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  1. Free ain't free in the NFL...

    I think Harris is the guy there next to Smith, he played really well last season and I’m looking forward to continued progression next season. He could be looking at a nice extension next year if he plays well again. There’s no way we can use the money on Berry when we could actually fill a hole on the team at OL, WR, RB, or K. He has declined but I’d think he at least fetches 6-8 mil per year.
  2. Raising the Barr even higher!

    I’m can’t say I’m super excited about getting Barr back but it’s definitely not bad news. He’s still a good player. I think this helps a lot in regards to what we can do at #18 now. I like other people, kind of already accepted that he was gone to the Jets. But I’m fine with him coming back. Seems like a good dude and is a good player. Maybe Minnesota will try to use him rushing the passer more.
  3. A Mock For the Common Man

    I love Oliver, although I don’t love trading up for him. Can’t say I’d be upset with it though. As others have said, Bradbury likely won’t slip that far but at this point it’s not impossible. The one thing I do dislike about this mock is taking two guys that are projected on likely stay inside at the next level. Reiff’s time is running out I believe and I’d like to get a guy that can play OT. We can always take a guy who has OT potential and stick him at G for a year. Easier to find G’s than good OT’s. Ideally in a perfect world, Minnesota can come away with a potential starting T early like Dillard or Williams. And then get a G somewhere in the 3rd or 4th that has starting potential. Overall, not bad though.
  4. 2019 Draft Talk

    I’ve seen a lot of hype around Bradbury recently, some even are suggesting taking him at #18. I wouldn’t hate it, but I think there will be much better value there at a different position. I’m all for taking oline, but not if the value isn’t there. If we can get a player like Sweat, White, or Oliver I’d rather go that route. If we reach for an OL it will end up like the Treadwell pick ended up. We should have at least one 3rd next year as a comp pick from losing Barr & Sheldon potentially. So knowing that, we could use maybe a future pick in a trade back into the tail end of round 1 or high 2nd. I think we can probably rule out trading up from 18 as I don’t see a guy at this point that would be worth forfeiting future assets to jump up for. But say we take Dillard at 18. Then see a guy like Christian Wilkins slipping, I’d like to see them be aggresive to secure another probable starter.
  5. 2018-2019 Offseason Thread (Season Concludes)

    I’d personally be a fan of the move. I think he has some left in the tank and would be a real solid #3 option. I’d rather draft a guy though, Hollywood Brown was a guy I wanted. But I think his stock has risen enough where he won’t be there in the 2nd-3rd. I don’t think WR should be the pick at 18. Another guy from the draft I’m really liking is Paris Campbell, I think he’s gonna be a playmaker. Could be there in the 2nd-3rd. I wonder if Desean Jackson would be a possibility?
  6. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    I’d have taken the Vikings. But not really interested in GMing another team.
  7. 2019 Draft Talk

    Yeah there’s a drop off from Barr to Davis, but he would be a stop gap player until Gedeon or Wilson step up or if the Vikings draft someone else. Plus the leadership would be a nice bonus. For the most part we stay in the nickel anyways, I think one of Wilson, Gedeon or a vet like Davis would be fine filling that spot next to Kendrick’s for one year. I think Barr is 100% gone. Theres also guys like Downs & Brothers on the roster that could step up and come in as that thumper LB in 3LB packages. Although these two are more than likely special teams players at best. Imo the most likely trio of starting LBs next year will be Wilson - Kendrick’s - Gedeon. Although I think we need to add someone in FA or mid-late rounds. I haven’t dug too deep into the LBs in the draft much this year. But I don’t believe the Vikings are gonna take one early this year. There’s too many pressing needs to take one early, unless one they really like slips. Eric Wilson should do fine.
  8. 2019 Draft Talk

    My quick dream offseason: Hire Joe Philbin or Wylie as OL coach. Resign- Sheldon Richardson, Nick Easton, Anthony Harris Free agents- RB: Mark Ingram, LB: Thomas Davis , K: Robbie Gould 1st- Noah Fant, TE. 2nd-(small trade up) Cody Ford, T/G. 3rd- Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, WR. 4th- Javon Patterson, G. I would be very very happy with that. Imagine that offense.
  9. Are we at the end of the Rhodes...?

