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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    King Dong the Vogeldonger needs to be in the Homerun Derby.
  2. E3 2019 discussion

    Q1 2020 = OH LAWDY Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Final Fantasy VII Remake Cyberpunk 2077 Everything else can GTFO.
  3. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Mitch Haniger on the IL with a ruptured ********. After years of the baseball gods metaphorically punching the M's in the balls, they do it literally. Also, Mitch joins many others in the esteemed "ruptured ********" wing of the Mariner hall of fame, next to Josias Manzanillo and Adrian Beltre. If you play for the Mariners, WEAR A CUP!
  4. E3 2019 discussion

    Baldurs Gate 3 by Larian (Divinity OS games) got my attention. But yeah, really only care about hearing Cyberpunk 2077 stuff (which probably wont). Maybe Bethesda Fallout/Elder Scrolls stuff? IDK, not much I care about anymore.
  5. What's your "I was at that game!" game(s)?

    Beastquake. Legit, the most electric atmosphere I have ever been around.
  6. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    There are only really two types of production companies right now, and neither of them are interested. 1. Big Legacy Production Companies are only looking for the best return on investment, and the easiest way in through the international market. Historical costume dramas are just too niche, and even with Oscar accolades, a poor investment. You need broad stories in contemporary and ambiguous settings, or remakes. 2. Mid Sized Director drive production companies are all students of Goddard, French Neu-wave, Fellini, Tarkovsky and 90s Arthouse and for them, high concept historic pieces are archaic and regressive. Plus, the current wave of this cinema is focused on giving a platform for the diversity of voices and perspectives in our world. that's not even considering the budgetary issues. So I guess all you have to satisfy your appetite is re-watching John Adams.
  7. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    - lookoutlanding.com Kelenic and 84.5 million is pretty cool I guess.
  8. Random Game Talk

    Total War : Three Kingdoms is awesome. That is all.
  9. Bobby Wagner Contract Situation

    Stupid Jets. Their incompetency impacting everyone else.
  10. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Is this even a thing among overall criticism levied? Consensus seems to be placed at faulty execution. Regardless, if you use your own headcannon to tie the subtext with the conclusion, sure things make sense. But in doing so you are pretty much absolving the story itself of its own responsibility. The storytelling did not earn the conclusion, regardless of how much previous subtext alluded to it. Instead the conclusion lured the story telling. I think this is the issue people have with the endings.
  11. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Concepts of the show were fine, execution poor. The Audience was told things were important, and the story focused on massive amounts of development to solidify the importance of those things. Yet the showrunners pulled the rug out to serve subversion. Subversion has a place, but it has to be organic. None of this was. Danny spent seven seasons learning how to rule. Her arc was to learn how to avoid the mistakes of the past, and the Targ flaws. Everyone followed her because they saw something inside of her. The audience was told , and shown this for seven seasons. All of that was immediately undone by three character deaths? That's Anime-Comic book level of character development. Side characters merely existing to feed the main characters development, literally through their life. It means Dannys character wasn't her own, it was a blend of the people around her. And the second those people were gone, so were those aspects of her character. That's incredibly shallow and doesn't really fit with the overall tone of the series. Did she have no true agency until the bells? Was she essentially a blank slate the entire time? The path to the Mad Queen is there, but the issue was the showrunners used shallow short cuts to get to the conclusion they wanted. Jons death and resurrection (you know, the gods placing their fingers on the scales) only served to allow Jon to leave the Nights Watch on a technicality (which he was planning to do anyway). Remove the D&R; the story is exactly the same. It was something the audience was told was super important, and lead to nothing. Jons Parentage was a super cereal reveal dragged along multiple seasons. The way it played out was to help close out two side characters arcs (Varys and Tyrion). Again, people were drawn to Jon as a leader BEFORE it was revealed. Jon was crowned King of the North BEFORE it was revealed. Varys and Tyrion were looking at Jon as a potential leader BEFORE it was revealed. This plot point's whole existence seemed to contrive a wedge between Dany and Jon. Keep Jon as Neds bastard, and does anything change? Everything surrounding Jon was a red herring, meant to set up subversion for the sake of subversion.
  12. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    None of the storytelling earned that conclusion though. Ultimately this was the intended message, but the show runners haphazardly forced the story to that point. People are not upset with the outcome, its how artificial its journey to this point had become.
  13. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    So its true, Jons death and resurrection (the Lord of Light putting their finger on the scales) and his true parentage had absolutely no bearing on the last arc and conclusion. Those reveals did NOTHING, but happened for the sake of happening. What a joke.
  14. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Da leaks were 100% correct. HAHAHAHAHAHA. 10 years!
  15. What Are Your Predictions This Season?

    Assuming Russell starts 16 games, you can pencil Seattle into 8-10 wins, barring a complete collapse on defense. Whether the team slips down to the lower end, or breaks the 10 win barrier is completely reliant on how much the young defense progresses. Consistency was a huge problem, especially along the defensive line. I still have concerns about the depth in that position, and the over all pass rush. Hot take call, 9 wins, but that's mostly because of the gawdawful schedule Seattle was thrown.