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  1. Yeah...I dont see him saying that at all. He just completed a $55m contract. He got plenty of money, and I'm sure he's just like Mike Evans in that he will take less to help the team. I think all the major FAs will stay, and we cut guys like Pinion to save some money with rookies. Jensen can take a pay cut too.
  2. Loved the clip they just showed on ESPN of Mike Evans doing confetti angels on the field. Guy was crying when they were presenting the trophy. So happy for him.
  3. MVP is going to go to Brady, but the defense deserves it. 0(zero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) touchdowns by the Chiefs. Just a fantastic job by them and the D line absolutely ate tonight!
  4. Sooooooo happy for Lavonte. The man has been here for the toughest times. Now he's a superbowl champion.
  5. SUPERBOWL 55 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS OUR ******* HOUSE!!!!!
  6. Pinion needs to stop putting backspin on his kicks. Giving the Chiefs free yards.
  7. Superbowl home game. Let's do it guys!! In Tommy we trust.
  8. Time for revenge from the regular season. Everyone thought NO was going to beat us, everyone thought GB was going to beat us, and for sure everyone is going to pick KC. Its going to be a slugfest, and we have to score TD after TD to keep pace with KCs offense.
  9. Healthy Vea, and 2 weeks to get Whitehead and AWJ ready, not to mention AB. Let's goooooo!!! Fire the cannons!!!
  10. Wooooooooo!!!! I can't believe it!!! Defense stepped up when it mattered most!!!
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