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  1. DW4 has thrown some real WTF passes tonight
  2. Gotta eat the ball sometimes DW4... otherwise... that
  3. Brien: I am making you OC Kelly: cool O'Brien: but you gotta run draws up the middle.... like ALL the time Kelly: oooookkkkkk?
  4. Sssooo McKinney just straight up wiffed on the tackle???
  5. I know there is holding on many plays.... but u have to call it if the defensive player cannot disengage to make a play on the ball carrier
  6. That's not a horse collar!!!! Edit: thanks for explanation (anything near the name plate)... still sounds like BS
  7. So no more fake punts... but did B'OB learn nothing from playoffs? then again this KC offense is just powerful Rox lost (not that the league office had ANYTHING to do with that)
  8. He still had the RB wide open tho... for his $$$, he has to play calmer
  9. WTF was that throw!?! Nice play by Akins before that
  10. Good play DJ... Harden missing FTs and RW jacking 3's Rox cut it to 7 with 1:10
  11. J. Reid on Kelce terrifies me on size mismatch alone... Good job Martin and defense!
  12. WTF.. why won't Martin hike the d@ng ball??? He always makes the tackles look bad with that ish... maybe he can't hear? but it happens ALOT
  13. I was about $.5M off on APY
  14. Clowney ain't signed yet.... IJS I joke... i joke... I kid... I kid... unless it happens
  15. and they have like $30M in cap space to front end a contract for someone like Clowney??
  16. I really wanted him in the draft and couldn't believe when he went in the 2nd to Raiders (way too early). I think if he were drafted later, the Raiders wouldn't have expected so much from him. This kid - as you pointed out - has the physical tools to be a monster. With Weaver and Watt coaching him up and - hopefully - motivating him, we should have added another great pass rusher. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this signing! I was bummed when I saw he was headed to Vikes for a 7th and when he failed the physical, I was like come on home to TX!!! Good stuff!
  17. GTFOH https://www.dkpittsburghsports.com/2020/07/03/antonio-brown-texans-steelers-signing-update-rumor-fdl/
  18. I think we need another IOL on cheap contract. I think if we did that we would be fairly set headed into next year (meaning targeting best player available in draft + free agency) I think we could acquire one of the following for one of current low end players in a player for player swap. G/C Ross Reynolds (SF) former Iowa lineman with standout athleticism and good arm length; supposedly good run blocker G/C Kofi Amichia (SF) G/C Keaton Sutherland (MIA) G/T Willie Wright (CLE)
  19. BRB is running a Name All-Time Texans Offense. (Pretty sure, defense is next.) I am wondering "What is Your All-Time Texans Roster?" See mine below: QB Deshawn Watson // Matt Schaub RB Arian Foster // Lamar Miller // Domanick Davis-Williams FB Vonta Leach WR Andre Johnson // DeAndre Hopkins // Will Fuller // Kenny Stills // Kevin Walter TE C.J. Fiedorowitz // Owen Daniels // James Casey C Chris Myers // Ben Jones G Brandon Brooks // Steve McKinney // Wade Smith // Mike Brisiel T Duane Brown // Laremy Tunsil // Chester Pitts // Eric Winston DE J.J. Watt // Mario Williams // Antonio Smith // Gary Walker NT Vince Wilfork // D.J. Reader OLB / DE Connor Barwin // Jadeveon Clowney // Whitney Mercilus // Kailee Wong ILB DeMeco Ryans // Brian Cushing // Zach Cunningham // Benardrick McKinney CB Johnathan Joseph // A.J. Bouye // Aaron Glenn // Dunta Robinson // Marcus Coleman S Glover Quin // Danieal Manning // Justin Reid // Kareem Jackson // Quinten Demps K Ka’imi Fairbairn // P Shane Lechler // LS Jon Weeks
  20. Jernigan never took his physical apparently I would welcome Covington back - but methinks he does not want to play for Bo'OB
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