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  1. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Raleigh and Fraley with Dongers Newsome and Gilbert with 4 clean IP today was a pretty good day.
  2. Wuhan Coronavirus Thread

    Probably Hottuek - fried dough filled with a sweet brown sugar mix and nuts. Basically a filled pancake. Awesome in the winter. Cant really go wrong with Ttaboeki in sauce, twigim (veggie tempura) and mandu.A bit of Odang (fish cake) too. Square because A E S T H E T I C
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Anyone else got that "new moon, new me" feeling yet?
  4. Wuhan Coronavirus Thread

    I lived in Korea during the height of MERS. AMA
  5. Wuhan Coronavirus Thread

    Mine would be endless loops of my GF's 55-60 minute rambling about people and what they did at her work, followed by "what do you think?".
  6. Star Wars Universe Thread

    Would prefer Armando Iannucci, but I HIGHLY doubt Disney would be on board with that.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    "No plan survives contact with the enemy" was my mentality every day as I walked into class to teach.
  8. Star Wars Universe Thread

    Oh come on, late night negotiations centering on shifting flag starship engine production and trooper leg arm refitting to fringe systems in exchange for votes on new warp tunnels near Alderaan is very action packed.
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    damnit Ram, you stole my post. This page is reserved for Freedom only.
  10. 1 Round Mock with Trades.

    Seattle has traded down from their first pick in every draft since 2012. If your mock doesn't have Seattle trading down, it aint a real mock. Ruggs would be a cool weapon for Russell though.
  11. Star Wars Universe Thread

    So, you guys are telling me nobody wants to watch a West Wing Style mini series set in the Galactic Senate; following a group of up and coming coalition senators and their aids trying to collect enough votes for a multilateral trade deal and infrastructure project within the republic?
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Apparently the FCC received 1300 complaints about the halftime show. What percentage do you think came from someone named Karen?
  13. J-Deere 4 Rounder w/ trades and comp picks

    So right off the bat, this mock is legit since it has Seattle trading back. Props. Overall I do like the positional haul. 32. Grant Delprit So I don't want to completely rule out a safety, since Pete Carrol is obsessed with them (seemingly have 6 every year). It would be a hard pick to swallow considering Delprit has a similar skill set as 2019 2nd Rounder Marquis Blair, and Safety is a position of strength current (Diggs and McDougald locked in for at least 2020). Seattle has serious depth issues on the Dline (pending FA). Personally, id prefer someone like Blacklock, Uche, Okwara, Madubuike or a linemen like Ruiz, I Wilson, A Jackson.
  14. The Official XFL Thread!

    XFL dropped the ball saddling Seattle with the Worst QB and Worst Coach. From a Ratings-Attendance perspective, the Dragons are the strongest franchise. But they might end up as at the bottom of the league record wise. Way to muzzle a potential cash cow.
  15. Random Game Talk

    I feel ya. I spent a bit of time bouncing back and forth from Elder Scrolls and other story driven RPG's. When playing Elder Scrolls (Oblivion / Skyrim) I grow tired of the flat characters, static world, and disconnected story. I would jump to more story driven RPG's (Witcher, Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc) and ultimately miss the customization, freedom / flexibility and lore of Elder Scrolls. So I would jump back. Rinse and repeat.
  16. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I feel ya, I don't have kids either, so I also try to avoid being judgy. But when it comes to physical discipline and fear tactics, the consensus has been for a long time, that both are pretty bad. That being said, there isn't really a panacea for children's (and lets be honest here, adults too) emotional outbursts, so parents pretty much have to wing it. Guessing that why so many default to how their parents disciplined them, regardless of how effective or potentially damaging it is.
  17. What movie are you watching?

    why'd ya spill yer beans.
  18. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Normalizing violence as a response to emotion is awful.
  19. The Travel Thread

    Do it. Hanoi is only slightly ruined by tourists. Lots of annoying drunk Aussies and UK'ers making sure everyone understands they are having a totally great time. But you wont have to deal with Americans asking if the Banh Mi vendor has Ranch. Get there now before its completely ruined. Spend time away from Hanoi and Saigon (HCMC) in Ha Long, DaNang and etc.
  20. Which division would have the best super team?

    The best way I can describe the NFC Wests Offensive Line situation: A styrofoam fire, inside a dumpster fire, ontop of a tire fire. Funny thing is, the 9ers line seemed to be ranked in the middle of the pack league wide, yet you cannot improve it by adding linemen from Seazonles.
  21. Which division would have the best super team?

    Nah, referencing the fact Rams fans will go total war on a attacking a minuscule difference.
  22. Latest Purchases Thread

    The latest Eternal Chaos-Storm Lord or Necro Hateflesh Rage ?
  23. Which division would have the best super team?

    Everyone talking about it, but nobody posted. Did my best, offense line was sad a heck. I bet Rams fans will find something wrong will this. QB - Russell Wilson RB - Chris Carson // Raheem Mostert // Kenyon Drake FB - Kyle Juszyzck TE - George Kittle // Tyler Higbee // Will Dissly WR - Cooper Kupp // Robert Woods // Emanuel Sanders // DK Metcalf Slot - Tyler Lockett // Deebo Samuel LT - Joe Staley // Duane Brown LG - Laken Tomilnson // Corbett ? Pugh? C - Weston Richburg // Blythe? // Shipley? RG - Mike Person // DJ Fluker ? Edwards? RT - Mike McGlinchey // Havenstein? LDE - Nick Bosa // Michael Brockers? DT - Aaron Donald // DeForest Buckner // Jarren Reed? CJ Jones? Poona Ford? RDE - Jadeveon Clowney // Arik Armstead EDGE - Chandler Jones // Dante Fowler MLB - Bobby Wagner // Cory Littleton OLB - KJ Wright // Dre Greenlaw // Kwon Alexander CB - Richard Sherman // Jalen Ramsey // Patrick Peterson // Shaq Griffin SS - Bradley McDougald // Taylor Rapp // Tartt? FS - Quienton Diggs ? Budda Baker ? Jimmy Ward?
  24. Thoughts on the Pac-12?

    Yeah, Boise doesn't meet any of the Pac's criteria. San Diego State and Colorado State makes more sense if they feel like they need more teams. The pipe dream would be adding Texas, Oklahoma, and their hanger-on's (Okie and Tech/Baylor?) but I don't think that is feasible. The Pac Committee would definitely not genuflect and prostrate to the Longhorn's every whim. Houston+Baylor and SDSU+CSU OR Fresno St would be a more realistic add. Although status quo, and freeing up a conference for Non-Con probably makes the MOST sense.