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  1. Week 1 - Rams @ Raiders - MNF

    I’d wish we’d run the damn ball inside the red zone
  2. Rams pre-season thread

    Mannion has to go!
  3. Draft Discussion Thread

    No idea who this guy is
  4. Draft Discussion Thread

    Damn bengals!
  5. Draft Discussion Thread

    I’d love Hubbard
  6. Draft Discussion Thread

    I think he makes it to the 3rd
  7. Draft Discussion Thread

    If Settle is there in the 3rd you think we pull the trigger?
  8. Brandin Cooks traded to Rams

    Don’t like this move at all. I think we gave up too much for Cooks.
  9. Rams 2018 offseason

    Dear 7 lb 4 oz baby Jesus, please let this happen 🙏🏼
  10. *NEW/UPDATED - RamPackFan 03/15/2018 (w trades)

    I honestly don’t think we make NT a huge priority. I think they get a guy late in the draft that can get the job done. That position isn’t needed on most downs anyways. I believe we were in nickel over 60% of the time
  11. *NEW/UPDATED - RamPackFan 03/15/2018 (w trades)

    Hell yea I would! The only reason why his numbers were down this year were because of injury. He probably goes before 23 TBH. Especially with hardly any FA available that can rush the passer.
  12. Rams 2018 offseason

    Holy crap did you guys see the $ Tru got? 5 years 72.5 mil at 34 guaranteed. I read somewhere that the first year had something like a 26 million cap hit. He will be getting almost 60 million in 3 years counting the 2 years we tagged him.
  13. Jets sign CB Trumaine Johnson

    Rams fan here and congrats! Tru is a darn good player you guys will enjoy watching him. Tackles well and always covered the #1 WR even at times when we had both him jackrabbit
  14. Rams 2018 offseason

    Jordy Nelson just got released any chance we make a play at him. He’s towards the end of his career I’m sure he’d want to play for a winner
  15. Rams 2018 offseason

    That’s 1 threat out of the way now