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  1. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    How is Terrell Bugress 5'11 but with 12 inch arms? Honest question here, can he scratch his nose?
  2. FFMD ll 20’- Seattle Seahawks Front Office

    Huh, missing some players. Benson Mayowa (Starting LEO) Luke Willson (resigned - Replaces Swoopes I believe) Small Adjustments: Seattle says Irvin is going to be playing that SLB position he played here before. Him and Uche should be there. Barton kicks over to ROLB. [He might be Wagners heir apparent all things considered] Rasheem Green is absolutely the starting LDE at this point. Was arguably the teams 3rd best DLINEMAN by the end of the year.
  3. 2010s Thriller - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    The lack of Black Swan here is concerning. I bet If Natalie Portman was digitally deepfaked into being Jake Gyllenhaal, you guys might actually give it the consideration is deserves.
  4. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    With Mayowa and Irvin, he can essentially redshirt 2020. Worked well with 2018 3rd pick DE Rasheem Green.
  5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Yeah all the nonsense surrounding THE DANGERS OF vote by mail is stupid. My state has been doing it for YEARS, and its amazing. Oregon has been doing it successfully since the 1990s. Colorado also does it. In this situation its a no-brainer.
  6. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    People from places like Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Louisiana ragging on Alabama is funny, considering the rest of the civilized county sees you guys all being cut from the same fabric. Oh yeah, and Ohio is just Florida North.
  7. 2010s Thriller - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Drive was cool and all, but lets be real, its a 90 minute music video.
  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    As a King County, Washington resident, my reaction every time another state takes about the upcoming week being the worst
  9. NFL Draft

    Another day, Another mock. Again, this one would never work, too many rookies. I keep saying Ill move up, and never do. 1.27 - Couple of WR sitting there (Mims, Jefferson) found a trade back. 1.27 for 2.34, 3.99, 4.150, 7.218 2.34 - Well Mims is there again. 2.36 + 3.99 for 2.46 + 3.95 + 4.118 + 5.178 2.46 OT Isiah Wilson 2.59 DT Raekwon Davis 2.64 Want a little more capital to make a move in the 3rd 2.64 + 4.133 for 3.74 + 4.115 + 5.187 3.74 WR Devin Duvernay 3.95 OG Robert Hunt 3.101 DE Jabari Zuniga 4.115 OLB/EDGE Azur Kamara 4.118 S Terrell Burgess 4.144 NT Leki Fotu 5.150 TE Thaddeus Moss 5.178 RB Lamical Perine 6.187 EDGE Oluwole Bekitu Jr 6.214 C Calvin Throckmorton 7. WR Aaron Parker
  10. 2010s Thriller - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Because its a romance movie.

    Seattle trading up.
  12. 2010s Thriller - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Parasite (should have been nom'd for friggin comedy you troglodytes and clot-chasers) Gone Girl Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Black Swan Spotlight (I can sense you genre puritans russlin' your jimmies) BTW; there are so many Thrillers I've been meaning to watch, You Were Never Really Here, Burning, Handmaiden, Nightcrawler, Nocturnal Animals etc.
  13. NFL Draft

    Don't know about Hunt. All the Seahawks bloggers exclusively talk about him as a guard. Both mocking sites I use have him listed as a Guard. My gut feeling is OT is not a need for PCJS; especially not early. Solari seems to prefer vets, and they paid Brandon Shell to be the guy at RT (at least in 2020). Brown - Shell - Jones is probably what we are going to get in 2020 at tackle. Purely conjecture, but I'm thinking 1-2-3 will be focused on bringing in day 1 contributors (DL, WR, LB, RB), IOL in the 3rd-4th, developmental OL in the 6th & 7th. Trust me, we all WANT an heir apparent to Brown, or a possible upgrade on Shell. Just stating its probably unlikely.
  14. NFL Draft

    Ima do a mock a day until the draft. Gonna get all into this, only to be disappointed as always. HA! 1.27 - Some WR and Kinlaw sitting at 27. Traded back to pick up an extra pick. 1.27 for 1.30 and 4.116 1.30 DT Javon Kinlaw (Highly unrealistic ; but here he is). 2.59 C Cesar Ruiz (Again, highly unrealistic he would slide, but cant pass this up) 2.64 Took a hit on value to get back a 5th; traded 2.64 for 3.80 and 5.159 3.80 DE Jabari Zuniga (More of a 5 TECH than a LEO; but depth needed all along the defensive line. Could be an early down LEO) 3.101TRADED => 4.113 + 6.184 4.113 WR Van Jefferson 4.116 OLB Willie Gay Jr 4.133 RB AJ Dillion 4.144 OG Damien Lewis 5.159 EDGE Alton Robinson 6.184 S Alohi Gilman 6.214 CB Harrison Hand