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  1. Did Mike McCarthy have the second highest winning percentage of any active coach? Mike Tomlin consistently wins at a level no other NFL coach not named Bill Belichek surpasses. For him to be on the hot seat is a joke. Comparing him to McCarthy is simply not valid. Tomlin won at a higher level.
  2. Harbaugh has missed the playoffs for several years now. Mike Tomlin makes the playoffs every year. Not a valid comparison.
  3. This thread is offensive. Mike Tomlin has the second highest winning percentage of any active coach (after Bill Belichek). He's also won a Super Bowl. He should not be on the hot seat for having one poor season. I don't care what ya'll say but if he was white, a thread like this would not be made. Mike Tomlin has earned the right to have one bad season after his consistent success for a decade plus.
  4. How good is JuJu Smith-Schuster?

    I compared him to Dez Bryant ahead of the 2017 draft. At the time I thought that comp might be slightly overrating him. Now I realize I underrated him. JuJu is special. He's got everything you want in a WR whether its route running, making contested catches, and yards after the catch. He's a top 10 WR in the NFL right now with the potential to be top 5 in a few years.
  5. I hate being right about stuff like this. But this is a troubled young man.
  6. Right here. What's up?
  7. Can you argue this QB list post-1980?

    Did you ever watch him play? Just looking up stats and thinking you can judge a player you never saw is flawed. I recently looked up his numbers a few months back and was surprised they weren't better. But that was a different era and I never watched him play to know what the talent level and coaching was like around him. If most people who watched football back then rate him as an all-time great, I would not challenge them based purely on looking up stats.
  8. First head coach fired

    I actually think he has a chance to be a good head coach. Gotta give him time. The Cardinals are simply not a talented team right now.
  9. 2018 Freshman Class

    Amon Ra St. Brown - Golden Tate 2.0 Trevor Lawrence - reminds me of a more mobile Peyton Manning; looks like the #1 overall pick in 2021 Justin Fields - 6'2" Cam Newton Overall this looks like a very talented freshmen class. The 2021 and 2022 drafts should be great.
  10. Top 5 Receiving Backs in the NFL

    All I know is Alvin Kamara is #1. The other 4 spots are debatable.
  11. You do know Alvin is on pace for over 1,000 rushing yards? Humor me for just one minute. If Alvin gets those extra 200 yards you don't think he's capable of, does he suddenly become an elite RB in your eyes? The idea that because Alvin is such a great pass catcher out of the backfield that somehow makes him less of a RB is just silly. Alvin can run between the tackles as good as anyone. I saw a stat on NFL Network the other day which said that Alvin Kamara is averaging over 5 yards per carry against 8 man boxes. That was good for 4th in the entire league. On the long rushing TD that closed the game against the Giants last week, Alvin was running out of the I-formation with a fullback leading the way. Alvin Kamara is not the scat back you guys are making him out to be. He could dominate the league just being a traditional I-formation RB if he wanted. He's just so good as a receiver that you would be silly not to use him there as well. Especially given how the rules favor passing now in the NFL.
  12. How can a guy who is among the league leaders in broken tackles and yards after contact be the product of the system? You obviously don't watch Kamara play to say something like this. The guy is mesmerizing to watch because of how many Houdini plays he has every Sunday. He's breaking tackles and gaining extra yards than were designed by the play better than anyone in the NFL right now. I just think you don't like Kamara. You been throwing shots at him since his emergence last year. I was hoping the game against the Rams where he made your entire defense look silly on those short little dump off passes would convince you of his greatness. Oh well. I guess it'll take Alvin putting on a Gold Jacket before you give him any credit.
  13. I ain't a stat guy but I'm pretty sure Alvin's rate of breaking tackles was near the top of the league last year. You can't say Alvin is the product of a system if he's among the league leaders when it comes to yards after contact. Alvin is creating his own production moreso than it being a system giving him easy yards. His yards gained after contact is proof of that. All you gotta do is watch Alvin play to see he is the actual system. He's the one who takes those short dump offs and screen passes and takes them farther than the blocking or scheme designed.
  14. Alvin is gaining yards and scoring TDs at a higher rate per touch than all those guys. And if you want to use the eye test, you could put Alvin in their place and he would out produce them but there's no way you could put those guys in Alvin's place and have them produce like he has. Alvin Kamara's production makes him the best.
  15. Fair enough. For me the thing that sucks the most in sports is knowing you're the best team and not winning versus missing what is a good chance to win. You are right 2008 was a nice opportunity. That was an unimpressive year all-around in the NFL. Arizona had that miracle run to the Super Bowl and the Steelers team that won it all certainly didn't feel special. However, nothing sucks worse than knowing you have the best team in the sport and a team that could probably play with most great teams historically and still losing. Maybe it was just me, but I never once thought we would lose in 2000 during the lead up to that Ravens game. That is what made the result so jarring. I was young back then so maybe it was youthful ignorance. But I never considered the possibility before that day that you could be the best team in the league for an entire season and still not win the championship.