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  1. McDaniel is being promoted to OC with Niners. Unless it's for a HC opening he's staying.
  2. It's not any better on desktop either.
  3. Nagy better find a way to get more out of his running game. That Defense is on the field too much and they don't have a QB that can carry them with a mediocre running game.
  4. Yeah Saints have some issues and this is the year they went all in with the salary cap. Next year their cap will be a mess.
  5. I thought that was Wagner going for a dirty late hit. But It was KJ.
  6. I wonder if they are second guessing restructuring that deal right now. We could have been rid of him with very little dead money after the season.
  7. I'm definitely worried this is going to nag him longer than we expect.
  8. He's just 29. Where do you think his speed went?
  9. 48 earned runs in 42 innings. Phillies bullpen is so bad.
  10. He's better than Buckner. He shouldn't take a penny less than that deal.
  11. Point still stands hardly anyone from that 2017 class has yet to receive an extension and Adams is acting like he's being singled out.
  12. He should have been traded before the deadline. Snyder is so stubborn.
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