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  1. Seattle Seahawks (8-5) @ San Francisco 49ers (3-10)

    San Fran is such a POS place to play. Halftime issues: 1. Seattles interior offensive line is getting mauled. Seattle will need to attack the edges, and use misdirection to soften the upfield sell out up the middle. 2. Linebackers are not getting deep enough in their drops. That why TEs are running free in the soft spot between the LB and Safeties. Better communication could help. 3. Front four NEEDS to get more pressure. Norton has challenged Mullens to make plays on sellout blitzes and to his credit, he has made the right throws. Drop the blitzes and work on covering the TE/RBs.
  2. Week 15 GDT

    Janakowski solely responsible for 8 points this game. Missed Extra Point, Followed by a piss poor kickoff and garbage effort missed tackle on the KO TD. There is your ball game right now.
  3. Week 15 GDT

    Doug Baldwin is one of the most important offensive players Seattle has. Just a different team when he is on the field.
  4. Week 15 GDT

    Seahawks care about this game as much as San Frans landscape crew cares about that field. Should be criminal for a NFL stadium to have that awful of a field. Pathetic.
  5. Week 15 GDT

    Why cant the 9ers do the right thing and just roll over and die? Meaningless game, and any allusions of pride left the building at about week 5.
  6. Week 15 GDT

    Jaylen Smith didn't want nuthin to do with Marlon in the hole. Froze like an icicle.
  7. Week 15 GDT

    All defensive backs, please look at the play McMannis made. That is how you defend the pass. Get your head around and play the ball like a receiver. Don't play the body and grab.
  8. Week 15 GDT

    Theres the Ebron we all know and lothe. What a ridiculous drop
  9. Week 15 GDT

    Mack with the Back Sack BTW, the amount of garbage Packer offensive linemen get away with is astounding. Mack was held, and had his facemask pulled/hit on the same play. Got the sack but no flag. Atrocious.
  10. Seattle Seahawks (8-5) @ San Francisco 49ers (3-10)

    The -3.5 line has me very suspicious. Shenanigans about to be ensued? Hopefully Seattle can quash any "trap game" sentiments by putting the boot down early.
  11. The Nickname?

    Ah yes, the "bounce the ball and shut up" crowd.
  12. At this point Jerry Dipoto should just stroll out to Shane McMahons "Here Comes the Money'.
  13. Heard about it second hand, so grain of salt. Happened the week I arrived in South Korea. TLDR: Student climbed out the window onto the ledge to surprise the teacher, fell. Full: At the end of the term, the branch has a themed class photo contest. Best picture would win Chocopies or Ice Cream. Anyway, during break a really, really stupid kid thought it would be funny to climb out the window, and either surprise the teacher when she returned OR be in the background during the picture. [who knows what kids are thinking]. Now, it was only on the second story but somehow, he fell off the ledge onto the ground. The teacher was was either fired or left at the end of the term. Not entirely sure [My first day was her last day].
  14. NFC Wild Card Picture

    Quick look after the Vikings game, but Seattle seems to clinch with a single win in their next 3 games. They hold all tie breaks [Packers, Panthers, Vikings], and Washington and Philly play in week 17. So Seattle is in with one win (I think).
  15. 3 games to go let's revisit those preseason predictions

    This forum [and the football world in general] owe Russell Wilson an apology. Such disrespect to him when everyone was handing Seattle 3-6 wins.