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  1. As a Bucs fan, trading two firsts and two seconds for a head coach.
  2. All I really want is the return of zero and double zeros.
  3. I imagine he'd tell you it was worth it. The photo of Winfield throwing the deuces back in Hill's face is my desktop background from now until forever.
  4. This season was so surreal with all of the challenges COVID presented, but even more because I never in a million years imagined I'd be rooting for Tom Brady. It's been a hell of a ride as a Bucs fan.
  5. So far as incomplete passes go, that was incredible.
  6. Pretty sure that was 'Can I Kick It?' by ATCQ, but it does sample 'Walk on the Wild Side'.
  7. Can't imagine why anyone would ever take anything Sileo says seriously. Dude is a clown who has been ran out of every market he has ever weaseled his way into on a rail.
  8. 18. I was three, and it was in my hometown. Memories are a little spotty, but there. I remember 19 a lot better. I was a year older, obviously, and we watched the game with a bunch of extended family members, many of whom happened to be Fins fans. I remember being very amused at how upset they got.
  9. The horror movie music playing in the background really didn't help.
  10. It would be a huge boost to add Vea back to the rotation, even at a reduced capacity.
  11. Looked like a bad spot. edit: I stand corrected after that replay
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