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  1. Referees missed the calls twice that lead to reviews twice. And the replay booth gets both calls wrong. NFL needs to do a much better job with the validity of replay.
  2. Probably same as always… talk about how he thought the players or team was ready (but obviously weren’t)…guys need to step up…..guys need to do better……guys need to work on things….
  3. Does it matter who his WRs are in preseason if he is just going to check down to his RB 5 times and call it a night?
  4. Next the team needs to sign Blake Bortles (or another back up QB). Browning probably isn’t even worthy of a PS position and Mond is nowhere near ready.
  5. Passing offense under all 3 QBs has been poor so far.
  6. I wanted to get a better look at some of the younger weapons like Zylstra, ISM, Whop, and Jackson, but hard when the starting QB plays like Browning and the offensive game plan revolves around a rookie with 3 days of practice.
  7. So if Darrisaw is not ready to go week 1, who is the backup LT?
  8. Vikings Defense should move up noticeably. Significantly upgraded every level and added depth. DL: Out: Jaylen Holmes, Jaleel Johnson, Shemar Stephen, and Ifeadi Odenigbo In: Danielle Hunter, Micheal Pierce, Dalvin Tomlinson, and Sheldon Richardson. LB: Return Anthony Barr (missed 14 games) and Eric Kendricks (missed 6 games). DB: Lost Anthony Harris at S and Gladney (Suspension/Cut), but added Xavier Woods, Patrick Patterson, Bashaud Breeland, and Mac Alexander. With over 20 draft picks in the last two years the team has some young talent. A
  9. 5. Harrison Hand. Held up as well as could be expected as a 5th round rookie last year. Off to a great start so far in the offseason and looks like the team found a contributor. Should be a good #5 CB and push for some rotational reps.
  10. A potential situation is if he wants to go somewhere else and play LT to make LT money.
  11. Interesting that they didn't include the era when they had the white facemasks. I prefer the old school uniforms with just the white numbers as well as the deep purple color over some of the shades that are lighter and have a bluish tint. Not a fan of the black facemasks.
  12. They both played in the same era. Gretzky 79-99 Lemieux 84-97.
  13. Everyone in North American Hockey knows who is the greatest hockey player... Wayne Gretzky. Even his nickname says it "The Great One". There really is no debate in hockey circles. There isn't a Lebron, Kareem, or Kobe, to Michael or Montana, Manning, or Brees to Brady. You won't see the talking heads on Sports programing having the same debates on the who is the NHL Goat they way they do in the NBA or NFL. Gretzky holds something like 60 NHL records. Both his NHL individual stats (As Skippy X pointed out, Gretzky has more assists than Jagr has points) and accomplishments (MVPs, Scor
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