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  1. There is no place in our society for violence against women. I hope the alleged victims are safe, and Guice receives help for his alleged transgressions. Now all of that is out of the way, I don't think Guice was ever making this team. The Redskins drafted a running back and signed two in FA. They were obviously going in a different direction. I think his inability to stay healthy sealed his fate long ago..
  2. Washington has always overpaid free agents. No one wants to come to this train wreck unless the money is crazy. This year they were trying to give Amari Cooper insane money and he still said no!!!! Really none of this has anything to do with my original point....D Hall could have been a part of the best professional football team over the past decade. He regrets taking more money to be a part of a loser rather than being part of a dynasty. I just cant get butt hurt about someone stating the obvious!! I feel it in my own life.... I live in NC, and I could have jumped ship and become a Panthers fan 20 years ago. I feel like a hostage in a cell with no door.. I just cant make myself quit this team!!! When people clown me about it, I just hang my head in shame!! Its inexplicable!!!!!
  3. How do you over pay one of the top 5 players in the last decade? The slap in the face is the 20 years of dumpster fire!!! I cant get worked up about a man stating the obvious!!!!
  4. Well that's embarrassing...I guess I'm a little late to the party considering you guys have been talking about Red Wolves for a while!! I will make more of an effort to go back and read earlier posts before thinking I'm cool!!!!! apologies
  5. I'm really starting to like the Red Wolves. I got turned on to it by Smoot on JP Finley's YouTube show. It has a lot of possibilities with branding! It seems like Ron is pushing for a "military" theme (Warriors, Red Tails) which makes considering it is in DC. I would like something a little more original....just food for thought!!
  6. This is pretty obvious. The Patriots have been the face of football for over a decade. The Redskins have been an absolute embarrassment. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I'm sure half the league is upset they didn't sign with the Patriots!!!
  7. The name is going to change, and latest reports suggest no Native American imagery will not be used in the new branding. I'm curious who your new team will be? Are you going Ravens?
  8. I would really like a new Ryan Anderson sig if you have time to make it!!! you always do a great job, so I'm fine with what ever you come up with!
  9. The timing couldn't be better for a name change. All of the casual fans are long gone by now. The brand has never been in a lower place. Two decades of dumpster fire have left the brand and legacy in shambles. The fans that have stuck around the past 20 years are not going anywhere because of a name change. Snyder desperately needs to get a stadium in DC in order to try and grow the brand back to respectability, and it was never going to happen with the name Redskins. I'm not saying he will be able to get the stadium done, but he at least has a chance with a new name. I like Washington Warriors. He can keep all the logos and satisfy the cancel culture with the name change. Just my opinion!!!!
  10. I live in Appalachia about 45 mins from the Cherokee Reservation in WNC. I spent most of my younger years trout fishing on the res.... I went to school a lot of native kids. Obviously, I can’t speak for all native people. I have never.....ever met any native person that cared about the Washington Football Team name. As a matter of a fact, all the kids I went to school with were Redskins fans. To be fair some were a Panthers fans. I think this subject is more to do with outrage culture than offensive language. The term Redskin is not even used as a racial slur in common nomenclature. Take any three people on the planet....you choose the people. They are sitting in a restaurant having a cocktail and one of them says, ”Hey!!! Two Redskins just walked in.” None of them are going to turn around expecting to see Native Americans. You can change the name of the team..... After the past 30 years of dysfunction and losing, I am still a fan. I don’t think changing the name will change my fandom. This is just my opinion..... If any of you are offended by my comments, I apologize. HUG!!!
  11. He is a hybrid safety/linebacker. Michigan calls the position viper.
  12. Washington has a ton of cap space...I think they will be very active after the draft trying trade for a TE or pick one up off the waiver wire. At this point, there is no player left in the draft to compete with what we have....terrible draft for TEs.
  13. Not really an issue anymore because of the new CBA. Also, Trent loved the weed early in his career.
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