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  1. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    we will never know how peyton or rodgers would do for the pats. there's too much variables. teams adjust the roster based on the strength of the QB too. i do agree 2005 and 2006 brady is criminally underrated which was proven to be true when he produced like a true mvp type of player with a great weapons around him.
  2. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    3SBs and 2SB mvps can't be ignored. 1 might be luck. 2 can happen with better luck. but 3? 3 you are part of something special. by 2004 brady has established himself as 'tom terrific', a dude who has an ice running in his veins and kept on winning big games. he was the golden boy, 10-0 to start the playoff career. he didn't have manning's stat, but he was the one who kept winning. he was 1 bad decision by BB away from playing against the bears and rex grossman. i think this Brady is probably not a 1st ballot because a great career got cut short. this situation would be similar to TD/gale sayers situation where it's all about the quality > quantity. but i do think it would be a 2nd ballot.
  3. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    mvp td record playoff success 4SB appearances 2SB mvps 1st ballot if you ask me. 2007 season was historic. it was one of the greatest single season ever. if that never happened, then yes. 2nd or 3rd ballot. but 16-0 happened. 50tds happened. it's about the quality not quantity.
  4. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    back to original question - i wonder if brady had a 3 HOF career and working on his 4th. 2001- 2005 - is this Brady a HOFer? maybe 2nd or 3rd ballot? 2007 - 2011 - this to me is a 1st ballot. 2012 - 2016 - 2SB comeback Ws. 2nd ballot maybe? 2017 - current - now this gets interesting. 2SB appearances, 1 mvp, and being the oldest QB playing at a high level. am i reaching?
  5. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    of course he wasn't. but naysayers were using that word a lot first 2-3 seasons of brady's career. and even after 3 rings, some were still calling him a game manager. 2007 is precisely when brady took that tag off completely. i was right here when many people called brady a game manager. i was the first one to call brady as the GOAT here. right after 2007 season. a true story.
  6. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    i believe i mentioned this in the comparison forum. and answer is absolutely. but i think it's more like if brady wants to be in the 1 ballot. 2001 - 2007 TD record to remove the 'game manager' tag. 2008 - 2014 1st unanimous mvp, 39td season, and comeback SB win 2015 - current mvp, 28-3, 505yard in the SB, 3 straight SB appearances that's how i would break down brady's 3 HOF career.
  7. Belichick's Quest for 347

    not sure if there's something more than the GOAT. belichick is the greatest no questions asked. he sits at the throne alone in my book.
  8. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    that 2008 pats team would've been a great team with Brady. i believe manning won the mvp with 27/12int. IMO that was supposed to be brady's back to back mvp year. no knock on cassel. he did fairly well considering circumstances. but we all saw how limited he can be. he played well enough, but pats weren't going anywhere even if they made the playoffs. it's alot like 1994 bulls. they won 55 games without Jordan. but without jordan they can't win anything. that's the type of impact brady has on a team. with brady pats are always a SB threat.
  9. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    too spread out. that's a great team like the skins in 80's but not a dynasty. dynasty teams are generational.
  10. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    so if Gronk somehow stays healthy and plays well for another 7-8 years then does he becomes the GOAT? because he would own every TE records. this whole point of rice is the GOAT because he has unbeatable stats over his peers is really ridiculous to me. we don't consider LT as one of the GOATs because he has accumulated insurmountable stats. we consider him as one of the greatest ever for what he has done on the field.
  11. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    winning 3-4 titles sporadically in 15 years? i wouldn't call that team a dynasty.
  12. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    it's gonna be very hard. not only the team have to play well on the field, but they also have excel at being a great organization. we saw a talented team winning championships. but to do this for 15-20 years isn't about the talent. Patriots are a successful organization. i advise you guys to watch every Patriots related documentary there is (do your job for example). it's an organizational success. no elite QB or a great x's o's coach can overcome a toxic locker room full of selfish players. no elite QB can overcome a coach who doesn't believe in him. no coach will ever be successful if the team quit on him. it starts at the top with kraft, but we all know brady/belichick are the main reason. they really created the culture of excellence TOGETHER. it's a perfect marriage. and great thing about this marriage is that there's no emotions involved. they are buddy buddies. they don't go out and hang around. it's a strictly coach/qb relationship and IMO they bring out the best in each other. to be like pats these things have to happen IMO 1. finding an elite QB for cheap (finding him in later rounds would be great, no ego, cheaper, and etc) 2. keep that elite QB for a long time without making him top 4-5 highest paid QB 2. creating a culture of winning year after year by winning early. winning many games buy you time in turmoil 3. demanding the respect of the locker room at all cost 4. being able to adapt 5. having an owner with patience 6. never overpay for players 7. get rid of stars before they age 8. draft well (even with many WR failures many of the key players are drafted) 9. trade well 10. weed out any bad seeds immediately 11. be able to take a risk (bringing in josh gordon, corey dillon, etc - this only happens if the team already established a winning culture) all of these things were a major factor. and it's very hard. it's almost impossible to replicate that in this talent driven league. cutting a good player just because he didn't fit (jamie collins for ex) is hard. not signing chandler jones, richard seymour is hard. and it creates a toxic environment in the locker room because players hate not getting paid and anxiety of being traded or getting cut. but pats get to do this because even the best player takes a pay cut. and even with all of those above, players have to go out on the field and execute. i don't know what the odds of going to 9SBs in 18 years, but i have to assume it's virtually impossible. it really is mindboggling what they've done.
  13. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    most absurd thing i've heard. stats aren't everything. QB stats are results of offensive philosophy of the team along with the weaponry. we saw what kind of stats brady were able to put up when he had weapons. let's pretend antonio brown does his thing plays till early 40's and doesn't get hurt to achieve everything jerry rice did even winning SBs. would anybody put antonio brown over any top QBs? no. brady's greatness far exceeds stats. brady makes the team. jerry rice is a part of the team. honestly it's not even comparable to me. would any of you pick jerry rice over a top QB to build a team? i don't think so.
  14. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    QB comes with more responsibility. QBs are the general who leads the team. it's not fair for the WRs, but that's just how it is.
  15. both are equally important, but pats don't even get to the SB if brady doesn't deliver in the 4th qtr and OT against the chiefs. players do have to execute and make the plays.