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  1. Huge catalyst for Seattle's 2nd half turn around. Seattle lead the league in sacks in the 2nd half of the season (I think). Ended up finishing 6th overall after their catastrophic, record breakingly awful defense over the first 8 games.
  2. Yeah 14million with NO DEAD money is too good of an opportunity to lose. REALLY hope Seattle can sign him back but honestly... not at all expecting it.
  3. Dont remember, but probably a garbo source.
  4. I hate the placement of the edit button
  5. I am in NO WAY stating its remotely possible for them to do it again. But trade Russ, you are doing it again. PCJS have the contracts that would allow for the timing for another rebuild. More than likely, Russ, John and Carroll are attached to the hip until 2025.
  6. Carroll is inked until 2025, Schneider is inked through the 2027 Draft. I do think Seattle's FO is set up for one more reset - rebuild... starting in 2022. Seattle made the Super Bowl in 2014, four years after hitting the mega reset button in 2010 (broke the record for transaction in a season). Its one of the reason I do think Seattle COULD trade Russ... next year. Russ also has some escalators and bonuses coming due starting in 2023 which they might want to get out of. Honestly, what Seattle does with Brown, Lockett, Dunlap, Reed, Adams, Diggs and Wagner's (all in the last year of t
  7. Yeah that's a big hurdle. Not having control of your 1stRP while considering blowing things inst very sound. This draft being a complete crapshoot (No combine, Limited 2020 Tape, Limited prospect interaction) impacts the decision as well. Seattle's draft capital along with Russ's Dead Money and the way Seattle's team is constructed (Brown, Lockett, Dunlap, Reed, Diggs, Adams, Shell all in the last year of their contract / Wagners 2021 Dead money) makes moving Russ REALLY REALLY unlikely. Now, 2022.... things get interesting. Plus this was a 12-4 team, that got an unlucky draw of ha
  8. Yeah, either she misspoke, misrepresented or was misinterpreted. Regardless ; Seattle shopping Russ is wrong.
  9. Uh, if the rumors of him banging Russ's exwife are to be believed.
  10. Eh, tbh, that comment was murky at best and Much Ado About Nothing. None of those teams have a realistic package that Seattle would be interested in. Even if the package included someone like Khalil Mack, Ramczyk or Lattimore, that means nuking the 2021 roster based on outgoing deadcap and incoming cap hits without control of your 2022 1RDP. Seattle is built to make one big push in 2021, Russ isnt the type to hold out. So its in everyone best interest to improve the team in 2021 and run it back.
  11. This season? Little to no chance. Russ's outgoing deadmoney and cap hit would effectively implode Seattle's 2021 roster. It would force Seattle to jettison D Brown, Dunlap, Reed, Lockett etc. The teams most likely to trade for Russ all have picks outside the top 10, so Seattle wouldnt have a crack at a top QB in 2021. And it makes zero sense to blow the team up when your 2022 1RP is controlled by the Jets. Even if you get a 2022 1RP in return, it will more than likely be in the mid to late 20s. Overall, doesn't make financial sense, doesn't make roster sense either. The media saw a drop
  12. Eh, most of South Parks early humor was based on making fun of people taking serious issues "super cereal guys". This coming from someone who loved South Park as a young'n. But looking back South Park is essentially Im14AndThisIsDeep the animated series.
  13. Matt and Trey Parker are essentially Aaron Sorkin for Potheads too cowardly to be passionate about something. Stan's episode ending monologues would make West Wing characters cringe.
  14. South Park spawned an entire generation of E N L I G H T E N D C E N T R I S T S more interested in being smug than taking an actual stance on an issue. Jeopardy is THE choice.
  15. If you liked GoT seasons 5 through 7 , you deserved season 8. Haven't even watched IASIP, but ill vote for it cuz the memes.
  16. Biggest question of the offseason. Brown-Lewis-Shell and two TE Parkinson and Dissly is a decent start. Penny (if 100%) could be really good if Seattle incorporates the Rams stretch-zone stuff. Big holes at LG and C though. RB situation is very much in flux. Adding Everette or Jonnu Smith would be huge.
  17. Looking into the issues last year, alot of it did fall on Russ's shoulders. Scotty wasn't that incompetent. There where plenty of play designs to exploit the 2 deep, zones teams were running against Seattle. Russ just wasnt very interested in throwing to the flats or throwing timing routes in the middle of field.
  18. Seattle went 6-2 playing #LETRUSSCOOK ball Seattle went 6-2 playing #PETEBALL IDK, maybe they should work on finding a happy medium?
  19. Trades to these teams make zero sense from Seattle perspective. None of them have a premium 2021 draft pick, definitely not in a position to add a QB. With no Russ, Seattle's 2022 draft pick is probably top 10, but goes to the Jets. Seattle would presumably get the other teams 2022 pick, but that pick would absolutely be in the mid to late 20s. Seattle wouldnt get a crack at a elite QB prospect until 2023. NO TANKS.
  20. Yeah, Jared turning down that extension (which if he hits his ceiling is absolutely the right call) does not bode well for him staying in Seattle longterm.
  21. Gonna go another mock. Think Seattle should focus on collecting 4th-6th round picks to help fill out depth. Even if Seattle doesnt bring back some of their key FA (Griffin, Wright, Carson) I still dont believe there are that many major holes on the team. In fact, Seattle might be more inclined to address need through cut FA vets than through this years draft. Meaning, Seattle will have more flexibility with adding rotational players, and lottery tickets. Using PFN Mock Draft Sim for this one; TLDR 3.71 Walker Little OT Stanford 3.95 Joe Tryon EDGE Washington 4.114 Ben
  22. Why are people calling Elijah Moore "underrated" or under the radar. Dude has been pegged as a top 60 pick since January.
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