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  1. Seahawks announce changes in coaching staff

    One last hurrah for Pete with guys he knows before riding off into the sunset? Looks and seems like it. Kind of meh overall, but meh aint always bad. With a team of established veterans on both sides of the ball, the coordinators shouldn't really bungle things too badly.
  2. Darrell Bevell Fired

    Im one of those who never had an issue with Bevell. Wasnt great, but wasnt horrible either.
  3. Tom Cable Out?

    Would be nice to get a different scheme in. What ever it is, hasnt been working the last two years.
  4. Well.... what should they do?

    Eh... missing big hits, but overall what a contending team needs to do. Find starters and depth. The issue has been investing money picks on offensive line (which have all flopped except Britt). Elite Players: None ProBowler Caliber: Frank Clark (2nd) Really Good: Justin Britt (2nd), Paul Richardson (2nd), Tyler Lockett (3rd) Starter Quality : Jarren Reed (2nd), Naz Jones (3rd), Shaq Griffin (3rd), Luke Willson (5th), Alex Collins (5th), Spencer Ware (5th), Chris Carson (7th) Depth : Quinton Jefferson (4th), Kevin Pierre Louis (4th), Nick Vannett (4th) Intriguing Youngsters: Ethan Pocic (2nd), Delano Hill (3rd), Amara Darboh (3rd), David Moore (7th) The issues are... 1) 2013 Draft was a horror show (Christine Michael, Jordan Hill, Chris Harper, Jesse Williams, Tharold Simon). 2) Bad OL investments (2015: Glowinski, Poole (4th), 2016: Ifedi (2nd), Odihambo (4th)) 3) Injuries (CJ Prosise, Malik McDowel) 4) Seemingly 25% of the NFL is now Pete Disciples. Ultimately, the 2017 class really needs step it up if the train is going to keep chugging along. They drafted guys to replace FA or Older vets Malik = > Bennett Shaq => LOB CB2 Hill => Kam Thompson => Earl Naz => UT (Sheldon) Darboh/ Moore => P-Rich And Carson and Pocic need to lock down starting spots.
  5. Well.... what should they do?

    2018 Off Season How to keep the magic alive? What do you think Brian and Pete should do? Who to let go? Who to go after? What to do with the draft? Since no playoffs, lets all embrace our inner recliner-GM.
  6. Albums of the year - 2017

    "DNA" without a single doubt.
  7. Well.... what should they do?

    Yeah me too. The Seahawks were a few made field goals away from 12-5. Now, they really only had 1 great game (Eagles) but I dont think that warrants a blow up.
  8. Car: Which I have driven once in the last 6 or so years. MotorBike : The means for my daily commute.
  9. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Blitzed through The Crown: Season 2. Didn't hit as many highs as season 1 but still great. Claire Foy was awesome.
  10. Albums of the year - 2017

    Gonna bump this with a more comprehensive list. (Including recent stuff I finally got into) 1. Kelela - Take Me Apart 2. Slowdrive - Slowdrive 3. Kendrick Lamar - Damn 4. The XX - I See You 5. Algiers - The Underside of Power 6. The National - Sleep Well Beast 7. Lorde - Melodrama 8. Vagabon - Infinite Worlds 9. Run the Jewels - RTJ3 10. Father John Misty - Pure Comedy 11. Sampha - Process 12. Brockhampton - Saturation (ANY) 13. Mura Masa - Mura Masa 14. Blanck Mass - World Eater 15. Zola Jesus - Okovi OTHERS: Yaeji - EP2, Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives, Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar, Real Estate - In MInd, Alt-J - Relaxer, Vince Staples - Big Fish
  11. I feel like the ending was changed... or something was changed. Think about it, the first half was all about taking the audience down the usual Star Wars tropes.. 1. Find the McGuffin 2. I need your to train me! I dont want to train you. 3. Mystery Parents 4. I can still turn the my foil! The foil might turn on their master. 5. You are not ready! Im going ANYWAY! 6. I AM SO CONFLICTED! 7. The Resistance is almost snuffed out! 8. Last ditch crazy plan might just work! Then, All those a-typical plot points that seemed like they were about to resolve themselves were thrown out in the climax. "BURN THE PAST, FORGOT IT ALL, BUILD SOMETHING NEW!" Plan failed! Snoke Dead! Burn the down the old Jedi! Your Parents are nobodies! Resistance and Order can be deleted! So new direction right!? Nope, lets immediately follow that up with New Supreme Leader, Hoth 2.0 and rebuild the resistance. Only thing missing was Rey losing an arm. I can see why some many are mixed and lacking excitement for installment III. If the pattern holds, Im guessing a retread of Return.
  12. Your Team's 2017 Regular Season Report Card

