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  1. What State or Country are you from?

    Yeah pretty good. especially as an ex-pat. Hanoi is a super chill city. Lots of open air cafes to sit around in, great food (Viet and International) and enough quirkiness to keep things interesting. Two drawbacks are the traffic and weather. Driving a motorbike is cool, but dealing with the roads + traffic is intense and annoying. The weather has been miserable. If its not sufferingly hot (pollution makes is worse) is pouring rain and chilly. I can count the nice days on my fingers in the 16 months I have been living here. I definitely prefer Seoul and South Korea, but thats just me. Hanoi is a fantastic place to spend time. Especially if you have time to rent an apartment, motorbike and cruise around town.
  2. Seahawks to release Malik McDowell

    Say what you will about Christine and Ifedi. At least they suited up.
  3. The 2018 Seahawks schedule

    OBTW, the NFL can GTFO. London Game and x2 10am games? I thought the NFL was trying to prevent WestCoast teams from playing the 10am games?
  4. The 2018 Seahawks schedule

    Oh look, Green Bay and Carolina AGAIN. I am so GD sick of watching Seattle play those two teams.
  5. Seattle Mariners Thread

    All this talk about the lineup and what not, Score 6 runs in a four game series. Ya know, after this many years, you would think Id know what to expect. Apparently, I am an idiot. Rotation is Paxton, Soggy Felix, Mike Leakes 4 good innings and then a dumpster fire. Bullpen is Diaz surround by a pile of trash with bad facial hair. Lineup is well, could be pretty good. But looks like it will be like last year, a weekly rotation of 2-3 streaky hitters at opposite ends of the lineup, resulting in solid, yet inconsistent run scoring. Lets be real here, this team is eagerly anticipating the return of Mike Zunino and Erasmo Ramirez. That isnt exactly a good indicator going forward.
  6. What State or Country are you from?

    Someone already did Washingtion, so Ill do my current "home" Hanoi, Vietnam 1) How is the scenery? Depends were you are. Parts of Hanoi are beautiful [around the lakes], others are a dump. Besides that there are some spectacular areas Ninh Binh, Mai Chau, Da Nang. Still need to make it places like Ha Long and HCMC. 2) How is the culture? Depends on if you are in a touristy area or not. But overall, food culture is great [local and foreign], Nightlife... is eh. Best part is driving around the city on a motorbike. Awesome stuff (Besides the MadMax traffic). 3) Affordability? Its pretty cheap here. Food is usually around 25-40K [1-2 dollars]. Even foreign food is like 5-7 dollars for a meal + drinks. 4) Things to do? Hanoi... nuthin. Eat and drink I suppose. Outside of Hanoi there is tons of things. Adventurous types paradise. 5) Demographic Well, Im sure you can guess. It is a incredibly young country. And it also a very international country as well. Not very many Americans, but tons of Auzzies, Germans, Russian, South Africans and Brits. Alot of them are Ex-Pats as well. My area has a huge population of Ex-Pats [Tay Ho].

    Just wanted to pop in and say Arenado v Perdomo was WAY better than Kelly v Austin. Perdomos wind up-overhand glove throw and MJ-worthy moonwalk was just.... magnifique!
  8. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Paxton looked good again. He is this rotations only legit arm (unless you believe in washed up Felix and ... Mike Leake.) Seager might have finally figured out that April DOES COUNT, and not an extension of spring training.
  9. Seattle Mariners Thread

    So Healy twisted his ankle working out (lol). And even Dave Simms ruptured his Achilles. Mariners gonna Mariner
  10. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    Just wanted to pop in to say Everythings Fine is awesome.
  11. Seahawks Have Been Very Quiet

    Im cool with it. They lost a good chunk of talent, but brought in guys they think can replicate some of that lost production. Outside of another DB [guess Maxwell believes his market value is higher than what Seattle is offering?) what other position still needs to be addressed? Also, I think the staff really believes in the 2017 class being able to contribute more in the their 2nd year. Pocic, Darboh, Moore, Thompson, Hill plus Jones, Carson, and Griffin who contributed alot last year. McDowell, yah never know. [Although im not banking on it] Finally, Im sure the staff is thinking about 2018 and those comp picks. This off-season has pretty much followed the Seattle MO. Salavage the scrap heap, find guys they think fit their scheme, give them 1 year prove it deals. Seattle already made their splashes DURING the 2017 season [Duane + Sheldon].
  12. You could make that case for any position outside of Quarterback.
  13. Did you see what happened to Seattles run game once those guys left? And to further enhance this point, did you see what happened to Seattles run game in '06 when they went from Steve Hutchinson to Floyd Womack?
  14. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Hanni is life, Hanni is love.
  15. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Nelson Cruz twists his ankle walking down the dug out stairs. Mariners gonna Mariner.