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  1. Ish.got.thick. But you know this was coming as soon as they secured the names...
  2. Looking at this thread... oh how the times have changed. Anyway, presuming no DW4 trade (haha! amirite!?!) I would like to see something like this (as of now) Trade T Charlie Heck to KC for 4-136 3-67 CB Ifeatu Melifonwu (SYR) 4-109 G/C Kendrick Green (IL) 4-136 (from KC) Edge Ellerson Smith (N. IA) 5-147 NT Bobby Brown III (TAMU) 5-158 T Tommy Doyle (MiamiOH) 6-195 LB Nick Niemann (IA) 6-203 traded to CHA for QB Teddy Bridgewater (who agrees to rework his contract) 6-212 TE Tre McKitty (GA) 7-233 WR Michael Strachan (Ch
  3. You got it, broski.. gotta take a step back
  4. I thought about it... definitely could see him signing with Lions IRL as a local guy You should check out https://relativeathleticscores.com/2021/01/23/2021-draft-class-ras/ The guy who runs RAS is a Lions' fan as well
  5. Houston Texans claim (sorry I didn't see him above) S Zayne Anderson (BYU)
  6. Houston Texans claim WR Kawaan Baker (South Alabama)
  7. Would definitely trade with you... lol.... Just being greedy as we snagged 2 good CBs in draft
  8. Houston Texans claim RB Kene Nwangwu (Iowa State)
  9. Not sure what the question is then.... Nice pickup of Camp... he was UDFA Round 6 target for us
  10. @MaximusGluteus10 minutes... 10 more minutes and Stephens was going to be ours... lol
  11. Houston Texans claim G Matt Farniok (Nebraska)
  12. Sooooo this just happened... lol
  13. Ahhh... TY for the above The Houston Texans claim DT Kenny Randall - Charleston
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