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  1. Finishing"last" in the division but still picking after the third place team in the draft is absolute garbage.
  2. Good news. Philadelphia has Miami's 1st round pick lol
  3. 1st round: Tyler Linderbaum 2nd round: Trevor Penning This is assuming Big Ick, Charles Cross, and Evan Neal are all taken before us in the 1st round. Picking before Miami and Pittsburgh would be pretty significant.
  4. Good for you. I hope you feel great about the Packers taking Jordan Love in the first round last year when they could've taken Tyler Huntley in the 7th too.
  5. Buddy... it ain't even close so no it's not worth pointing out at all to try to compare and make yourself feel better about that game.
  6. I don't understand going for 2 when they're still going to have 42 seconds to score anyway
  7. Absolute garbage. Like the Packers need any help.
  8. Why in the world was Robert Jackson on Davante Adams on 3rd and goal?
  9. Looked like Marlon tore his bicep on that final Pittsburgh TD.
  10. Look at how bad Villanueva gets embarrassed here. They might want to consider moving Mekari over to LT and putting Ogbuehi in at RT until James is ready to play.
  11. Andy Dalton vs the Ravens on 4th down with the game on line. What could go wrong?
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