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  1. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    The only good news today is GB lost as well, and hopefully Det & Chi lose.
  2. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    In my entire life of watching football games, that was the most pathetic showing ive ever seen. This is a game that great teams/championship teams come in and take care of business. My overall expectations for the season dropped substantially today and i dont have very much hope for this team moving forward. They could prove me wrong and id love it if they did. But this just looks like an 8-8 team right now. Oline is not gonna get better, only worse. The guy who was steady is now looking like garbage, Reiff. Defense is good but then they have games like NFCCG, today, and 2nd half of Saints playoff game. Then the special teams is just not very good at all. Btw Barr is looking dreadful and should not be extended. Just a horrible game, and possibly a preview of things to come. I think the Rams beat us easily on Thur night. 34-14
  3. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    Cant believe how this game ended. I was telling myself there's no way he's going to miss this one, he nails all his XP's at about the same range. Oh well, better now then in the playoffs. One really positive today is Kirk Cousins. We finally have our QB. Maybe not a kicker, but we have our QB. Min please sign Dan Bailey (if healthy)
  4. Inexcusable by Carlson, i had hope for him with that strong leg he has. But it means nothing without accuracy. The bad luck with kickers just continues. I really hope Minnesota brings in a veteran kicker. Today is a learning lesson. Sure it sucks to tie when we had the game won. But its better that this happened today, than in a crucial playoff game. You shouldnt have a shaky rookie kicker on a potential super bowl contending team, period. Cut your loses and bring back Kai or sign Bailey (assuming hes healthy).
  5. Vikings sign...UDFA

    Im very excited about this year's udfa class, i think we could easily see 3 of them make the final 53. (Roc, Hurcules, & Hill) With the addition of Hill i think we could finally see the end of Sherels. I get that Sherels is a reliable punt returner and was resigned. But if Hughes can take over those duties adequately then obviously Sherels is gone. He doesnt bring anything to the defense.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    Id like if Minnesota took John Kelly here in the 5th, i think he can be a good rotational back. Or possibly St. Brown. Of course Crosby would be nice but at this point im thinking hes very low on Minnesota's board. I expect a LB or TE.
  7. Vikings select...Jalyn Holmes, DL, Ohio St

    The more the pick sinks in the less i like it, especially with what was available there. Duke Ejiofor would have been better. Not to mention all the big names we have been mentioning since last night. Im very disappointed in this draft, may be the first year ever where i wont even watch past the 5th round.
  8. Vikings select...Jalyn Holmes, DL, Ohio St

    Another pick im meh on, i dont hate it. But will all the talent on the board, they take this guy? Sweat's knee must be worse than Teddy's. This whole draft has been meh for me, not one single pick im actually excited about.
  9. Vikings select...Brian O’Neill, OT, Pittsburgh

    Im luke warm on this pick, i think in time he can be a good RT and potential swing T. But i just dont think its gonna be a good pick for 2018, he needs to add strength as others have said. If hes asked to start year 1, he will have some growing pains. But id say at this point Rashod Hill is still the favorite to start at RT. Which imo, is not good.
  10. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    Im good with this pick if we can get a starting offensive lineman tomorrow. Ive expected CB to be our 1st round pick for a while now, even though i dont 100% agree with it. Even if we have to trade up in the 2nd tomorrow, we need to get an OL. Austin Corbett & Braden Smith are guys that could be there for us in the 2nd. I think we would have to make a trade up for any of Hernandez, Daniels or Williams.
  11. NFL Mock Draft Challenge

  12. Eric's final mock draft

    Yeah you do have a good point on the CB's with speed, i could see Donte Jackson if he slipped that far into the 2nd. Which i doubt. Also with Green, im not a huge fan but i do think he has some potential as i said. Especially with Zimmer.
  13. Eric's one and ONLY mock!

