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  1. How are those rookies doing?

    LJ Collier - Still Hurt Marquis Blair - Contributed nothing, left the game on a cart with back spasms DK Metcalf - Missed the game, having knee surgery Cody Barton - Played ok, but blew an alignment that lead to a 30+ yard run Greg Jennings - Had one target, no catch Phil Haynes - PUP Ugo Amadi - Played well, had a highlight reel hit. Ben Burr-Kirven - Was lost in coverage, pretty much invisible on the 3rd unit Travis Homer - Played this week, looks solid. Had a fantastic blitz pick up Demarcus Christmas - IR candidate John Ursula - Had one catch and 1 carry Jazz Ferguson - 2 catches on 7 targets and a fumble. Bleh Bryan Mone - Invisible on a struggling unit So yeah, week 2 conclusion is pretty bleak.
  2. SEA rookie WR DK Metcalf gets knee scope

    Nope, WR is pretty set. Lockett, David Moore, Jarron Brown are locked in. Seattle brought in 4 other rookies (Jennings, Ursula, Jazz Ferg, Wright) to compete for the last spot. Seattle doesn't use a lot of WR's, preferring to go double TE and split one out. They might keep 4 TE's anyway (Vannett, Dissly, Hollister, Dickson).
  3. Hawks Preseason Talk

    Preseason game two was a step back from last week. Units that were strong last week, struggled this week. The GOOD: 1st team offense looked fantastic. Moved the ball nicely. Russell and Lockett picked up where they left off last year. Jarron Brown got involved. Chris Carson is in mid season form. The offensive line was really good. Russell had clean pockets to throw from, had time to let WR find openings. The two drives ended only because of miss throws (overthrew a wide open Jarron Brown, dirt'ed a ball to CC that would have been a 1st down. Jason Meyers is good. Poona Ford was a force. What a freaking stud. Will Dissly played and didn't get hurt. Homer's blitz pickup. Amadi's hit. The BAD: Pretty much everything else.... 1st team defense was … eh. Granted, missing KJ, Bobby and McDoug, but still, they should have performed better. Shaq and Tre played poorly (Tre needs to stop grabbing so much. My goodness what a joke. Pete needs to get through to him about that). Outside of Poona, the D-line was pretty ho hum. Like I said last week, the depth is there, but talent is missing. They need guys to step up (Martin, Green, Mingo) but nobody really is. The Secondary on the whole was a flop. Tre and Shaq both got beat bad (Although Tre would have made a fantastic play if he didn't hook Thielen arms on the PI. Also, I like Pete, was sure Adam pushed off on the long completion). The backups were abused even more. King and Taylor especially. The Rookies (Barton and Blair) blew alignments/ assignments again. The two worst blows (Mattiesons long run - Barton did not shift outside on the weakside of a heavy look, then got caught inside, and washed out; Blair was probably responsible on that Wide Open TD in the RZ) were attributed to them. 2nd and 3rd team units on the whole were consistently lost on alignments. A lot of late shifting. Special Teams Coverage was pretty awful. Big step back from last week. The Ugly: Injuries - Ansah + Ipauti had set backs. Blair left the game with back spasms. Jordan Simmons is probably headed to the IR, Phil Haynes is probably going to the PUP, DK is getting knee surgery. To be honest, I would pull every important starter for the next two games (ala the Rams). Seems like 2019 is going to be ones of the yeaIRs.
  4. NFL Preseason GDT Week 2

    In case anyone is wondering why Seattle 2nd team offensive line is looking so bad... .well... missing two tackles (3rd and 4th) and three guards. Currently Seattle is rolling out a futures player at LT, their RT is a guard whos been out of football since 2016, at guard is a UDFA. Making Minnesotas d-line look like the Purple People Eaters. Preseason football kinda sucks.
  5. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    I had it about three months ago.
  6. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Not trying to bash veggie / black bean patties. They are good in their own right. More or less expressing my disappointment with the Impossible Burger. Was told it like eating a patty, but the texture was off, and I was put off by the "beany" after taste. It really falls into the "uncanny valley" of food. I'd love an artificial meat alternative, but I don't think the Impossible Burger as it is now is the solution.
  7. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    I was late on this train, but this x1000. Chicken Breast is way too fragile. Easy to undercook, easier to overcook. Even filleting and pounding won't fix the issue. Chicken Thigh on the other hand, user friendly. Lately, been pan frying for 4 minutes on each side, and finishing in the oven for 15. Adding a broth-white wine mix to the pan when I throw it in the oven. Fantastic weeknight dinner.
  8. NFL Preseason GDT Week 2

