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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Pretty powerful move by the Ravens with BLM
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    To play devil's advocate. This year there very likely won't be preseason games (or very limited games) and off season practice will be limited. I can't imagine any teams that didn't even think Huntley was worth a 7th round pick plucking him from our PS for their active roster without any tape on him. I could also see us taking our chances with McSorley for the initial 53 man roster to be able to put someone else on IR. Going further down that path it could be easier for the Ravens to sneak certain players through to PS than in previous years. I expect we will still have 1 UDFA make the team just to keep the streak alive (this has a tangible benefit each year in pitching UDFAa to sign with us).
  3. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I agree with your take. I also suspect this was a very slow and methodical changing of the guards over 5+ years with lots of collaboration. It is very likely EDC has had the role of a full GM but without final say for years working with Ozzie. Remember how Bisciotti transitioned ownership from Modell. He has spoken many times about how beneficial it was for him to learn as he ramped up ownership. It certainly worked out well for us with ownership and now our GM.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Some random thoughts after our draft: 1) We might be the most stable franchise in the NFL top to bottom. (Steelers and Seahawks are the only other two that could challenge). 2) Lamar MVP - Last year going all-in on Lamar doesn't get enough credit. I realize the coaches and organization were well recognized but last year was another level of anything I've seen before. I can't think of any other teams changing their offense and players so dramatically to work with the 32nd pick of the draft whose future was still unclear. It's interesting to think about what could have happened with Lamar's career had he gone to another team. There's a very high likelihood other teams would have not put him in a position to succeed and bailed on him early. 3) EDC - He has been as good as advertised (or better) and we are so lucky he turned down the myriad offers over the years to stick with us. A lot of credit goes to Bisciotti who likely has been paying him a full GM salary for years. It makes such a difference with drafting and free agency to have someone making decisions who has full job security like this while other GMs might make decisions based on keeping their jobs for another year or two. 4) Ronnie Stanley - I would be hard pressed to pay Stanley 'market' after the Laremy Tunsil deal. I think Lamar makes the o-line look better than they are and we would be better off having 5 above average guys than paying $22m to our LT and having weak spots elsewhere. Especially with injury history I could see us going the franchise tag route with him and drafting a replacement. 5) Antonio Brown - I think there's a decent chance we sign him on a one year cheap deal with no guarantees. Our organization is strong enough to hold him in check but also strong enough to cut the cord at the first sign of trouble. He has been incredibly humbled and would be coming to a place with the league MVP at qb so he wouldn't be the star of the show like in Oakland. He also seems to like Lamar plus the Hollywood connection. Given covid and the shortened off-season he is likely to pick up the offense and contribute faster than almost any other off the street player (looking at his time in NE as an example). Also there would be so many bigger news topics that Antonio Brown coming back would almost seem like a minor thing.
  5. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Mauer with Power
  6. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    To play devil's advocate (admittedly I am not as knowledgeable about football as the majority of posters here) it seems like on the majority of passing plays there is a primary and secondary option for the QB to throw the ball to and other route runners are effectively decoys unless the QB has all the time in the world or the play breaks down. What that tells me is the playcaller is effectively determining who will get the ball on each play and it is not necessarily whoever runs the best route. So even when Chris Moore is on the field if the play's primary receiver is Snead, secondary is Andrews, and Dixon is the dump off option then Chris Moore can run the best route of anyone and have a a very slim chance of the ball coming his way. I think a lot of times the success of a WR has more to do with the offensive coordinator deciding to focus on them. In Chris Moore's case - we had just brought in 3 FA WRs and paid them all more than him. It would be very unusual to do that and then make Moore the primary target on plays. It is sort of like the 'chicken or the egg' - does Chris Moore need to get starter targets to perform like a starter or does he need to perform like a starter in order to get the starter targets?
  7. Final Roster Cutdown: 2019

    Cyrus Jones is also a local product having gone to Gilman. My guess is he is a huge Ravens fan and the Pats were the last team (or second to last) he wanted to go to and he manipulated his way back to the Ravens ;).
  8. Pre-Season Week 2 vs IND

    That was such an unusual interview.
  9. Not the worst thing in the world. Should make it a little easier making a tough roster cut since we will get a roster exemption and it increases the likelihood of him playing the last 8 weeks of the season.
  10. Post Draft Talk

    I am certainly not pro-Flacco but I expect him to have a big year (by his standards). I genuinely think we have a solid chance at the Superbowl simply because this is effectively a contract year for him and he will put in the extra hours to be great. I think he already started working with receivers in the off-season which he rarely (or never) did in the past. Also, to your point, he has a seemingly solid O-line in front of him and potential for solid weapons around him. I am a big Alex Collins fan so I think he will have a great running game around him, as well.
  11. Ravens 2018 Draft Grades (forum)

    I predict when we look back on this draft it will be the second best behind the 1996. I think Jaleel and Lasley will turn into great WRs and vindicate Ozzie for otherwise poor drafting of WRs. Lamar will be a perennial Pro Bowler, one of our TEs will turn into a solid contributor and Bozeman and Brown will be starters on our line for years to come.
  12. The Offseason target

    Just saw Jerrick McKinnon's contract. 4years/$30mm and realistically 2 years/$16mm. It is like the RB version of Ryan Grant and makes me even more glad we have Collins. In years past I was always shocked at the contracts for the "elite" players like Suh's deal, etc. Now I am shocked by the contracts of the average players. What in the world is going on?
  13. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    As much as I love the Mile High Miracle, if the Vikings win the Superbowl then I think the Minnesota Miracle overtakes it.
  14. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Agree with the media attention which is pretty silly. I would have put Gostkowski in over Boswell
  15. Lets talk about Ozzie

    We have also had more injuries than almost any other team over the past 5 years. Without a doubt we have not had as great drafts as we have in the past but the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Reading through some of these threads you would think the only difference between us and the Browns is Justin Tucker.