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  1. Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    It's fake... Well it's a real helicopter crash obviously but it's not the crash from today it's a crash that happened in Dubai.
  2. Playstaton 5

    Well technically it definitely won't be any of those as both Microsoft and Sony use AMD in their consoles and not Nvidia but I get what you mean and I highly doubt they'll be comparable to a top of the like PC gpu... But they don't necessarily have to be either, consoles have much better optimization than PCs so a weaker card can perform much better than it would in a PC.
  3. Playstaton 5

  4. Movies you want sequels to

    With no Alan Rickman to voice Marvin it just wouldn't be the same
  5. Playstaton 5

    Pretty sure Sony has already stated that online crossplay between the PS4 and PS5 is happening... Just how many games that will work for however idk.
  6. So apparently the 49ers want to wear their white throwback uniforms but the NFL is saying no? I never really understood that... Let the team wear whatever uniforms they want as long as it's their colors and it's been established at some point in the teams history as their uniforms who really cares?
  7. Star Wars Universe Thread

    Pulling the plug on the Kenobi series would be stupid, it's already highly anticipated by fans due to the return of Ewan McGregor and the two episodes of the mandalorian Deborah Chow directed being very good... To not capitalize on the anticipation would just be foolish.
  8. 6 Round Draft

    Only issue I see is I'm not really sure why Miami would look to trade up to 3, the Giants definitely aren't taking a QB.
  9. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    Umm... It always has in college football
  10. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    Idk I'd probably put that one in the receiver, he got both hands on it.
  11. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    This, the only way Burrow isn't a Bengal is if he pulls an Eli and refuses to play for them but given he's from Ohio I don't think that'll be happening. Other than that the only chance is a serious injury in the second half of during the combine which if he's smart he won't even take part in.
  12. Netflix "The Witcher" Series - Trailer Released

    Apparently it will indeed be 2021 for season two 😭 It better at least be early 2021 and not December like season 1 there is no damn reason it should take 2 years to make 8 hours of a show... Unless they are getting a big budget increase.
  13. Random Game Talk

    The professionalism of streamers sometimes amazes me. Jason Mewes got on a GTA RP server today and instead of everybody trying to flock to the celebrity things just went by like any normal day on the server...wayyy different than what usually happens when celebrities get online in a game.
  14. Xbox Series X

    I have a feeling this thing is going to be very loud. Not at all surprising though considering it's becoming pretty normal for consoles to run loud...the PS4 pro sounds like a damn jet engine under heavy loads.
  15. Playstaton 5

    Depends on if it also means a significant price difference, if the PS5 is considerably cheaper it won't matter that the series X is more powerful... Especially considering Sony has far more momentum coming into this generation than Microsoft does. The ps3 was more powerful than the 360 but the big price difference caused the 360 to have a much better launch and it took the entire console generation for Sony to finally catch up and end up outselling Microsoft and with a lot of people having a lack of faith in Microsoft after this current generation they cannot afford to have that kind of gap. Yes hardcore gamers definitely care about power and would be enticed by the more powerful console but the fact is hardcore gamers represent a small minority of the consumer base and everyone else cares more about the impact on their wallet than they do frame rates or resolutions. That being said I find it very hard to believe there would be that big of a power gap between the two anyway and seriously doubt the validity of those claims.