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  1. Probably wont. Everything coming out from Seattle regarding the AAA PCL is that it is essentially at best a Whiffle Ball league or at worst a Beer Softball league, and pretty much any decent prospect would be better served to avoid it. Both Kyle Lewis and Justin Dunn skipped Tacoma. Kelenic, Gilbert, Julio, Raleigh are all fast risers who will more than likely skip Tacoma as well. Barring an injury or a complete ST flop, White will be the starting 1st baseman. But yeah I agree with ya. Great move by White to get that money now, considering the bust probability.
  2. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Deebo has been as consistent as you could want. Pretty much 13 ish points every week. Lockett hasn't been the same since that shin injury, Russell has been in a funk. That being said, Id roll with Lockett just based on pure potential. He is due to bust out, and hopefully he is 100 recovered from the Shin + Flu.
  3. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Rolling with three 9ers this week vs ATL; Garappolo - Mosert - Deebo. Not sure how I feel about this. If the 9ers have a dud - I am roasted. Other options would be Cousins - Laird OR Michel
  4. Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers - Week 15

    Seattle, please win. Just stamp you playoff ticket NOW so my anxiety can subside a bit.
  5. The Travel Thread

    Adding in on this Airport talk Singapore Airport is on another level. Ridiculous how awesome it is. Ill always have a soft spot for Incheon. Flew in/out of there at least 20 times. McNamara in Detroit is also really dope. Fukuoka in Japan is sweet because the Airport is in the middle of the city. Siem Reap was super nice and relaxing. Airports that suck, Vegas, Manila, and Osaka. Vegas has a disgusting lack of amenities. Few dinky restaurants and lame-arse slot machines everywhere. We went super earlier to get a nice lunch and watch football. There was nothing, ended up sitting on a bench staring at our phones. Manilla Airport had no connection from Domestic to International. Had to get on a bus, that took us to room to wait for another bus, and drove us OUT OF HTE AIRPORT AND BACK IN and dropped us off in front of the International entrance. Osaka as an Airport is fine, buts its like 1-2 hours outside the city.
  6. What movie are you watching?

    read them leaks brah?
  7. What album(s) are you listening to?

    My rotation lately. DJ Shadow - Our Pathetic Age Hip Hop + Instrumentals Pretty dope old-head hip hop. Guest spots by Nas, RunTheJewels, De La Soul. Andy Stott - It Should Be Us Electronic Slick, dark beats. Kind of an earworm. FKA Twigs - MARY MAGDALENE Electo Art-Pop Great album, should end up high on my AOTY list Clams Casino - Moon Trip Radio Hip Hop Instrumentals Clams is my dude. Couple of misses here, but overall pure Clams Sudan Archives - Athena R&B - Soul Another fantastic album. Again, should be high on my AOTY list Michael Kiwanuka - KIWANUKA Soul Dope album. Chill vibes, retro feel, easy listen. Caroline Polachek - Pang Indie-Pop Major Imogen Heap vibes here, but with a electro-pop backdrop. Catchy fun tunes. Navvi - 25O2 EP Electronic One of my favorite Electronic artist lately.
  8. Coach Of The Year Predictions

    Am I out of bounds in stating the how award is flawed? The only metric valued seems to be "team was mediocre or bad the year before, now many wins" without really factoring anything else in. Meanwhile, coaches with consistent, long term success (Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, Sean Payton, even Bill B to a certain extent; did win recently) are never seriously considered regardless of what they endure during the year.
  9. Add/Drop thread

    Prefer Deebo moving forward. His targets have been really consistent, San Fran seems determined to maximize his touches (end arounds, screens). That being said, I am biased as I have been burned by AJ duds a few times this year.
  10. What movie are you watching?

    Marriage Story is pretty darn good (as long as you like low concept, slice of life stuff). The cast rocked their roles, ScarJo and Driver were phenomenal. That being said, it is a tough watch. Alan Aldas character pretty much spells out what is going to happen and well, yeah it happens. One minor thing, I disliked the umm film grain/filter or whatever that was used. It was shot like it was set in the late 90s-early 00's. Wasn't until ScarJo goes to LA did I realize it is NOT a period piece. Same look as Francis Ha (but in color). I think the Black and White fit the grain, and didn't make F.H feel dated.
  11. Fantasy Progress Thread

    Never would have guessed Ryan Tannihill would be leading my fantasy team to the promised land.
  12. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    The Golden Globes are such a joke, why do I care? IDK. Parasite getting a best Director and Best Screen Play nom, but being regulated to best foreign film is so silly. The Farewell being considered "A Foreign Language Film" is probably the stupidest thing I have seen in a while. The Lighthouse getting completely snubbed is lunacy.
  13. SNF: Seattle Seahawks at LA Rams GDT

    Having to rely on LA to do the dirty work for you.
  14. SNF: Seattle Seahawks at LA Rams GDT

    Bobby Engram dropped a game tying TD on the last play I believe. Rough.
  15. SNF: Seattle Seahawks at LA Rams GDT

    Well Seattle just has to take care of business against Carolina and Arizona.