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  1. This is spot on, add 2 games and the SB will come down to who is the healthier team because players will be completely shot physically by the time the SB is played and likely be reduced by one or 2 superstars, pretty well making the game a complete joke!!!
  2. I believe 3 wins are in the cards, any more would be a real miracle.
  3. I just do not see it??? I titled the post for what it contained, 'A starting point for the 2019 draft", it is not a teaser, it simply stated what was in the post and nothing more. What you call the accurate title tells me nothing and I doubt I ever look at that post even though I am looking for a starting point for the 2019 draft. So if you are suggesting that it is better to use titles so that people will ignore reading the contents, yours will work, I prefer to use titles that will get viewers excited to find the information they may be looking for. If this is a crime on this site, tell me and I will move on. I made over 2000 posts in 2 months talking about the 2018 draft and have been a draftnik for around 65 years and I am not going to waste my time worrying about whether or not my titles are incorrect. I simply want to share info which I think draftniks will find useful. semantics is not something I waste my time on and if you are the semantics police force, I apologize for crossing the semantics law, but I will be damned if I will make an effort to change my ways!!! If banishment is my punishment for crossing the semantic's law, so be it.
  4. IMO, this is just one site's starting point for the 2019's draft, I did not intend it to be anything else. GBN is just a site I respect and usually offers solid draft info. I do not think my title is that off the charts to suggest anything but a place where you can find a starting point for the 2019 draft?? I cannot see how this title or yours would make a whole lot of difference in wanting to look at the info which is all I care about anyways. PS I have absolutely no interest in promoting GBN or any site, I am not affiliated with them or with any other site. I often quote useful info from any site where I find it, in order to share with my fellow draftniks valuable information, so we can have informed discussions. I already stated that the list would likely undergo massive changes by the time the 2019 draft rolls around, so I am hardly calling the list much of anything but a starting point!!! My title was designed to help draftniks have a starting point from which we could talk about the 2019 draft and had absolutely nothing to do with promoting hits for a site, IMO, it is common courtesy to post a link for the site that has done all the research and work. I do it for NFL.com and any other site I quote from and I kind of resent the suggestion that my title was used to promote hits for a site I have no association with. If you really think that is what I am all about, I will gladly move on to another draft site and you won't have to worry any longer about my titles. I am not going to sit here and worry that my titles, for heaven's sake, just might offend you!!!
  5. https://gbnreport.com/preliminary-2019-top-prospects-list/ No doubt, it will undergo massive changes by the time the 2019 draft rolls around, but it gives us a starting point! And for interest sake, here is their first mock! https://gbnreport.com/preliminary-2019-first-round-projection/
  6. Does it really matter??? As long as Jerry Jones owns the Cowboys, they are never going to win a SB again anyways. How many times have Dallas made the playoffs in the last 23 years, gee, I do not even need one hand to reach that total!!!
  7. So, they are going to carry at least 13 guys who jobs depend on playing special teams and pay them around 35 million a year to sit and do nothing, if you believe that, I have a couple of bridges for sale here in Canada just for you???
  8. I predicted Rosen would fall on draft day to the 10th pick or even worse and it had nothing to do with his personality which isn't that great. However his fall was caused by his injury history, he simply put, has had way too many serios injuries to risk drafting him top 5 and IMO, will have a career very similar to Bradford's. It is one thing to look at a player's talent, but football is a tough sport and prospects who have shown signs of getting hurt way too often are just too risky to draft top 10 IMO. Other rookies with serious injury concerns and look where they went in the draft. Crosby OT Oregon, like Rosen, just too many concussions, Hurst, even though his doctors gave a thumbs up, team doctors obviously didn't. Rosen is far more a boom or bust option with his injury history than Allen is any day of the week!!! So the choice for Beane really came down to the possible next Jim Kelly or Lamar Jackson,because only a completely desperate team would draft Rosen and Arizona with the often injured Bradford as their starting QB, certainly filled that bill.
  9. I am of the opinion that Allen is the second coming of Jim Kelly and if Beane is right about that, Buffalo will dominate this Division post Brady for the next decade. Rosen on the other hand is a very talented guy, who simply cannot stay healthy, will in the end have a career similar to Bradford and lead his team into oblivion, since he will be injured way too many times. So put me down as absolutely loving the pick!!!.
