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  1. Yeah makes zero sense. All vitriol should be reserved for those choosing to leave the gotdamn gate open by refusing the vaccine. I mean, local and state governments are actually burning political capital for a good cause for once; the health and safety of our community as a whole.
  2. Sad sign for the world when the reality of possibly spreading it to other people, at risk people, or to their own kids and other peoples kids is NOT ENOUGH to convince someone. Their own bottom-line, yep. Other peoples lives, lol no. Egotism and narcissism has run amok.
  3. lol, so where are people getting their vaccine hesitancy information from? Are they absorbing it from the ether?
  4. Cant wait the first brand name drop in a post game interview: "Id like to thank god, my mom, Bobs AC Solutions, and Toms BBQ House, for believing in me, and leading me here".
  5. Knowing the Big12, instead of doing the honorable thing and fold, they gonna add like SMU-Tulane-Rice-Houston and try to act like nothing has changed.
  6. PFF continues to be a only entity in the universe that has Damien Lewis at C. The team has REPEATEDLY said Lewis is kicking over to LG; Gabe Jackson at RG. Its comical how much they are quadrupling down on this idea. Its ... almost like they do no actual research into teams.
  7. I obviously enjoyed it. Im still going to watch it. But my hype was immediately deflated once I saw Ridley's name attached.
  8. I mean sure but Gladiator was 20+ years ago, Kingdom of Heaven is nearly 16 years old. Better chance Ridley farts out something closer to 2010's Robin "Yes he really tried to shoot a Medieval D-Day" Hood.
  9. I mean, the facts are all out. Sherman had his hearing earlier today; The Domestic violence aspect is because his malicious mischief and criminal trespass happened on the property of a family member (father-in-law). These are not, NOT a big deal, but after being released without bail as the judge mentioned Sherman as a "pillar of the community" and Washington State's leniency on prosecution, guessing this ends without jail time or much of anything beyond a fine. The exact details of everything that happened that night are pretty clearly spelled out in articles on ESPN and CBS.
  10. He should have more success post spider-tac abuse right? ..... RIGHT?
  11. Thinking about non-Washington apples.
  12. Hasselbecks "we gonna take the ball and score" pick 6. Alex Bannister ran the wrong damn route.
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