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  1. Lamar Jackson

    What if Mahomes never wins a Super Bowl but Lamar wins one this year? I'll take a Kurt Warner run over a Dan Marino one anyday of the week for my team. Winning just one Super Bowl means more than getting close for a lot more years.
  2. Absolutely. Now I didn't think a NFL team would have the guts to do it given his size but I saw elite talent from the first game. His explosive running ability and arm talent were clearly evident.
  3. True. But I could see elite talent in Murray from Day 1. So him going #1 in the draft was no surprise. Nobody can say Burrow flashed elite talent before this season. I just think most people make the mistake of thinking high rate production means top tier talent all the time. Sometimes guys can be productive in college and not really that talented. Joe Burrow seems to be one of those guys to me. Never felt that way about Kyler Murray.
  4. Kyler Murray flashed superstar talent from his first game as a true freshmen at Texas A&M in 2015 against Arizona State. He then had a incredible performance against South Carolina that year in his first career start. Everyone knew he was talented. He was a guy who transferred cause he was done with the coach. He didn't transfer because he lost the starting job to an underclassmen like Joe Burrow.
  5. I saw draftable player as well last year. But more in the Ryan Findley mold rather than a potential #1 overall pick. My major issue isn't thinking he isn't an NFL caliber QB. Its how he's been elevated to such rarified air. IMO a player with 1st overall pick (or even high 1st round) potential tends to show that level of talent early on. At the very least we don't see him make that leap as a 23 year old redshirt senior. That is my big problem with Joe Burrow. He's gone from a possibly intriguing prospect to 1st overall pick status literally overnight. And that makes no sense to me.
  6. I don't know if the combine is the best barometer for arm strength. A lot of times QBs go there with the main goal being to complete every pass, not trying to rip the ball with all they got. I could tell Lamar, for example, was lofting a lot of his passes that day at the combine trying to make sure he completed the pass rather than trying to zip it. Watson probably was doing the same his day at the combine. Actual game action is the best barometer for arm strength IMO. Especially when tight window high velocity throws are required. And from what I saw from Deshaun at Clemson and in the NFL he's always had a plus arm. It might not be insane like Josh Allen or Mahomes but it was clearly above average to me.
  7. Fix the Browns

    Unfortunately you won't be lucky enough to get saved by Dobbs. The Cleveland Browns seem destined for perpetual dissapointment. Have fun watching Baker Mayfield hold back what is otherwise a Super Bowl caliber roster.
  8. Then kudos to PFF. I'm talking to people who didn't think much of him last year (like myself). Unlike them I still don't think much of Burrow. I was just curious to see how people justify this huge shift on him as a player.
  9. Fix the Browns

    Now explain why that post is bad and/or trolling. Most football fans would agree with him that Mayfield is the weak link on the Browns right now. His play this season has been AWFUL.
  10. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    Not really. Do you see me backing down from my Dobbs take? Have I ever told ya'll please stop mentioning him? In fact, I actually am happy everytime someone randomly drops Dobbs in a discussion I'm involved in. That lets people who never heard my assesment of him know where I stand. That way when Dobbs ends up becoming the star QB I forecasted everyone on this site will know I was the one who called it from the start. If I believe I am wrong about something, I will admit that and move along. I'm not the type who wants to sit back quietly hoping people will forget.
  11. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    But just barely. Josh Allen's completion percentage at Wyoming was 56.2% compared to Lamar Jackson's 57.0% at Louisville. That's a marginal difference. And Josh Allen also played with little to no talent around him. If you're going to engage in simple box score analysis rather than tape analysis then Lamar Jackson was just as inaccurate in college as Josh Allen. I already laid out in my previous post why just looking at the stat sheet is flawed when analyzing Josh Allen's throwing ability. But I guess you just decided to ignore all that and instead regurgitate yourself.
  12. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    Then I guess you must rarely watch him play football. Because if you did you would know that he's a natural thrower with GOOD accuracy. I actually dispelled the myth that Josh Allen was an erratic inaccurate passer before the 2018 draft. Its the main reason I had him as my top rated QB prospect in that class (with Lamar Jackson being a close #2). Josh Allen's incompletions in college typically fell into one of these 3 categories: (1) Scheme - Josh Allen played in a pro style offense offense at Wyoming geared toward throwing the ball downfield showcasing his insane arm strength. That meant lots of big boy throws every game and very few easy bubble screens to pad that completion percentage (as was the case with Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma). When you're throwing the ball downfield a lot with very few easy passes you will naturally have a lower completion percentage than someone who has more easy completions built into the playbook because of the scheme. We saw something similar to this with Andrew Luck his first few years in the NFL. His completion percentage was lower than average because Bruce Arians ran an offense that was built on downfield throws rather than dink and dunk throws. (2) Lack of talent around him - whether it was poor offensive line play not giving him enough time to go through his reads or wide receivers struggling to get separation, Allen suffered from a poor supporting cast his final year at Wyoming that greatly affected his stats. He was always under constant pressure and his receivers gave him very little room to fit passes in with their lack of separation. Regardless of how talented you are as a QB, if you go into almost every game with the less talented team it'll be hard to put up impressive stats. Typically the college QBs who put up the best stats are guys like Baker Mayfield who play at the most talented school in their conference and go into every game with the more talented roster. This is why I place such little value on college stats. (3) Brett Favre mentality - and finally we get to the one flaw in Josh Allen's game. It was never accuracy. If you watched his tape you would know it was DECISION-MAKING. Josh Allen has a tendancy to always want to make the big play. He is the type to pass up a wide open check down to take a shot downfield even if its a tight window. He also never wants to throw the ball out of bounds. Even if all his receivers are covered he would rather force the ball into coverage to make a play than throw it out of bounds and live to fight another play. It was this tendancy of not knowing when to give up on a play that proved disastrous against New England earlier in the season. His INTs that game weren't because he was inaccurate. It was poor decision-making. On one of his picks that game he tried to throw across his body into the middle of the field in the face of pressure instead of throwing it out of bounds. He also threw a ball downfield into double coverage trying to make a big play rather than taking a check down or throwing it out of bounds. Before the draft I said this "Brett Favre mentality" was correctable with proper coaching which is why I didn't look at it as a major flaw. And as we've seen, since the New England game, Josh Allen has thrown only 2 INTs. Showing that he is in fact coachable and can learn to control his gunslinger mentality. So you see, you are very wrong about him being inaccurate. As a Lamar Jackson fan you should know better than to just label a QB as lacking accuracy based purely on college numbers. I also said before the 2018 NFL draft that Lamar Jackson was wrongly labled as inaccurate. l said he had better passing instincts than Michael Vick and that he was actually a very accurate passer when throwing to the middle of the field. If most people actually watched Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson's college tape in depth then they would know both had no issues with accuracy. Its why I was so confident in my belief that they would BOTH be star QBs in the NFL.
  13. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    Jake Locker couldn't pass. Josh Allen is a natural throwing the ball. Plus his athleticism is more functional. He's not only fast but also shifty enough to make people miss. That's another bad comp.
  14. I disagree. Watson has a cannon from what I've seen. Not on the Josh Allen/Mahomes level but right up there in the tier below.
  15. Athleticism and arm strength. Deshaun is mobile and has a cannon. Good size as well. His talent is extremely high.