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  1. So I was sure something was going to happen a few weeks ago, and kinda wanted it, but now that dust has settled.... no. 2021 was a really... REALLY weird season. Seattle finished with the 8th Highest DVOA in the NFL [footballsoutsiders] They had 9 games without a TO; but went 4-5 in those games 0-5 in games decided by 3 points of less. The worst 3rd rate in the league was honestly the main reason for ending the season with a losing record. Just some really wonky stuff this year.
  2. With Carson having surgery on his neck.... yeah, I think Seattle does their best to bring Penny back.
  3. Rashaad Penny finished with the 3rd most 20+ runs in the NFL (11).... On 102 carries in 6 games.
  4. Remember earlier in the thread when Rams fans were panting themselves on hte back about winning, and how playing the Saints would go.
  5. Rashaad Penny the last 5 weeks: 654 Yards Rushing 7.2 YPC 6 TDs
  6. So... Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Early Thomas all had their Seahawks careers ended in Arizona's stadium on season ending injuries. Quandre Diggs is being carted off in an air cast POS Stadium is cursed.
  7. Sure am Dickh@rd about this film. You got some serious "help help im being repressed" vibes right now.
  8. Giants desperate enough to send both 2022 1st Round Picks (and other picks) to Seattle for Russ?
  9. McDuffie #1 UW was a mess this year, and I hope people dont forget how good McDuffie is. UW's secondary was rarely challenged this year (as teams were running it like 30 -40 times a game), but he just effortless swatted away the few passes that made it out to him in man coverage.
  10. As for the movie itself (Dont Look Up), it was ... fine. Decent Comedy, some good laughs, and solid comedic performances by some actors I like. Critiques a lot of aspects of contemporary culture and media I hate; so I can excuse some of its rough edges and enjoy it. Nowhere near as interesting (as a movie) or as fun as The Big Short, but still overall a solid watching experience.
  11. Anyone that has paid attention to the last ... idk, 8 years should realize subtly is dead. Captial D - E - D Dead. Satire itself is dead too since reality has been WAY more absurd than fiction. Even the more absurd lines from the movie; like "We support the jobs the comet will bring" seems plausible these days.
  12. Russell WIlson is absolute buttchecks. He is without a doubt, NOT a top 10 QB right now. Box Score hunters need not apply. Look at his 3rd down play.
  13. He took three absolutely HUGE hits to dome against Arizona in 2020 in OT. That where you can literally pinpoint his decline to now. And in case you are wondering... Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, all had their Seahawks career end on that same field. Looks like that toilet bowl in the desert might have claimed another victim.
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