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  1. My preference is NOT to trade Russ, but... Javonte + 3 1sts would be .... tempting.
  2. Every time you post this stuff, Urban gonna give Hyde 5 more touches.
  3. I mean it might solely because of the schedule down the stretch Davis Mills Andy Dalton Hobbled Stafford Jared Goff Colt McCoy (Figure Cards rest their starters in week 17)
  4. For the Seahawks; Germaine Ifedi. Seattle got 60+ starts at RT for a late 1st. There were long stretches of games where you forgot Ifedi existed, which is what you want from a RT. But just too many drive killing penalties, both avoidable holds and boneheaded procedural stuff.
  5. Seiya Suzuki is following the Mariners on twitter. 👀
  6. LMFAO, Imagine getting swept by the worst Seahawks team in over a decade.
  7. Fumble inside Seattle own 30 lead to San Frans TD Dropped a Touchdown pass, kicked into the air for an INT Fumble on the 1 yard line on 3rd and goal from the one. Seattle could have gone up 10 with 4 minutes left. He is the sole reason San Fran isnt getting blown out right now.
  8. She had a close contact with someone who was positive, then contract tracing investigators came to her house and asked if she had taken a COVID test, and she lied because she had been to quarantine before. LMFAO hilarious. Got caught lying and dumped in quarantine. she is a perfect example of why Darwin is using site based quarantining.
  9. Eh, dont really see the difference between enforcing these distancing rules and giving tickets for blowing through red lights and stop signs. Even in both cases if nobody else is around, it still raises the chances of impacting the overall safety of the situation.
  10. No, its strict. But, falls in line with the rational for this particular quarantine system. They aren't just quarantining from the broader population but also everyone else in the facility as well. The lines and boundaries are in place to ensure each individual/ family unit stays separated from each other. Without those precautions, you have the potential of breakouts within the facility, which defeats the entire purpose of isolating people in the first place. Draconian... sure. But not without reasoning and not arbitrary.
  11. Also, Id like to correct myself here. Looks like Darwin, Australia requires ALL returning residents (Both vax'd and non'vaxxed) to quarantine at Howard Springs. Not sure where the injustice is. Strict sure, but everyone gotta do it I guess. Repatriated Australians | Coronavirus (COVID-19) (nt.gov.au) Here's thread about Howard Springs from the r/darwin subreddit Some questions about Howard Springs quarantine : darwin (reddit.com) Biggest injustice is not being able to bring alcohol.
  12. Here's an article (from the DailyRag no less) about Howard Springs. Aussies hit back at Americans calling NT quarantine centre a 'concentration camp' | Daily Mail Online Americans tweeting/ comparing it to a concentration camp. You know you are in the wrong when the damn Auschwitz twitter calls you out. Also; apparently #howardsprings on insta is bikini pics if you are into something like that.
  13. Well my comment about Americans wasnt about the individual in the video (didnt have my sound on when watching) but more about all the Americans retweeting/commenting about it. And how American outlets and commentators have been drumming up dystopian narratives about Australia's strict quarantine policies (Like Charlie Kirk for example) for a while now. My feelings are also piggybacking on the whole schtick of American Anti-Vaxxers wearing yellow stars.
  14. Guess I got thrown off by Jack Posobiec, Rand Paul stuff around the tweet, and all the PragerUrine TolietPaperUSA personalities sharing it. Regardless, point still stands about how silly it is to call this "forced internment" considering what forced internment has meant and been throughout history around the world.
  15. Whats gross is comparing that with forced internment. Which the video was doing (as it stated it in bold *** font). If thats what you meant by gross, then Ill happily rescind my "unhinged childish tirade".
  16. Sorry but this ish cracks me up. Australian Government: "Hey everyone; if you are not Australian and decided to travel to our country during a pandemic, you will need to quarantine for 14 days. Some states use hotels, others have built facilities for you to stay at" Americans " OH MY GOD, I'm being LITERALLY oppressed. Its exactly like Japanese Internment. Future generations will LITERALLY weep".
  17. LMFAO bruh really? Spending 14 days in a quarantine facility for TRAVELLERS is the same as forced INTERNMENT.
  18. Looking at past RAS scores 2015 Kristjan Sokoli 10/10 DT 6'5 290 38 Vert : 9.11 Broad : 4.86 40y : 2.68 20 : 1.55 10 : 4.36 Shuttle : 7.25 3 Cone 2016 Mortiz Boehringer WR 9.98/10 6'4 227 39 Vert : 10.11 Broad : 4.43 40y : 4.1 Shuttle : 6.65 3-Cone 2017 Obi Melifonwu SS 9.98/10 6'3 224 44 Vert : 11.09 Broad: 4.44 40y : 2.55 20 : 1.51 10 : (Bad shuttle/3cone) 2018 Tony Apke FS 9.92/10 6'1 200 41 Vert: 10.11 Broad : 4.34 40y : 2.52 20 : 1.48 10 : 4.03 Shuttle : 6.56 3-Cone 2020 Tanner Muse 9.96/10 SS
  19. This narrative is bunk. Seattle has invested a ton capital along on the offensive line the last 5-6 seasons. Current OL (Duane Brown = 2 2nds, Damien Lewis 2nd, Ethan Pocic - 2nd, Gabe Jackson - 4th, Brandon Shell $$). They have spent high picks on Justin Britt, John Moffit, James Carpenter, Germaine Ifedi. They chased high profile FA's like TJ LAng, Nate Solder, Brian Bulaga, Corey Linsley, Joe Thuney etc. It just hasnt worked out. Also; the shift back in 2017 from OC Bevell to Schotty was specifically to focus the offense on Russ's strength; verticality. Russ's regression in the back h
  20. Was 1-7 ; in last (12th) in points and record. Won 4 straight; now one game out of the 6th place playoff spot; 5th in overall points.
  21. Russell Wilsons 35.1% completion rate on 3rd down this season is the worst qualified pass completion percentage since Chad Hutchinson's 34.8% in 2002.
  22. Seattle is 3-8 with a -17 point differential for comparison 5-7 Miami = -45 5-5-1 Pittsburgh = -43 6-5 LA Chargers = -20 6-5 LV = -36 5-6 WFT = -53 4-7 NYG = -51 4-7 Chicago = -75 5-6 Atlanta = -103
  23. And Russ over the last 18 games now has statistically been almost a carbon copy of 2019-2020 Mathew Stafford.
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