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  1. Treylon Burks had a monster game. Glad he's finally getting decent QB play after last year.
  2. We play Texas A&M every year in Dallas and it was cool at first but I think both sides are beyond tired of it at this point and want it to go back to campus. We only get 2 SEC games in Fayetteville next year.
  3. There was but it was probably too late. If Foucha recovered it on his first attempt then they probably give Arkansas the ball. But those extra couple seconds cost him. There definitely needs to be a major overhaul with that rule. What constitutes an "immediate" recovery? It's way too arbitrary.
  4. Might be asking too much since we just got our first SEC win in forever but want to beat Chad Morris so bad lol
  5. Glad to see Treylon Burks finally get a TD. Hopefully more people will know his name by the end of the year. UGA fans couldn't believe we were comparing him to Pickens.
  6. Looking forward to it. If we can keep it within 21 I'll be satisfied lol.
  7. Saw where the Tuscaloosa mayor has closed all bars for 14 days. So I guess students will just have more house parties and catch it there instead lol. I really don't think having football or not makes a difference at this point, college kids are going to be dumb and catch this thing regardless it seems.
  8. We might as well take him too since we're taking every other Sooner lol
  9. Oklahoma WR/DB Jaquayln Crawford to Arkansas. Will play WR here but will have to sit out next season. Former 4*, lord knows we need all the speed we can get.
  10. KJ Jefferson is next up after Franks so if he gets passed up he may be first. I feel like Rogers is just a depth signing and to have a QB from Arkansas on the roster. So long-term I think Hornsby and Coley will battle it out, which makes sense since they are both QBs chosen by the current staff. Not sure we can keep Hornsby's speed off of the field. John Stephen Jones IMO will grad transfer to a smaller school in Texas eventually too. Pretty solid week for us getting Coley, 4* WR Rocket Sanders and 4* RB AJ Green. If he sticks with us then Green might battle for the starting spot pre
  11. I know he mostly worked out at DE during his pro day but not 100% sure - just can't imagine him being an NFL TE. Great athlete but drops every other pass. https://www.hotsr.com/news/2020/mar/12/harrell-shines-in-new-position-for-pro-/
  12. We're supposed to play @ Notre Dame in week 2 and I was thinking about going if it happens but if it's in December not sure I'd enjoy it as much lol
  13. Nah another Arkansas TE Chase Harrell was signed by the 49ers but I believe they plan on playing him at DE (which is good because he has hands of stone)
  14. No idea. I would rather just take one this class and take two in the next class instead of having to reach for someone we aren't in love with if it comes to that. Though with no one being able to visit we may have to take a lot of in-state kids we normally wouldn't since it's going to be harder to recruit out of state than it ever has been. Recruits are probably going to be more likely to stay close to home this cycle.
  15. Lucas Coley was probably going to commit to us, then pushed his commitment back after Clemson said they may offer soon. Unfortunate for us that Briles has seemingly struck out on Salter, Drones and now maybe Coley who were probably our top 3 targets all from Texas. We were looking good for each of them at one point. Going to have to start showing progress on the field before we can lure some of these guys in eventually though so I can understand it.
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