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  1. Cooper drops to many balls for that kind of money. I would be looking for a vet...possession type receiver.
  2. meh.... we would be lucky to get 7 games out of Olsen. Gimme Eric Ebron
  3. What Should We Do At RB?

    AP, Guice, Love. I was unaware there was any other debate?
  4. 2020 Draft thread

    Reports are that Tua will be fully recovered by the draft and be able to throw at Bamas pro day or individual work outs. I think more than one team will be willing to bet the farm on Tua. It will be an RG3 like deal. 3 1s and a 2. I love the idea of drafting Chase Young, but I’m not sure I could pass up that deal.
  5. Reuben Foster update

    My wife just tore her ACL and Meniscus...... we talked with her surgeon in depth about the repair because I was worried about nerve damage and foot drop. It turns out that the main nerve that controls your foot runs directly beside the LCL and makes the repair much more complicated. Tearing multiple ligaments also slows the healing process because you have multiple donor sights that need to recover. The fact that he is regaining feeling in his feet is a good sign because it’s showing nerve regeneration. Jaylen Smith had an absolutely devastating knee injury, and was able to return to a pro bowl level. Obviously, people recover from injury in different ways, but I am optimistic that Ruben can make a full recovery from his injury. I would not expect him to be ready for the start of the 2020 season, but I could see him coming off IR around week 8.
  6. Is Ryan Anderson the Most Improved Player?

    By far my favorite player on the team. Love his attitude and grit. Much like his time at Alabama, he will only get better.
  7. The loss of Harper was offset by Robles and Soto. The loss of Rendon will be much more impactful IMO. It will be hard to match his production and fielding. Donaldson would be a nice short term fix, but having to give him 4 years may be harmful in the long term. Just an opinion from an outsider.
  8. As long as Bruce Allen is the GM/team president......it really doesn’t matter who the coach is!
  9. Who do you want as HC

    I think they will stick with Callahan..... only because no one else will take the job
  10. Just wanted to pop in and say congratulations to the world champs!!! It was a win for the ages! Cheers!
  11. Reed Career in Jeopardy

    I hope he retires and lives a good healthy life. He is a warrior!! No one will ever question his toughness!
  12. Hard to run the ball on 1st and 20......🙄
  13. Things other than Redskins

    Kirk Cousins just pulled a Kirk Cousins in the red zone to lose the game against the Packers.