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  1. This is some of the crappiest tackling I've seen as well.
  2. Mike doesn't even try if the ball isn't perfectly thrown sometimes. Smh, at least make an effort.
  3. Defense absolutely has to make a stop now coming out of half time. Turnover or punt is the only options.
  4. Wow, just wow. Falcons have always been more lucky than good.
  5. Devin White is hurting, he needs to be replaced by Minter. A couple if those big runs he would've stopped if he was 100%.
  6. Perfect time for the run D to go in the trash.
  7. Hes scared. He doesnt want to give the corners a chance in man coverage and would rather die a slow death.
  8. Exactly. All teams need to do is just play pitch and catch like in practice. Super easy with Bowles playing zone with 20yd cushions.
  9. Yep. Teams have figured out his tendencies. Makes everything super easy for opposing offenses.
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