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  1. Deserved. Hopefully this chews away some of his 2021 cap hit to free up space to make a move or two. Dunbar + KJ and a vet WR would really shore up this teams depth going into the draft.
  2. Probably cut's Tylers 15 million 2021 cap quite a bit, freeing up more money for another move or two. Id imagine the bulk of the 37 guaranteed is in 22 and 23, leaving 2024 the out.
  3. Makes sense, Gabe came in with zero guaranteed money, and a 9.6 2021 cap hit. I bet that extension slashes that cap hit quite a bit.
  4. Wonder if the Dolphins take use a second rounder on a new back for Caleb.
  5. Seahawks bringing back Al Woods. Good vet hedge for Mone & Lattimore.
  6. Sherm, obviously. Or someone like St Juste, Gowen or Adebo early in day 3.
  7. This off-season really freaked Seattle fans out, but honestly for all the doom and gloom, it turned out as : Jarran Reed => Kerry Hyder Shaq Griffin => Akhello Withersoon Mike Iuapati => Gabe Jackson David Moore => Gerald Everett Everyone else back. (except KJ who is still unsigned). And at most this offseason cost a 5th round pick, and like a few million in dead cap in 2022.
  8. Yeah not ideal. Reed's level of play really jumped once Dunlap got in. Sounds like cap space had to be made, and for some reason the team refuses to extend guys like Lockett and Brown, or do anything with Russ's contract. Alot of this becomes bearable if Seattle ends up signing Dunlap or even someone like Geno Atkins. Might see Hyder/Collier/Green in Reed's spot alot more as well. In late 2019, Quenton Jefferson was playing there ALOT. All three guys have a similar skill set.
  9. Brockers got a 2023 7th rounder. Highly doubt Seattle would get something much better. Probably jsut end up getting outright cut. Team is high on 3rd year player Bryan Mone and 2nd Year player Cedric Lattimore. Id imagine Mone (barring FA) is the week 1 starter there. Probably see alot more snaps from Hyder, Green and Collier at the 3T on passing downs. Could also use the 8.5 million in savings to bring in a vet as well.
  10. What is the structure of the contract of new Seahawks TE Gerald Everett - Field Gulls Gerald numbers official. 2021: 4 million against Cap 2022:(Auto voided) 2 Million Dead Cap
  11. Cedric O back as well. Seattle really hedging depth before the draft. Decent idea considering their lack of capital. IDK, hopefully they can turn 56 into two or three shoots in the top 100. But maybe they just stand pat. IDK
  12. Seahawks bringing back Jordan Simmons. Was kind of a disappointment last year as he was basically a worse Iupati. Just hasn't found his footing since flashing in 2018.
  13. Curtis Crabtree on Twitter: "Deal with Hyder is 2 years/$6.5 million with a $10 million base salary that voids in year three, per PFT report. Really good deal for the Seahawks it would seem." / Twitter So really a 2 year 6.5 million deal before anyone says "Who? Why so much?"
  14. 8.5 Sacks/ 10 TKFL/ 18 QB hits last year as a 5T-UT hybrid. Definitely inside track to start unless there is a huge improvements from Collier and Green. Solid signing here. Insurance for Taylor and his knee.
  15. Hmm not sure. Just based this off the Brady Henderson tweet. If thats true, even better!
  16. 2 million cap hit for Pocic in 2021 is pretty solid. Could obviously still draft an IOL to compete/ develop for 2022.
  17. Forgot about 2018. Foles is a playoff king. I didnt say im good, that its "ok I guess". Ringing endorsement. Anyway, highlight with passive aggressiveness this post at your leisure.
  18. Hadn't thought about Wagner. Id be open to it since this isnt IRL. I also put Jarran Reed on the block. I truly believe Bryan Mone could play next to Ponna and we wouldnt see a huge drop in play on early downs. Green, Collier and Lattimore can fill in the gaps on passing downs inside.
  19. Anyway, the main reason I would still decline this package is simple. You need a QB to win. You trade Russ you have no QB. The Bears 2021 1RP & 2022 1RP do not get in a position to draft a QB All the FA and available QBs are significant downgrades (The Trubisky. Darnold, poo-poo platter etc) Burning the capital you gain by trading Russ to turn around and burn it moving up or trading for a QB just seems arse backwards. Seattle is in year 4 of their 2018 soft reset. Seattle has gone 10-6, 11-5, 12-4 in the three season post reset. I honestly believe the
  20. The main thing I take away from these numbers is that unless your QB is TFB or Mahomes, its really hard to win playoff games. Foles has the 4th most playoff wins, he got all 4 in one run. Also, I have no clue how/why you organized the 6 QBs with 3 playoff wins. Looks like you were intentionally trying to place Russ at the bottom to better serve your narrative. Obviously no Seattle fan is content with the success or lack there of the franchise. This year was especially awful and infuriating. But looking at this by trimming the fat, it really tells me Russ has had the same amount of s
  21. I think the main strategy here should be to go for quantity in the draft, focusing on rotational, and depth pieces. Would be nice to get back up to 6 draft picks. The roster is pretty set, and IRL Seattle probably adds a few more FA's (which would get added automatically I think) and I dont think trading starters for Day 2-3 picks is a good idea, as it would just make thin units worse. Would prefer to move draft value to accumulate more picks. But let know what you guys think.
  22. FFMD is back for 2021 with a shortened version with no free agency. This mock draft is forum wide so should get plenty of involvement and can still make trades and complete full draft. Hoping to get more input here to help push decision and overall direction in the right direction.
  23. THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS QB Russell Wilson Danny Eting RB Chris Carson Rashaad Penny Dejay Dallas Alex Collins Travis Homer FB Nick Bellore WR1 DK Metcalf Penny Hart Cody Thompson WR2 Tyler Lockett Freddie Swain Darvin Kidsy John Ursua
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