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  1. I am hoping 2017 or 1994-95 vibes...
  2. wow... interesting.... I understand it, but I thought Cannon looked better on the move in the past (with NE)
  3. Could have had Ossai this year... IJS... and no, I will not let it go for now
  4. what???? had to look it up and found this story... ultra sad (looks like another victim of CTE) https://stories.usatodaynetwork.com/jevan-sneads-suicide-story/
  5. Does he know John Wall? if not, can we get him in a mentorship relationship...
  6. What could have been... 3-67 Edge Joseph Ossai 3-89 IOL Quinn Meinerz 5-147 ??? 5-170 LB Nick Niemann 6-195 IDL Jonathan Marshall I think most draft pundits would give that an A with the Texans' limited draft capital. Plus it would actually have improved the team (maybe that is not what is wanted this year a la the tanking 2020 - 21 Rockets and Astros pre-2015). Meinerz & Ossai compete for starting roles. Niemann and Marshall are athletic, rotational pieces with starter potential. Then sign UDFAs QB Jamie Newman; WR Tamorrion Terry; TE Brock
  7. Texans also sign Damon Hazelton, WR, Missouri @LORK88 your fav WR Tarik Black signed with Clots I hope that doesn't come back on us Also for the record Lork88 thinks Tarik is horrible...
  8. Should have drafted his teammate... but I'm okay with Nico
  9. Is this payback to Buzbee? LOL Texans UDFA signings Carson Green, OT, Texas A&M Ryan McCollum, OL, Texas A&M
  10. Posting this for UDFA intel https://www.profootballnetwork.com/nfl-udfa-tracker-2021-undrafted-free-agent-signings-following-2021-nfl-draft/ My hopes CB Trill Williams Saints QB Jamie Newman Eagles WR Tamorrion Terry Seahawks S Tyler Coyle Cowturds WR Josh Imatorbhebhe Jaguars... of note, his former college coach is in Htown QB Feleipe Franks Falcons TE Brock Wright Lions IOL Sadarius Hutcherson Bucs IDL Kenny Randall Jags.... this kid has a LOT of promise & raw talent... this one may come back to bite us in the tuckus LB Ben Hla
  11. 1st impressions of 2021 Texans draft... underwhelming (Overall D) Maybe Cessario learned too much from BB I hope... I HOPE... to be proven wrong This has shades of 2020 draft class all over it and that is NOT a good thing
  12. Also... WTF is going on with Trey Smith's slide??
  13. Changing the culture... but IIRC Rick Smith liked to draft players who had leadership roles in college
  14. solid pick.... not sure where he fits in the defense.... but he has the tools to contribute
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