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  1. So there were definitely some hints towards Mephisto in that second episode. And it was Mephisto in the comics that erased the worlds memory when it became public knowledge that Peter was Spider-Man so the ending of far from home could be a hint towards him as well. If this is all gearing up towards introducing him I wonder if we'll be seeing ghost rider in the mcu.
  2. Yeah big difference between those two terms
  3. Muslim-American? That's not a real term is it? Muslim isn't a race....
  4. Lol, keep dreaming. Reports are Urban is practically obsessed with Lawrence and he's part of the reason he's taking the job.
  5. Just depends on how much you care about performance (mainly graphically) if you want 4k gaming you want the x... If you don't care about 4k go with the s.
  6. Tough choice but I had to give it to the boys
  7. The organized crime missions are actually pretty important (for gear not for story), get some of the best crafting specs from them.
  8. I got the email from turbotax as well, apparently a bunch of people's stimulus money was sent to the wrong accounts.
  9. The expected holiday surge, I expect we'll see the numbers back down a little bit over the next few weeks but it's not going to get anywhere near back down to summer levels until... Well summer more than likely.
  10. Man they are going quick with the stimulus payments this time, my sister in law already got hers.
  11. I really wish I could say I'm surprised...
  12. I wasn't being sarcastic, though I can see how it could be seen that way. I'm happy it's signed, I'm on unemployment until March.
  13. Yeah last I heard the expectation is there will be more
  14. And it's signed, enjoy your $600 checks everyone. Don't spend it all in one place
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