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  1. A lot of what makes most successful QBs successful is the pieces around them. Very few can carry subpar talent to great heights. Matt Ryan being the classic example. A lot of people think he's great and when he's had great offensive talent around him (which has been true for most of his career) he's performed like a great QB. Take that elite talent around him away and he becomes very average. Not every QB is like Lamar Jackson where you can put anybody around then and they'll still look like the best player on the field.
  2. For me its Jerry Jeudy. After watching a lot of the rookies from the 2020 class make their debut this week, almost everyone looked as I expected. I personally don't see the 2020 draft being remembered as a great draft. With that said, the one guy who looked much better than I thought he would look was Jerry Jeudy. I was really impressed with his body control, explosiveness, and agility. I saw a lot more juice out of him in the NFL than I did at Alabama. He looked a lot like Emmanuel Sanders out there (could be the jersey number and playing on the Broncos playing a part in this comp). Now I don't think he's going to be one of the best WRs in the NFL. However, he looks a lot better than the 2nd-3rd round grade I gave him before the draft.
  3. Just what I was about to say. This gives Marquez Callaway the opportunity to show what he's got. Hope he makes the most of it.
  4. Don't know. I just like the Panthers to be around that 7-9 mark.
  5. LVE was 2nd team All-Pro and a Pro Bowler as a 22 year old rookie. Sean Lee only made 1 All-Pro team as a 30 year old and 2 Pro Bowls at 29 and 30 years old. I don't see anything exceptional about Sean Lee's resume. He doesn't have the accolades to warrant as much love as ya'll give him. It must be the Cris Collinsworth effect. Cause he hyped him up everytime the Cowboys were on SNF. That must be the reason ya'll think he's better than he really was.
  6. Bad comp. He's way way more talented than Sean Lee. LVE has Hall of Fame talent. Sean Lee was never that talented.
  7. They'll have too good of a season. Carolina looks like a 7-9 team. Don't sleep on the Raiders. They are a playoff team this year.
  8. Lamar was pretty obvious to me. I had him rated as a Top 5 prospect in the 2018 draft in my final pre-draft evaluation. I even argued he should be the #1 pick in the 2018 draft if short term impact was what you wanted. Him ripping apart the NFL this early in his career is exactly what I expected.
  9. Very unfortunate. Both he and Derwin James had such amazing starts to their careers but have been plagued by injuries the last 2 years. Hopefully they can bounce back and return to their All-Pro form.
  10. I actually predicted Josh Rosen would struggle mightily if he played on a team with a poor o-line and lack of elite skill position players. I knew he was a dependant QB that needed pieces around him to succeed like Matt Ryan and Eli Manning. We'll see if he can ever put it together because right now he's in an ideal position with the Bucs given Brady's age and the offensive weapons on that team.
  11. The Browns actually have good talent now. They should be a playoff team. Unfortunately they wasted the #1 overall pick in 2018 on a bust at the QB position. If they had drafted Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen they would be Super Bowl contenders this year.
  12. Fitzpatrick has more mobility and can make something happen out of nothing. That sort of QB can succeed even when surrounded by subpar talent. Rosen has poor mobility so he needs a good o-line and receivers that can separate to look good.
  13. In the 2000s you had Marshall Faulk, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Edgerrin James. Then in the 2010s you had Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch. I see no other Hall of Famers from those eras. I'll concede that the early 2000s were pretty good when it comes RBs. We had some amazing runners during the early part of that decade. But from around 2007-2016 you had pretty weak talent in the league when it came to the RB position. Things have only turned around recently thanks to all the stud RBs that came out of the 2017 and 2018 drafts.
  14. Gonna disagree with you right there. Browns may have had a worse record than the Cardinals before the 2018 draft but they were significantly more talented. Similar to the Bengals this year. I expect them to have a really good season because they had way more talent than their 2-14 record last year suggested. We'll see who is better over the course of their careers. Mayfield definitely has the better start thus far thanks to his 2018 season. But I'm sticking with my pre-draft evaluation that Josh Rosen will be the better QB over the course of their careers.
  15. When Saquon Barkley gets $20mil/yr he will.
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