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  1. This. It sucks with all our injuries but they all happened at the same time (roughly) at the start of the season. The O-line sucks but will get better once Stanley is fully healed and the unit has a chance to gel. Our entire backfield was new to the team going into this game and our best runner couldn't pick up a blitz. Our secondary is filled with young talent trying to get up to speed with the Peters injury and Jimmy Smith not playing. HORRENDOUS O-line play, brand new backfield, WRs just back from injury, young/raw secondary... and we nearly beat the Raiders on the road who are a likel
  2. I was surprised to find out NFL agents are limited to 3% commission on player salaries. It really makes little sense for Lamar to be doing this without an agent.
  3. Its really odd. They went without a team for three years, kept their history, records, identity, etc. Their last year in Cleveland they went 5-11 and ran their head coach out of town who went on to find some success in NE. I think the only holdover from the Browns that started for the Ravens Superbowl team were Rob Burnett and Matt Stover. Yet Browns fans look back at this great foundation for a SB team that Baltimore stole. You would think they now have a good team and they would rally around that from a positive perspective but they continue to focus on us instead. Maybe we should
  4. I feel like the fanbase generally agrees on your points - Earl was a disaster. Lamar was a gem. Marcus Peters was a home run, drafts look promising but too early to tell, we tried having highly touted EDGE rushers but it didn't work out the way we hoped, Calais has been great but is expensive, fans overvalued Orlando Brown and we wish we had gotten more value (unless you are arguing he did not . Result - we have made the playoffs the past 3 years but didn't win it all. Most fans think this is above average for a GM and are happy overall because we are competitive but you disagree and thin
  5. I certainly thought we would get more for him than we did and am a little surprised we even moved him for what we got in return. In hindsight it seems possible, if not likely, that once he took his negotiations public the team decided he needed to go regardless of the return to avoid a distraction. Regarding a trade with the Chiefs. I am firmly in the camp of making the best deal you can regardless of who it is with. There are 32 teams vying the the Superbowl, not just us and the Chiefs, so it makes sense to look to make our team as strong as possible rather than be concerned about not al
  6. Supposedly Ravens and Bears are talking about Orlando Brown and/or Allen Robinson. Money aside who do you think adds more value to us making a Superbowl run next year with the current makeup of our team?
  7. The debate becomes what is he worth to us vs what is her worth to other teams. To us I think the floor of his value is something around pick 15-20. Anything less and I think its better to keep him for a year and tag/trade next year for a second.
  8. To play devil's advocate Jalen Ramsey and Jamal Adams took forever to trade and both went for far more than people expected. I think this is a case where he brings so much value to us this upcoming year and we could still tag and trade him next year for (probably) a mid-2nd so we are content waiting to have our socks knocked off with an offer. I don't buy the, "he's a malcontent and we have to trade him" (not sure if that sentiment is on this forum at all). Especially after signing Zeitler we have a great O-line and potentially bring in a Creed Humphrey-type and its tough to justify movin
  9. The Earl Thomas grievance is still such a wildcard. Apparently none of his $10m salary for 2020 hit our cap so the entire value is unaccounted for right now. If we win we stand with the $19.9m cap mentioned above. If we lose we are at $9.9m in cap space. Very little is out there about when a decision will be made but maybe its good news that the Ravens don't seem to concerned about it. https://russellstreetreport.com/2021/02/19/baltimore-ravens-salary-cap/curious-case-of-earl-thomas-grievance/
  10. Next year couldn't we still tag him and trade for a 1st/2nd/3rd/etc depending on what happens this year? I guess my point is we are viewing this as if we don't get a good 1st round pick this year we will use him a year and get a 3rd next year but realistically it could be use him this year and tag/trade for a late 1st, early 2nd, even an early 3rd is better than a compensatory 3rd. OBJ might be pissed but no player likes to be tagged and I can't imagine we would give up on potential value just to make an outgoing player happy.
  11. Wow. I love this move and loving EDC. Anyone know how much of his salary hits our cap? Edit: according to espn Vikings are on the hook for $6.8m of his $12m contract. I guess we owe $5.2m for this year?
  12. Ravens fan here. I don't fully understand Browns' fans hatred of the Ravens for 'stealing their team'. You missed out on 3 seasons of football (all losing seasons), got out of the ownership that you didn't like all while keeping your name, records, etc. I would take that deal for the Orioles to get rid of Angelos in a heartbeat. Pose that scenario to Washington Football Team fans to get out from Snyder. Likely plenty of other fans of teams with bad ownership would take that as well. Anyway, looking forward to football starting and will be fun to go against the Browns to start the season.
  13. We were looking to trade for Jamal Adams last season so it seems we must have had buyer's remorse very early into the deal with Thomas.
  14. Home field advantage may be even bigger this year since I am sure travel will be more challenging. I am kind of glad our schedule is front-loaded with home games.
  15. Pretty powerful move by the Ravens with BLM
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