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  1. 2019 Predict the Pick Contest

    Reserved. I never win this thing. 3rd place two times IIRC Let the fun begin!
  2. 2019 Draft Talk!

    I like Ya-Sin, but not as a 1st round pick (and I drafted him the 1st round in a mock.... before the combine)
  3. 2019 Draft Talk!

    If Ben Bonagu was there in the 3rd, I would take him over Hollins.... but that is not a bad 1st 3
  4. 2019 Draft Talk!

    S Eric Berry (KC) or S Glover Quin (DET) – sign after May 14 OLB Jamie Collins (CLE) or OLB Nick Perry (GB) DL Gerald McCoy (TB) or DE Mike Daniels (GB) - trade 5th RB Corey Grant (JAX) UFA - sign after May 14 1-16 – T Andre Dillard (Wash St) (1-23 + 2-55 to CAR or 1-16 + 3-100) 2-54 – Edge Ben Bonugu (TCU) 3-78 – WR Miles Boykin (Notre Dame) (3-86 + 3-100 to MIA for 3-78 + 4-116) 4-116 – CB Isaiah Johnson (UH) 6-195 – OL Keaton Sutherland (TAMU) (PS) 7-220 – DL Ray Smith (BC) (PS) UDFA RB Khari Blasingame (Vanderbilt) (PS) S Chris Westry (KY)
  5. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    I could get behind that or an Isaiah Johnson who splits time between corner and safety
  6. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    I know... hence the condition
  7. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    Healthy Eric Berry? Yes, please! Also, Andre Hal you will be missed! TY for your service!
  8. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    https://www.patriots.com/news/you-don-t-know-jack-the-most-influential-patriot-you-ve-never-heard-of https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/patriots-character-coach-jack-easterby-leaving-team-after-six-seasons
  9. Mini TCMD - Discussion Thread

    Wouldn't Gronk's retirement (no offense) put you in the clear?
  10. 2019 Draft Talk!

    Yes... yes... speak it into existence
  11. Pete’s GM Mock Draft- DRAFT HAS BEGUN

    @EaglesPeteC I'm tapped out right now (too much work at this moment) Try @Texansfan713 or @Pastor Dillon or @ET80
  12. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    With pick 237 of the 2019 TCMD Mini, the Tennessee Titans select Dontavius Russell, DT/NT, Auburn University
  13. Mini TCMD - Discussion Thread

    Love (haha!) those two picks - great value on Rock in the 3rd. Love may actually drop further than that IRL, but was talked about as a top 10 cannot miss prospect at one point in time. I don't think Polite goes in 1st round based on poor interviews and poor combine.
  14. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    With pick 224 of the 2019 TCMD Mini, the Houston Texans select Chris Westry, S/DB, University of Kentucky With his length & speed (TWSS), the Houston Texans believe Westry could be the eraser for any deep passes against our defense. Welcome to Htown, Chris!!! @cortes02 Browns past OTC @EaglesPeteC Eagles past OTC @winitall Think Lions are technically OTC
  15. Mini TCMD - Discussion Thread

    No worries... you had back to back. You should be fine.