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  1. Looking for feedback on a potential trade in TCMD.... hit me up for details
  2. Just a wee bit of fun before things kick off.... Honestly, the Texans are the only team without a HC IRL currently (waiting on EB!)
  3. DeMeco (the Cap!) just got promoted to SF DC I could co-sign these: HC – Eric Bieniemy OC – Jim Caldwell (or reverse with Kelly) QB – Tim Kelly RB – Anthony Lynn WR – Andre Johnson! TE – Mike Bartrum OL / Asst HC – Andy Heck DC – Teryl Austin (or Wade Phillips) DL – Jeff Zgonina (or Bill Johnson or Bill Kollar) LB – George Edwards (or Ted Cottrell or Greg Manusky or John Pagano or Reggie Herring) DB / Asst DC – Jerry Gray (or Bill Bradley or Brian Stewart or Dave Campo or Brett Maxie or Emmitt Thomas out of retirement)
  4. Houston Texans are proud to announce our new coaches HC – Eric Bieniemy OC – Jim Caldwell QB / Asst OC – Tim Kelly RB – Anthony Lynn WR – Andre Johnson TE – Mike Bartrum OL / Asst HC – Andy Heck DC – Teryl Austin DL – Jeff Zgonina LB – George Edwards DB / Asst DC – Jerry Gray ST – Tracy Smith Welcome to H-town!!! Edit: This is for FFMD only (IRL we will probably have to wait until after the SB!)
  5. I.haz.a.sad LZ is usually clued in on Texans' stuff... I think he has an in with DW4's agent
  6. Probably not much... some people (myself included) used to like to wait until after the combine for the draft to start in TCMD... Looks like it will not be an impediment this year.
  7. Just a heads up in case someone missed it: No traditional NFL Combine this year... only pro days
  8. #1: #2: https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/sports/nfl/columnist/bell/2020/12/30/eric-bieniemy-tries-beat-trend-lack-nfl-black-coaching-picks/4022532001/
  9. Nevermind... I found it.... "I tell ya what... if we trade Deshaun boah"
  10. Tweet is not there... what did it say?
  11. https://twitter.com/jacobspeaks_ https://twitter.com/charless_94?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  12. It is also a song lyric from Future IIRC. But the timing and the words used are QUITE interesting
  13. @ny92mike Looking forward to waiting until the 3rd round to draft, cutting players, and having no $ to spend in free agency! Good times! Oh... no HC either TCMD baby!!
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