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  1. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    He's better than Buckner. He shouldn't take a penny less than that deal.
  2. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Point still stands hardly anyone from that 2017 class has yet to receive an extension and Adams is acting like he's being singled out.
  3. Redskins trade Trent Williams to the 49ers

    He should have been traded before the deadline. Snyder is so stubborn.
  4. 2020 Draft Thread

    Not me. Buckner is gone and Jones may be out of our price range a year from now.
  5. Texans trade for WR Brandin Cooks

    I'm not giving up a second for a concussion prone WR.
  6. 2 Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    The current regime wasn't in place for half those picks.
  7. 2 Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    Henderson over Kinlaw/Juedy is not happening at 13. Niners had the number one ranked pass defense. Henderson wouldn't even start year one.
  8. Emmanuel Sanders Signs with Saints

    Exactly what they needed. Niners have taken a step back unless they nail the draft.
  9. 2020 Draft Thread

    Day getting bulldozed off the LOS in the SB is still fresh in my mind. Not much is left on the FA market now. Guess I just have to hope Kinlaw falls to 13 and we don't foolishly pass him up.
  10. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    We missed out on Quinton Jefferson. He only signed for 2/13. We easily could have matched that offer.
  11. Bills to sign DE Quinton Jefferson (Two years)

    This is who the Niners should have been after with Buckner gone.
  12. 2020 Draft Thread

    I'd like to believe that but I don't plus those two aren't as durable as Buckner.
  13. 2020 Draft Thread

    The run defense getting worse is my concern. It's going to be much easier to get to the second level and get a hat on Warner without Buckner.
  14. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    You can't always gain a 2-3 game and run away with the top seed though. Sometimes it's just going to come down to that final week to clinch it no matter how well you play. We won our first 8 games and still only had a one game lead over the Saints. Does that say more about us or more about them?
  15. 11 catches and 109 yards through 9 games. Maybe they need to give Pettis snaps to Richie James. It's hard to imagine he can't do better than those pathetic numbers from Pettis. Edit I just checked and Richie James has 108 yards receiving this season. lol That really puts in perspective how crappy Pettis has been this season when Richie only has a yard less than him this season and he rarely gets targets.