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  1. Early 2018 Mock.

    Generally, teams that go all out in FA, don't do too well the following season, as it takes time for all of them to adjust to each other. Not sure I like the Ebron cut?
  2. Maxmw22's First Mock Offseason

    You make good sense here, but there still i the factor, that he is a big physical player with a strong arm, the exact type of QB who can play in the weather of Buffalo. I guess his pro day might settle where he belongs and whether he is still a real 1st round prospect!!! He is kind of built like our great last QB.
  3. College QB Watchlist

    Its a fair question and will likely be decided at their pro days, but in a recent poll on NFL.com of NFL GM's, all 5 of them interviewed, said they preferred Darnold as having that 'it' factor that all the great QB's have and a far higher ceiling than Rosen. Rosen will still go #2 in the draft, so he isn't a bum by any means, but they believed his potential is not as great as Darnold's. Unfortunately, Buffalo will never get a shot at either and likely not Jackson. Mayfield may not suit a harsh weather climate and so who knows which QB they might draft???
  4. Case Keenum

    You really think if they were losing instead of winning, they would not have switched to Teddy??? I don't think so!!!
  5. Prospects sitting out bowl games

    The Combine can accomplish more than tape and if you get injured, you probably miss the Combine and loose a few million dollars. No pro GM would ever question a player sitting out for fear of getting injured. It certainly didn't hurt McCaffery in the last draft??? It is considered a mature decision. Look, I don't blame players from playing,, it is extremely hard to abandon your teammates, but football is a tough sport and a really mature person looking at getting millions of dollars, would not risk playing and losing out on all that money. Most of the better prospects come from poor homes and even poorer neighbourhoods and a pro career is their only way out for them and their families. Why should they risk all that for one football game, for a college that has already made millions off of their efforts. If any university was truly decent, they would bench their stars for a Bowl game. Of course, they will never do it, even though they know full well the consequences, if a star player gets hurt before the draft and what it may mean for him and his family financially. The universities have simply become just another business, making money off their employees, except the compensation for a college football player is absolutely peanuts, for all the revenue they generate for their school. The whole student athlete is already a very dirty scandal and has corrupted American universities to their core. In the old days, they used to flunk out around 60% of their football and basketball players until the media made a big issue of it in the 2000's and forced them to get their graduation rates up to around 60%, otherwise it would still be the practice as it was for 90 years. I wonder how many of their non student athletes, could do all that is demanded of a student athlete and still pass their courses. Many leave school with numerous concussions and broken bodies, and each game they play, they risk more of the same and some of you want to take their scholarships away if they sit out a Bowl game, boy, the sickness has spread!!! See what happens when you reach 74 and have seen it all, it diminishes some of the things you once thought were great???
  6. Prospects sitting out bowl games

    They usually do!!!
  7. Is Mayfield a first round QB???

    Are you thinking that Mayfield is gonna get paired with an offensive genius like Sean Payton? And will he also get to play most of his games inside of a dome like the Saints where his weak arm and small hands won't get exposed by the cold weather during the month of December? I find it humorous that Mayfield is being hyped as the next Drew Brees when Brees had a very lackluster career before ending up in New Orleans with Sean Payton.
  8. Browns QB situation can be fixed easily

    Not quite where you where in 2016. We have the worst owner in pro sports and an organization that resembles a kindergarden, a QB isn't going to save this franchise, we are going to be bottom feeders for a long, long time!!!
  9. Brady and Roethlisberger are multiple SB winners and when push comes to shove down the stretch, they carry a lot of weight and confidence that they will win the big games. Of course, Brady is playing on a very sore Achilles and Roethlisberger isn't the player he once was, but in the clutch, they have proven that they will come through, so why would anybody question them???
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots discussion thread

    It's a huge game and will likely give home field advantage to the winner throughout the playoffs, so no doubt, Brady is going to give it his all, but it does not mean his achilles isn't bothering him. I do not think he is anywhere near 100% from what I observed against Miami ad I doubt it will heal before the end of the season.
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots discussion thread

    Yeah, your right!!!
  12. Giants trade for Luck?

    I would have to say you are wrong and I don't remember too many people liking Hackenberg, besides he was drafted in round 2 where QB's only have around a 6% chance for success. So finding one flop, Gabbert(oh, he is currently starting in the NFL), but I agree he stinks, isn't really much evidence that the experts are wrong too often, at least about QB's??? I wonder what you had to say about Trubisky, Goff, Wentz, and Watson, I'll bet it wasn't too flattering!!!
  13. Can a backup QB win a Super Bowl in this era?

    I agree, he did better with nothing than what he accomplished his whole career???
  14. I am looking for a team to follow outside of the Browns

    Ben a Brown's fan for 65 years and I continue to stick by them, even though I suspect, I will never get to see them in the SB for the rest of my life. Not with Haslam as the owner!!!
  15. Staying or Going - The 2018 Early Entry or Not Thread

    In this day and age, top juniors are going to declare, there is zero reason for them to return to school especially when NFL GM's take a dim view of prospects who do not declare, it makes NFL GM's wonder about their commitment to their football careers and it often results in them falling a round in the following year's draft or at least 5 to 10 spots in their draft round even if it is the 1st. No GM wants a player who isn't 100% committed to their careers, to them it is a sign of weakness in their character. They would wonder why any prospect would risk injury and their possible career. to stay and play another year for their college. It would be a huge red flag as to their intelligence and maturity!!!