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  1. Best Case: If the defense can replicate last years performance [Kam-Sherm were out most of the year anyway] and the offensive line does improve, Seattle could still slide into the 11-5 // 10-6 realm. Its going to come down the the defensive line and offensive line. Getting the same level of production from the d-line unit minus Sheldon and MB is going to be tough, but doable. The offensive line should get better with another year of continuity, and a new scheme. Plus, ya know Russell Wilson is still a top QB in the league. People must forget that when they have Seattle finishing 4-12 // 5-11. Seattle (as dysfunctional as they were) crushed the Wentz Eagles last year, and were 2-3 Blair Walshes away from being 11-5. Worst Case: Russell Wilson injury. That would be a death sentence of the 2018-19 Seahawks. Outside of that, if the defense regresses even more, without the offense getting better, could mean disaster as well. Seattle is relying on a alot of young guys, and newcomers to pick up the slack on both sides of the ball. If these things dont work out well, 5-11 - 6-10 could be the result; especially if RW misses a few games.
  2. Seattle Mariners Thread

    The offense has me worried the most. They pretty much max out at 4 runs. Fine when Marco-Mike-Wade are pitching gems. But thats not really sustainable with their rotation and bullpen.
  3. Players to Watch

    Poona Ford DT is a good one. Seattle is pretty thin at true DT [4] so Poo will have alot opportunities in the Pre-season to make some noise. Still sticking with my hottake of Delano Hill being the starting SS at some point in the season.
  4. The Travel Thread

    Bangkok was a mixed bag. I enjoyed it more each day I was there, initial feeling was it was a trashbag. The biggest issue is transportation sucks. We tried relying on Tuk-Tuks and cabs the first day. MISTAKE! Skytrain, Walking and Riverboats [14 baht steal] way better. Tuk Tuks in Siem Reap were awesome, Bangkok was a nightmare. Overall if you are into shopping, debauchery, partying, Bangkok is the place for you. If you are not into that stuff, it doesnt offer much else better East Asian cities offer. If you find yourself in Bangkok for a few days, I highly recommend Wildlife Friends of Thailand [Two hours outside the city]. Awesome refuge for rescued show animals and pets.
  5. The Elder Scrolls 6

    About Combat.... With Oldrim, you piece together Dark Souls / Witcher Lite with mods. Centered 3rd Person Camera Improved Hit Detection and Attack Cones Improved Combat AI Parry + Dodge Lock-On https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5r324rCbp0 This is peak Skyrim combat IMO. And I hope ES-6 improves combat. Skyrim at times felt like a glorified pillow fight between blind people.
  6. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    Old news but.. Finally had enough listens to give a full feeling on Testing by ASAP. Overall its a .... eh.. meh.. Too much of the album is just blends together, and outside of a few tracks nothing really stands out. I got into ASAP because of Clams Casino production. Therefore, for me the best tracks are F. Sleep and Black Tux, White Collar. ASAP is at his best with dreamy, echoy, hazy, Burial-core beats. Not enough of that on this album TBH. Kids See Ghosts is awesome. Glad to see Cudi back [even if the album is more Ye than Cudi]. I think I like it slightly more than Daytona Streams of Thought is fantastic. Love the no-nonsense approach. Gimme more; vol 2, vol 3, vol 4.
  7. The Travel Thread

    So Im moving back stateside in mid-August and going to knock out some last vacation places. 1. Bangkok [Next week] 2. Singapore 3. Ha Long Bay Then Ill be leaving Hanoi to.. 4. Shanghai 5. Osaka [Round 2, love this place; Going to spend most days in Kobe-Himeji etc] 6. Tokyo [Round 2] Then back to the US. Any recommendation for things to do or eat in those places

    For those not in the know: Those M's jerseys were the Turn the Clock Ahead jerseys from he mid- 90s [all for Griffey]. So essentially, Seattle is having "Turn Back the Clock, for Turn the Clock Ahead Night".
  9. Seattle Mariners Thread

