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  1. Wow what a game! Glad we got that W with Gurley not having a good game. Sad his TD streak is over but I’d rather get the win
  2. General Season Talk

    We should be all over this! Cut one of the interior DL
  3. Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ LA Rams

    I was there too and it seemed 50/50 in terms of fans. I hated the packers getting the crown going after kickoffs when they would run to the corner
  4. Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ LA Rams

    You stay the whole game?
  5. Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ LA Rams

    Which one?
  6. Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ LA Rams

    This is my early birthday and Christmas gift to myself
  7. Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ LA Rams

    I’m coming from Texas lol and I’m going to game 4 tomorrow night and it wasn’t until after that I realized we played the packers this week at home. Thinking about just getting a cheap seat and catching my first home game in LA
  8. Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ LA Rams

    I’ll be at the game! Anyone else gonna be there?
  9. Week 7 - Rams at 49ers

    Anyonw going to the game next week? Going to be my first time catching a game in LA
  10. Week 7 - Rams at 49ers

    I hope Goodwin doesn’t destroy us. He has the speed to blow by anyone and both peters and hill have given up huge plays
  11. Sean McVay Scheme

    Making every play look the same when it’s not
  12. General Season Talk

    We better get flexed into a SNF game later on then.
  13. I thought he would have a bigger role in the red zone considering he’s taller than the other WR’s. But considering he’s our 4th WR I’m totally fine with that
  14. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks

    He plays as an inside backer. Struggles against the run but that’s a given considering he’s a safety playing linebacker. Usually pretty good in coverage.
  15. Thoughts on Goff?

    That’s freaking ridiculous!