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  1. Gonna go another mock. Think Seattle should focus on collecting 4th-6th round picks to help fill out depth. Even if Seattle doesnt bring back some of their key FA (Griffin, Wright, Carson) I still dont believe there are that many major holes on the team. In fact, Seattle might be more inclined to address need through cut FA vets than through this years draft. Meaning, Seattle will have more flexibility with adding rotational players, and lottery tickets. Using PFN Mock Draft Sim for this one; TLDR 3.71 Walker Little OT Stanford 3.95 Joe Tryon EDGE Washington 4.114 Ben
  2. Why are people calling Elijah Moore "underrated" or under the radar. Dude has been pegged as a top 60 pick since January.
  3. What a joke The NFL ; We want 3.5 Billion for one game a week Also the NFL ; The Salary cap is going to be 185 instead of 195 because we dont have enough money.
  4. Solid Mock for Seattle. TRADE Seattle Seahawks trade #56 to the Atlanta Falcons for # 68 and # 149. [Yes] 68. Seattle Seahawks (from Atlanta Falcons) - Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson Am a fan. Would obviously be a LG in Seattle for at LEAST 2021. Seems to have alot of characteristics Seattle likes there. 129. Seattle Seahawks - Isreal Mukuamu, CB, South Carolina Fits the profile of what Seattle likes from CB's. Not sure if he has the technique Pete likes. I think Seattle might have a guy like St Juste higher. He would be a fantastic pick here.
  5. The NFL absolutely, positively believes in player safet..... ahahahaahahahaah
  6. I will not take this Jeopardy slander. Its a borderline perfect game show, that hasn't had to change its format since the the mid 1980s. After 36 plus years of excellent TV, the show has no signs of slowing down even with Alex's untimely passing. Its a show that encourages becoming a more knowledgeable and well rounded individual. It deserves praise.
  7. And Mather is gone; Seattle Mariners president/CEO Kevin Mather resigns after comments (espn.com)
  8. Its a vote for Alex Trebec or Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase. Choice should be simple IMO.
  9. When healthy, Mike was a pretty reliable player the last two years. Probably was... well WHEN healthy. Even games where he was good to go, he didnt get 100% of snaps. Seattle routinely subbed in other guards for stretches of game.
  10. Imagine, you are a new President of a baseball team. And you decide to put your three best "face of the franchise' players (Kelenic, Julio and Gilbert) on blast to get gut chuckles from rich boat boomers.
  11. Rumor mill sounds like Seattle could resign Dorsett and Dunbar. Considering the FA market, would make sense for both side. Both guys missed, essentially the entire season, so 1 year prove it deals in a familiar, established environment would make a lot of sense.
  12. Jeopardy coming for that Legend Killer title
  13. lol, guess the MiLB just needs to add Bismark-Cheyanne- Billings-Rapid City-Fort Collins-Casper affiliates.
  14. Really like this for Indy; 1. Wentz flops or gets hurt - Cut him or IR him and all it did was cost you a 3RP in a garbo draft and a 2022 2nd round pick. Contract become cuttable in 2022 so easy to cut your losses. 2. Wentz is decent or good - You get a QB on an so-so deal and all it cost you was a 3RP in a garbo draft and late 1st. Even if you get 2019 Wentz.
  15. I know the NFL prefers have a single market split between two conferences, but on paper, swapping Arizona and the LA Chargers looks good. NFC West gets all Pacific Coast Teams (Seattle, San Fran, LA 1 , LA 2) together while Arizona fits with Las Vegas and Denver better regionally. Rams moving to LA really ruined everything, The West Conferences could have been perfect had they stayed in STL. NFC W Seattle San Fran LAC Las Vegas AFC W Denver Arizona St Louis Kansas City
  16. Well considering NFL owners run their org's like little fiefdoms, make's sense the line of succession is basically primogeniture.
  17. Yeah but Seattle didnt draft Reed or Diggs. They have had success with smaller DB's as of late. Jeremy Lane back in 2012, Justin Coleman, and now Ugo Amadi. They just usually bring them in via a trade or waviers. The thing is Seattle just doesnt draft CB's very often. Here are all the CB's drafted by Seattle since 2010. (Ugo was a safety). 2018 5.146 Tre Flowers (33.8) [Listed as Safety, drafted as a CB] 2017 3.90 Shaq Griffin (32.88) 2015 5.170 Tye Smith (32) 2012 6.172 Jeremy Lane (31) 2011 5.154 Richard Sherman (32) 2011 6.173 Byron Maxwell (33.5) 201
  18. Seahawks => Bryce Thompson CB Tennesee. Gonna need to see them arms. 31 7/8 and under 32 and above
  19. huh... KJ Wright, Bruce Irvin, Cody Barton, account for like 15.5 million. KJ and Irvin are both off the books anyway. I mean even if you cheeky count Adams and Brooks as "off ball LB" you'd still only be at 21 million and change.
  20. Russ getting traded isn't unfeasible. Just think if its going to happen it will happen in 2022 or 2023 (my bet). Pete Carroll signed an extension through 2025 ; Russ would be 37 for that season. They might be married to each other. That being said, Russ's 37M hit in 2022 and 39M hit in 2023 is .... steep. Most likely, Seattle extends / restructures his contract into 2025 to get those cap hits down. Would be in the best interest of everyone. Now, if the wheels fall off next year and Seattle ends up 5-11 or something, I think things change. With no 1RP in 2022, Seattle could see it as
  21. I think Seattle's goal in this draft is to find cheap contributors. Right now they only have 4 picks, ideally they should shot for 6-8. Teams might be willing to dump later picks to move up to take a crack at more preem prospects in a limited draft pool. Seattle doesnt need day 1 starters, and therefore, could take on picks to help fill out the roster and depth charts. Possibly take guys with the mindset of them competing for spots in 2022. 2.56 TRADE + 4.168 => Tampa Bay for 2.64 + 3.95 2.64 TRADE => Cincinnati for 3.69 + 5.150 + 7.233 3.69 RB Javonte Williams, North Caro
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