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  1. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Bunch of wet noodles ITT. His rankings are pretty much on par with most peoples QB tiers [other than Matt Ryan].
  2. Earl Thomas Situation (holding out)

    Well I hope the Tedric Thompson hyping up is not hot air. Would hate to Dion Bailey 2.0. If something happens, hope it happens soon.
  3. Music vs TV

    For Tv, there are a few beautiful islands within a huge ocean of garbage. For music, there are a few trash islands in the middle of a gigantic beautiful serene ocean. Old heads dislike the modern music scene mostly because rock music is essentially dead [or at least on life support]. TV seems better because those few morsels of quality are easily accessible and still chosen for you.
  4. Englishing wrong.

    My conclusion after teaching English to non-native speakers for the last six or so years... English is a very..... very silly language.
  5. Also, pretty much the entire 2018 class was involved. 1. R. Penny looks to be the No. 2 back, and should be splitting carries with Carson. 2. R. Green had 1.5 sacks, should have a solid role in the rotation 3. W. Dissly had 2 catches should find himself on the field alot 4. S. Griffin lead the team in tackles 5. T. Flowers started at CB 6. M Dickerson established himself well. Should win the job 7. J. Jones should make the team as a 3rd tackle, injury is concerning 8. J Martin had sack, was around the ball alot. Could make the team, especially with all the injuries along the defensive line. Good sign thus far.
  6. Got the watch the first half. Russell looked sharp. Only in completion was a 50/50 ball to Vannett in traffic. Chris Carson looks fully back from the injury. Ran hard, looks to be living up to all the accolades from this summer. Penny didnt get too many chances, but there was one run that was very impressive; made a guy miss in the backfield, blew around the corner. Made something from nothing. Him and Carson should be awesome together. RW and Jarron Brown seem to have a nice connection. If Baldwin isnt 100 ready, Jarron could be RW go to man. Even with three guys out [Clark, Jordan, Smith] the defensive line showed alot of depth. Jefferson [heathly] could really be an important flex piece. Brandon Jackson could be the same. Rasheem Green was a spark on the outside and Martin also flashed some on the outside as well. "Quem was all over the field making plays. Him and Mingo could really bring some flash Seattle hasnt had from the WLB position since Bruce Irvin left. Tre Flowers held his own, considering he started at a position he never played. Coleman and Griffin [in small time] seem to be picking up where they left off last year. McDoug was all over the field, and both Thompson and Hill looked solid as well. Glad to see Fant back and playing. The Defense [as a whole; 2nd and 3rd units] wasn't as stout as it has been in pre-seasons past. Something to keep an eye on moving forward. Back up offense played like dog poo.
  7. 4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    1. Chris Carson seems to be the #1 guy right now. But RP should still factor heavily in the run game. Id imagine RP will be eased into a bigger role throughout the season. Could be a decent stash guy for the your bench. There is also a heavy emphasis on RB being more of a factor in the passing game. Something both CC and RP can do. 2. DB, if healthy will get his touches. Not sure if the TDs will be there factoring in Jarron Brown and (possible) Brandon Marshall. Could be another solid stash guy to see how the pre-season shakes out. 3. Russell gonna Russell. He is starting to enter his prime as QBs go. Graham + PRich loss can be offset with a more consistent run game. Plus, I think the WR core is alot deeper this year too. IF.... and thats a big IF... the offensive does improve, and a decent run game can be established, RW numbers could dip [at least the TDs].
  8. Also, Ifedis benching during the scrimmage really opens things up. I guess the pres-season might be his last chance to prove it. Isiah Battle took over, which probably means Fant is not close to being back healthy yet.
  9. Seahawks Sign J.R. Sweezy

    Apparently JR has been rotating with DJ on the 1st team offense. Maybe not a great sign for DJ.
  10. How're those Rookies Doing? TC/PS Edition

