get Seattle in the playoffs again.
  3. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    He was the #6 ranked guard according to PFF. While there's always someone better who CAN come along, it doesn't mean it's a sure thing. Even then, Zeitler is one of the better guards in the NFL. Because some guard named Corbett was a 2nd round pick doesn't mean he's a lock for playing at that level. Ever heard of 1st round busts? Well 2nd+ rounders are even moreso a risk. As for Mayfield, so far I've been 100% wrong about him. I thought he'd bust and wasn't a good product for Cleveland's system. That said, let me see another year, first.
  4. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    Not sold, yet. Anyone who gets excited about QBs with one year of experience is an idiot. Defenses now have footage and can adapt/learn. Beckham is one of the best wideouts in the NFL but he does have an injury history. The Browns' offensive line will also be worse without Zeitler who the Browns IMO CLEARLY lost the trade on. I have to almost think the Zeitler trade had a hidden clause that Beckham has to be traded as well. That said, ON PAPER the Browns look great. And 'on paper' teams seldom pan out.
  5. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    Somehow... some way... the Browns will F this up and miss the playoffs. I'm not sure how... and why... but the Browns will fail. It is their destiny (Emperor voice)
  6. Frank Clark Situation

    That would be a sick crew... and as a Seahawks fan would make me sick to my stomach. Will be interesting to see what Seattle does.
  7. Frank Clark Situation

    Ugh. The franchise tag needs to just go away. I'm so tired of this drama bull**** with the stupid FT every offseason. We need to resign Clark, though. He's a huge asset on the DL for this team and he's young.
  8. Seahawks franchise DE Frank Clark

    Such an underrated player. I remember multiple dumbass analysts gave Seattle C to D grades for this pick, and Clark is a top 10 pass rusher in the NFL and top 20 EDGE... he produced even with limited snaps when Bennett was on the team and this year finally getting some decent snaps dominated.
  9. Antonio Brown

    Nope. It's fun in the "Madden world" where there's no future consequence so to speak, but he doesn't fit into this philosophy at all. He's 30, has a TON of targets, brings drama, and will cost a 1st rounder likely. Seattle has no 2nd either. This draft class is rich with receiving tight ends, DL, and secondary, ALL of which Seattle needs. Wilson is not 39 and on his last legs... team needs to build a bit for the future and stop sacrificing first round picks for aging, soon to be injury prone vets (like Harvin/Graham).
  10. How Does Seattle Get Back to the SuperBowl?

    Schottenheimer and Carroll pull their head out of their *** and actually utilize their first round pick, Penny actually improves creating a backfield threat comparable to New Orleans, Baldwin heals, Seattle drafts a TE in the 1st so we actually have a TE receiving threat, actually hit on a DL pick in the draft, and Wright/Wagner stay healthy. AND SPEND SOME MONEY ON A ******* KICKER who has cost us now 2 seasons (Walsh was a reason we missed the playoffs/Dickson obviously can't kickoff). Do that, should be an easy 11-12 win season. Whitworth didn't retire, so that sucks. Rams should still be competitive but Suh will no longer be there and outside of the Rams' safeties/DTs, the rest of the defense sucks.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Talk

    Tight end class is surprisingly strong, I like a potential pick there. All the tight ends seem to be receiving threats although I like TJ the most and he's extremely athletic. The wideouts/OL in this draft suck, so if we want to help Wilson, TE would be the best option, and seems we've been searching for one for some time given Graham/Vannett/Dissly/Dickson, etc. - none of which have really panned out. I can't imagine any world where the Hawks trade Wilson to the Giants. Wilson still has 1 year left on his contract + 2 franchise tags if it really came to that. By that time he'd be 33 and the value would be diminished even further. The Giants would have to give up 3 1st rounders + multiple day 2 picks... just don't see it happening. The team is still committed to Eli for 2019. And the only reason that rumor came up is because his whore wife wants to do the whole New York scene.
  12. What is Rosen worth and to who?

    He has to go to an org that is immediately win now and lacks a QB which is exceptionally rare. I could argue the Ravens since their HC is decent and Jackson IS a bust (give me a break, the guy ran for more attempts than Vick did in a FULL season and was on pace for 300+. The Ravens pass offense dropped 100+ yards after subbing out a mediocre QB in Flacco), but outside of that? Maybe Denver (defense is still good), not really sure on New England since Brady/BB may retire together (team will go to **** then, especially with the Kraft issues)... maybe Jax (still top 5 D, Fournette), etc. Rosen has MAJOR motivational and attitude issues. It appears he just doesn't care about football and is happy to cash in on his $20M+. I don't imagine him being that successful regardless of where he goes, but it's not going to happen with a team trying to pull themselves out of a hole.
  13. Thoughts on Cousins

    Also don't forget Keenum had a better OL/run game/coordinator (and wasn't dealing with a dual OL coach (WTF was that all about?)) and one of the easiest schedules with a Rodger'less Packers in 2017-18. Vikings went from one of the easiest schedules the prior year to one of the hardest. And their offensive gameplan sucked which is exactly why DeFilippo was let go, and picked up by an even crappier org. in Jax.
  14. Thoughts on Cousins

    Cousins should be fine.. he'd be a lot better if he wasn't behind the worst OL in the NFL (yes the Vikings have FAR replaced Seattle in this regard) with absolutely ZERO run game to speak of.
  15. Which team is the biggest treadmill team in the NFL?

    Meant 1972-73 season. But you're correct in the technical sense the actual Super Bowl win was in 73. And 'easily'? Meh. They didn't really dominate any of the games they played post regular season. Also, many sites still reference '1972' as the actual season. For one: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/mia/1972.htm