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  1. GDT - Week 6

  2. GDT - Week 6

  3. GDT - Week 6

    Cleveland - Seattles refs forgot Seattle us lineman as TE. HAHA
  4. GDT - Week 6

    Chris Carson is BabyBeastMode
  5. GDT - Week 6

    Welp, special teams a big impact in Cleveland - Seattle Browns have 14-3 advantage off Special teams plays.
  6. GDT - Week 6

    Wow, absolute gift of a spot. Knee was down way earlier than they spotted it.
  7. GDT - Week 6

    DangerRUSS RUSSTL'N jimmies.
  8. GDT - Week 6

    Baker to the locker room. Im mentally prepared to see Gillbert throw for 200 yards in the 2nd half against this defense.
  9. GDT - Week 6

    Russell MVP Wilson CROWN THAT MAN
  10. GDT - Week 6

    One foot, head hit out of bounds before any other part in bounds. NOT A CATCH.
  11. GDT - Week 6

    Refs incompetence grinding this game to halt.
  12. GDT - Week 6

    Rest in literally pieces.
  13. GDT - Week 6

    Seattle is missing their Starting LT, RG and now their TE is down on field with a non contract knee injury. Russell gonna be running for his life. Joey Hunt (back up center) will be the TE2 now.
  14. GDT - Week 6

    I still cant believe the competition committee saw the point differential in the 1st half and penalty discrepancy of West Coast teams playing in the 10am PST timeslot and went "this is fine".
  15. GDT - Week 6

    Clowney has been fine in the 5 tech role. Issue is the other three guys cant pick up the slack. Poona Ford and Al Woods are both run defenders trying to rush the passer. Quinton Jefferson has been the 2nd best rusher, and he is pretty much a role player. Rasheem Green is essentially a rookie. Its been rough to say the least.