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  1. Wow. What an insane question. Brian Flores is one of the better young coaches in the league. He had his team vastly outperform their talent level the last two years. This is the first time his team has played down to their talent level. I would blame the GM and lack of talent on this roster before I blame Brian Flores. I don't know what ya'll expected from this roster but a 1-5 record is not surprising.
  2. Cool. I look forward to being reminded of it just as I am reminded of my Josh Dobbs take to this day. If you notice I never complain about it. It's just unusual that ya'll only like to remind me of when I miss on a player. I don't see daily reminders of my bold takes on Kamara, Josh Allen, Lamar, and Goff among others.
  3. Cool. Now tell me how many people in 2021 think of Goff or Mayfield like they did in 2018? You guys keep skirting around my argument by trying to make this into a Goff/Mayfield vs Herbert debate. I have already conceded he's better than those guys. I am simply telling you that in a few years nobody will be talking about him the way they are right now. Just as nobody is talking about Goff or Mayfield the way they were in 2018.
  4. I guess Vegas also likes to lose money ehh? Guess they make fringe QBs leading MVP candidates during the middle of the season for no reason right?
  5. Once again you guys are trying to turn this into a Goff versus Herbert debate. Did I not say myself from the jump I consider Herbert to be better? I only brought up Goff to show how quickly a regression can come. Even if nobody thought Goff was a generational QB, people thought he was at the very least a good player. How many people feel that way about him now? That's my point here buddy. I'm not trying to compare Goff and Herbert. I'm only trying to tell you that a player can look a lot better than they really during a short term sample size that can obscure how good they rea
  6. Good for you. Looks like you are smarter than most. However, if you were paying attention during 2018 you would know your position was an outlier. Most were crowning Goff as an elite QB and leading MVP candidate.
  7. I actually predicted Allen could be MVP in 2020 BEFORE the season. The point there was about how its impossible for someone to actually be below average one season and MVP caliber the next. Obviously the guy had to have been really good beforehand or the MVP season is a fluke and he'll regress afterwards. Short term success or failure is not indicative of what the long term future holds. Josh Allen wasn't bad his first two years and suddenly became good the last two. Just as Jared Goff wasn't good in 2017 and 2018 then suddenly became bad. You guys simply made the mistake of fallin
  8. So lemme get this straight. You question my reading comprehension by not reading the actual post you responded to? You posted those gifs trying to mock my take that I don't think Justin Herbert is even good. I responded by saying folks said the same thing to me in 2018 about my Goff not being good take. I then asked you how that take is doing today in 2021. You responded with a defensive post about Herbert's poor play today and tried to bring Josh Allen into this. Looks to me like you are the one with issues when it comes to reading comprehension cause I don't know how me asking
  9. Cool. What does that have to do with me being a lone voice in 2018 saying Goff wasn't good despite him being considered a leading MVP candidate that year? You guys are deceptively trying to turn this debate into Goff vs Herbert debate. I said off the jump I consider Herbert to be better. I am only bringing up Goff to show that a mediocre player can have short term success that gives most the illusion he's great. That is all. My contention is Herbert is not as good as his current success implies. I am predicting a regression. Similar to how I predicted Goff would regress in 2018
  10. So the world wide leader in sports and his local media were covering it. What's weird about that? I don't see the Tennessee media writing about Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers unless the Titans are about to play them. Also one of those articles is citing how Las Vegas had Goff with the 3rd best odds for MVP in 2018 after Brees and Mahomes. I can't believe I actually have to defend the notion Jared Goff was considered an elite MVP caliber QB in 2018. It was only 3 years ago folks. The amount of deception and revisionist history going on in this thread is mind-boggling.
  11. The point there was about how people were perceived. The post I was responding to was trying to make the argument nobody thought of Goff like they did Herbert. I was simply proving that to be false. I was not arguing Goff was better than Herbert because he was drafted earlier.
  12. No I remember. I too thought he was headed for the Hall of Fame. However, I had to accept that take was wrong given how unimpressive he has been ever since. I can't blame all of his ineffectiveness on that injury. For one it was not the worst knee injury we've ever seen. As far as I can tell there is nothing physically limiting Wentz. His subpar play can only be explained by him not being mentally strong enough to overcome adversity. If you can't overcome adversity then you were never a great player to begin with.
  13. True. First impressions matter. Herbert made a good first impression to the masses hence why so many are on his bandwagon already. Goff made a terrible first impression. Which is why it took him a lot longer to get media love. Those who are a wise don't fall for first impressions. They look at the long term. I didn't fall for Baker Mayfield's stellar first impression in 2018. Neither did I start to question Lamar or Josh for their slow starts. I trusted my evaluation over their entire careers up to that most. It's why my takes on Mayfield, Lamar, and Josh Allen takes have mature
  14. Who said anything about Herbert? I was talking about Goff in that post. In 2018 I said he was not good and a product of McVay. That take was met with similar resistance to my current take on Herbert. I wanted you to tell me how my 2018 Jared Goff take has aged? The fact you are this defensive about Herbert's poor performance today tells me you invest too much into the game to game variability of sports. I made my post regarding Herbert not being good after his great game against the Browns. One thing I don't do is wait for a player to have a bad game to say something negative. I'
  15. So was Josh Allen the only QB to work on his game in the 2020 off-season? I am not denying he worked on his game. Every athlete does that. The point is he went from being considered a below average QB that many thought was holding back the Bills to the runner-up for MVP in one off-season. Nobody makes that sort of improvement. The reality is he was a lot better than what people gave him credit for in 2018 and 2019. Thus the 2020 breakthrough wasn't because he made unprecedented improvements but rather his circumstances improved (i.e. more talent around him) which allowed the talent
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