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  1. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    You can't always gain a 2-3 game and run away with the top seed though. Sometimes it's just going to come down to that final week to clinch it no matter how well you play. We won our first 8 games and still only had a one game lead over the Saints. Does that say more about us or more about them?
  2. 11 catches and 109 yards through 9 games. Maybe they need to give Pettis snaps to Richie James. It's hard to imagine he can't do better than those pathetic numbers from Pettis. Edit I just checked and Richie James has 108 yards receiving this season. lol That really puts in perspective how crappy Pettis has been this season when Richie only has a yard less than him this season and he rarely gets targets.
  3. 10/28 1 rounder

    Tua isn't dropping that far.
  4. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    This reeks of desperation and now they have less draft capital to improve that oline.
  5. SNF: Colts at Chiefs

    Agreed. I can't believe someone thought that was a good call.
  6. 2019 Official Cut down thread

    I'm really skeptical another team would even sign CJ if we waived him. He's that limited as a QB.
  7. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    That's your point? lol
  8. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    What does one have to do with the other.
  9. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    No one is benching or trading their 3T coming off a 12 sack season.
  10. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    You said bench or trade Buckner. That was the ridiculous part I was talking about there.
  11. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    Oliver ahead of Bosa? I'm sorry but that's ridiculous.
  12. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    I think QW is going to be the pick.
  13. Jason Verrett signs with SF

    Actually it kind of does.
  14. Predictive Post First Wave FA 7 Rounder

    Bosa and Harry are exactly the players I would take with the first two picks. Good job.
  15. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    Trading down just to reach for Jonah Williams is indeed terrible.