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  1. Poona's a restricted FA. So he probably wont get going anywhere unless some team offers you a 3RD [which I imagine would be Seattle's tender?]. Even then, Id imagine Seattle would match. With Ford-Reed-Mone-Lattimore they seem kinda set at DT. 5 Tech Rasheem Green spends alot of time lining up inside as well. Probably fill snaps there with a FA vet. Seattle doesnt have a 1st or 3rd this year. Hence why they could go G/C with the 2nd, CB with the 4th (or Vice Versa). Then again, knowing Pete+John, they will draft a LB and S instead.
  2. Im cool with it. Lynn's Chargers were 9th in rushing attempts per game, and Herbert still had a really productive year. 2020 RB's had 120+ receptions, and this is something Seattle fans have been clamoring about. Homer + Dallas are two guys built for that type of usage.
  3. Reed and Flowers are FA after 2021. Only boundary DBs on the roster behind them right now are three futures guys (2020 UDFA Heslop, and two waivers poaches; Linden Stephens & Jayson Stanley). The last time Seattle had a starting CB leave (Sherman) they used a 3rd round pick on Shaq Griffin. Surprisingly, haven't drafted a boundary CB since (Flowers sort of). 2nd Rounder and 4th Rounder could be a CB/C/G depending on what John + Pete see in the draft this year.
  4. Pete Carroll once he lays eyes on Israel Mukuamu
  5. Chris Carson in 2018-2019 started 29 of the 32 games. Getting more consistent OL play would be ideal. That being said, Seattle's offensive line for most of the year had been a good unit. I think at one point there were top 6 in Pass Blocking. Things feel apart down the stretch as Iupati, Brown, Pocic, Shell all got banged up and missed time.
  6. Names thrown around thus far: Shane Steichen [LA Chargers OC] Pep Hamilton [Former Colts OC] Tony Elliot [Clemson OC/RB Coach] Dave Canales [Seahawks Passing Game Coordinator]
  7. This one looks kinda on Carson. Cutback was there (sorta) Piss poor block by Hollister on the back end, and Lewis coming off his combo block late, probably ends in a tackle near the LOS though. Iupati/Simmons performance just wasn't going to allow much success. Banged up Duane Brown picked an awful time to have his worst game of the year too.
  8. Yeah some of the endings arent a choice until completing their related side quest content. Completion of the main side content (and depending how you resolved them) does impact an aspect of the endings as well.
  9. This play cracks me up. DK and Lockett are pretty much decoys clearing out. The main reads are Carlos Hyde behind the LOS and Jacob Hollister on a delayed route. I guess the design was to get the Rams defense to over commit right leaving Hollister open, but like, the RCB doesnt have a single offensive player come near his responsibility. Of course he is going to see Hollister and react quickly. This play is ok on 3rd and 3 or whatever. I believe this play was 3rd and 8. NEVER HAD A CHANCE.
  10. Schottys problem is he couldn't adjust to adjusting defenses. Back-Back-Back years of significant decline in offensive efficiency and success in the 2nd half of the season. Teams figured out what Seattle was doing, playcalling became predictable, drive after drive DOA. It only took teams playing two deep to completely nullify Seattles entire passing attack. Thats on the OC.
  11. Hence why I put rebuild in quotations. By their own admission it was a soft reset. But replacing the talent lost on fly, is pretty impressive. The only remaining players from the 2014 Super Bowl team in 2019 were Russ, Britt, KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner. 2017 & 2018 were impactful transitional years ; Avril, Bennett, Earl, Sherman, Baldwin, Chancellor, Clark all lost within a 14 month period. The entire skill positions (RB, WR, TE), Offensive Line (sans Britt), Defensive Line and Secondary were completely different 4 seasons later. Yet the level of success never really dipp
  12. Updating this post Playoffs: 1. IOL - LA exploited Seattles underwhelming C-LG duo. Pocic was mostly bad this year, a UFA and even if Seattle resigns him, probably needs competition at the center position. LG was a revolving door of mediocrity. Mike Iupati was dependable at times, but feel apart down the stretch. Simmons was way too inconsistent to be relied on in 2021. Damien Lewis was a fantastic plug and play RG. Seattle could really use another guy like that inside. 2. WR - Need a playmaker, YAC juggernaut. Tyler Lockett will be in the last year of his contact in 2021. Low chanc
  13. I know everyone around here memes with "muh 1st Round Picks" but Im glad John is around for the foreseeable future. What gets lost about John is how healthy Seattle's cap situation has been throughout his tenure. He has been on the money with extensions, finding bargins on the FA market, low key trades, the wavier wire and UDFA's. Its a large part of why Seattle has been a consistent 10 win franchise for almost an entire decade. I think people forget Seattle did a soft reset after 2017, and the demise of the LOB. 10-6, 11-5, 12-4 seasons during a "rebuild".
  14. https://www.seahawks.com/news/seahawks-executive-vp-gm-john-schneider-signs-contract-extension
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