    I’m willing to give Rhodes one more year, but his injuries are starting to add up and become a liability. So I wouldn’t mind moving on. But I don’t think we would be better off without him at this point, so I say keep him. Let Hill continue to develop behind him. I seriously think Hill is going to be a starting corner for this team if he can keep his nose clean If Xav has another bad year next season then I think that’s the point where we move on. Should be even easier to get out of his contract by then as well.
  10. 2019 Draft Talk

    Imo he will be right there on par with Andrew Luck as a prospect. People forget that Luck was an absolute elite prospect. I do agree, that he would be a #1 pick if he declared right now. Which is really impressive.
  11. 2019 Draft Talk

    I’m finally back fellas. Had to take a long break off due to battling cancer, but I won This is gonna be the make or break offseason for Zim/Spielman imo. I think they both feel that way too. Last year Rick was aggressive in free agency. This year I really feel like he may be aggressive in the draft, and pull off a trade up from #18 or maybe a trade back up from the 2nd & have two first round picks. Although, I could very easily see him just sitting there and taking Bpa. I think FA is gonna be very quiet for obvious reasons. But I could see some role players potentially being signed, like a vet #3 WR & OL competition. I think I was one of the few last year that wanted to invest in the DL, specifically at DT. I think this year it’s a must to take one within the first 3 rounds. Linval is a stud and should remain very good for a few more years. With his position we have seen high level play from guys in their mid-late 30s (Pat Williams, Wilfork, Hampton), and I believe JJohnson is a good backup NT. But my concern is at 3 tech. I don’t think Sheldon will be coming back, even though I wouldn’t mind it. So that leaves a glaring hole. If Sheldon is resigned I’d be completely fine with it, I don’t think he was what we all maybe expected, but he was very solid imo. Throw in a guy like Ifeadi & a penetrating DT via draft and it looks good. I’m also on board with letting Barr walk, he’s as talented as they come but he’s too inconsistent to give big money to. Eric Wilson/Gedeon & a draft pick should do fine. We see very good LBs every year slip to the 2nd & 3rd rounds, I think we will get one there and be just fine. We need to cut Remmers & Sendejo and try to restructure Reiff, Everson, Rudy & maybe Rhodes. On offense I expect a big improvement. I think it’s gonna be Mularkey or Stefanski. But I want Minnesota to get tougher on offense this year, we need to be a lot more physical to compete with the Bears. I’d like to add a hammer at RB to go with Dalvin Cook, someone who can get that short tough yardage. Then throw in a #3 WR that can get open (Jamison Crowder?). Obviously the line needs to be improved, everyone knows that. Jonah Williams likely won’t be there, but with a bad bowl game tonight & some bad testing he could slip. Or we could trade up for him. But he’s a guy I’m really interested in. Take Williams, restructure Reiff & slide him to LG. Then take a G in the 3rd-4th and have a full on competition for RG. Otherwise there’s guys like Ford/Risner that would also be day 1 starters. It’s not gonna be fixed in one offseason, but we can sure improve it, couldn’t get much worse. Right? I’ll be doing my mock within a few weeks so we will see what I come up with.
  12. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    The only good news today is GB lost as well, and hopefully Det & Chi lose.
  13. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    In my entire life of watching football games, that was the most pathetic showing ive ever seen. This is a game that great teams/championship teams come in and take care of business. My overall expectations for the season dropped substantially today and i dont have very much hope for this team moving forward. They could prove me wrong and id love it if they did. But this just looks like an 8-8 team right now. Oline is not gonna get better, only worse. The guy who was steady is now looking like garbage, Reiff. Defense is good but then they have games like NFCCG, today, and 2nd half of Saints playoff game. Then the special teams is just not very good at all. Btw Barr is looking dreadful and should not be extended. Just a horrible game, and possibly a preview of things to come. I think the Rams beat us easily on Thur night. 34-14
  14. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    Cant believe how this game ended. I was telling myself there's no way he's going to miss this one, he nails all his XP's at about the same range. Oh well, better now then in the playoffs. One really positive today is Kirk Cousins. We finally have our QB. Maybe not a kicker, but we have our QB. Min please sign Dan Bailey (if healthy)
  15. Inexcusable by Carlson, i had hope for him with that strong leg he has. But it means nothing without accuracy. The bad luck with kickers just continues. I really hope Minnesota brings in a veteran kicker. Today is a learning lesson. Sure it sucks to tie when we had the game won. But its better that this happened today, than in a crucial playoff game. You shouldnt have a shaky rookie kicker on a potential super bowl contending team, period. Cut your loses and bring back Kai or sign Bailey (assuming hes healthy).