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  1. Packers Extend Lane Taylor

    Yessir. He was just a Packers type. I didn't think that King would have lasted as long as he did, based on how the media talked about him.
  2. Defense Discussion [2017]

    Are we all fans of Reggie Gilbert or am I alone on this one? If I had to rank potential OLBs to keep in GB: Nick Perry Clay Matthews Ahmad Brooks the potential of Vince Biegel Reggie Gilbert Kyler Fackrell Jayrone Elliott
  3. Build a team from your rivals

    QB: Matthew Stafford (DET) RB: Jordan Howard (CHI), Dalvin Cook (MIN) WR: Adam Thielen (MIN), Stefon Diggs (MIN) TE: Kyle Rudolph (MIN), Eric Ebron (DET) OT: Taylor Decker (DET), Charles Leno (CHI) OG: Kyle Long (CHI), Josh Sitton (CHI) OC: Cody Whitehair (CHI) --- EDGE: Everson Griffen (MIN), Danielle Hunter (MIN) DL: Linval Joseph (MIN), Akiem Hicks (CHI), Eddie Goldman (CHI) LB: Eric Kendricks (MIN), Jerrell Freeman (CHI), Anthony Barr (MIN) CB: Xavier Rhodes (MIN), Darius Slay (DET), Terence Newman (MIN) S: Harrison Smith (MIN), whoever MIN: 12 CHI: 8 DET: 4
  4. Who Wins the NFC East?

    Close games are a toss up. Last year, the Philadelphia Eagles should have been something like a 9.5-win team but went just 7-9 because of an unusual record of 1-6 in close games. A team with 7+ close games that only won one of them has only happened six times from 2006-2015. Those teams: 2006 Detroit Lions 3-13 to 7-9 (+4 wins) 2007 Miami Dolphins 1-15 to 11-5 (+10 wins) 2008 Green Bay Packers 6-10 to 11-5 (+5 wins) 2008 Kansas City Chiefs 2-14 to 4-12 (+2 wins) 2012 Carolina Panthers 7-9 to 12-4 (+5 wins) 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-14 to 6-10 (+4 wins) They're a virtual lock to have a better record this season, even if their talent is stagnant. On the other end, Dallas and New York were a combined 15-5 in close games last season. Every non-Colts team to finish more than two games over .500 in a season over the last decade immediately had a regression in record the next season. I don't think anyone ever considered the Giants a contender. Dallas is solid, but their schedule is from hell, they have a sophomore quarterback, a reshuffling offensive line, a suspended star running back and lost more snaps on the defensive side of the ball than any other team this free agency period. They have to walk a fine line to keep what they have going. If they slip, I'd bet on the Eagles to take the crown. EDIT: This is also coming from a non-Carson Wentz fan. Vegas set a season wins total of 8.5 wins on a public team that just finished with the best record in the NFC for a reason. Don't fall for that trap. The Eagles won six games by multiple scores last season. That's only behind the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC. That's as many as the Dallas Cowboys. The high-end for that team was always there. Barnett opposite of Graham, returning the best bookend duo in the league and getting baseline players at receiver and defensive back is going to be huge for this team's projection moving forward.
  5. #7 Most important Packer

    They got Biegel. He just got hurt off the bat. I'm not a doctor, but I was a big fan of him during the draft process.
  6. Packers vs. Eagles

    Minnesota was in the top quarter of the league in comp %, yards per comp, sack %, interception %, fumble % and average in yards per carry. I'm not quite sure which Vikings team y'all were seeing last year if y'all don't see a top five defense there
  7. Packers vs. Eagles

    I think Cooks is gonna get that job instantly, to be honest. Murray struggling is still better than whatever they had last year.
  8. Packers vs. Eagles

    Must be two Greenways. I don't think you understand this: When Minnesota was at it's peak last year, they were the 2nd-most dominant team in the NFC. What kept them down was injuries to position groups they were already weak in. They didn't need top end talent. They needed baseline talent. They got that this year. People overlooking the Vikings weekly is why they have some insane win rate in Vegas right now. The top end talent was already there for a team that could have made a deep playoff run.
  9. #7 Most important Packer

    How many of Perry's sacks do you think because of Matthews? Agree on Fackrell/Elliott. The depth at OLB could be what keeps GB out of the playoffs this year. I'm not sure people realize how often #3/#4 pass-rushers play everywhere in the league but New York.
  10. #7 Most important Packer

    With Green Bay's style of play on offense, I think I'm leaning Bryan Bulaga here. The only tackle pairing I think that comes close to Green Bay's is Philadelphia's right now. I think that's a big part of Aaron Rodgers' broken play success. Honestly, I'm pretty surprised that Clay Matthews is so high Y'all believe in him a lot more than I do at this point. My #2 would be Davante Adams. I don't want to see what this offense looks like with him out of the lineup.
  11. Hard for me to imagine that this team won't transition to Jamaal Williams sooner rather than later. All the word out of camp is that Ty Montgomery still struggled in pass protection. I didn't really see much of an improvement in the first preseason game. That's a big worry there. Green Bay's not spending all that money/assets on offensive tackles just to have Aaron Rodgers sacked because a former receiver isn't able to hang in pass protection.
  12. Packers vs. Eagles

    Talent=/=schedule Talent=/=record I don't think I would take the Giants, Philly, Arizona, Carolina or Tampa Bay ahead of the Vikings. Dallas and the Falcons have a really, really hard road ahead of them. As of right now, I think the Seahawks, Packers and Vikings have the best shots at the 1/2 seed in the NFC. Could be wrong. Hope I am. That's just how I see it today. Their D carried them to the second-most multi-score wins of any team in the NFC other than the Cowboys last year. They had as many multi-score wins as the high-powered Falcons offense...without an offense. That's impressive. I wouldn't sleep on a revamped offense at potentially RB, WR and OL. Sam Bradford's yard per attempt stats didn't really drop until they switched coordinators in Minnesota, either. He was playing to his career averages (insert joke here) under Norv. The Vikings didn't have to play Bradford in a dink/dunk offense. They chose to. I wonder if that opens up more with a running game (action) and an offensive line made up of players not on the verge of retirement.
  13. Defense Discussion [2017]

    There's a reason why Capers is the longest-tenured DC in the league. He does have an MO though. Splash plays, splash plays, splash plays. Bet yards/receptions, yards/carry is much different. I think it's cool that he's been around long enough that he's just decided to do experimental stuff like having different nickel ILBs (one being a base safety) and playing Lowry as a pressure nose consistently. Aye man, if nothing else, this team is going to be fast for their relative positions. I still think the biggest issue with how the team is structured is Clay's contract. EDIT: But at the same time, Green Bay could easily have like $40-50 million in cap space in March so who the hell knows.
  14. Packers vs. Eagles

    Top 10 is underselling it I think. Cornerback and SS are the only spots I'd say where the team isn't above average on the defensive side of the ball. DL is crazy deep, and that's what matters most. I think the O is going to be fine. Remmers might hurt them at RT in pass pro, but they're better across the board on the offensive line. They have two running backs better than what they had last year. WR/TE has some hope. Where are they significantly worse than the Kansas City Chiefs, who were one play from the AFC Championship Game last year? Offensive line, where they've improved a ton in terms of talent coming in?
  15. Packers vs. Eagles

    This is slander on my character and you will be hearing from my lawyers soon. Absolutely a Packers fan. I just like Minnesota's win total number this year.