    Dude, my bad. In my mind i was thinking Poe was still with the Falcons. And i knew Grady is a monster so i didnt see it as an immediate need. But i hear you now, ill change it to Payne. Also, in my opinion Hurst isnt gonna go in the 1st due to the medical concerns. And i just dont see Bryan as a 1st round pick based off of what hes shown, although i wont deny his potential.
  14. Eric's final mock draft

    Just gonna jump right in. My gut feeling all along has been that Minnesota will go CB in round 1, and if they stay i think that could be the pick if its not Oline. But i also think there's a good chance Minnesota trades down, so im going to predict that in this mock they trade down. Also, this is a mock based off of what I WANT the Vikings to do. Not necessarily what i THINK they will do. Sitting at #30 this year with the loaded roster we have, its almost impossible to get a grip on what Minnesota wants to do there. But i think its very likely OL, CB or edge. 1st. Trade: The Minnesota Vikings trade the #30 overall pick to the Indianapolis Colts for the #37 overall pick & a 4th round pick (#107). 2nd round(Via Colts) - The Minnesota Vikings select.... Billy Price, G, Ohio St I know Billy is a very popular pick among Vikings mock draftees, but lets be real it just makes so much sense. Ive been debating between Ragnow, Hernandez and Price, but i just think this one makes the most sense. I think this is his sweet spot to be taken, had he not gotten injured i think he could have gone in the 1st. He has versatility to play all over the interior oline, which will add to his overall value. He is a very strong player who can move people in the run game, but he's also athletic enough to pull. He is solid in pass protection, and excels in the run game. A tough guy who is very durable, despite the fluke injury at the combine. Everyone knows he's already familiar will Pat Elfein, so that will help out with the chemistry. He would come in as an immediate starter, either at LG or RG and will be an upgrade. Might be the boring pick, but i really believe Price on their radar. 2nd round - The Minnesota Vikings select..... Rasheem Green, DE/DT, USC Green is a versatile defender, who can slide inside on 3rd downs to help rush the passer. He's also very good athlete, who has some skills that need refinement. Has drawn some comparisons to Carlos Dunlap, who was also a long/athletic pass rusher. Green has some potential that could be unlocked with this coaching staff, i personally think he will be a better pro than he was in college. He will come in as a rookie and strengthen a rotation that desperately needed some more juice at the end of the season last year. The fact that he can slide inside just makes this pick even better. Overall i think DL will be a priority for the Vikings, maybe trying to take a page out of what the Eagles have done. Overall i think most would be happy with this pick. 3rd round - The Minnesota Vikings select.... M.J Stewart, DB, North Carolina Stewart was a 2 year starter at CB for NC, but he also has versatility to play NCB or possibly even safety. He's a physical player, who is a very good tackler. Should help in run support & offer position flexibility in Zimmers defense. He's a pretty good cover guy, who has the speed/athleticism to be an effective outside CB if he's needed there. His physical nature would be welcomed in Minnesota. Also would have the chance for alot of playing time as a rookie, since the Vikings didnt bring back veteran Terrence Newman. With Trae Waynes future in question with the team after 2019, as well as Mack's inconsistencies i think CB is a need that could come up in the near future. CB is one of the more important positions, and the phrase you can never have enough of them is true. Like i said, i believe Minnesota could very well select one in round 1. Isaiah Oliver is a top option if they decide to go that route at #30. 4th round (Via Colts) - The Minnesota Vikings select.... Nyheim Hines, RB, NC State Some think Hines wont fall this far, but i think there's a real chance. If Kamara can slip to the 3rd, id say this is a possibility. Hines is an explosive RB, who has elite straight line speed. He has KR abilities and can also catch the ball well out of the backfield. The Vikings have a hole at RB after losing Jerick in FA, and this is a player that kind of fits the same mold. The added value here is that he can immediately step in as a returner. Cook-Murray-Hines would be the 3 headed monster for Flip like he had last year in Philly. I think Mark Walton would also be a good option here if Hines isnt available. But i like Hines a little more. Jaylen Samuels would also be an option but hes just too much of a tweener for me. 5th round- The Minnesota Vikings select..... Jack Cichy, LB, Wisconsin Cichy is projected to be a very good backup, and core special teams player. Overall Cichy is a LB with good instincts and ability, but isnt overly athletic or rangy. Also has had some issues staying healthy. But if he can stay healthy he should become one of the Vikings better ST players and a depth player behind the starting players. LB is a position that i dont see as big of a need as others, but now with the Brothers suspension it becomes a little more pressing. I truly believe Minnesota will lock up Barr soon, so the future is set at LB assuming Gedeon can continue improving as a 2 down guy. Just need to shore up some depth, and i think Cichy is a perfect fit for that. As well as some undrafted guys sprinkled into the mix.