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  1. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    I would think it can’t be like a 1st or 2nd round pick either right?
  2. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    Hey guys I’ve run my fantasy league for about 4-5 years, but I’ve never done a keeper. As an owner what is the best way to go about having a keeper player? Like do you choose that player after the draft? And how long do you get to keep that player? Are there certain rules to usually go by? Ive been playing FF for a long time but I’m completely new to the whole keeper league. Thanks.
  3. I also think Sloter will and should be the #2 guy. I mean yeah Mannion has taken snaps but he doesnt bring much at all. At least IF Kirk got hurt, Sloter has some potential with his arm talent. Regardless, IF Kirk gets hurt then the Vikings are done. As would most teams be, if their starting QB went down.
  4. and Wide Receiver Number Three shall be...?

    Id really like the see Mitchell win the job, he has alot of talent. He has the most potential of all the guys behind 19 & 14 imo. And i truly think it is a wide open competition for the #3 spot. But id still like a veteran added, just not Crabtree. My guess is Jordan Taylor probably wins the spot, they seem to like him for whatever reason. But i think Badet makes the 53 this year and could come in for 10-15 plays a game and give us a vertical threat. They had him on the PS last year and plus gave him the bonus this year, they like him alot. As of right now my projection on WRs that will make the 53: Diggs-Thielen-Taylor-Treadwell-Mitchell-Badet (Johnson PS). But Davis has a chance to make it with his return ability. I like Beebe but dating back he hasnt been able to stay healthy and he's kind of limited to the slot. If they decide to cut Treadwell or Badet doesnt make it, then id think Johnson would make it. Its such a wild card at this position outside of 19 & 14.
  5. Might not happen. But I could see Carolina releasing Jarius Wright. Which I think, Minnesota would be highly interested in reuniting Carolina has Moore, T.Smith, Hogan, Samuel, Ross(from AAF), Wright and some other guys. If they decide to go with a younger talent I could see Wright being one of the final cuts. The top 4 are locked in imo and I doubt Wright will be playing ST. Just an interesting idea of a possibility.
  6. 2020 Draft Talk

    Bottom line in my opinion, unless Kirk Cousins makes or wins the SB next year. The Vikings need to take or trade up for a top QB next year. Then you have a good backup & the future set. AND you don’t have to pay Kirk his 2nd contract, which will probably be huge. Then you have flexibility to resign guys and/or bring in free agents at positions of need because of that big chunk of cap space.
  7. 2020 Draft Talk

    You can say that rolling with Hill & going 5-11 was the best option, and YES it was the best option. BUT there is no way Rick & Zim were willing to throw a season away just to possibly draft a QB early. Rick had to do something to give the team & fans & coaches hope, even if it was the slightest glimpse of hope. I didnt like the trade at the time, but i had to admit that it gave us a chance! Hill gave us NO chance, period. And no i dont believe rolling with Jackson was a better option, even though i was a huge fan of his. Also i dont believe a rookie Haskins or Jones or Lock on this team gives us a better chance to win a SB next year or the year after that for that matter. Kirk Cousins as good or bad as he may be, gives the Vikings the best chance to win a SB in 2019-2020. Regardless of how low that chance is. Just like Bradford gave the best chance for MIN when they traded for him, even though the chances were also slim.
  8. 2020 Draft Talk

    The thought of adding a Justin Herbert or Tua or Fromm to this team next year is very exciting. Sure the Vikings wont be drafting early enough for these guys. But realistically, what teams drafting early will be looking for QB's next year? CIN prob, maybe TB? Alot of the teams that should be drafting early, already have young QB's (ARZ, MIA, NYG, OAK, WASH, BUF, DEN, NYJ).
  9. 2020 Draft Talk

    There was really no choice but to trade for Bradford. With Teddy going down, we couldnt just ride with Hill all year. People say oh that was a terrible trade, but what other options did he have? Just like the Cousins deal, what other choice did he have? Resign Case (who everyone knew was not THE GUY)? Resign Teddy(who hadnt played in two years)? Resign Bradford(who's knee was also wrecked)? With a team that has SB potential you couldnt just risk it with one of them & couldnt draft a guy early and expect him to be the guy. So regardless of what the opinions are on Cousins, he was the best option at the time. And looking back, the case can still be made that MIN made the right choice. So thats why i think MIN needs to draft a QB early next year to be prepared for whatever happens next. Which im not sure they will, but they should. Next years QB class looks pretty good as of right now. If they can find a true franchise QB (hard to find) that alone will keep the team contenders for a long time. IF they can develop a guy like Mahomes, Watson, or Baker then they can be competitive for years to come, regardless of if the defense is top 5 or not. As long as Zim is around, the defense will be good enough to compete with the NFL's best.
  10. 2020 Draft Talk

