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  1. Kind of funny how everyone besides Urban Meyer knows this won't work.
  2. So Kyle is attending Mac's Pro day instead of Fields Pro day. hmm
  3. Probably so. Trey Lance is so raw. I don't see Shanahan having the patience for someone that raw.
  4. It's his second procedure on his back and this one is after he missed a year of football. That would scare me.
  5. Alex Mack too. Lynch put in some work.
  6. There was nothing to miss unless your talking about his wardrobe which is meaningless.
  7. Bourne better knock off all his goofy antics under Belichick.
  8. McDaniel is being promoted to OC with Niners. Unless it's for a HC opening he's staying.
  9. It's not any better on desktop either.
  10. Nagy better find a way to get more out of his running game. That Defense is on the field too much and they don't have a QB that can carry them with a mediocre running game.
  11. Yeah Saints have some issues and this is the year they went all in with the salary cap. Next year their cap will be a mess.
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