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  1. The POTENTIAL of snakes and sharks in swimming pools.
  2. He had pretty big expectations coming into 2019 as a SLOT-TE Shadow Hybrid DB. Played really well down the stretch of 2018, including the Monday Night game against Kansas City where he held Kelce in check for most of the game. Just never made an impact beyond ST in 2019. Seattle played base like 70-80% of time because they felt they didn't have the personnel to properly play a Nickle defense. King did get a couple of starts as a result of injuries as a outside CB. ST contributor with some positional flexibility.
  3. My one critique about Kyle Lewis is #1 isnt a good look on him. #24 seems more fitting IMO.
  4. MLB stealing ideas from Little League. BRAH moment tbh.
  5. Also I noticed the 3rd - 4th pick swap is Seattles 2021 pick and the Jets 2022 pick. Seattle seems to be really concerned about the 2021 cap AND doesnt seem too interested in the 2021 draft. I think as it stands they only have their 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th round picks next year. Could see a scenario where Seattle essentially punts the 2021 draft and focuses on UDFA to fill out the the roster. IDK just a thought.
  6. Something to look forward to, IF there is a season. Seattle has used 3 safeties before, so the potential of having Blair Diggs and Adams on the field at the same time is really intriguing. Im hoping Pete/Kenny can find creative ways to use him all over the field. With this move, I really hope Seattle can somehow bring back Clowney. Shouldn't worry about the $$$ too much and just go for it.
  7. Damn you flipped quicker than a pancake.
  8. As a Washingtonian I agree. Voting while not wearing pants >
  9. Love how the source is his wife's 'gram. What a time to be alive.
  10. 2019, Frank Clark (1st + 2nd), Minkah Fitzpartrick (1st), Larmey Tunsil (1st + 1st + 2nd), Jalen Ramsey (1st + 1st). All those teams improved after making those trades. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl. I dont think the bar is a Super Bowl TBH. Really it comes down to Adams maintaining his All Pro Level of play for a few more years.
  11. The point being, landing those players is such a crap shoot. For every Will Fuller, you also get Josh Doctson, Laquan Treadwell, Phillip Dorset, Nelson Aghalor, or Breshard Perriman. For every Ramcyzk you also get Garrett Bolles, Cedric Ogebuchi, Germain Ifedi, or Isiah Wynn. TE seems like a pretty bankable late 1st pick though. So if you are a team that FEELS like they are on the cusp of making a run at a Super Bowl, Adams makes more sense in 2020 and 2021. Barring an injury or massive decline in play, Adams will be a net benefit in 2020, and 2021 (over the potential pick) as well. Now in 2022, 2022, 2024 thats when things can begin to balance out or swing the other way. But that's totally reliant on the Jets hitting on one or both of the picks.
  12. With two picks from 20-32 in general are way more likely to end up Taco Carleton and Artie Burns than Watt and Tre. My point being if you feel like your team is close to making a run, two late 1sts is for an All Pro isnt an over pay considering the type of talent that is usually sitting there. Good deal for the Jets since it gives them more chances to hit on pieces moving forward, and more capital to move around in the draft. For Seattle Adams makes much more sense in 2020-2021 than a two wildcards over the next 3 years.
  13. I dont understand the "Too much to draft capital for an All Pro". Look at picks 20-32 from 2018-2014 years : Pro Bowlers 2018 (1/12 ; L Jackson) 2017 (2/12; Watt, T. White) 2016 (1/12 ; K. Clark) 2015 (1/12 ; B. Jones) 2014 (4/12 ; HHCD, Verrett, Ford, Bridgewater) Thats 9 Pro Bowlers out of 60 picks [15%]. And Pro Bowls are such a low bar nowadays. Realistically, you are lucky IF you nab an above average starter in that zone. To me, those two fliers are well worth a legit All Pro. I guess one way of looking at it is if you prefer having ideally two starters for 6-7 million or an All-Pro making 15-16 million [Which for Adams probably wont even kick in until 2021 or 2022].
  14. Hhahahaha, Amy Schumer? Who hasnt been relevant since, IDK 2015? That was your gotcha? Not that its relevant, but I have never heard/seen any Amy material. I guess my point is we are supposed to believe comedy is dead or being repressed because 50+ year old dudes dudes are whining college kids don't laugh at their decades old material? Not to mention these dudes are still raking in Netflix bucks. Look, this isnt new. Every generation of comedians have had to deal with audiences tastes changing. There are PLENTY of comedians killing it right now, commercially, critically, and financially. Not being able to succeed today speaks more to the ability of the individual comic than anything else.
  15. For G I think you meant Cardinals. Seattle currently has old and busted Mike Iupati, 2nd year Phil Haynes (2 starts) and 2020 3rd Pick Damien Lewis. Definitely not the best group.
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