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  1. Opps. Yep. Guess I felt like finding something to blame on the 9ers.
  2. 1. Malik McDowell DL : Broke His Brain before the season 2. Evan Pocic OL: Been floating around the line, got some playing time two weeks ago after a Britt injury, and started this week at the revolving door Right guard spot. Looking up? IDK. 3. Shaq Griffin DB : Has been the starter from day one. Has held his own, and played really well. Has gotten beat alot, but thats because this year has been a baptism by fire with QBs rarely throwing it to Sherms side (aside from the Texans game) and locking in on the left side. Looks to be the guy to lock down that CB2 spot. Could be a Maxwell
  3. Wonder if this means Odhi will slide back down over to guard and whether DB will sign a longterm contract? Seattle doesn't like spending $$$$ on the OL, and already have a bit invested in Britt. Would be lame to surrender a 2nd round pick on a 9 game rental.
  4. Post game hot takes... P-Rich gonna get paid this off-season (barring an injury) Rees, and Ifedi are final somewhat competent in pass blocking. Yeah Russell was pressured, but that was mostly because he held onto the ball alot. There weren't many (if any) free rushers. Good to decent pockets for Russel throughout the game. Now that run game on the other hand..... yuck. Ifedi gonna be Breno 2.0 though with all those penalties. Defense was ... blah. But to be honest, Watson and those WR were playing at ridiculous level. Cant do much when a skill group is playing at the level. It d
  5. I think the Rams are a slightly better team right now. Seattle has to fix that running game. If they can somehow improve the consistency of their run game, that would the slight edge to swing the advantage back.
  6. Recently, Aaron Curry. Going back Lamar King. Rick Mirer was a wee bit before my time. Honorable mentions, Chris McIntosh (Injuries) Marcus Tubbs (Injuries....) Lawrence Jackson (sorta, 28th pick on JAG isnt too terrible) Jeremy Stevens (although factored in alot during the 2005 Super Bowl Run) Josh Wilson, Kelly Jennings (Meh mostly, JAGs at best) John Moffit (3rd round though...) Christine Michael (BUT DAT SPARQ!) To be honest Seattle hasnt had many busts or duds in the millennium. Alot... I mean ALOT of mediocrity and JAGs though.
  7. Dont be revisionist. AC got plenty of chances to shine last year and this year, and proved to be the worst performing back of the bunch. In hindsight, yeah should have kept him over Lacy, but oh well. And to be honest, AC would not have any more success than Carson or Rawls with this run blocking.
  8. okay... that is all I can sum up about this.
  9. Frustrating game to watch for alot of reasons. Some much flukey non-sense making the game closer than it had any business being. Defense flashed some of that vintage domination. I understand the Giants are missing alot of OL and Skill talent but they came out and did what they needed to do. Good to see McDoug in and making plays. Defensive line played very well considering they are down Avril and MB wasnt on the field that consistently. I know Rawls had the drop and fumble, but he obviously a better fit than Lacy. Plus that fumbled should have never happened. Rawls and his h
  10. Well, either Frank Clark needs to ascend into greatness or Seattle will be relying heavily on Marcus Smith. Yeah... THAT Marcus Smith.
  11. Last year in South Korea I had Top-Floor (38 ish) Loft overlooking the city I lived in (facing the mountains). Granted it was old and crappy, but the view + Two-story ceilings more than made up for it. Would absolutely love having something similar in a US city if I ever had a spare million to drop.
  12. Blue Hawaii - Tenderness is so W A V Y, love it.
  13. Non Primetime, East Coast trips are always a toss up, regardless of who Seattle plays. Seattle SHOULD win, but if they lose, it wouldn't be that surprising.
  14. Shouldnt be a huge shocker that UW's Sun Devil nightmare continues, now 1-11 against since 2001.
  15. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Coug'd it
  16. Isnt it fitting that both Clemson and WAZZU lost? Clemson resurrecting Clemsoning, and WAZZU doing what they always have done since the dawn of time, Coug'd it.
  17. Pod Save America - Love It or Leave It - Pod Save the World, killin' it lately. the Live shows have been fantastic. More Perfect final came back from hiatus and is great. HDTGM : The Last Dragon with Hannibal Burress was a fantastic episode.
  18. The Oline will still somehow give up at least 2 sacks and 12 pressures.
  19. No doubt. Rams have the talent on both sides of the ball to do so. Gonna come down to Goff and his growth though. I understand Seattle has a habit of making QBs look worse than they are, but Goff had spotty accuracy and seemed hesitant throughout the game, even as the Rams oline did a really good job keeping him clean. He made some phenomenal throws, but he made significantly more poor throws that stalled a lot of drives. I think that is why the gameplan focused mostly on putting Austin in motion, and working opening underneath stuff (Though that is the best way to beat the Hawks defense). The
  20. If CJ wasnt made out of tissue paper glass, id imagine he would be the feature back right now.
  21. BTW, I still believe Rawls is the best RB on the team. I really dont understand why Lacy got the bulk of the carries until the last drive. Carson had success on half a cut and go. Lacy seems to think is 2K8 and spams the Circle/L1 button. He has too much twinkle in the toes to be consistently successful behind this line. Rawls has the skill set to get yards behind this line. I wonder if they are slowly easing TR back in, save him for the second half? Or am I the fool for believing in Rawls still?
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