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  1. Draft OL, S (preferably FS) BPAs at DE, WR, CB, 3T. Depth at LB, S, IOL, TE. Maybe a K late (with one of the 7th rounders we will acquire in trade backs :) Emphasis on clear BPA/Difference makers. Take advantage of positional depth/value with equally ranked players. With so many picks and the available roster sports, trading up for talent should be valued over additional picks with little chance of making 53 or PS.
  2. With the addition of Tomlinson, Minnesota's biggest needs are on the OL where they need two starters. So it is highly likely they will draft at least 1 potential starting OL and possibly 2.
  3. Or perhaps look at more of a OT like Darrisaw (assuming we want Slater).
  4. I have also seen a few hockey versions — Norskies (from Thief River Falls), Norse Stars.
  5. There is a saying about “marching to the beat of your own drum”. It is possible for two guys to march to the beat of a drum, but have two different beats.
  6. I understand it is a skill component and not exactly part of the original question (and perhaps why hockey wasn’t included). But topics often take some different tangents related to the original, and that was what I was responding to. In your first post, you brought up both accessibility and ability, which I think my post relates to more than rules and basic understanding. Others also brought up hockey, so I felt it was fair game in the conversation. In a basic comparison, I think it is accurate to say that footballl rules are more complex and there are more intricacies to unde
  7. “Unless you are referring to floor hockey, “A random group of guys” doesn’t just play pick up hockey Guys with hockey/skating backgrounds play pick up hockey. On a structural/organizational/strategic level, competitive football is the most complex. But, the addition of skating adds a level of complexity to hockey the other sports don’t have. And it is not something that can be overcome with any amount of athletic ability, coaching or strategy. The number one prerequisite for hockey is being able to “skate”, much like someone should need to be able to run in football, basketball,
  8. I guess you could take a random group of guys, put them on skates, and send them out on ice to play a game of hockey, but it would be a complete gong show. Give a random group of guys 1 year of coaching and I bet the football game would look better than the hockey game.
  9. Looking at the sports from an introductory level, it is a lot easier to get kids playing soccer, hockey, and baseball at an early age (preschool/kindergarten). Basketball is more difficult in getting kids at the game skill and concept level (dribbling/passing/ catching and double dribble/traveling/spacing/fouls). Anybody who has ever coached youth football knows how difficult and long it takes to get 11 nine year olds line up and ready to run an offense play somewhat correctly. And then we get to learn to not jump off side when the play is on “Hut 2” instead of “ Hut 1” LOL. As f
  10. Minnesota had undoubtedly one of the best drafts. The first 4 picks (Jefferson, Gladney Cleveland, and Danzler) are as good or better than any other team’s top 4. They followed that up with the 3 4th (Wonnum, Lynch, Dye) rounders who should all contribute this year as rotational players/special teamers. Then they added another 8 players in rounds 5-7 along with some quality UDFA, with avnumber of potential back-ups, special teamers, and strong practice squad players. The combination of the quality of picks in the first 3 rounds, the strength of the middle rounds, and the depth of the la
  11. Given the way the draft board fell, I think it would be hard to argue Minnesota could have gotten more value while hitting needs with the combination of our first 3 picks. I just don’t know what other 3 player combo would have been better.
  12. Oops. Would like to have Griffen back. Either way I like the two rookies enough that I would have 5 DEs. With no Griffen, I would keep Zettel as I just wouldn’t want both back-ups rookies.
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