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  1. It doesn't matter that Adams wont play. It doesn't matter that Dunlap wont play. It doesn't matter if we traded for Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, and TJ Watt... Jimmy Gaprorlrorlrorlol is quite possibly the worst passer in the league and relies 100% on throwing balls within -5 to 5 yards and allowing his team/blockers to generate anywhere from +5-30 YAC. He had about 10 yards of ACTUAL through air passing in the 1st half last week yet everyone was gushing (because Liberal Francisco? I dunno) about him being the second coming of Joe Montana or whatever. ANYWAY, my point is, the obvious answer is to press cover and blitz the F out of Jimmy who is one of the worst QBs in the league under pressure. THAT means, that Ken ****head Jr. will drop everyone 24/7 30 yards back into deep coverage, rush barely anyone, and Jimmy Gpoarlrorl will continually complete passes for 2 yards that turn into 15 yard gains because our defensive coordinator is the biggest moron in NFL history. Delete my post, ban me if you must (I really don't care lol) but I really am starting to think Ken Norton Jr. is a diversity hire at the position lol.
  2. Literally ANYONE would be better at this point. 480 yards allowed per game. Over 40+ yards for the NFL record for yards allowed per game. Seattle hung 34 points and had the chase down of the century from Metcalf, and still couldn't stop Arizona. Murray ran all over Seattle's D and we had ZERO QB hits on Murray with nearly 50 drop backs.
  3. Behind the line of scrimmage?
  4. Jimmy "YAC" Gapolrorlrol. I think over 150 of his yards tonight are from YAC, lol.
  5. Jets easily the #1 pick. And then they'll probably blow that by not taking Lawrence and drafting a DE and then back to back tight ends with Seattle's first and their 2nd lol.
  6. Ravens are done. Lamar will be an injury prone QB from here on out, and Ozzie was the only reason that team was competitive for a # of seasons. Ravens are finished. They wont compete for a SBOWL for at least 5+ years.
  7. The two firsts (barring injury) are LATE 1sts.. it's not like the Bears that gave up for Khalil Mack when they were barely a playoff contender... and even then their playoff run was short lived. Seattle is routinely a playoff contender and with Adams a Super Bowl contender. Hell if all their runningbacks and half the OLINE didn't get injured last year (in addition to basically ALL their tight ends) they'd likely have won the division, claimed HFA, and probably won the Super Bowl. This can HARDLY be compared to the Mack trade in terms of value. As for the Jets... nice... way to support your team while you have a CHEAP QB (who I guess is seeing more ghosts?) with one of the best safeties in the game and EASILY the best tackler on your team who is also a great blitzer. I think it's VERY obvious that the Jets are going to fire Gase after this year, cut Darnold... and try and rebuild (AGAIN) with the ammo from the Hawks trade. D for the Jets, B for the Seahawks. The trade just means the Jets are going to take another 3-4 years to do anything relevant while Seattle competes for a Super Bowl now... you got what is likely going to be two late 1st picks in the time during COVID (which means more uncertainty around picks). I don't view this as a positive for the Jets at all.
  8. Well... Reed wont have the suspension, Irvin and Mayowa were brought in, we drafted Brooks, Collier is hopefully back and healthy... and don't forget Jamal Adams is probably the best tackling/blitzing safety in the NFL. Yes it sucks to lose Clowney, but Seattle has made quite a few moves to replace. And during our Super Bowl run we never had by any means an ELITE edge defender. Clemons/Avril were GREAT pass rushers but NOT the best run defenders (potentially Mayowa/Irvin) and hopefully Collier/Green can fill the void of Bennett (which is what I believe they were drafted for).
  9. Were you? A large chunk of the reason the Titans did anything relevant in 2009 was because Chris Johnson slayed it and the Titans went up against a bunch of mediocre teams the 2nd half. Vince Young had little to do with that 8-2 record. I mean Kerry Collins was worse, but that's like comparing a half eaten sandwich to a 3 day old slice of pizza... I find it HARD to believe anyone (except you apparently) would say Vince Young had a more 'successful' career than Reggie Bush.
