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  1. Lol, needing a Superman Effort from TJ Watt in OT to beat Geno Smith at home. Kinda sus, ngl
  2. Sad I missed the boat on Toney. Almost pulled the trigger but my dumb arse was still holding KJ Osborn. Dynasty league too; now I gotta throw big FAAB at Toney.
  3. I would say losing Unger; really impacted Seattle's identity, and the C position has been in flux since. That being said, one silver lining is the 4th acquired from NO was used to trade up and draft Tyler Lockett. NO took Stephone Anthony with that 1st. Still Unger was way more valuable than Jimmy. Harvin trade was a moot point. Team was way too talented to be affected by it in anyway. Vikings got Xavier Rhodes and Jerrick McKinnon from the trade. Adams trade is going to sting. Wont know how bad for a few years. NYJ I believe already burned that 3rd moving up for AVT; so its going
  4. Can Aaron Donald just like I dont know, disappear from existence?
  5. Its the most frustrating thing about Schneider. The GM stuff outside the draft has been good (Contracts, FA, Waivers, late picks for vets etc). That success is the main reason Seattle has stayed afloat. Its just the draft strategy has been..... ugh. Throwing premium picks at non-premium positions has been rough. And whatever their criteria is for judging prospects isnt working either. Outsiders opinion here, but the exodus of Front Office (Idzik, McCloughlan, Fritterer) staff has bleed Seattle dry. And John-Pete havent been able to replace them good enough. Lately Seattle drafts have been
  6. Looked like Fuller made contact before. Man can you just let me be salty in peace.
  7. Lol Rams needed the refs to bail them out.
  8. Please Pete, fire Ken Norton
  9. Giving Up a 96 yard TD drive to Geno Smith VERY SUS
  10. Aaron Donald can kindly f the F off
  11. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi. Oi!!!
  12. Poor Dunlap, dude got held so badly on that long run.
  13. Is it not Enough for Donald to ruin Seattle games when they play. Now he is ruining the Seahawks 2021 season. Man F that guy.
  14. Russ is 9-1 on Thursday Night; only loss was his rookie year. Seattle is rocking the Action Green Uniforms, Which they are undefeated in So all this points to ..... Rams by 10. Aaron Donald is going to feast this week. Seattle IOL has been AWFUL this year, and pressures up the middle have severely stunted Seattle offense. Stafford and those WR's should move the ball up and down the field pretty effortlessly against KNJ's surrender the underneath scheme. I have like 0% faith in Seattle doing much tonight.
  15. Fine, Mr Semantics; Russ owns the Greater Bay Area.
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