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  1. Trevor Lawrence has a much better arm and is mobile in his own right. I said overall physical package not just running speed.
  2. No. He's actually good. Just hasn't gotten a true opportunity in real games to show what he's got. At some point it will come. Its just a matter of time.
  3. First of all, I'm not discrediting his work ethic. Before the 2018 draft I cited his work ethic and competitiveness as two intangibles that made me confident he would continue to improve as a player. I never said Allen was a finished product coming out of Wyoming nor have I said he hasn't been continually improving. My only disagreement has been with folks who try to say he was not good his first two years and then made some meteoric rise last season. Same thing with Lamar Jackson in 2019 versus 2018. Lamar Jackson didn't go from a guy who could not throw to the unanimous MVP in one off-s
  4. Do you like to lie intentionally or are you this willfully ignorant? Justin Fields has never been listed at 6'4" by any official source. In fact, at his recent pro day, he was officially listed at 6'2 6/8" (i.e. a hair below 6'3"). https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2938860-justin-fields-44-second-40-yard-dash-highlights-standout-pro-day-performance Also there was no combine this year so we have no OFFICIAL times on how fast any of the players coming out truly are. Anyone who has followed the draft in the past knows pro day times tend to be faster than the official times at the combi
  5. Josh Allen is the most physically talented QB to enter the NFL since 2001. Insane to compare Justin Fields to him. Let alone claim Fields is a better version of him. Your Dak Prescott comp makes more sense. Stick to that one.
  6. I could put together a similar lowlights video of Patrick Mahomes missing wide open receivers badly or throwing passes right to defenders only for them to drop sure INTs. Just last year Mahomes led the league in dropped INTs. Just because a QB misses passes here or there doesn't make him inaccurate. Even this past year as a leading MVP candidate Allen had some bad throws. The difference a better supporting cast makes is they provide the QB more easy throws and looks. This means less superhero plays from Josh and thus an improvement in his efficiency metrics. I think the problem stat
  7. Good post. Exactly how I think. We'll let the future decide who is ultimately right.
  8. But remember, I was the guy on this site telling everyone for years that Josh Allen was not inaccurate. That all he needed was a better supporting cast and he would put up monster passing numbers because I saw the insane talent he possessed. All I'm saying is I see something similar in Trey Lance. I disagree with your assumption he has accuracy issues just as I never bought into the myth Josh Allen had accuracy issues. Trey Lance oozes the same superstar ability Josh Allen possesed.
  9. There's no comparison between Lance and Love. Trey is on a completely different level.
  10. How come? Don't we as humans use the past to try and predict the future?
  11. Didn't Josh Allen have similar concerns? Look at him now. I'll always bet on a QB with elite talent and great intangibles.
  12. ROY the very situation specific. A RB like Najee Harris getting a lot of touches is the most likely to win it. With that said I was excited for the 49ers to select Lance because of Hurd and Jennings. Both guys will be problems in the NFL. And then you got Moseley on defense. So quite a few Tennessee boys will be making waves in San Francisco.
  13. 49ers will win a Super Bowl in the next 2-3 years because of this selection. Trey Lance is that good. He'll be a perennial top 5 QB in the NFL. Think Steve McNair mixed with Donovan McNabb.
  14. He also went to the perfect spot. Kyle Shannahan will maximize his abilities like Andy Reid has done for Mahomes. I can see San Francisco winning a Super Bowl in the next 2-3 years.
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