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  1. Week 6 update: 1. LB Jordyn Brooks - Should be back in the mix after his knee injury this week. Hard to really say much about him considering how little he has seen the field thus far. 2. DE Darrell Taylor - Scheduled to come off the PUP. No timetable yet. IF he sees the field in 2020, wont be until after week 10. 3. G Damien Lewis - Been the starter all season, and has been really, really good. 2nd Best Lineman, on a surprisingly really solid unit this year. 4. TE Colby Parkinson - Like Taylor; Scheduled to come off the PUP. No timetable yet. IF he sees the field in 2020, wont be until after week 10. Would be a uphill battle for snaps with Olsen, Dissly and Hollister. 4. RB Deejay Dallas - Got a few snaps in the Dallas game once Carson went down. Its going to be really interesting what happens when Penny comes back. 5. DE Alton Robinson - Fixture in the rotation so far. Seeing 35-40% of defensive snaps since debuting in week 3. 6. WR Freddie Swan - Has a catch in every game thus far, 7-97 1TD. Not bad for a 6th round pick. Snaps will definitely take a hit as Dorsett is set to return this week. 7. TE Stephen Sullivan - Practice Squad Protected
  2. There are only two types of Seattle-Arizona Games: 1. Seattle wins convincingly, but loses 3+ starters to season ending injuries. 2. Seattle has a frustrating game, nothing goes right, cant catch a break, lots of mistakes, loses close. Choose wisely.
  3. Thinking Seattle ends up 11-5 Split the divisional Loses to a team they have zero business losing to (NYG, WASH, NYJ, PHIL) Loses to Bills Knowing Seattle they will beat the Bills, but lose to Philly + WFT
  4. So: Pete Carroll's contract is up at the end of the year Jon Schneider's contract ends after the 2021 season Russell Wilson's contract is below water in 2022 (11 million) Bobby Wagners contract is a no doubt cut in 2022 (17 million in savings) If the wheels completely come off (like IDK, a Russ mega injury), this team could be stripped down by a new FO-Coaching staff. Would be crazy, but not necessarily outside the realm of possibility.
  5. Swapping Arizona with the LA Chargers makes the most sense: NFC WEST - Seattle Seahawks, LA Rams, LA Chargers, SF 49ers [All PST] AFC WEST - Arizona, Las Vegas, KC, Denver [3 MST, 1 CST]
  6. Dynasty League, wanna add Tua for stash now that he has been named as starter: Who would you drop. Current Bench: Darius Slayton, Raheem Mostert, Deebo Samuel, DJ Chark, Dionte Johnson
  7. Before the season; Kyler, Goff, Garoppolo? Russell has some serious competition this year! Now: Kyler, Goff, Garoppolo? Russell has some serious "competition" this year.
  8. Ngakoue went from the Lusitania to the Titanic.
  9. Just double checked, Kirk Cousins dead money hit for 2021 is 41 million. Just in case you were wondering.
  10. 1. VEEP 2. Saturday Night Live 3. Band Of Brothers 4. Futurama 5. Mystery Science Theater 3000 6. The Simpsons 7. Chernobyl 8. John Adams 9. The Office 10. Family Guy 11. The Chappelle Show 12. Wolfhall 13. Samurai Champloo 14. Cowboy Bebop 15. Arrested Development 16. Rome 17. The Crown 18. Mad Men 19. Iron Chef (Japan) 20. Dark 21. Last Week Tonight 22. Firefly 23. 30 Rock 24. Monty Pythons Flying Circus 25. Schitts Creek 26. Game of Thrones 27. Sharpe 28. QI 29. Archer 30. Fleabag
  11. For reference, was 4-0, 2nd highest scoring team in the league. Few minutes before the 1pm game, swapped my Diggs-Singeltary stack out for Slayton and Deebo, due to the COVID test scare reported earlier that day. Got absolutely bamboozled this week: Dak, Chark, J-Robinson, Higbee, Deebo gave me pretty much nuthin. A-Rob and Mixon had ho-hum games. Pulled out the win though because the other team had an equally bad week, LUTZ GAWD carried me to a 1.5 point victory.
  12. Everyone whines about the Lime Green "Action Green" Seahawks uniforms, but Seattle is now 6-0 in those uniforms. In fact, this is the third straight Action Green, Primetime victory over the Vikings (2018, 2019, 2020).
  13. NY laughing stock? When you have Florida, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Nevada, Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota doing the whole "We thought of nothing, tried nothing, and we are all out of ideas, lets be normal" while having much higher rates of infection since June?
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