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  1. Texans off-season thread

    Technically, we play Cowpokes 2X this year If Dez was coming here to not be a distraction (hard to predict) and was willing to accept playing a 2nd / 3rd role (don't think that would sit well) + was willing to play at discount (hard to see that as well), I would be all for it.
  2. Texans off-season thread

    Washingto Washington pretty much said they were out (Doctson, Quick, Richardson, Crowder).. even tho they should be in Eagles are not out because of $$$ because he could always take a low deal just to get back at Jerruh (with the defending champs no less) Edit: Giants make most sense because force more single coverage on OBJ + still have Shepard. Marshall gums up the works!
  3. Texans off-season thread

    Ha! That's exactly what I said to my students (some of whom are Pats fans). Actually, he alluded to signing with another NFC East team to see Cowpies 2X a year (would likely mean Giants or Eagles)
  4. Draft Prospects?

    Bingo! Him or Troy Apke....
  5. Texans off-season thread

    I know, right??? Seems like he has been around forever (2010 draft tho!)
  6. Texans off-season thread

    Good news... especially for our ST unit + backup QB!
  7. Texans off-season thread

    I figured that would happen by default.... none of the kid's fault, but I am also concerned about Henderson at RT from a health perspective and if NFL will accommodate his marijuana usage to combat his disease. Also, the 1 year prove it deal has me uneasy. Unless one of the three that @EliteTexan80 mentioned becomes available, I think we are also drafting a tackle (who may end up playing a great deal). Also, we absolutely have to get our hands on PJ Hall (Sam Houston State)... looks like he could be next Aaron Donald!
  8. Texans off-season thread

    Ditto... but I do have more confidence if he is healthy and has full off-season reps to get acclimated. I think he has the tools to be successful, but I would prefer the LT not learning on the fly. Now RT... if they are counting on Newton to start..... ochi mochi
  9. Texans off-season thread

    per Chron
  10. Texans off-season thread

    ILB Ben Heeney back (ST), WR Gray cut https://sports.yahoo.com/m/8ef6f646-7cea-3b8b-a50d-d3fa82b55b13/ss_texans-re-sign-ben-heeney%2c.html
  11. Texans off-season thread

    I saw that. Guess that means the front office (1) has faith in our new signees; (2) believes Newton will be back this season at RT; or (3) is hoping someone like Jason Peters becomes available (and is able to bounce back from his own injury)
  12. Texans off-season thread

    My hopes for rest of off-season Free Agency T Cameron Fleming (5 years, $30M) WR Jordan Matthews (1 year, $5M) QB Matt Moore (2 years, $6M) RB Adrian Peterson (1 year, up to $2M) Draft / Trades 1-31 CB Jaire Alexander (Louisville) trade 2019 2nd + 3-68 + 3-80 + WR Braxton Miller to NE for 1-31 + 3-95 + 2019 4th 3-95 OLB / DE Ade Aruna (Tulane) 3-98 ILB Oren Burks (Vanderbilt) 4-103 S Troy Apke (Penn State) 5-161 DE Bilal Nichols (Delaware) trade 6-177 + 6-211 to Carolina for 5-161 6-214 to NE Patriots for TE Dwayne Allen 7-222 QB Chad Kanoff (Princeton) RB Trenton Cannon (Virginia State) UDFA WR Jester Weah (Pittsburgh) UDFA (PS) TE Jordan Thomas (Mississippi State) UDFA (PS) T Gerhard de Beer (AZ) UDFA (PS) CB Kareem Jackson to NY Jets for conditional 2019 6th & QB Christian Hackenberg 6th becomes a 5th if KJax re-signs with Jets prior to 2019 draft Re-sign OLB Jadeveon Clowney 6 years, $106M + ILB Benadrick McKinney 5 years, $47M
  13. 8 GM Mock- Draft has begun!

    Thanks for the invite... you know I am usually DTM. Too much grading to catch up on at the moment. @EliteTexan80 may be good for this or could recommend someone like @Its A Sabotage or @RuskieTitan or @Texansfan713

    Reserved.... I think we need to add some sauce with round predictions! (On second thought, I have never won this thing... so neeeevvvvaaaammmiiinnnnddd)
  15. Texans off-season thread

    I know he is a free agent and thus free to choose where he signs. BUT this would have been a good get (esp. at the price) for the good guys