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  1. Everything Else

    Is Frederick Bennett = Fred Bennett? https://sports.yahoo.com/clinton-portis-joe-horn-among-12-ex-nfl-players-charged-with-defrauding-nfl-healthcare-program-162644073.html If so, Fred is in trouble....
  2. Houston v Denver

    Brrrruuuhhhhhhh... Don't do that dw4
  3. Houston v Denver

    Where was that play call on 4th and 1?
  4. Houston v Denver

    Don't do that, bruh. Don't speak that ish into existence
  5. Houston v Denver

    Might as well go for 2... Wtf could it hurt
  6. Houston v Denver

  7. Houston v Denver

    Drew lock looking like mahomes out here
  8. Houston v Denver

    So you miss the tackle and you fall down????
  9. Houston v Denver

    Texans st: hold my beer
  10. Houston v Denver

    That was poorly executed.... But not surprising
  11. Houston v Denver

    You have one of the bes running qbs in the NFL and that was what you drew up on 4th and 1
  12. Houston v Denver

    So a fg is a moral victory?
  13. Houston v Denver

    Wtf with coverage today
  14. Houston v Denver

    I swear some of these fall starts are (once again) on Martin not hiking the ball. Watch DW4 clapping for the ball and the whole line moving. Wtf was that throw? You're in 4 down territory here
  15. Houston v Denver

    See if we can get a stick of gum for coutee in the off season