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  1. Ohhh...in high school....Got it! 😐
  2. Except he wasn’t though. At least not that I found.
  3. Really falling off is making first team All-sec in his final year?
  4. Malcolm Butler was already signed by Arizona
  5. If the Indians trade him, look at the Phillies or braves. They will want him out of American League. Braves top two prospects are major league ready outfielders and the Phillies have Alec Bohm who should be the beginning of any trade With them involving lindor. Bohm is going to be a stud
  6. It will not be Ron Rivera. Seems like he will be going to Washington.
  7. Seems like the Indians right now are getting Emmanuel Clase and Delino Deshields Jr. Deshields is nothing and is a throw in. Clase is a very intriguing young arm that will greatly improve the bullpen. Apparently, these are not the only names involved.
  8. They really don't have many prospects who are ready to play right away. Their top prospects are mainly younger guys who will be ready in a couple years. 1 guy I could see coming over would be Nick Solak. He is a second baseman who is only 24 and played pretty well in his first time up in the big league last year.
  9. The only trade that should happen for the Indians is trading Kluber for a top prospect. If and it’s a big if the Indians could pull jo Adell from the angels for kluber. That would be the best. Most likely we trade him for a mid tier prospect just to get his money off our books.
  10. Opening offer for Lindor from the Dodgers better start with Gavin Lux, Dustin May and Keibert Ruiz.
  11. I agree about him being traded. If we were to trade him this offseason, we better be getting a teams top 3-4 prospects for him. The Dodgers are very interesting if they are in fact interested in acquiring him.
  12. What?!?!?! How could you? WHAT?!?!?! and this is coming from a Notre Dame fan
  13. Why would you want to make Puig a DH? Then what do you do with Franmil Reyes. He is the DH for the next 3-4 years. Also, a name that a lot of people aren’t mentioning is outfielder Daniel Johnson. He is waiting in the wings to be a corner outfielder
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