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  1. Sony doesn't have the money to buy EA. EA would cost even more then Activision Blizzard, so would Take Two Biggest Sony could afford is someone like Square Enix or Ubisoft.
  2. Just watching him with Peyton and Eli it definitely seems like Russell Wilson will be a good commentator after he's done playing
  3. They really need to go to the NFL PI rule to stop that... It's so stupid. If you're beat there is no reason to ever not do that... Just tackle him and take the 15 yards to save the TD.
  4. How did he manage to have a Heisman season of he goes stuff like that? Just throw the ball away...
  5. Rodgers and Love both shut that down immediately
  6. Say what you want about the spot but why the hell are you throwing it short of the sticks on 4th down anyway? They deserve to lose the ball if it stands just for that alone.
  7. I didn't realize he was 65 already.
  8. So Cupp needs less than 20 yards on overtime up break the record... Will it be done?
  9. Why bring that out of the endzone though? Just take the touchback...
  10. The stars are aligned for the Rams to need to go to the passing game so Cupp can break Calvin's record... Let's see if it happens
  11. This games over, didn't expect Michigan to have any real chance in this one. Still a good season though, no one (including me) expected them to even make it this far.
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