  10. He wasn't a bust by any means. He had a couple 1,000 yard seasons and was always a receiving threat. Pretty threatening punt returner too (had 3 in one season). Yah you'd probably EXPECT something more like a Christian McCaffrey out of the gates, but he was still decent. In hindsight would you take him #2 overall? No you'd probably take Whitworth (although they took Evans who was great as well, he just ended up as a guard, OT is arguably more important), but I still wouldn't classify him as a BUST. I'd call Vince Young more of a bust WAY over Reggie Bush. And that shows how stupid the Pro Bowl/OROY can be.. how Vince Young got 2x Pro Bowl appearances and OROY still blows my mind.
  11. Because the NFL is stupid. Elliott was never convicted or formally charged with domestic violence (from what I saw/read it was his bat **** crazy girlfriend that likely inflicted wounds herself) and yet was still suspended... because.... reasons?
  12. Yep. Of the major USA sports: Basketball, hockey, and soccer are the easiest. Action is basically non-stop, put the ball/puck in the goal/net and you're done. Soccer/Hockey have offsides which can get a LITTLE more weird, but that's about it. Baseball is fairly simple. 3 Strikes you're out. 4 balls you're on base. Goal is to go from 1st base to home plate for a run. Football is complex. You've got all the penalties, the 4 downs, touchbacks, multiple ways to score (safety, XP, touchdown, 2 pt. conversion, field goal), the offense/defense consist of different players (none of the other sports has that), there's the whole yardage thing which can dynamically change based on penalties, etc. Then there's different packages based on the play you're running (you often are not substituting players in the other sports unless they need rest, American football strictly has players sub out pending the package you want to run, which is generally dictated by down, etc.). That's the order of the 3 easiest to hardest. Source: Me trying to explain to women. Fine call me sexist, but in most cases that's the measure of ease. My past girlfriends/female relatives have understood easiest to hardest in that order. Also, generally in my experience out of all the sports I hear people cheer the most in NFL when they should NOT be cheering... or screaming at the TV with "WTF!?!? NOOOOO" when they should be happy with the result - i.e, zero clue how the game works. The other sports I rarely hear that.
  13. I heard Hyde is UP to $4M (so that means incentives). Hyde will be 30 at the start of the season so I think Seattle is just trying to get some insurance behind Carson since Penny wont be ready and Dallas is a rookie. Hyde has an injury history but not that many NFL carries for his age, so maybe he produces. He's coming off his best season where he ran behind a pretty pedestrian line in Houston. Granted he's not going to much better in Seattle (maybe Lewis will pan out). I think Freeman at 28 is searching for a 3 year $21M type of a deal, which just doesn't make sense for Seattle to sign.
  14. I think it's a pretty favorable schedule. Outside of the division, most of our difficult games are at home, and easier games on the road (could argue Eagles/Bills are decent, but both winnable games). Helps we have the pedestrian Dolphins who probably wont even start Tua this year, the terrible Skins, and the Patriots without Brady as well.
  15. Yah but it wasn't too much, and Clowney helped make our team competitive. It's worth it if you go deep in the playoffs and reach the Super Bowl. I'd argue Seattle had a good shot at that until half their f'ing offense went down in the final weeks of the season. Had a good shot to win the division and lock up HFA.
  16. Chastised by who? Wagner was still good last year but nowhere NEAR the elite linebacker he was in prior years... Wagner IMO is a hall of famer, but he's not far off from a major injury or just wearing down. Guy just took WAY too many hits (with all the tackles) in his career. KJ Wright has not been the same since his injury in 2018. Kendricks is gone. Barton did not look good last year. Yes he's a rookie and I get a later pick, but he can't remotely fill in (YET, still time for development). Burr-Kirven is a complete unknown. We were actually DANGEROUSLY thin at linebacker and if Wagner/Wright go down this year (or in Wright's case continue to be mediocre from his 2019 campaign) we have a MAJOR hole at LBer.