  10. I disagree, I seriously doubt Barkley would have got past Cleveland at #4 or Denver at #5. The Giants would have had to trade with Buffalo and lose out on any top 10 talent, a move that rarely turns out to be successful!
  11. Like a lot of people, I watched Trubisky late in the season to see how he performed and he looked great to me. When you add in how inexperienced he is, his future looks top 10 promising. Like not jumping on Rookie QB's success stories, I do not take the stats of a rookie QB too seriously as few ever perform as stars when still a rookie. I look at how they behave in the pocket, how good their arm is and whether or not they are tough competitors and for me at least, Trubisky passed all with flying colours and I see the potential to be a top 10 QB As for Mahomes, Andy Reid is simply put, is a great appraiser of QB talent and has got the most out of QB's since he became a HC in Philly. For him to trade Smith and go with Mahomes, speaks volumes to me about Mahomes' upside. I have no doubt that Mahomes will be a fine NFL QB. Watson proved his worth as a rookie, now I am not one to jump on a player's bandwagon off his rookie season, Watson did show that calmness and leadership of a top 10 potential QB last season for Houston and if he continues to play that well, he will be a star, but I want to see more. People were seriously critical of Beane when he was hired, since he dumped a few stars off the team, players, previous high picks,getting too little in return, but his team responded perfectly and went to the playoffs with a career backup at QB and that is pretty impressive to me. Of course with a rookie QB, I fully expect Buffalo to take a step backwards till he is solid by season 2, but it show'd me that Beane has real guts when he dumped Taylor for a rookie, because he believed strongly, that Allen can be the next Jim Kelly. Smart and successful HC's and GM's clean house when they first take over a team and are only impressed by results not by where players were drafted. So getting rid of Gilmore, Woods and finally Darius took immense guts and to win after doing it, meant he has a real talent in understanding player's. work ethic and what that work etic means to a football team. I see a very bright future for Buffalo and if Allen pans out, they could dominate their Division post Brady for years to come. After all, I would have rated Buffalo's chances of making the playoffs last season at around 100 to 1!!! I firmly believe Beane is one of the new bright minds of the game and Buffalo is going to have a long run of success under his guidance.
  12. Certainly a lot of question marks here, but at least the players involved have a huge potential upside! Kolton Miller was going to be a 1st rounder for somebody, just went a bit high for my flavour, but while his game needs work, he will play LT, a position that will protect their once injured QB and he has a huge upside if he can approach a Solder like level. PJ Hall absolutely tore up his Pro Day and could be a real steal of the draft. Brandon Parker is also quite raw, but has decent RT starting potential. Key in the 3rd is a high risk pick with a boom or bust potential. and Hurst in the 5th is a doctor's call and I guess Oakland's doctor OK'd the pick! The punter crop for this draft is suppose to be very solid, so the Townsend pick looks good. I will say this, few drafts carry 6 possible starters for any team and if just 3 of these guys come through, Oakland could be very big winners over the next few seasons. A 'B' based on potential alone!!!
  13. The NFL has spent millions on lawyers fees to keep the draft legal and why do you suppose that is, because they are fully aware of what the loss of a draft would mean to their incomes and the costs of having a competitive team. In a way, the NBA is trying it out by allowing total FA after their initial rookie contracts are up and just look at how competitive their league is??? Golden State if they stay healthy, could dominate the NBA for the next 5 to 7 years. They are already paying average players monster contracts and they only have to worry about around 12 players a team. What would the NFL become having to pay 53 players a team??? Just maybe that is why the NFL is trying to get rid of kickoffs, then they could reduce their rosters by 20 to 25 players and reduce their draft to 2 rounds!!!
  14. IMO, it is utter nonsense to ignore the money saving that would occur if the kickoff is done away with. The NFLPA is weak to begin with and how can they refuse to cut jobs if the jobs do not exist anymore. There is no union that can keep a company paying players who have no jobs any longer. Are you kidding me, STers make up at least 98% of kickoff return teams. Few regulars are ever used on special teams except in a special game like the playoffs and only if the game is real close, might they be asked to play special teams. If you cut 20 players, you still have 33 roster spots for 22 starters, leaving 11 spares to cover game injuries. H...mmm, the NFL can save 100 million dollars by cutting 20 jobs, yeah, they are only doing it for safety of the players, safety that they didn't give a damn about until the retired players sued them for billions, their bottom line never comes into the equation???
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