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  1. They havent neglected it. Okung, Sweezy, Carpenter, Giacomini all got payed alot money to play elsewhere with key players contracts running up (Kam, Sherm, Earl. Wilson, Bobby, KJ, DB) Justin Britt (2nd) Mark Glowinski (4th) Terry Poole (4th) Gerimaine Ifedi (1st) Rees Odihambo (2nd) Ethan Pocic (2nd) 2nd+3rd Duane Brown $$$$$ Luke Joekel They also made legit runs at FA tackles but came up short They haven't neglected it, they bungled it. Seattle just cant evaluate OL talent and has a philosophy of spending money at more premier positions (Skill positions, defensive line, and secondary).
  2. Week 11: Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

    Bad Seattle did Bad Seattle things.... Slow Start, Loads of Penalties, Bad Turnovers, Poor Coaching decisions, Giving Back Points too easily... these are all bugaboos the Pete teams have had. The major difference was there just wasnt enough top to bottom talent to overcome like Seattle has done so many times before. Defensive line, and secondary are paper thin, two things that Seattle has never really had to deal with. To play as poorly as Seattle did, and to lose by a single yard. everything isnt as cataclysmic as previously thought. But, Seattle needs to win at least two of these games (Eagles, @Jaguars, @Cowboys, Rams) if they are going to make the playoffs (also cannot screw up against Arizona and San Fran).
  3. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    The Falcons only had 279 yards of total offense, and somehow put up 27 (offensive) points. What a load on nonsense.
  4. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Seattle did better than I thought considering all the injuries and what not. Hard to win when you .... Spot a team 14 points Lose the TO battle (2-1), and drop an INT in the endzone Have over 100 yards of penalties Leave 3 points on the field Lose your starting corner on the first play (Already missing Cam/Sherm to begin with) Rely on Jeremy Lame to do anything positive At least Duane Brown didnt get hurt again. So theres that......
  5. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Brah, I called the three point spread after the fake field goal at the end of the half. *smug*
  6. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Dont let this victory distract you from the fact The Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Superbowl! (And Seattle threw it on the one yard line... yada yada)
  7. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Call me Nostradamus.
  8. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    That second round was totally worth it. Cant convince me otherwise.
  9. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Hey, the Legion doesn't grab arms, they grab the jersey and helmet.
  10. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    I feel like a broken record, but there is why Seattle offensive sucks... Carpenter, Sweezy, Giacommini, Okung all got paid on the free market Unger was traded away. Glowinski (4th Round) Sucks Poole (4th Round) Sucks, didnt make the team Odihambo (2nd Round) Sucks Ifedi (1st Round) Sucks Seattle has been terrible at evaluating OL in the draft.
  11. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Apparently grabbing the arm of the WR is a legit defensive technique.
  12. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    What its like to be a RB for Seattle in 2017 CJ Prosise : Hurt to start the season, come back, get hurt, come back, get hurt = IR Thomas Rawls : Start season hurt, come back, get hurt Chris Carson : Start season, play amazingly, break foot, IR Eddy Lacy : Be fat, suck at running, get hurt twice Mike Davis : Play well in one half, get hurt.
  13. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Sark gets a bad rap, but Ill always appreciate what he did for the University of Washington, bringing them back to relevancy.
  14. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    The call in the endzone was one of those, gets called 60% of the time contacts. I think that is the biggest frustration with contact and interference penalties, widely inconsistent. Its annoying to see essential the same type of contact be called differently.
  15. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Eh Atlanta got two of those so it makes sense Seattle gets one back. (Not bad calls, just the refs deciding to enforce the rules once in a while).