    Im glad they are coming down harder on grabbing. Grabbing is just a short cut for lazy technique. Still don't know why DB's don't practice with boxing gloves or tapped up hands.
  9. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    In about 1000s AB's the last three years (between ML and AAA) Gio hit 18 HRs. This year in 390 AB's he has 18 HRs. Spent his whole career slugging .375-450; magically jumps to 590. Yah, yah, changing your approach / swing yadda yadda, typical Yankee voodoo black magic.
  10. What movie are you watching?

    The Farewell. Fun little dramedy full of heart.
  11. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Also the Impossible Burger is trash. Its just a pink colored black bean patty with hundreds of millions in marketing.
  12. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    I assume you are thinking of pajeon, but that Frankenstein's monster of food item ain't Korean. Doesn't matter how much gochujang you throw on it.
  13. Hawks Preseason Talk

    Safety depth looking to be awesome. Tedric played pretty well last year considering who he was replacing. Lano played well to end the season (hopefully he can come back from the hip injury), and of coarse Blair and Amadi. Kinda wondering if McDougald is quietly a cut candidate. I hope not but still something to consider.
  14. 2020 2 Round Mock (No Trades)

    Another year, more mock drafts featuring the Seahawks taking a tackle in the 1st round. 2019 it was David Edwards (lol) 2018 it was guys like Rankin, Williams and Brown 2017 it was Garret Bolles (Lol) Can this meme please die. Ifedi will probably hit FA, but Solari seems to be targeting the mid rounds for OL picks (Jamarco Jones in 2018, Phil Haynes 2019) RB in the 2nd round is pants on head crazy. Chris Carson was a cowbell back last year, and they already took Rashad Penny in the 1st the year before. Why would you spend more draft capital on that position. Obviously, no actually research was done on the Hawks. BTW, Seattle owns Kansas City's second round pick.
  15. How are those rookies doing?

    1. DE LJ Collier - Had "freak" high ankle sprain, and will miss the pre-season. 2. S Marquis Blair - Looks to be bringing the "Boom" back to the LOB. Was as advertised (fast, big hits) in the 1st PS game. Did blow an assignment, but it was due to aggressiveness. Currently battling with incumbent starter Tendric Thompson and Lano Hill for the 2nd safety spot next to McDougald. 3. DK Metcalf - Immediate buzz day 1, glowing praise throughout camp. 1st PS game was .. so close to being epic. Will definitely see a lot of playing time, and get many touches in year one. 4. LB Cody Barton - Was all over the field in the 1st PS game. Has been a stud in camp, glowing praise throughout. Dude looks like baller. Might not crack the starting line up but will certainly be a solid contributor and important depth piece in year one. 5. WR Greg Jennings - Pretty quite camp, was on the field a lot in PS 1, but didn't haul a catch. With Lockett, Moore, Brown and DK locked in, it will be hard for GJ Jr to make an impact. 6. G Phil Haynes - Hurt in TC, looking like a PUP candidate unfortunately. 7. DB Ugo Amadi - Has gotten a lot of call outs in camp, going to be a coach/fan favorite. Almost got a sack, almost had a pick 6, had a awesome punt return. Even if he doesn't end up winning the slot, he will get a lot of playing time this year. 8. LB Benn Burr-Kirven - played well on the 2nd-3rd team defense. Has battled back from injury. LB is ridiculously deep this year, so he will need to make a statement over the next two PS games. Will contribute on ST regardless 9. RB Travis Homer - Coaching staff has been loving his play in camp, but sat out last week with injury. Has the inside track to replace Mike Davis as the 3rd Down Back. 10. DT Demarcus Christmas - Luke warm praise I guess, already hurt. Seems like Practice Squad candidate 11. WR John Ursula - WR is really crowded this year. JU is pushing other WRs (Reynolds, Jennings, Ferguson etc) for the 5th WR spot. UDFA WR Jazz Ferguson - Has had a fantastic camp, and had a brilliant PS game 1. Has to make the team because he won't clear waivers, and therefore not a PS candidate. UDFA DT Bryan Mone - With Reed's suspension, there is room to make a push at DT. Mone played well, taking on double teams, and playing sideline to sideline. Has a shot to make the team, especially with any injuries.