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  1. 'it's like a kid chasing an ice cream cone and once you get there you can't have the ice cream' What the hell is Collinsworth trying to say?
  2. Let Jeff Goldblum call an entire game you cowards.
  3. As a Bucs fan, I'm good with this. I'll never forget that '02 run, and despite thinking he is an entirely mediocre coach, and among the worst personnel minds in football history, we absolutely don't win that title without Gruden. That said, these recent revelations are disturbing to me, and I'm glad the team is choosing not to lionize somebody like him anymore.
  4. It's almost like I willfully eschewed thoughtful analysis and subtlety in service of an exceedingly dumb, exceedingly hack joke, and then — just to be sure nobody missed how dumb and hacky the joke was — pointed it out one more time.
  5. Zach Wilson? More like lacks skills, son. I regret nothing.
  6. 26 sacks over the last two games, huh?
  7. Somehow that almost makes it worse.
  8. Respect. He had a way, waaaaaaaaaay longer career than I ever thought he would coming into the league.
  9. I need a scouting report on Humphrey's dog.
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