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  1. Predict the Final 53-man Roster

    Offense QB: Flacco / Griffin / Jackson RB: Collins / Dixon / Allen WR: Crabtree / Scott WR: Brown / Lasley SL: Snead / White vs. Moore TE: Hurst / Andrews / Boyle vs. Williams LT: Stanley / Lewis LG: Hurst / Siragusa C: Skura / Bozeman RG: Yanda / Eluemunor RT: Brown Defense DT: Williams / Davis / Wormley NT: Pierce / Ricard DE: Urban / Henry RUSH: Suggs / Smith / Williams WILL: Young / Onwuasor vs. McClellan MIKE: Mosley / Correa vs. Bradley SAM: Bowser / Judon RCB: Smith / Averett FS: Weddle / Elliot SS: Jefferson / Clark NCB: Young / Canady LCB: Carr / Humphrey Special Teams K: Tucker P: Koch LS: Cox PUP: Hill PS: Senat / Sieler The bolded is who I think wins the position battle but they're close and I could see it go either way.
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Hankins rushes the passer better than Williams and Pierce and those three together would be damn near impossible to run against. Bowman is still really good at defending the run too and would allow Mosley to cut weight.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    If Dez doesn't with to sign with Baltimore then I say they should turn their attention to and use the rest of the cap on two of the most underrated options left on the market, Jonathan Hankins and Navorro Bowman.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    When I think of the draft class as Avengers I feel better with the picks, actually, as weird as that may be 😂 Perfect. Love all of them, especially these.
  5. Ravens 2018 UDFA

    Without thinking twice.
  6. 2019 Draft, it's never too early. /CFB thread.

    First round: Bryce Love Third Round: Jaylen Smith Please.
  7. Post Draft Talk

  8. Post Draft Talk

    We would probably be looking back on this draft the way we look at Ozzie's first draft with JO and Ray if they took James and Jackson (which they could've). Maybe/probably not quite as impactful but close.
  9. Post Draft Talk

    https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-10-impactful-udfa-for-2018 PFF likes Alvin Jones. Green Bay running back Aaron Jones' brother.
  10. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Just think how hard it would be to try to contain the explosiveness and stop the speed of Lamar and Love.
  11. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Yeah Guice would've been nice, hey that rhymes too, but it's cool we can just get Bryce Love next year. If they wanted Guice that bad they should've known to jump Washington. There is something that is off to me about Guice's character too. There might be something there that we're glad we dodged.
  12. UDFA Thread

    https://www.baltimorebeatdown.com/2018/4/28/17285732/ravens-2018-undrafted-free-agent-tracker Baltimore's list
  13. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Bozeman, Elliott, and Sieler are my favorite picks from today. Sieler could definitely end up taking Kaufusi's roster spot.
  14. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    UDFAs to target: Riley Ferguson, Memphis, QB Ryan Nall, Oregon State, FB Tony Adams, North Carolina State, OG Desmond Harrison, West Georgia, OT Deontay Burnett, Southern California, WR Jalen Davis, Utah State, CB Hercules Mataafa, Washington State, DE Jeff Holland, Auburn, OLB Tegray Scales, Indiana, ILB J.C. Jackson, Maryland, CB
  15. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Sieler was another guy I thought about putting on my 20 prospect list. Solid pick.