    For Houstons historic run differential and long win streak, Seattle is only a 1.5 games back.
  10. Colts RB Robert Turbin suspended 4 games for PED

    Turbo hitting those boasts too much.
  11. Woj: Paul George to re-sign with Thunder

    BOOOOOOOO this man. All this does is delay OKC becoming a lame duck franchise by about 3 years. Congrats?
  12. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Would be ok with this. Could spread the rotation out to give Paxton - Felix more time off between starts. And would be a decent insurance for a potential Leake-Gonzalez-LeBlanc blow up/injury/fall back to earth.
  13. Seattle Mariners Thread

    The Vincent-Nicasio Trash Special back on the menu! I really missed it from April.
  14. The Travel Thread

    Second. Did a Beijing => X'ian trip. Hands down the most fun [besides Osaka] I have had.
  15. The Travel Thread

    Our tourguide was clutch. He took us in the back way [Starting behind Angkor Watt] for two reason, 1) Avoid Tourists 2) Sun behind us = better pictures. Dude was a boss. Also the guy was keen on helping us avoid the large groups of Chinese mega-groups. Siem Reap is an awesome place for foreigners. They just understand how-to tourism there. Coming from living in Vietnam, Siem Reap seems ridiculously expensive though. Had a blast though.
  16. The Elder Scrolls 6

    IF it is Hammerfell, I hope there is a emphasis on factionalism in the power vacuum created by exodus of both the Empire and Dominion. It would be nice to have your actions affect the world. But knowing Bethesda, it would be some crappy rehash of the crappy civil war mechanic of Skyrim.
  17. Fallout 76

    Well in light of recent info thats come out, Ill probably end up getting it, but wont invest much until the private servers go live. It looks like Bethesda has put alot of effort into negating griefing and trolling, but come on, its the internet. How ever awesome some of ideas seem, the experience will be broken by the community. The whole system is only gonna work ideally with private servers of friends or committed community members. Public servers are going to be utter trash. I worry about performance as well. The dev videos had stutter, and frame rate issues. The only company worse than Bethesda at optimization is Bluehole.
  18. All Things Wrestling Thread

    30 plus years of storytelling, and wrestling still relies on moving storylines along by making the face an incompetent moron with the memory of a goldfish. Its where suspension of disbelief goes to die.
  19. Seattle Mariners Thread

    All hail king WADE LEBLANC
  20. The Travel Thread

    Spent a week in Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trung. HCMC is a pretty dope city. Going there from Hanoi was like teleporting 10 years into the future. Nha Trang is a chill beach city, surprisingly full of Russians. If I was to rank Vietnam destinations... 1. Ha Giang Loop 2. Ninh Binh 3. Ho Chi Minh City 4. Mai Chau 5. Hanoi Still need to check out Ha Long. Gonna avoid Sapa like the plague. Too many tourists and EuroBackpackers. Next week ill be heading to Siem Reap to check out Angkor Watt.
  21. The Elder Scrolls 6

    Everyone gets CURVED SWORDS!
  22. Who's in your avatar?

    Don with the look you need to navigate any and all things on the internet.
  23. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    Tripling Dipping today with Whack World, Streams of Thought, and Kids See Ghosts. 2018 has definitely revitalized my interest in hip hop.
  24. Earl Thomas Situation (holding out)

    I dont know what the team should do. Call his bluff I guess? Im torn over this situation. On one hand, I really want Earl on this team, because I still think Seattle has a chance to make the playoffs still, and Earl definitely improves those odds. That being said, I will always support a player using the tiny bit of leverage they have to maximize their earning potential in the short term. People have always been uneasy with the last part of a contract. For athletes, a number of things completely out of their control can impact their future earnings by 10s of millions of dollars. Yet, I do think with the roster refresh happening, and Russell Wilsons contract situation, Id rather allocate Earl money to other parts of the team. The ideal situation for me would be Earl plays for the entire 2018-2019 season, and gets a big fat pay day from another team in 2020.
  25. Seattle Mariners Thread

    O ye faithful, Hanigod has blessed us once again.