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  1. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    Thinking Wilson got the bump considering most of Seattles offensive players got really awful grades (defense too). It helped spur the difference in WAR accumulation.
  2. 2019-2020 NCAAB Discussion Thread 1.0: VCJ for NCAA POY

    UW Huskies are just frustrating. They are the only team that has beaten the #1 Ranked team in the nation (Baylor), and where a basket or two away from having wins over the 1-2 teams in the nation (Gonzaga). But are now 2-5 in Pac12 play. In all five losses they had a lead late in the 2nd half. In fact, in their last 3 losses (Stan, Ore, Utah) they had 5-7 point leads with around 2 minutes left and choked. What a waste.
  3. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    Agreed. Jerry Richardson was forced out for being a gross old dude. Mrs Benson and crew offering advice and guidance to child abuse inc, is WAY worse.
  4. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    Also, shooting from hip here, the accusers want access to emails as evidence (im assuming, among many other things) that the Archdiocese was attempting to conceal the crimes that happened under its oversight. The emails, and guidance are not illegal, but could help prove the motives, Going out on a limb here, but this probably isn't a criminal case, but civil case. The discussion of Mrs Benson and stooges is about if the NFL should punish them for hurting the integrity of the shield, since they did communicate from their NFL emails. And of course the whole public opinion question (an NFL representative supporting a enabler of abuse).
  5. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    The NFL is being dragged into it because Executives in the Saints Org were communicating directly with the accused party about how to handle the PR side of things while using their official NFL emails; ergo acting (unintentionally) as representatives of the NFL advising an outside party on how to handle the a scandal. Not illegal, but the NFL does have to get involved. And TBH it is pretty gross just on principal alone.
  6. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    Neither does recreational drug use, assault and traffic violations. But, I'm sure you mean the individuals are in the alleged wrong, therefore the individuals should be punished; not the organization as a whole, right?
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I know joke about weird things eaten by other areas of the world, but if you take a step back, Americans eat some truly weird stuff. I think the weirdest thing is how much our diet revolves around the curdled water fat pulled out of mammal nursing fluid.
  8. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    Regardless of what was actually discussed, the parties involved were cooperating with an entity accused of enabling and ignoring abuse USING THEIR NFL email address. Ergo, they were communicating as representatives of the NFL. That in itself (from the NFL's perspective) definitely fits the "conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the NFL". Then again, its seems like the NFL really only built this standard for their players to uphold.
  9. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    We shall see if the NFL truly believes in maintaining the integrity of the shield. They have zero qualms handing down harsh and quick punishments to players for actions "detrimental to the league", but lets see if this is only lip service as one of their "own" is potentially hurting the "shield". I'm not holding my breath. My guess is the club closes ranks, and sweeps this under the rug (See Bob Kraft). Now before anyone brings up evidence and all that, this is the league that suspends and punishes players for the allegation of infractions. Here we have an allegation, and I'm guessing the NFL will NOT react the same.
  10. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Gonna add my 24th and 25th: 24th Round Cynthia Erivo 25th Round Lakeith Stanfield
  11. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Round 8 Nicholas Hoult Round 9 Helena Bonhem Carter Round 10 Hugh Laurie Round 11 Jean Dujardin Round 12 Kenneth Branagh Round 13 Hugh Bonneville Round 14 Marion Cotillard Round 15 Audrey Tautou Round 16 Pom Klementieff Round 17 Nicholas Britell (Composer) Round 18 Sandy Powell (Costume Design) Round 19 Emmanuel Lubezki (Cinematographer) Round 20 Juliette Bincohe Round 21 Peter Capaldi Round 22 Claire Foy Round 23 Tobias Menzies Might add some more after the draft idk.
  12. The Official Recruiting Thread

    First big test for Jimmy Lake this, can he lock down Washington? The state has 3 5 Stars in 2021, got Huard to commit (son of Damon, Nephew of Brock so easy-peasy I guess). Can Lake ink Tuimoloau and Emeka Egbuka? Would be a nice start to the Lake Era if he can.
  13. Who would your team put into a 2020 Expansion Draft?

    Solid picks. Id imagine KJ Wright (maybe, but could spark a lockerroom revolt) and Ethan Pocic would also be placed on the block.
  14. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    To build off this, Seattle had one of the higher passing efficiency ratings, while having one of the worst pass blocking units in the NFL. Russell Wilson was a quarter inch away from sweeping the 49ers, with guys like Travis Homer, Jacob Hollister, David Moore and a rookie WR that cant run routes being important offensive targets. And who knows what happens in Green Bay if Malik Turner doesn't drop that pass. Here is something to consider; in the last few weeks of the season and playoffs, Germaine Ifedi was probably the 3rd best offensive player (Non Russell)
  15. The Oscars

    I did completely forget Hollywood. Still don't think its the favorite, and might not even be a middling. Seems like the Academy pegs Tarentino as the screenwriter, but nothing beyond that. Maybe it changes this year since the movie is a love letter to the golden age of Hollywood. I shouldn't ignore that theme TBH.