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  1. Dorsey learning from mistakes (FA Edition)

    I fully expect Dorsey to go FA nuts next season, especially if we appear to be a team on the rise and good FA's begin to consider us a location worth going to!!! We have saved up all that cap money, for one reason, to spend it to add players to a team on the rise that, just needs some extra FA help to get us over the hump. That should come next year after we see where our holes still remain and I fully expect Dorsey to spend around 60 to 70 million on FA's in 2019. He knows 2019 will make or break him in Haslam's eyes, after all, we all know Haslam panics easily after his FO accomplishes little by year 2, so for Dorsey, he will be actually forced to spend big even if it turns out badly, what other career choice does he have!!!
  2. I got a Chubb at 4 (nyj trades up to 3)

    What makes you think Indy will not take Barkley, since they obviously have decided to trust in Luck when they traded with the Jets!!!
  3. I got a Chubb at 4 (nyj trades up to 3)

    You make a great point!!!
  4. Dorsey learning from mistakes (FA Edition)

    Once you start to win, players expect huge raises and an awful lot of our players are on rookie contracts and when they expire, our cap space will disappear quite quickly, especially if we have to pay our successful QB around 25 to 30 million, the likely going rate in 4 or 5 years.
  5. Dorsey learning from mistakes (FA Edition)

    I agree, what a prospect is ranked and what he accomplishes as a pro are 2 completely different entities. I agree with Bruce, the prospects at he top of this draft, are not all that elite, just very solid types and perhaps 12 and #21 turnout to be just as good, but thee is a lot of risk involved that those very solid top 10 types can turn out to be very special too.
  6. I got a Chubb at 4 (nyj trades up to 3)

    I'd trade back with Denver in a minute for them to draft a QB and pick up 2 seconds!!! A trade with Buffalo is possible, but all we will get is 2 first rounders and maybe a 3rd rounder!!! At least with Denver, we stay in the top 10, where game changers can be had, it gets a lot thinner at 12 and 1 to find more than just starters. Game Changers are what this team needs to move forward!!!
  7. I got a Chubb at 4 (nyj trades up to 3)

    Or he just wants teams to believe that and has actually no interest in Baker!!!
  8. I got a Chubb at 4 (nyj trades up to 3)

    Could definitely happen if the Giants do want want to draft either a QB or Barkley!!!
  9. Indy gets the v6th pick and 2 second rounders, one in the 2018 draft and the other in the 2019 draft. Just makes Buffalo's attempt to get a QB that much harder, unfortunately!!!
  10. Cut him now and build your receiving corp out of what is left. he is a cancer who can take young prospects down with him. He will not be satisfied destroying himself, we risk him destroying another solid prospect or 2.
  11. Dorsey learning from mistakes (FA Edition)

    I do not know about extra picks in the 2019 draft, but he will have a load of FA money to spend next year!
  12. Which RB will be end up drafting?

    With Hyde in tow, i say we wait till round 3 to grab insurance for the position. We have zero interest in taking a RB in round 1. Ends all the Barkley suspense!
  13. Dorsey learning from mistakes (FA Edition)

    Unfortunately, there are FA deals for losers and what you have to pay a FA on a winning franchise. I have said all along, a solid GM would/should wait till the team shows improvement next year and actual good FA's want to come to Cleveland before going after big name FA's. Dorsey is just following the true and tried method as to when to spend on FA's and it certainly isn't this year!!! Next year, we will see the big name FA's and spend most of our cap limit.
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    For me, this is just a bunch of rubbish, injuries are a part of every team, they are hardly an excuse for losing. Hue's HCing record the last few years is atrocious by any standard. Lots of solid OC's have absolutely stunk as HC's and you can simply add Hue to that group. Great HC's have a pattern that I have seen over the last 65 years of following the game. They come in and in year one, they clear the deadwood for the team they inherited and accept that they will stink it up in year 1, in year 2, they approach a .500 record and provided they have a franchise QB in place, they contend for the next 10 years after, for the SB. Look, does any HC have a shot at winning in Cleveland with our owner, I am not sure at all, an owner like Haslam is usually a death bell for a franchise, he continually hires useless GM's, he forces his GM's to retain HC's they likely want to fire. Great owners hire great GM's and that is the end of their involvement in the day to day operations of their team. The GM then hires a solid HC of his liking and hires a competent scouting Director to oversee the scouting department. The Director of Scouting then hires competent scouts and if the GM isn't liking to work on contracts, he hires a FO guy to do that job. The HC in turn, hires assistant coaches, he respects and knows he can work with. This organization, does everything *** backwards and it is bound to show its face in the win colomn . Is it all on Hue, absolutely not, but Hue needed to be fired and Dorsey needed to bring in his own man for the job, Haslam interfered and that was the end of that and the mess continues. Was Hue responsible for our drafting, if so, then Sachi was also totally incompetent, because that is the GM's job, except on very few teams, where the HC has proved himself over many, many years and has risen to the point where he has a real impact on who his team drafts. Hue never earned the right and to give it to him was just another garbage move by Haslam? Who was in charge of trading, certainly in the McCarron deal, who knows???? I do not think people realize how a rotten owner can send shockwaves throughout his organization. That whoever has his ear for a moment, can call all the shots for the franchise no matter his title, can make every employee unsure of exactly what is expected from them and make them all uncertain about their ability to make decisions and undermine their thinking processes. Joe says take Darnold, Bill says take Allen and Frank says take Mayfield, the owner is listening to Frank on draft day and tell his GM to take Mayfield, Dorsey disagrees, but knows the owner has a quick trigger finger for firing GM's, so he drafts Mayfield and it turns out later that the GM finds out who actually made the decision, namely Frank, the cleaning man for the owner's office and on and on it goes.
  15. Barkley should go #1.

    I can guarantee you that Cleveland has its top QB already picked and feel he is head and shoulders above the rest, It will be exactly the same for the #2 QB, he will be significantly a better prospect than the #3 QB. It is always that way. People argued about Goff or Wentz and Peyton and Leaf, but both the Rams and the Colts never even considered the second guy!!!!