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  1. I'm assuming he isn't retiring anytime soon. I guess a more appropriate statement there would be to say he's on his way to being a first ballot Hall of Famer.
  2. Trubisky is clearly more talented PHYSICALLY than Brady. Far more athletic. And a stronger arm especially when compared to Brady coming out of college. Now this isn't as big a deal at QB as it is with other positions because great QBs rely on more than physical skill and talent. There's a mental aspect to the QB position in which Brady excels and there are a lot of intangibles important to being a great QB Brady has that Trubisky doesn't have IMO. Brady didn't fall to the 6th round for no reason. He wasn't exactly beaming with much in the way of talent. In general you are right. I do sound hyperbolic about players I like that are under the radar to most. You think its me being a contrarian for contrarian's sake. I disagree. I simply stand firm on my convictions. I only say what I believe. With regard to Myles Garrett, I don't think I'm being hyperbolic about him at all. He had all sorts of hype coming out of college. Many talent evaluators had him with an even higher grade than Clowney coming out. If he blows up this year and wins Defensive Player of the Year, most people won't be surprised. He's not some mid-round pick. When you go #1 overall in a loaded draft (as was the case in 2017), you are expected to be all-time great.
  3. I believe Myles Garrett is more talented than those two. I cited his draft position as evidence that at least before any of those guys played a game in the NFL, most NFL GMs/scouts viewed Myles Garrett as the better prospect coming out of college since he went #1 overall while Watt and Donald were drafted outside the top 10. Now that doesn't necessarily mean he will be better than them in the NFL. I simply believe this is one of those cases where the guy who went #1 overall will live up to those expectations. As high a hurdle as it is to believe someone can be better than JJ Watt and Aaron Donald, I believe Myles Garrett will be. The good thing is we'll find out this year whether this is a good call or not because first ballot Hall of Famers like JJ Watt and Aaron Donald made their huge leaps as second year players. Typically we know by Year 2 what type of player a guy will be. I expect Myles Garrett to win Defensive Player of the Year this season. If he isn't at least in that conversation, then I will agree with you that he isn't on the same level as Watt and Donald.
  4. Washington and Dallas will both be really good teams in 2018. I think the NFC East sends 3 teams to the playoffs (Redskins, Cowboys, and Eagles).
  5. Randy Moss had off-field issues. You know that. If he didn't have those issues he goes in the top 5. You know that too. Which is why I don't understand why you brought him up. Aaron Donald didn't go that low because of character concerns. People were concerned about his size. There were many who didn't think he could hold up inside and would need to switch to the outside. Obviously Donald has proven those people wrong. You seem to be taking this the wrong way. I'm not trying to diminish Aaron Donald. I've already said he's a first ballot Hall of Famer. I just think Myles Garrett will be better. Is it your position that no one can be better than Aaron Donald? That its impossible?
  6. What happened last year has no bearing on this year. When will ya'll realize that? Good for the Eagles in 2017. They had an epic playoff run. And they won an epic Super Bowl. But that's last season. This year is different. I think the Eagles will be good in 2018. However, they play in the toughest division in football IMO (the NFC East). I see 3 potential playoff teams in that division: Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles. I can see either one of those 3 teams winning the division. Packers have a better roster than the Eagles in my opinion. And I think their division is less grueling. Plus Aaron Rodgers is arguably the GOAT and I think this will be his best season ever. All those factors will combine to give the Packers the #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs.
  7. Myles Garrett went 1st overall in his draft. Aaron Donald went 13th overall in his draft. The NFL clearly viewed Myles Garrett as being more talented than Aaron Donald when both came out of college. Now I do respect Aaron Donald for what he's done in the NFL. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer. And is having a remarkable career. But why do you think Myles Garrett can't do the same? Myles just finished an injury plagued rookie season and still got 7 sacks in 11 games. He looks in even better shape this year. If he can stay healthy, the sky is the limit. He could have 15+ sacks. And if he does that, it means he's the best edge rusher in the league and definitely as good as Aaron Donald. Myles Garrett is the next Bruce Smith in my eyes.
  8. Myles Garrett is more talented than Donald and Watt. He'll be the best defensive lineman in the NFL this year and moving forward.
  9. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    No. Nick Foles is a one game (or two game) wonder. But I would take Carson Wentz over Matt Ryan anyday of the week. I would also take Deshaun Watson. I never said accomplishments are required to gain my respect. I form my opinions based on watching the guys play. If I don't find a guy to be as good as the hype (as is the case with Matt Ryan), then the only way I'm gonna give in to the hype is if he wins the Super Bowl. Then I have no choice but to give him respect even if he never impressed me before that. Nick Foles is a unique case that isn't relevant to this discussion. We're talking about the top-tier QBs and where Matt Ryan fits in there. I don't think he's in that group. And the only way I'm changing my mind after seeing him play this long is if he wins it all.
  10. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    I don't. Fantasy football is silly to me.
  11. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    I may not watch many of his regular season games, but I do watch the playoff games. And I've never been impressed. Maybe he should go out there and win a Super Bowl and force my appreciation. We are not obliged to value a QB highly simply because others do. Sports is a show me business. I have my opinion of Matt Ryan. If you want me to change my mind, make Matt Ryan do it by winning something meaningful.
  12. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Great history lesson. Now go back and read the question being asked in this thread and then read that sentence you just posted and tell me how it contradicts my position? The question here is about who is the most OVERPAID player in the NFL. Matt Ryan is currently the highest paid player in the NFL with an annual salary of $30 million/yr. You admit yourself he's nowhere close to being the best QB in the NFL and yet he's paid as such. By definition that is being overpaid. Now lets get to where we disagree. You say he's in the 5-6 range and then rattled off a bunch of regular season accomplishments. I have him in the 10-15 range. And while you are right that in the regular season he's had some good years statistically without Shanahan, and he did have some success before Julio, Matt Ryan has also been known for a while as being a choker in the playoffs. So while he's a great play in fantasy football, in real football I can think of a number of QBs I would rather have than Matt Ryan because I care about winning in the postseason rather than regular season stats. Matt Ryan has never come off as a top 5 QB when I watched him play.
  13. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Never said Matt Ryan was garbage. The question here is about who is the most overpaid player in the NFL. Right now the highest paid QB in the NFL based on annual salary and he's nowhere close to being the best. As a pure talent, I have Matt Ryan in the 10-15 range of starting QBs in the NFL. IMO Matt Ryan has never been anywhere close to a top 5 QB in terms of talent in my opinion. Now he did have that one MVP year where he was considered by most to be top 5 in the league. But I attribute that success to Kyle Shanahan. As we saw last year, Matt Ryan wasn't the same without Shanahan scheming things open for him. And there is no doubt Matt Ryan has benefitted from having Julio Jones. Most of the time he just throws it up for grabs and Julio comes down with the amazing catches. Take Julio Jones and an offensive genius like Shanahan away from Matt Ryan and he's in the 10-15 range of starting QBs in the NFL. That is not worth $30 million/yr in my book. That is why I said he was overrated.
  14. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Matt Ryan - product of Julio Jones and Kyle Shannahan in 2016 Jimmy Garropolo - small sample size
  15. Preseason week 2

    I agree. The Darnold hype is ridiculous. Right now he looks like a dink and dunk game managing QB. He's had very little in the way of explosive plays.