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  1. Uh oh The Giants requested a second interview with 49ers assistant GM Adam Peters for their general-manager vacancy. Peters joins Bills assistant GM Joe Schoen and Chiefs executive director of player personnel Ryan Poles as three known finalists for the Giants' GM job. As MMQB's Albert Breer pointed out, Peters and ex-Dolphins coach Brian Flores came up with the Patriots together and could be a pair with the Giants.
  2. I almost feel Leftwich to Jax makes the most sense... that being said.... Jacksonville happens Plus Eberflus got a 2nd interview there
  3. This was my immediate thought... once again, how much of that was TK and how much was DW4 making incredible plays? I put it at Pareto principle (20% TK & 80% DW4)
  4. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reports the Panthers have spoken to former Texans OC Tim Kelly about their offensive coordinator vacancy.
  5. I think Ward is being targeted as an passing game coordinator (if Pep leaves) or WRs coach
  6. Rooney Rule would be satisfied IIRC. I believe the ask is that you interview at least two minority candidates, but if you hire the first... I think you're good.
  7. I think it is not quite 22, but enough to be credible... that being said, I work(ed) with athletes & entertainers since 1998... sadly DW4 doesn't begin to approach the freaky deeky stuff I have heard & seen. the non-consensual part is what bothers me the most... but I honestly feel 3 or 4 of the accusers / victims didn't know what they were signing up for and that's one too many IMHO
  8. Flores = HC Pep = OC Mayo = DC (it's a promotion because he is NE ILBs coach right now) Judge = ST (or keep current coach)
  9. Flores agent & Watson's agent both work for Athletes First
  10. Uhhhh.... read comments about the last game of the season from Culley himself. I may read it different than others. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/coach-david-culley-says-really-174740994.html
  11. Flores was fired because he didn't want Tua (or want to play him) (or so we hear)... he wanted Herbert and Watson
  12. Simply "no" (in response to your question in the topic thread) / thread = end of thread
  13. I want Flores just because he went after the Cincy bench after back to back cheap shots on his guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tni4TXBTT4
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