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  1. Honestly that was probably intentional, Amazon probably wouldn't have let them get away with that scene if it looked too... Realistic? Lol
  2. I got the bundle but it took a few tries, as far as I know they are still periodically going so don't give up just yet. Didn't intend to buy one but my cousin has been having bad luck getting a pre-order and I planned on buying everything in the bundle anyway so I said screw it and just got it and will let him have my best buy pre-order (at cost I'm not a dirty scalper).
  3. The online pre-orders haven't actually gone live yet. In store most stores have had less than 10 available.
  4. Gamestop says more PS5 pre orders available tomorrow for those still looking. Both in store and online but unfortunately they don't say what time they'll be available online. This batch is also disk drive version only.
  5. Exclusives can be frustrating to gamers who don't want to be forced into a certain console but you have to look at it from Sony's perspective... They absolutely dominated this console generation and the primary reason why was the PlayStations reputation for having the far superior game library so clearly it's working well for them and there is no reason for them to not try to continue that trend. Even with Microsoft having a very different approach they clearly recognize this or they wouldn't have spent billions upon billions of dollars over the last 2 years buying up developers to try to improve the quality of their library of games. The upcoming generation should be a lot closer and more akin to what we saw with the PS3 and 360 which was a very close and competitive generation as opposed to this current gen which wasn't even a competition. Sony will still get out to a clear lead early on there is no stopping that with the momentum they already have and the games we already know are coming within the next year but once the studios Microsoft now have start churning out their games they should start to catch up pretty quickly. I definitely don't think it will be another case like we have now with ps4 outselling Xbox one by over 60 million units.
  6. I can't help but laugh at people on reddit saying Sony should buy take-two in response... They clearly have no idea how this all works. Sony could never afford that... Maybe someone like konami or square enix if they really wanted to but take-two is way out of reach... That would take over 20 billion.
  7. I'll be getting the ultimate edition because I never got around to playing spider man ps4 yet so it's a solid deal
  8. Yeah they get them in waves up until release usually
  9. Yeah you'll have to be quick Tuesday to get a pre order in
  10. https://www.walmart.com/ip/PlayStation5-Console/363472942 Says preorders will be live in 40 minutes (that's the link for the physical version but digital goes live at same time) so anyone trying to get one be ready. @Texansfan713 You indicated you were trying to figured I'd tag you
  11. same, took me 2 hours of trying on the best buy website but it finally worked for me
  12. Yes Yoshida is best known for being the producer/director of FF14, no this isn't an MMO if that's what you're worried about.
  13. yeah I never got around to playing Spider Man ps4 yet so I'll just wait and get that and play the remastered version.
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