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  1. It looked like the ball hit the pylon... If so, end the endzone and touchback to Texans too bad, no time outs
  2. Gotta replace Fulton as a pass blocker ASAP... that was a 4 on 5 rush!
  3. that was illegal contact... not pass interference.. 5yrds, 1st down
  4. Why... do... we... keep... running... the... ball... up... the... freaking... middle????
  5. DW4 has thrown some real WTF passes tonight
  6. Gotta eat the ball sometimes DW4... otherwise... that
  7. Brien: I am making you OC Kelly: cool O'Brien: but you gotta run draws up the middle.... like ALL the time Kelly: oooookkkkkk?
  8. Sssooo McKinney just straight up wiffed on the tackle???
  9. I know there is holding on many plays.... but u have to call it if the defensive player cannot disengage to make a play on the ball carrier
  10. That's not a horse collar!!!! Edit: thanks for explanation (anything near the name plate)... still sounds like BS
  11. So no more fake punts... but did B'OB learn nothing from playoffs? then again this KC offense is just powerful Rox lost (not that the league office had ANYTHING to do with that)
  12. He still had the RB wide open tho... for his $$$, he has to play calmer
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