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  1. With the 208th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Buddy Johnson, LB Texas A&M
  2. Also, would really help if people posted their damn draft number when making a pick.
  3. I think my timeslot is about to start. Dolphins @mountainpd better make their pick soon, cuz Im not waiting.
  4. With the 198th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Jonathan Marshall, DL Arkansas
  5. Teams looking to dump 6th & 7th round picks, call this garbage man right here. Offering "2022 5th & 6th" round picks to free yourself of the burden having to wait 3 days to then start digging through draft boards to find the 215th ranked name you have never heard of in your life.
  6. Thats cool and all, but its day 3. Traits, athletic profile, that's what you draft on. Its pick 160, not pick 60. Rochell is one of the last CB prospects that fit Seattle's profile on the boundary.
  7. Payback for Kendrick Green & Brady Christ I guess
  8. Robert Rochell CB 32 3/8 Arms 4.41 40 4.08 Short Shuttle, 6.84 3 Cone 43 Inch Vertical 9.65 RAS RASRAS Information (relativeathleticscores.com) Day 2 prospect at 160.
  9. With the 160th pick in the NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Robert Rochell, CB Central Arkansas.
  10. Sitting here, two picks away, my guy still on the board.
  11. Me waiting at 160 to pick for the first time since 56.
  12. Jacob Harris is this drafts first DEEP CUT RASRAS Information (relativeathleticscores.com) He could have this kind of jump IRL.
  13. RASRAS Information (relativeathleticscores.com)
  14. IRL Dolphins GM does all the hard work collecting crap ton of early draft capital mountainpd
  15. With the Gabe Jackson trade + extension, I highly doubt Seattle of IOL that high. Unless they plan on shifting Damien Lewis to Center full time. With all the top Centers off the board, Seattle probably goes BPA or WR. EDGE is another tricky position for Seattle to take. Dunalp-Mayowa-Alton Robinson-Darrell Taylor are all set to fill out snaps on the edge. Not much potential for snaps UNLESS DT knee truly is done-so. Good spot of a WR/IDL/LB/CB to help fill out depth and special teams. Pretty sure Seattle has their original 7th (Perry Nickerson didnt make the team), but doesnt have t
  16. With how he tested, wont last past the 4th IRL. I think alot of teams might see him as a C which bumps his value. Dude is explosive and loves to finish. Teams covet that.
  17. 130 aint my pick anymore. Chargers are now OTC
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