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  1. If Dobbs had average tools I would never have hyped him. Also my fandom didn't play a part. If yall remember I was one of the few voices saying Derek Barnett was not a 1st rounder despite breaking records at Tennessee. If all I did was hype up Tennessee players then Barnett would have been the guy I hyped the most. But in reality I was probably the most vocal person against him going high in the draft.
  2. I only bring up mental acuity when people use that as a major selling point for a QB prospect. I've made the criteria I look at when evaluating QBs very clear. I focus on physical traits first and foremost. Then I look for intangibles like work ethic. Stuff like mental acuity are difficult to project which is why I rarely mention it.
  3. Yeah but we ain't talking about physical tools to be a draftable QB. People are talking about Burrow like he's a slam dunk #1 overall pick. If he had that level of physical talent he would have started for Ohio State. Burrow has the tools to be a NFL QB. I'm simply saying he doesn't have the tools to be a high 1st round pick.
  4. Oops. I saw this only after posting my last post. No more Goff talk from me.
  5. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2017/11/30/nfl-los-angeles-rams-jared-goff-sean-mcvay-headset-audible-line-of-scrimmage/
  6. If there were no coaches then this would be a great point. But we know coaching can make a huge difference when it comes to presnap reads (especially in college). Sean McVay famously was telling Jared Goff where to go with the ball presnap in 2017 and 2018. This made Jared Goff look like an MVP candidate until the Super Bowl when Bill Belichek didn't show his true defense until the QB/coach mic was turned off. This forced Goff to read the defense himself without the aide of his coach and we all saw how that turned out. The explosive Rams turned in the worst offensive performance in Super Bowl history. How sure are you that it wasn't Joe Brady and the LSU coaches that made Joe Burrow this season? This is why I typically stick to ratings players primarily on their physical tools. When you try to give a player credit for traits like reading a defense you can never be sure its really him or the coaches. With Burrow its even more damning given how unimpressive he was the year before. If this was Burrow's first year of significant action then I might be more open to your argument. But given he showed none of this last year I'm gonna go with this being more about the coaches than Joe Burrow.
  7. Different era. Silly to compare stats from when Peyton was young to now. With that said, if you wanna die on the Jared Goff hill go right ahead. Most people have rightfully jumped off his bandwagon and concluded that it was Sean McVay that made him look better than he really was in 2017 and 2018. Now it looks like the league has caught up with McVay and the real Jared Goff is back. But hey if you think he's Peyton Manning I won't stop you.
  8. Did you watch the NFL 100 show on QBs? Did you hear how Belichick talked about Peyton Manning? Did you hear what Collinsworth said about watching the Colts practice? Nobody was like Peyton Manning. He was essentially the offensive coordinator and QB at the same time. He designed game plans. He ran the offense during practice. Even Brady was shocked when he heard this. Both Brady and Brees have genius coaches that crafted the offense. They were the ones who were trying to outduel the opposing defensive coordinators. With Peyton it was him versus Belichick. Sorry but Peyton Manning's mind is unmatched in the history of the game. Brady, Brees, or whoever else you wanna name doesn't come close. Watch the NFL 100 show on QBs. It'll blow your mind.
  9. If Goff and Mayfield turn it around I will take it back. But as of now I consider both to be what they showed themselves to be this year. Which is below average.
  10. Agreed. And I don't see much difference every Sunday between most QBs on that front. The biggest difference I see in QBs is when it comes to reading the defense and making the decision of where to throw. The actual mechanics of delivering the ball are very similar for most QBs. I think people just like to hype up accuracy when its the trait with the least variability among QBs.
  11. Aaron Rodgers is better than Brees. And I disagree about Brady and Manning. Both had great arm talent. Manning when he was younger. And Brady up until the last few years.
  12. I consider it. But only lightly because its extremely unpredictable. To me its like trying to predict if a RB is gonna be prone to fumbles. You can look for it but basing your evaluation on that one trait is fruitless. I would rather look at things like arm talent, mobility, intangibles, and playmaking ability that hasn't been drawn up by the coach when evaluating QBs. I don't think the differences in accuracy among QBs is as significant as people try to make it out to be. Most of the best QBs who get it done without elite physical tools do it through presnap reads and getting rid of the ball quickly to playmakers not because they are throwing dimes every play. There is no QB who make a living off consistently hitting dimes down the field. Even the great Aaron Rodgers makes his living hitting mostly routine throws based on correctly reading the defense pre-snap. The dimes typically come every now and then.
  13. Cause before the 2018 draft every commentator was talking about how accuracy was Mayfield's strongest attribute. And now he's looked at as one of the most inaccurate QBs in the NFL. My point was accuracy in the evaluation process is a buzzword cause nobody really knows if a QB is accurate. Numbers obviously don't help. And then when you look at tape its not like every throw is the same for every QBs. Also you have some coaches that scheme easier throws than others. Its why its hard to really determine who is accurate and who isn't.
  14. Cause I judge players based on their talent and not on the end product. Its why I'm not in the "Brady is the GOAT" crowd. He might have the best resume of any QB ever but I believe his success was in large part due to the coaching (and cheating) around him. Put someone like Aaron Rodgers (who I believe in vastly more talented) in the same position and I believe he has more success. Kind of a difficult experiment to run in real life but its my belief.
  15. I never said that. I do place a heavy emphasis on first impressions. But I do change my views on a players if they make a change that pushes me to change my opinion. You just value different things than I do for me to change my opinion on a player. You think because Joe Burrow all of sudden has a monster season statistically that I should then change my opinion on him based on that. Well I don't view stats or team success as things that make me change my opinion on a player. I'll give you an example of something that makes me change my views on a player. Now most people on here know I was high on Alvin Kamara before the 2017 draft. I had compared him to Marshall faulk, had him rated as the top RB in that class, and a high 1st round prospect when almost no one else did. Now that's not the view I had on Kamara when he fired arrived at Tennessee in 2015 as a redshirt sophomore. My first impression of Kamara was that he was really good but not special. I saw him as a Devonta Freeman type player and thought he would be a solid NFL RB worth taking in the second round but not really a transcendent talent. Then in 2016 he totally changed my view on him. How did he do it? He changed his body composition. In 2015 he had more of a thicker build. His balance and hands were still phenomenal but he did not look to have that game breaking explosiveness that elite RBs have. In 2016 he became slimmer, more sleak, still had elite balance and hands but added more game breaking speed and explosiveness. I went from liking him to loving him. And it wasn't because he improved his stats. Or that his team won more games. It was because he had transformed himself physically. So if a player changes physically then yes I will rethink my initial view. But if he's the same guy physically then I'm not really gonna change my view on him considering physical skill set is the thing I look at most when evaluating players. I didn't change my view on Joe Burrow cause he looks like the same guy physically from last year.