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  1. What State or Country are you from?

    Someone already did Washingtion, so Ill do my current "home" Hanoi, Vietnam 1) How is the scenery? Depends were you are. Parts of Hanoi are beautiful [around the lakes], others are a dump. Besides that there are some spectacular areas Ninh Binh, Mai Chau, Da Nang. Still need to make it places like Ha Long and HCMC. 2) How is the culture? Depends on if you are in a touristy area or not. But overall, food culture is great [local and foreign], Nightlife... is eh. Best part is driving around the city on a motorbike. Awesome stuff (Besides the MadMax traffic). 3) Affordability? Its pretty cheap here. Food is usually around 25-40K [1-2 dollars]. Even foreign food is like 5-7 dollars for a meal + drinks. 4) Things to do? Hanoi... nuthin. Eat and drink I suppose. Outside of Hanoi there is tons of things. Adventurous types paradise. 5) Demographic Well, Im sure you can guess. It is a incredibly young country. And it also a very international country as well. Not very many Americans, but tons of Auzzies, Germans, Russian, South Africans and Brits. Alot of them are Ex-Pats as well. My area has a huge population of Ex-Pats [Tay Ho].

    Just wanted to pop in and say Arenado v Perdomo was WAY better than Kelly v Austin. Perdomos wind up-overhand glove throw and MJ-worthy moonwalk was just.... magnifique!
  3. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Paxton looked good again. He is this rotations only legit arm (unless you believe in washed up Felix and ... Mike Leake.) Seager might have finally figured out that April DOES COUNT, and not an extension of spring training.
  4. Seattle Mariners Thread

    So Healy twisted his ankle working out (lol). And even Dave Simms ruptured his Achilles. Mariners gonna Mariner
  5. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    Just wanted to pop in to say Everythings Fine is awesome.
  6. Seahawks Have Been Very Quiet

    Im cool with it. They lost a good chunk of talent, but brought in guys they think can replicate some of that lost production. Outside of another DB [guess Maxwell believes his market value is higher than what Seattle is offering?) what other position still needs to be addressed? Also, I think the staff really believes in the 2017 class being able to contribute more in the their 2nd year. Pocic, Darboh, Moore, Thompson, Hill plus Jones, Carson, and Griffin who contributed alot last year. McDowell, yah never know. [Although im not banking on it] Finally, Im sure the staff is thinking about 2018 and those comp picks. This off-season has pretty much followed the Seattle MO. Salavage the scrap heap, find guys they think fit their scheme, give them 1 year prove it deals. Seattle already made their splashes DURING the 2017 season [Duane + Sheldon].
  7. You could make that case for any position outside of Quarterback.
  8. Did you see what happened to Seattles run game once those guys left? And to further enhance this point, did you see what happened to Seattles run game in '06 when they went from Steve Hutchinson to Floyd Womack?
  9. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Hanni is life, Hanni is love.
  10. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Nelson Cruz twists his ankle walking down the dug out stairs. Mariners gonna Mariner.
  11. Seattle Mariners Thread

    Bullpen picking right up where the left off.... at least they got the job sorta done this time.
  12. OBJ holding out for new contract

    Crazy Idea, Since NFL contracts are not fully guaranteed, Players on their rookie contract should be eligible for arbitration in their 2nd or 3rd year. The rookie wage scale was a necessary improvement, but 1st contract players lost pretty much all their leverage. Arbitration could even the playing field a bit, and cut down the need to hold out. IMO it sucks that a player producing at 5-9 million dollar level can be making 1/8th of that, considering one play could end their career. That or just make contracts 100% guaranteed, like every other sport on the planet.
  13. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    RIP Russell Wilson.
  14. 'Hawks and Vikings battling over Sheldon Richardson?

    Based on last year, Naz Jones and Jarren Reed. Depending whats happens in pre-season AND/OR injuries of coarse.
  15. We Better Be Active Tomorrow...

    http://www.seahawks.com/news/2018/03/24/seahawks-sign-defensive-tackle-shamar-stephenhttp://www.espn.com/blog/seattle-seahawks/post/_/id/29943/seattle-seahawks-2018-free-agency-bradley-mcdougald-gives-seahawks-versatility-experience DT Shamar Stephen Got another Viking DL. Clark, Naz Jones, Reed, Johnson, Stephen, Dion (Jefferson?) Also resigned Marcus Smith as well.
  16. We Better Be Active Tomorrow...

    http://www.seahawks.com/news/2018/03/23/seahawks-sign-defensive-tackle-tom-johnson One year deal ala Branch, Rubin, McDaniel. Still need another solid player or two to shore up the defensive line. Not sure whos still out there though.
  17. We Better Be Active Tomorrow...

    Just saying, Seattle got Dickson (TE) and Mingo (DE... sorta), Fluker. Brown seems like a little low key "could be good" Need another Defensive lineman though. Cant believe it, but resigning Maxwell is pretty important right now. Griffin and Coleman are established at their positions. Bunch of JAG's at the 4th spot. Im sure they will draft one or two DB's as awell (seems like that is a given every draft), but its nice to go in with 3 established guys, and let the rooks prove themselves (like Griffin last year).
  18. lions signed TE Luke Wilson

    Maybe not. Signed Dickson to be the starter, and Nick Vannett is entering his 3rd year. He started playing alot more towards the end of last year. And I think the FO really likes what Tyrone Swoopes can bring. Spent last year on the PS squad. Will get a chance to make something happen in the Pre-season.
  19. Vikings Officially Sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    Seattle - Minnesotas relationship sure is toxic.
  20. Vikings Officially Sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    First it was Hutch and poison pill, now this. When did Seattle pee in Minnesotas coffee? I thought we were cool.
  21. Seahawks GM John Schneider - No One is Untouchable

    True, but he got ALOT of pressures, and was a truly disruptive force in the run game. That being said, getting another interior d-line man in the draft would be awesome.
  22. 'Hawks and Vikings battling over Sheldon Richardson?

    Guess Seattle was content with the 4th Round Comp and make a run at Suh to replace him? I mean if it works out, thats some nice 12D chess I guess. Still sucks losing Sheldon. Dude balled out last year. Really solidified the line after all the injuries (Naz's in and out, Bennetts lingering issues, Reeds.. whatever, Cliffs neck). Getting Suh needs to be a priority. Defense is gonna take even more of a major step back if not.
  23. Seahawks sign WR Jaron Brown

    Pre-Seaon will be exciting to watch Moore, Darboh, Johnson, Brown battle it out for Richardsons spot.
  24. SEA signs WR Jaron Brown

    Probably banking on one of Darboh, Marcus Johnson, Jaron Brown, or David Moore stepping up and replacing P-Rich's productivity. I ain't buying yet but eh.
  25. Vikings Officially Sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    That contract really screwed over Seattle. Trade a third for him, SHOULD be getting a 3rd back in compensation, BUT NO, he had to take a smaller deal. Sucks yo. Not only is there a sting from losing him, but also getting a downgraded comp pick on top of it. Lame.