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  1. For the record I believe numbers are fine in evaluating players over the LONG TERM (i.e. an entire career). Because by that point circumstances will even out. But in the short term you can see a wide divergence between a player's talent level and their statistical production.
  2. Well I never saw a "blah" rookie season. Did you forget he broke records as a runner? I forgot the exact numbers but he had back to back games with 90+ rushing yards (or something of the sort) that had never been done before by a rookie QB. His yards per carry and his rushing TDs were higher than Lamar Jackson. Sure his passing numbers weren't great but then again look at who he was throwing to. His #1 WR that year was an undrafted second year player who I believe is no longer in the league. Those who just look at numbers might be surprised or shocked by Josh Allen's "improvement".
  3. I actually pointed this out about Allen when he was a prospect. I said the only weakness he had as a player was his decision-making because of his competitiveness. He was more in the Brett Favre mold than Jameis Winston. Josh would pass up the wide open check to take the more risky shot down the field. To a degree this sort of aggressiveness is good. However, you have to know the time and place for it. For large parts of his first two years in the league, Josh didn't know how to balance this. This year however its where he's improved the most. To me this is different than Winston who s
  4. I think most people don't get how much individual stats are affected by the talent around you in a team sport like football. Josh had by far the worst set of skill position players last year in the playoffs. I mentioned it several times before the playoffs began. Take away Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, the 2 best offensive lineman on the Chiefs, and Andy Reid then lets see how Patrick Mahomes does. That's basically what Josh Allen had to work with last year. If you put a player's production in the proper context of who he has around him, then what happened this year with Allen wouldn't s
  5. Or maybe it was the new scheme that hid his weaknesses and inflated his production? To me mental acuity is very difficult to guage on tape. Which is why I always lean towards a prospect's physical traits above all else. Those traits have far less uncertainty around them.
  6. I think Watson has a stronger arm than Burrow. I know some don't think much of Watson's arm but I've always been impressed by it.
  7. I really don't get this take. I thought he played well most of the game. I mean they did take a huge lead in the game. And at the end he was trying to do too much which led to the huge sacks for loss. Its not like he didn't have the ability to play. It was just him doing some boneheaded plays cause he's so competitive. As with almost every Josh Allen take by the masses, I just don't get what ya'll are seeing.
  8. I think its the fact the talent around him is finally adequate that took his numbers to the next level. Individually he was this good last year. He just didn't have the supporting cast on offense. Josh Allen did not personally improve from being a below average QB to MVP caliber in a single off-season.
  9. Kyler Murray was a heralded recruit and player at Texas A&M. His height was the only question mark as well as whether he would choose baseball. It took Kliff Kingsbury getting the Cardinals job locking him into the 1st overall pick. The rest of guys you mentioned were guys who never played or started before their breakthrough seasons. They were also quite young when they broke through. Joe Burrow on the other hand was a 23 year old RS SR during his breakout season and started an entire season before that. You can't really compare him to a first year starter like Trubisky who brea
  10. Marginal improvements are to be expected. My issue is with how Joe Burrow went from a Day 3 pick at best in 2018 to the consesus #1 overall pick just a year later.
  11. Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes have generational arm talent. Joe Burrow doesn't. In fact some might say Burrow's arm strength is below average. Comparing him to two of the most talented QBs we've ever seen makes no sense.
  12. Then explain why Burrow was a nobody in 2018? He also benefiited from the system that was brought in 2019.
  13. Was Haskins not a highly successful college QB? Did he not break records at Ohio State with less NFL talent than Burrow had at LSU? Did he not force Burrow to transfer out of Ohio State after beating him out? Surely you can't try to act like Joe Burrow did something herculean at LSU given how much his supporting cast is thriving thus far in the NFL.
  14. You've got to be kidding me? Burrow had Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the backfield. He was arguably the best rookie RB this year. He had Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase at WR. Jefferson just put up the greatest rookie season ever in terms of receiving yards. And Chase is projected to be drafted even higher than both Edwards-Helaire and Jefferson. You could've plugged Dwayne Haskins (yes the same Haskins who beat Burrow out at Ohio State) into that team and he would have had a similarly dominant season. Lets not act like Haskins wasn't breaking records at Ohio State with a less ta
  15. Actually I really like DJ. Think he could potentially be a better pro than Lawrence.
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