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  1. You can't oversell the Broward County connection with Lamar and Hollywood either.
  2. Let's not forget So EDC is ready to pay. As long as the Bears don't franchise tag him, I think Allen Robinson will be a Raven. 5 years $105 million.
  3. Sign JJ Watt and Von Miller. Let Bowser, Judon, Ngakoue, and Wolfe all walk. Get comp picks.
  4. How fast do we think Bateman is going to run? Is he going to have to surprise everyone like Jefferson did in order for us to take him? One thing this team has seemed to prioritize over the last several years in the draft has been speed with the exception of Jaylon Ferguson (who hasn't impressed) and Orlando. Patrick Queen, JK Dobbins, Justin Madubuike, Hollywood, Boykin, Justice Hill, Lamar, Andrews and Hurst were fast for tight ends, and you can keep going back. Speed isn't Bateman's game with how he beats you so they might not be too worried about it in his case.
  5. Yeah I want #13 from the Chargers so we can at least have a shot at Pitts.
  6. JuJu, Nelson Agholor, and especially Sammy Watkins will be names to watch in FA with these hires. Amon Ra-St. Brown, Amari Rodgers, and Josh Palmer will be names I'll be using for the predict the prospect draft game for sure.
  7. I just don't know why the Chargers would trade for him when they could just use their pick on Vera-Tucker, Slater, or Darrisaw. I think the Jags are our best bet and probably would be looking at something like pick #25 or #33 and a fourth round pick. Maybe swap #45 for #58 too.
  8. Stanley played RT at Notre Dame his sophomore year. I'd love it if we said OK we'll move him over to RT so you can can stay at LT and since it's not about the money you shouldn't have a problem signing a team-friendly contract. THAT would be funny.
  9. Jacksonville's got a lot of draft capital and a need at LT. They also have plenty of cap space. I'd put them as one of most likely along with the Chargers and Panthers. This could just be that they were trying to extend him and give him RT money and this was his response. Might not be actually demanding a trade this year.
  10. He also double dipped in both instances taking Miles Boykin and Malik Harrison in the 3rd rounds. If he decides to let them all walk then that will have to mean that he uses the cap to buy offense. I can see it.
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