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  1. Also should be noted that Pocic might benefit from the scheme change under Waldren, IF Seattle does change its philosophy upfront.
  2. Pretty solid hedge in case Seattle doesnt find a center they like in the draft. Pocic was pretty solid in the early part of the year. His dip in play coincided with his injury and missed time. Getting wrecked in the LAR, NYG, WASH, San Fran games in the last 6 games really skewed the way people see this offensive line and its players overall. Even if Pocic ends up starting, have Gabe to his left, and Lewis with a full offseason + Training camp to his right, should see an uptick in play.
  3. Even if Jackson is declining, still a big upgrade on Iupati-Simmons. His contract is really flexible too. Not sure if Seattle will restructure him, probably see that 0 dead money hit in 2022 as a boon.
  4. People seem to really like this signing / contract which means of course Gerald will get hurt in training camp, start the season on the PUP, while Pete spends the next 14 weeks parroting "Gerald is really close to being back and getting at it".
  5. They seem to be trying to have a pristinely clean book in 2022 and 2023. Not sure why.
  6. Basically, 3 years 10 million per. Really good deal imo. Dont really understand why Seattle didnt match that contract. Sounds like they lowballed him alot. Silly.
  7. Schitts Creek The Good Place Kim's Convenience The Marvelous Mrs Masiel
  8. Kinda random, but I had a dream last night where Seattle drafted Ifeatu Melifonwu in the 2nd round.
  9. Today is the day I changed my tune. Russ could get traded this year.
  10. Seattle and Houston should swap Russ and Deshawn, then swap them back. Everyone is right, and everyone wins.
  11. Rams and 49ers with 4 combined 3rd round comps
  12. The Rams are able to squeeze some much value out of the comp pick system. It's super annoying.
  13. 2018 QB extension negotiations
  14. Josh Allen in reality "The Brinks Truck just got bigger"
  15. Josh Allen looking at that guaranteed and bonus
  16. Russell Wilson and Bradley McDougald for Jamal Adams, Quinnen Williams and Zack Wilson/Justin Fields. Hmmmm... might take a little bit more imo.
  17. Im sure Dunlap believes he could get more guaranteed 2021-2022 money on the free market. Honestly, he probably will. Seattle isnt in a position to pay 14m in 2021, so this is how it plays out. The pick was only a 7th rounder anyway. More than worth it for what he brought to the team in 2020.
  18. Why would he? Its his last contract, why wouldnt he prefer to go out and see what kind of money is there on the free market? Im sure he has a Seattle resign in the back pocket if the market isnt there. Win Win for Dunlap.
  19. Huge catalyst for Seattle's 2nd half turn around. Seattle lead the league in sacks in the 2nd half of the season (I think). Ended up finishing 6th overall after their catastrophic, record breakingly awful defense over the first 8 games.
  20. Yeah 14million with NO DEAD money is too good of an opportunity to lose. REALLY hope Seattle can sign him back but honestly... not at all expecting it.
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