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  1. Bucs Draft Thread

    Wooooo!! Traded down!!!
  2. Winston Suffers AC Joint Sprain

    Maybe this could be a good thing in that it'll make Jameis work all the shorter routes and not rely on arm strength and deep routes as much. With all the weapons we have, Jameis just needs to get them the ball and let them make plays and him not to try to do it all by his self with crazy throws. Hopefully it'll help Koetter and his playcalling as well.
  3. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    Koetter and Smith really need to learn and adapt on the fly to their players strengths. This fitting a square peg into a round hole stuff isn't working at all. Change, adapt, succeed.
  4. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    Agreed. Jameis works best when he gets into a rhythm doing the no huddle or 'sugar' huddle. All the starting and stopping of having to huddle up every play does not work towards his strengths at all. He needs things to be simpler and just play ball versus having to analyze defense and plays every time.
  5. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    Now let's try that onside kick again.
  6. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    Lavonte is at least trying to keep us in the game and playing till the very end.
  7. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    Lame...the ball can't even bounce our way.
  8. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    Or not. That was a dumb decision. He even had extra time to think about it and still went for two.
  9. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    This. Math makes sense
  10. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    So 2 picks down, one to go. I think it'll happen!
  11. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    How bout a pick? Lol
  12. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    Well 99 yards to go! Throw a bomb to Jackson please!! Haha
  13. ? Week Six: Bucs (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

    Like a lot of our games, this rally might be a little too late. I hope we can pull it off tho!