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  1. So Mekari and Skura tested positive or are they close contacts? Which is it?
  2. Any and all corners except for Brandon Carr, amirite?
  3. They should fire Roman today and give Urban the OC job so the Steelers aren't as sure what to expect and hopefully give us a bit of an advantage against them.
  4. "Ravens = 6-4, wheels haven’t yet fallen off, but if they lose to the Steelers on Thursday... wheels will certainly be falling." That's the toughest game left on the schedule. You know the other teams in the hunt have to play the rest of their games on their schedule too right? And they're remaining games probably aren't quite as easy as ours
  5. For the love of God fire Roman and give Urban the OC job.
  6. These bogus calls on this team is getting old especially when the opposing never gets called for anything.
  7. I would've traded both 3rd round picks (Ferguson and Boykin) to move up to get him.
  8. If the rumor is true that they're moving forward with Bozeman at center (JLC) then who you rolling with at guard? I think they go with Mekari at RT so probably move Skura to RG and Powers to LG? When Phillips comes back I kinda like the idea of him and Fluker playing at both guard spots so we can just straight SHOVE
  9. I don't care that I've literally never even seen Colon-Castillo play, I want him starting over Skura. I also want Board playing a lot more and possibly even starting alongside Fort who is hopefully ready to return next week and Jihad Ward better be active no matter what too.
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