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  1. Here's how I would rate the top of the QB class in 2021: Trey Lance = Superstar Zach Wilson = Star Trevor Lawrence = Star Justin Fields = Solid Starter Kellen Mond = Solid Starter Mac Jones = Bust/Backup
  2. Chillin. And my posts usually turn out to be right. Word to Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson.
  3. He's got the talent to vastly outplay that deal. You should be happy.
  4. To be fair Elway did play in the JV conference at the time. The NFC totally dominated the AFC in the Super Bowl for a ridiculously long stretch there in the 80s and 90s.
  5. Good for you. I use the eye test. I've found it to be more reliable in predicting future results than simply looking at stats.
  6. No player is perfect in every game. Randall may not have been at his best in that game against Atlanta but he still put his team in position to win if not for the kicker choking. I take Randall over Warner because I believe he's more talented. I think if you put Prime Randall on the '99-'01 Rams he has more success than Warner. Conversely I think if Prime Warner was on the 88-90 Eagles they have less success than they did with Randall. Obviously there is no way to prove this thought experiment. Its simply my opinion.
  7. True. But is it his fault his kicker missed a chip shot FG that would have iced the game? That season proved that if you surrounded Randall with talent he can lead them to historical greatness. Football is a team sport. And I think its unfortunate that we neglect incredible talents like Randall Cunningham simply because he was not as fortunate in things he didn't have control over like other players.
  8. Kurt Warner was also only good for a short period of time. He was just fortunate enough to havea better supporting cast which won him a Super Bowl and a couple of MVPs. I'd take Cunningham over Warner any day of the week.
  9. Cause when he played he was dominant. His numbers were elite for his era. And he should have had a couple of MVPs.
  10. Agreed. He should have been in the Hall of Fame a long time ago. Arguably the most talented QB in NFL history.
  11. TDs matter too. And Kamara has been elite at that. Also he's made the Pro Bowl every year. After a while those accolades accumulate. Also he is part of this new era of receiving RBs being en vogue. If he keeps up his current pace until he's 30 he will be a Hall of Famer.
  12. No. He was fat and out of shape. That let me know he had poor work ethic which is why I never liked him. Its also why I didn't like Dwayne Haskins as a prospect and said so on this site before the 2019 draft.
  13. VanS

    Draft Busts

    If Young becomes a consistent 10+ sacks a year guy then I will admit to being wrong. We'll see next year as you said.
  14. VanS

    Draft Busts

    Same reason as Mariota. Neither is as good as those first year stats suggest.
  15. VanS

    Draft Busts

    True. But Mariota still had a teally good rookie season. And I remember the hype. How many thought after that season he would be a backup just 4 years later at Tennessee and eventually let go?
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