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  1. Can you argue this QB list post-1980?

    Elway to me is Big Ben of his era. i always viewed as #3 QB behind montana and marino. and honestly i liked jim kelly more than elway up until elway finally came through and won those 2 rings to cement his legacy. from eye test perspective he was a great talent for sure and just had a natural ability to thrive in a pressured situation. if he had shanahan all his career maybe his mediocre stats would've looked better. i'm ok, with him being top 10 in this list, but i have a problem with those denver fans who swear elway is better than montana or marino. yes, there are enough people who believe that. i know this because i lived there.
  2. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    i'm even getting bored with them and i've been a brady guy since his college days. what pats need is another 'gate'.
  3. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    you can't really judge by the book cover. if that's the case then there will be a QB who is 6ft 6 240lb who can run like vick and throw like rodgers will destroy ever legacies, every accomplishments. there's nothing to debate because that guy can throw like rodgers in a cam newton body, and vick's feet. but what happens that guy never wins much and never does anything meaningful? all he does is wow you with his nice throws and puts up stats? is he still the GOAT? QBing is more than just throwing the football. Only objective of QB is to WIN. NFL is WIN league. It's not 160+ games like baseball. it's not 82 games. there's only 16 games. there's only so many games to play in. and every teams out there and every QBs ONLY care about the Ws. yes, it's a team game. but the greatest QB is the one who helps the team to win. because if they don't win the team draft the next guy. That's why I always respected Manning even though I'm a brady guy. and no you can't win them all. and yes, it's a team game. it's not fair for guys like archie manning. but it is what it is. life for QB ain't fair. Brady isn't brady if he is a .500 QB. manning isn't manning if he didn't even make the playoffs year after year. the greatest winner, that's my GOAT. win with style. win with less. win with more. win against the division. win against the best. win when things go wrong. win, win, win. and i'm not talking about the ones who hands the ball off to RBs either. he better be the man of the team. he better be the focal point. we aren't talking about the RBs or DEs. we are talking about the QB, the most important position of them all. i don't care if people call brady GOAT or not. i don't care if somebody calls brady a system qB. but call him the greatest winner of modern era. because on EVERY SUNDAY, i feel like pats and brady will win the game. every sunday i feel like pats should figure out and get the W. yall can debate who got the best deep throws or accuracy. i'll take the W. and give me brady over anybody else if i want to see W in my teams column.
  4. Drew Brees

    it's anybody's race, but mahomes is leading the pack. rivers, brees, goff, all have chance.
  5. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    yes. i also lived in london while back. they don't get our football just like most of us here don't get their football. that's why this was surprising and refreshing. lol
  6. Mitchell Trubisky's Future

    Pats D made bortles look like a legit stud.
  7. Mitchell Trubisky's Future

    stats do tell a lie. was not impressed with him as a passer. to me he is alot like marcus mariotta type. maybe tad better
  8. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    i feel like bron is a type of a player who will make a big deal out of his retirement and make a huge announcement before the season starts. i'm not sure if brady will ever do that. anyway in this country bron and brady are pretty much equal. both are media darlings. every football topic has brady in them. every basketball topic has bron in them. let's call it a wash. both are most talked about players in each sports. same thing couldn't be said between MJ and montana back in late 80's or early 90's. this is why brady is a transcendent player. NFL player back then wasn't even more recognizable then baseball players back then. but globally, nobody really cares about the NFL. i've been to 3 different countries( past 5 years. NFL is an afterthought. it has a zero coverage. it's like a premier league here in the USA. some die hards will watch it, but it's not an everyday topic.
  9. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    his post season wins, TDs, SB appearances might not be broken in our life time.
  10. if brandon graham didn't strip sack brady in the SB...
  11. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    i believe these are the main factors why brady is the face of the franchise. good looks - if brady looked like chad henne i doubt he will get this much attention. tuck rule - this was where it all started. 16-0 season - which was something we haven't seen since the 70's, and spygate - this on top of 16-0 season really escalated patriots hate manning / brady rivalry - i believe both lifted each other. giselle - this 'power couple' move is always + in terms of adding to the star power. deflategate - this is the peak of brady/pats hate. seahawks SB - winning the SB 10 years later got escalated brady into the GOAT 28-3 - the most recognizable score, most improbably comeback of ages few years ago a random grandma who sat next to me on an airplane spewed out an unreasonable brady hate. she was a casual broncos fan. she thinks brady fathered many child and was a cheater. she brought this up out of thin air in january midst of playoffs. that's when i realized that brady hate is real. that's also when i realized brady isn't just another football star. if you asked me who is the face of the franchise in 2013, we would debate between manning/brady/favre endlessly. but alot of things happened in 5 years. brady is stands on top and honestly nobody comes close IMO.
  12. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    i get that argument, but NBA is a marathon compared to football. it's 82 games vs. 16 games and 1 and done vs. 5 game / 7 game series in the playoffs. i listen to morning sports shows pretty much every day at work, and bron and brady is talked about everyday. people are sick and tired of hearing about bron and brady. and that's the exactly the reason why they keep talking about them.
  13. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    people normally can't let go of the past. i'm a victim of that. i used to be a huge MJ fan. i defended him and got offended when people say so and so is better. remember when mark jackson first said kobe is better than MJ? i was offended. and then when bron was getting the GOAT consideration i was even more offended. but now i have changed the tune. i believe MJ is the GOAT, but i also believe Bron is right up there. and Kareem? he has every argument to be considered as the GOAT. i don't want to get into basketball debate, but MJ really became a deity and people talk like he couldn't do no wrong. they aren't objective.
  14. SNF: Chiefs at Patriots

    i understand the patriots fatigue. I used to hate Saban and bama so much, but right now i really appreciate their greatness. it's impossible to stay at the top, but they are keep doing it over and over again. we expect them to be in the final four every year and that's just crazy. pats are expected to win. on a neutral field they will be favored to win 100/100 times. if they play the undefeated rams on a neutral field. who should be favored? i think pats will be. that's crazy to me. but Iif i'm a steelers fan, i probably would be butthurt about pats too. steelers an elite organization constantly getting overshadowed by the better organization in pats. that's like being #2 all the time. that's even more hurtful then being the last team like the bills. i bet there will be more bills fans who appreciates brady/belichick greatness then steelers fans. that's a human nature.
  15. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    i understand where you are coming from. what if games go nowhere for sure. but it should be 'what did he do' game. at the end of the day GOAT debate should be results driven. brady is no brady if he didn't win. montana ain't no montana if he didn't win. what would we think of jordan if he never failed to overcome pistons and never got to dominate the 90's by winning rings? and GOAT isn't a talent debate either. throwing a pretty deep ball in traffic for 6 isn't any better than 6 min methodical break downs of the D to get a hard earned 6 in my opinion.