    A Report Card for 2017's Regular Season Feel free to keep this on ice until after the final game, but I did this in our forum and wanted to see other teams'. Individuals Your MVP : Russell Wilson Your best 3 players this season : Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Doug Baldwin/KJ Wright/Frank Clark Newcomer of the season : Sheldon Richardson OPOY : Dangeruss DPOY : Bobby Wagner Coach of the year : ..... Kris Richard... I guess.... Team Grade Weeks 1-4 : [ C ] Grade Weeks 5-9 [ B- ] Grade Weeks 10-13 [ B+ ] Grade Weeks 14-17 [ C - ] (B - if they win, F if they lose) Overall Season Grade C+ / B- Best Unit : Linebackers Best 3 Performances Eagles, Texans (sort of...), Colts (..meh) Worst 3 Performances Rams, @Jacksonville/@Tennessee [Exact game pretty much], Redskins Most Enjoyable Win @Cowboys Worst Loss Home against the Redskins What Three Things Have Defined Your Season 1. The Russel Wilson Experience 2. Sherman + Kams injuries 3. Running Game Deficencies How Confident Are You Heading Into The Post Season/Next Season? (1-5) 4 What Would You Like Your Team to Address in The Off-Season? Defensive Depth (DL, Secondary)
  13. Week 17: Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

    Bruce Arians and the pesky Cardinals exist only to ruin Seattle seasons. I expect the same, playing this meaningless week 17 like the Super Bowl, and handing out many injuries.
  14. Team Needs?

    For me... 1. Pass Rusher / Defensive Line Depth Clark cant do it himself. Sheldon might not resign (or be too expensive) so really you are looking at MB, Naz and Reed. This team struggled once the d-line got thin. MB has been playing on a bad leg all year. Dont think they can rely on Jefferson, Jordan, Smith. 2. Defensive Playmaker Seattle does have alot of them, but their all on the a downward trend (except Wags). They need another young guy to come in a make a splash. Shaq was a nice addition, Delano and Tedric seems to have the staffs eye. Need more though. 3. WR P-Rich gonna be too rich. Lockett and Baldwin are nice, but its a thick fog after them. Darboh and Moore are too unknown to really trust them. 4. OG Need another body to come in a compete. Hambone, Pocic, Roos are not going to cut it. Probably looking at a 4th-5th round rookie and bargain bin vet to add. 5. TE Graham is gone. Too expensive. Vannett is intriguing, Willson is reliable. Not sure what they can do here. Late round TE pretty much profile to what they already have (above average athlete, decent to good blocking) 6. Kicker WalshGawd taketh away toth much. 7. HB / OT / LB Carson - Davis is a nice 1-2. They are unproven, so bring in anther 2-3 guys to compete. Take 6th ot 7th round flier on someone. CJ is still a thing too. But not someone Seattle should rely on. Brown - Ifedi - Fant - Hambone is an ok setup. If Fant can come back 100%, wonder if Ifedi can slide down to guard? A 3rd LB would be nice, someone to fill in if KJ or Bobby go down. Im not a huge fan of Garvin. But too many other more important positions to focus on. Seattle has found decent depth guys when they dont spend 3+ picks on the OL. Schni - Pete gotta work their magic this draft to keep the train chugging along.
  15. Finally saw it, have some thoughts... Liked how consistent all the character arcs were with the main theme "failure is the best teacher". But they were haphazardly handled in a few cases (due to the wonky tone). The Gambling Planet had an interesting purpose (the greyness of the world, Finns naiveness etc.) but it felt really out of place, like from a different movie. I know too people had problems with Poe and his arc. Specifically how his actions caused so much needless destruction. I didnt mind it (although, again could have been handled better). Leia (and the Vice Admiral) puts up with it because of the whole "spark" angle of the resistance. His burns brightest and its why so many of the cannon foddler follow the dude. Leia probably sees alot of her young self in Poe and knows he just needs to learn how to better channel it. Serves the theme, but again was somewhat haphazardly handled. I wish movies would stop the whole characters giving exposition to each other even though those same two characters talked about it the scene before. Example: "We need to sneak through the door and find the McGuffin" Next Scene "Ok we are here, lets sneak through the door and find the McGuffin" Next Scene "Ok we are through the door, remember, we need to find the McGuffin!" Alot of the Finn-Rose stuff stumbles into this. This is just a script pet peeve of mine; and many movies/shows resort to it. The Rey - Kylo dynamic is by far the best part of the movie. But they really could have spent more time fostering their relationship. The wanting to turn each other was a nice fit, but I dont know if it was fully earned by the storytelling. Rey flipped her opinion of Kylo way too quickly. If they had spent more time exploring and figuring out each others reasons and their resulting actions, the struggle at the climax would have had more weight behind it. I got really excited with the whole "let old things die" speech as the First Order and Resistance seemed to be both on the brink of being snuffed out. For a second I thought they could take the 3rd act and 3rd movie into a completely different direction, away from the standard Empire vs Resistance conflict. But that might be too risky for Disney. (Insert Frys speech from Futurama about what audiences want). There were some facepalming moments, and those were frustrating. But eh, its a massmarketed AAA+++ brand and a kids movie. Cant fault it too much. The 1st Act was ok, the 2nd act was mix of horrible and meh, 3rd Act was its best. Overall it was a flawed movie, but at least a fun one. Looks damn good too.
  16. Week 16: Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

