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  1. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Im torn, i see his combine numbers and think why couldnt he play WR. But i dont know if he has the quickness & route running ability to separate consistently.
  2. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Is Chase Claypool a TE or WR in the NFL? Ive been studying him, but im having a hard time.
  3. 2020 Draft Talk

    What are yall's thoughts on MIN taking Chase Claypool? Needs some work, but he has some elite physical tools, Calvin Johnson like tools. Intriguing prospect. I think he goes in the 2nd.
  4. Vikings FFMD20 War Room

    Id go with Aiyuk.
  5. Official 2020 WR Thread

    What are the opinions of Chase Claypool in here?
  6. Official 2020 WR Thread

    I dont believe they will go WR in round 1 either, UNLESS one of the top 3 guys is available. I think they will pass on Mims & Jefferson in the 1st. I think round 2 is where they scoop a WR as well. But im not a big fan of Hamler. Im hoping Aiyuk or Reagor slip.
  7. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Which one? in your opinion. Ruggs?
  8. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Does anyone believe there is a realistic chance that any of the top 3 WR's slip into the 20's?
  9. Vikings FFMD20 War Room

    Well part of scouting/learning about players sometimes is also listening to other respected actual scouts and such. PFF is also a very credible source in alot of peoples eyes. Just because you view things a certain way doesnt mean other people are wrong in their evaluations. Ive been dead set on prospects before and they bust & ive also been low on players that have turned out to be really good. But one thing i dont do is claim to know everything about these guys. My opinions on players are usually from me watching them. But its hard to know all the prospects as well, so sometimes i do lean on scouting reports/highlight reels. Some of these guys were actual scouts for NFL teams, which has some credibility imo. But hey, if you know about all these prospects and are always right then good for you.
  10. Vikings FFMD20 War Room

    Another reason i think waiting on a S makes sense is this staff has a knack for developing guys that werent highly drafted. Harris, Sendejo, & Kearse. I think a mid round pick & a veteran would do just fine without Harris. As Zim said, safety isnt super important in this defense.
  11. Vikings FFMD20 War Room

    I respect Jordan Reid (the twitter NFL draft scout) and he raves about Burgess. Seems like a player that could also potentially play in the slot. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/terrell-burgess?id=32194255-5210-2577-4960-9b8e33e83c2a For those who maybe dont know who he is. On Davis, he is as physically gifted as any safety in the draft & will make for an excellent FS. Probably not a box guy, but very good in coverage. https://www.rotoworld.com/college-football/nfl-draft/player/49588/ashtyn-davis A little piece on him.
  12. Vikings FFMD20 War Room

    Ashtyn Davis is a guy id like in the 3rd. Terrell Burgess is another mid round S to consider. OT or WR is where i believe we need to go in the 2nd.
  13. Vikings FFMD20 War Room

    It depends on whos available as well. Reaching for need doesnt make sense if there are WR's who would make sense. I think we can get a safety with one of our 3rd round picks.
  14. Vikings FFMD20 War Room

    I wouldnt touch Tee Higgins till the end of the 3rd. Im concerned about his athleticism.
  15. Vikings FFMD20 War Room

    I dont think reaching for an OT is the smart thing either. I think Udoh has a chance to be a solid RT & we can slide O'Neil to LT. Not the most ideal scenario, id prefer to leave Brian on the right side. Also one more year of Riley Reiff at LT is probably ok.