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  1. TRADE Seattle 130 for LAC 160 + 199 + 241 @carrolljcmc
  2. Ill be around here, so Im going to wait a few minutes to pick, in case anyone wants to move up. I only got one last pick after this, so I need to do my due diligence and try to squeeze a some more capital out of this last pick.
  3. Start stripping those late round picks from absent GMs and start redistributing them to GMs active in here. Starting, of course, with ME.
  4. Every time. Dudes here act like their day three picks are their most sacred first born children. Then the second these picks come of age, dudes can’t even be bothered to post.
  5. Any team looking to trade up, pick 130 available.
  6. To surprise of nobody, Seattle pick at 130 is available. Really need to add some picks in the 5th and 6th. So if you got some excess picks and want to move up to grab a dude, give me a ring.
  7. Checking in the see how close to 4.129 The 89th pick.....
  8. FFMD dudes trying to gain draft capital "Your 3rd for a busted ACL, a moldy sandwich and a 2023 6th round pick."
  9. Seattle basically took Dunlaps 14 million cap hit and spread it over 3 years (only two controlled). Damn good deal, that paid off mightily.
  10. Yeah DK, Lockett, & Dyami was too good to pass up. I think Russ would be very happy with that set up for the next 4 years.
  11. Well now we dont pick until 4.133 Thanks, Schneider.
  12. With the 56 Pick in the NFL draft the Seattle Seahawks select... Dyami Brown, WR North Carolina @sparky151 your OTC
  13. Why not avoid getting sniped, and pick now?
  14. Currently double checking if a previous offer is still on the table. But still interested in talking other others. I have a player or two in mind, so if everything falls apart, Ill pick.
  15. Hey I blame you all for not wanting to wheel and deal.
  16. I’m OTC, and will be around, but I’m going to milk this timeslot as much as I can. Again, really wanting to trade down here. Willing to take a bit of a hit to value to add an extra pick or two. you got a early to mid 3rd and want to make it a 2nd hit me up.
  17. Still taking offers for 56. Looking to add a few extra picks, not really interested in players. Willing to eat a little value to make a deal.
  18. #56 is coming up. I am currently trying to move back to gain extra picks. Let me know some positions/ players you would be interested in taking at 56 in case there is no trade down.
  19. Seahawks pick 56 on the block. Looking to trade down to acquire more picks. Alot people will be disinterested by the 180s, so use those superfluous picks to move up and get somebody you actually watched this year. DONT WAIT FOR THAT OT or WR, come get in now! Seattle fans this year in the draft:
  20. It goes without saying that Seattle pick #56 is up for grabs. Please help the Seattle War Room actually have a chance to participate in this lovely little mock.
  21. Seattle stills gets DK at chump change 2022. With an extension, 2023 would be the first bump up in $ for DK. In 2024 both DK's and Tyler's extensions will align with big cap hits. But Tyler's extension enters the final year in 2025, so presumably Seattle would have an out there or around. BUT Russ is not currently under contract for 2024.... so hmmm.
  22. Florida WR Trevon Grimes ran a 4.3 today at his pro day. IDK why, but this guy screams Seattle in day 3.
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