    Sometimes, its better to be lucky than good. Ugly game, but a wins a win. Made plays when it mattered. Offense was dog poop, defense was ... meh. Shout out to Dez Bryant, you da real #MVP
  17. Week 15: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Good week to be MIA. Not 100% on the "window is shut" doom and gloom bandwagon. Looking to see how the team finishes the year. Could get lucky, could get a spark, always Dangeruss.
  18. Week 15: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Most important game of the year, will be only game Ill miss. Sucks yo. That Redskins voodoo- nonsense game really hurting right now as far as playoffs go.
  19. Week 15: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Dodged a huge bullet on Bennett and Sheldon not being suspended. With Bobby and KJ out, things are looking bleak. Seattle needs to probably put up 31+ to have a chance at winning. Russell needs to be magical.
  20. Albums of the year - 2017

    My favs of the year. Damn - Kendrick Lamar Pure Comedy - Father John Misty Slowdrive - Slowdrive The XX - I See You Lorde - Medodrama The National - Sleep Well Beast
  21. Angels Will Sign Shohei Ohtani

    Even in the offseason, the Mariners continue to disappoint. At this point we are nothing more than a battered spouse, who still believes the other person can change... they just need more time (and a better farm system).
  22. Commissioner you.

    Contracts are fully guaranteed. Lifetime Medical Insurance. No more Thursday Night Games Rams can only have 10 men on the field Two Bye-Weeks, (18 weeks) Rosters to 75 (65 active.. or something like that) Owners can go kick rocks for all i care. (I wouldnt last long)
  23. Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks

    Ok overall. Defense was sloppy, got really lucky with the Wentz fumble. Bobby, MB and Frank were on fire tonight. Good to see Shaq back. Russell was Russell. Not his best performance, but enough to get the win. Offensive line took a step back, (Pocic looks overmatched) but against a good defense. Mike Davis is the man going forward. Has the feet and patience to succeed behind this line. Great out of backfield as well. If Seattle plays like this against the Rams they will lose (Unless LA has a repeat give away session). They really need to put together the complete game. I really want to see Seattle put to boot to the Rams throats. @Jacksonville next week will be tough. Seattle run defense looked vulnerable today. Have to fill those leaks if Seattle wants to take it next week. Seattle needs to win one of the next two games if they want to wrestle a playoff spot from the NFC South.
  24. SNF GDT: Eagles at Seahawks

    Bull. Sherm and Earl make each other elite. The defense has always regressed hard when Kam is out of the lineup. Only difference this year has been McDougald. He has been a nice fill in for Kam. Bobby has ascended this year, but the strength has always been the secondary.
  25. SNF GDT: Eagles at Seahawks

    Game, blouses.