    Its kind of weird to think that the 2020 Vikings draft could be made by another GM. There has been talk that if the Vikings have a bad season or losing season, Rick & Co could be fired. I personally think that would be a HUGE mistake. Rick has done a great job building this team imo. He hasnt really gotten the QB position right, but i think he had it right with Teddy. Which is unfortunate what happened. But for the most part i want to see Rick Spielman as the GM of the Vikings until Rick decides he wants to retire. IMO he is a top 5 GM in the NFL. Next year i think would be wise to select a QB high in the draft. Unless Kirk wins the SB or makes the SB, id like to start planning for life after Cousins at QB. Draft a guy next year and have him sit for one year, then we arent forced to give Kirk 40 million per year and have a QB on a rookie deal for a few years. I may be wrong on this but i see a window for the Vikings to be solid & contenders for seasons to come. I dont think their championship window is as small as some think. Our core guys are still young and have prime years left. The only core players that are even 30 are Harrison Smith & Linval, the rest are 28 or younger. And 30 at most positions isnt exactly that old. I think the Vikings are here to stay competitive for years to come, very deep/stacked team.
  11. His dad wore 82 i believe and he wore 82 at Bama. Im sure thats the number he wants, and who knows it could come open soon if Rudolph does get traded or cut. Sometimes players change numbers. I believe a few players recently did (Boone, Badet, Aruna)
  12. Top 5 Defenses

    The Vikings have finished top 4 (yards allowed) in the last 3 seasons. And top 10 in points allowed the last 4 seasons. Not saying they will be the best or even top 3. But I definitely think they are under-rated on here.
  13. Who wins the NFCN 2019

    I think all the teams in the NFCN had good drafts. I thought before the draft that GB added some solid pieces in FA & I like what they did in the draft. If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy I think they have a really good chance to win it. But Min got stronger on the OL & added some nice complementary pieces to an already talented offense. IF Min plays up to their potential I think they will win it. But that’s IF the OL, with the additions of Bradbury & Samia & Kline plays well (Elflien plays well at G) and IF Dalvin Cook can stay healthy. The defense will be solid under Zim, likely top 5-7ish. Only really lost Sheldon, which we have some guys there that can do a good job I think. Overall I just think Min has the most complete team, of course I could be somewhat biased. The Bears are very solid and have a great shot as well. But the loss of Fangio I think is substantial. Also lost a few good players I believe in Amos & Callahan. I’m not a believer in Trubisky either. Plus I think they just naturally regress a little on defense since they were so darn good last year. I believe the loss of Howard can’t be overlooked either. I know they drafted Montgomery and I think he will be a very good back. But let’s see how he plays in the NFL first. I see them right there with Min & GB, but ultimately I think they take a step back this year. The Lions have some talent. But I just don’t think Patricia is the guy that leads them where they need to be. And I’ve never thought very highly of Stafford as a player. I like the young nucleus of talent they have on offense (Hock, K.Johnson, Golladay), and they have some good pieces on defense. I think they shouldve added a playmaker to replace G.Tate (Amendola not it) & I kind of think they should’ve added another pass rusher in the draft. I get they added Flowers, but I think they overpayed him and he will just be solid(rather than an elite edge rusher like they payed him). If young guys like Hand & Davis progress then that could make them more difficult. But the Lions are a team havent proved they can really be a good team consistently with Stafford at the helm. And until they do become more consistent, I don’t think we should be calling them legitimate contenders in a division with 3 other very good teams. Will be a tight race no doubt, but I think Min has a bounce back year and wins the NFCN.
  14. Does anyone think he can have a day 1 impact at WR for this team? Or Olabisi for that matter? Otherwise we’re counting on guys like Treadwell, Beebe, Taylor, & Zylstra in 3 WR sets. Which is bleak imo. Last year Aldrick was nice, but there was just something missing outside of 19-14. I know Irv should help out. But at a certain point in games we’re gonna go 3 and 4 wide, and at this point the WR depth is not great. Plus we all know Diggs tends to get dinged up. I was really hoping they addressed WR earlier, like the 3rd. But at least they addressed it at some point. But the question is, can either one of these guys make a difference? Or are they Stephen Burton, Stacy Coley, Jamar Johnson, MoBo, Rodney Adams?
  15. Honestly, Irv is my fav pick from the whole Vikings draft. I think he is gonna be a real mismatch & will make a big impact on this team. Love the pick! And idk how i feel about him wearing #84. It looks good, i just feel like they should retire that number.