    1. Rashaad Penny RB : Chris Carson still has the edge going into the Pre Season, but Penny should still factor heavily in the running game. Been the highlight of the second team offense thus far. 2. Rasheem Green DE : Currently hurt. Shame too since the position is really thin right now [Dion Jordan, Frank Clark and Marcus Smith all out]. He is still a pup, so even when healthy he will probably be brought into the rotation slowly. 3. Will Dissly TE: Russell Wilson says Will is killing it at camp. So yeah pretty good. 4. Shaquem Griffin LB: Getting some reps on the first team defense. Speed and coverage ability has been talked about. 5. Tre Flowers DB : Making the switch to corner cant be easy. Seen his name attached to alot of Brandon Marshall touchdowns. Baptism by fire I guess. Haha. 6. Michael Dickerson P : Barring a collapse, he should win the job. If anything because of $$$. 7. Jacob Martin DE : Jordan, M. Smith, F. Clark and R. Green have all been injured, so Martin should have alot of opportunities. 8. Jamarco Jones T : Heard good things about him thus far. Slotted as Duane Browns backup at LT. 9. Alex McGlough QB : Austin Davis has been better, so Alex will probably be on PS.
  11. Things Im looking forward to seeing... QB: Bet we will see alot of Alex McGlough. RB : Wanna see if Carson is as flashy as everyone at camp is saying. Really want to see Penny in action too. Is CJ healthy? WR: Marcus Johnson has been doing work in camp, want to see if it translates into game action. TE: Dissly and Swoopes should be interesting to watch. OL: Will Fant be ready to play? Also, Heard great things about Jamarco Jones so far. DL: Alot of injuries, so alot of opportunities. Poona Ford, Jacob Martin especially. LB: All eyes on 'Quem DB: Tedric Thompson, Delano Hill, Mike Tyson, Mo Alexander, Tre Flowers, TJ Mutcherson all have chance to carve out a role on this team.
  12. Seahawks Sign J.R. Sweezy


    Mariners 2018 Season. Press F To pay respect. Alexa, play Despacito 2.
  14. What video game are you playing?

    Back and forth from Europa Universalis 4 and Rome Total War 2. Did a few achievement runs on EU4 lately, preparing for Dharma to be released. Naples => Italy : [Not Just Pizza; Great Power + Guaranteer of Peace; guarantee the Independence of France, Ottomans and Russia] First part was easy. Once you break away from Aragon, you are essentially a few conquests of Central Italy away from achieving GP Status. Second part was tricky. Taking down France wasnt too hard but Ottomans and Russia blobbed like crazy. Finally cut them down to size by the 1800s. Hamburg [Bunte Kuh : Achieve Trading Bonus in both Gems and Livestock]. My second attempt. Consolidating power in Northern Germany is not too hard. But my original plan of pushing eastward into central Europe hit a snag when Poland got a Personal Union over a massive Bohemia. Colonized my way around Africa focusing on locking down trade in Zanzibar and the Ivory Coast. Used The Caribbean + Mexico to push trade away from Sevilla to the North Sea. Used a huge economic base to expand in India, and got all the gems. Next was the Ottomans and the livestock heavy Egypt + Arabian Pen. Once again they blobbed like crazy, and had an insanely massive army. Took 5-6 wars to trim them down, and take Egypt. Ardabil => Persia [Shahansha ; From Persia as Ardabil + This is PERSIA!; Conquer Greece and Egypt] Consolidating power in Persia was actually pretty easy. Qara Qoyunlu, Ajam and Timurids all struggled, and I was able to punch above my weight class as a result. Things hit a major roadblcok when a uber-Ottoman [Conquered Hungary, Took land in Austria AND Poland] allied the remnants of the Timurids. Since both Castille and Portugal got blasted by Aragon, the Spice Islands were completely up for grabs. Monopolized trade in the Spice Islands, took key ports in India, and Diverted Asian trade into Basra. Built up a massive economy and was able to field an army strong enough and big enough to challenge Ottoblob. Took about 150 years to push take Egypt, Anatolia and Greece.
  15. Seahawks Sign J.R. Sweezy

    Competition / Insurance for Fluker id imagine. The offensive line should be interesting. Starting 5 is pretty much locked down [barring injury] which is nice. Not necessary a uber-talented group, but consistency could be huge. As for depth At tackle you have Fant, J. Jones [who supposedly is having a fantastic camp] and I. Battle. Guard you got Hambone [Who has flexibility; played LT last year], Sweezy and Roos. A lot of depth and experience. Talent? Not so sure.