  17. Makes sense Finney would be our starter. He did an okay job filling in for the Steelers last year given he was coming off the bench (this year he'll have a full offseason to get reps with the starters). I'd have to think the $12M freed up will create a play for Everson Griffen. I think Griffen will be available for around $10M per year as he's approaching 33 and his off field issues in 2018 will create concern. Seattle really has never had an issue with bringing in guys with off field/character concerns, so I really don't think that will prevent them here. I loved Clowney's play last year and he graded as one of (if not THE) highest edge rusher in the NFL according to PFF (after games like San Fran it's obvious to see why) but Clowney has injury issues and work ethic issues in College + early NFL. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable giving him some 5 year $90M ($50M) guaranteed contract. We've spent HIGH EDGE draft capital on Green, Collier, Taylor... I'd like to see some of those guys develop and plugged in and supplement with a cheaper EDGE veteran leader, which is typically what Seattle always has done in the past. We've never really paid HUGE money on a DE, so I can't imagine Clowney is going to get resigned for anything more than $15M per year (from Seattle) which is far below what he's looking for.
  18. Should pair well with Lewis who also is a nasty run blocker and has a mean streak attitude. I would still assume Carson/Penny are the guys, but after those late season injuries... who knows.
  19. This is the one pick that baffled me. Olsen, Hollister, Dissley, Johnson, and Willson. I guess a few of those guys will be cut because we can't go into the season with 5+ tight ends. I also don't understand the Parkinson pick because Seattle asks a lot out of their tight ends for blocking, and that's a major weakness for Parkinson. I like all our other picks, but this one was a major head scratcher for me.
  20. Best thing about Swain is he has some decent return ability. Seattle had a bottom 5 worst kick return average and bottom 10 worst punt return average, and were at times marching out Lockett (#1 WR) to fill in. Just fail all around there. Swain despite being a 6th round pick should make the team on the fact he can cover return duties, alone. GREAT way to end the draft.
  21. Well you know how Seattle is... take a guard or center and 'convert' them to a tackle... Swear this team doesn't know how to draft O-Lineman. At this point Lewis will probably end up as our starting safety. Iupati and Fluker are just not that good though and far too injury prone. We have to replace that and pray Brown stays healthy. It's annoying to see the 49ers get Williams so cheap. I would've loved to trade our early 5th and next years 3rd for Williams.
  22. Linebacker is not deep. Kendricks is gone, Barton looked like crap last year, Wright has lost a step since his injury a few years back, and Wagner is IMO not far off from an injury. He was close to having offseason knee surgery, not to mention the guy has a TON of tackles in his career. He's just going to wear down. Yes we have 19 O-Lineman, but Iupati/Fluker, etc. are injury prone and on borrowed time, and Chance Warmack never lived up to the top 10 status. That said, I have ZERO clue why we drafted ANOTHER tight end, especially given Parkinson is not a good run blocker, which seems to be a criteria we CONSTANTLY look for. We have Olsen, Hollister, Dissley, Willson, Johnson, and now Parkinson? The F? We can't have 5 tight ends on our roster, and I don't think ditching Dissley or Hollister is smart... so we cut Olsen or Willson? If we cut Olsen and that's what prevented us from resigning Clowney I'll be fairly annoyed.
  23. All these stupid *** networks are playing it. **** Bryan, hope that ****er goes to the nearest cliff and dives off it along with all the jackass executives that decided to put that dumbass on instead of actually covering the draft.
  24. Wow get this dork off the screen and actually cover the picks. **** YOU NFL.
  25. I think Seattle pulled the trigger and didn't want to trade too far back because I bet Cincy would've snatched him with the 33rd. They went linebacker/linebacker with their 3rd/4th and in a division with Lamar Jackson, Brooks would've been ideal given his lateral quickness and overall speed.
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