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  1. You mean IF it happens again... You'll know what I mean when you get to the end... Which I personally didn't like but we'll see what happens.
  2. Sheesh I had to go 4 pages deep to find this thread... Kinda surprising. Did the windows 11 upgrade... Going to take some getting used to even though most of the changes aren't that major, it seems faster and more snappy than windows 10 so far but the centered task bar is a bit of a culture shock... Might have to change it to the classic layout but I'll give it a chance for a bit and see.
  3. I turned on legacy mode briefly to see what it looks like... My only thought was "holy crap I used to play it like this?!?" The difference is so much bigger than I realized.
  4. Deadpool doesn't count because he hasn't appeared in the MCU yet.
  5. Thor Thanos Captain Marvel Odin Hulk Ego Doctor Strange Wanda Vision Ancient One Dormammu Goose Surtur
  6. I had that same thing happen with George Carlin, had a chance to see him live in November 2007 but no one wanted to go with me so I didn't go... He died 7 months later... Still regret it to this day.
  7. https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1435702276962852869?t=7Pj7rF1fKLfDkEdBuy6hUw&s=19
  8. If it's like years past you'll have to wait until you can do a live franchise or whatever it's called where it starts where the season is in real life and then the picks should be accurate, it's always been that way for some reason.
  9. A lot of speculation the beacon was alluding to Galactus... But idk... It almost feels too early to do Galactus... You can't really step it up from there when it comes to big bads.
  10. The 3070 is a great card and is a steal at $500 in this market but it's definitely messed up that the doa card isn't going to be replaced that's just boggling my mind.
  11. Huh, that's weird. Didn't know prebuilts were like that. How are you suppose to even know it's dead without opening it up and making sure it's not just a case of a wire coming loose in transit or something?
  12. Wait I'm confused... Why you looking to buy a 3070? If your GPU was doa it should be replaced for no charge by Asus.
  13. Yeah Jeff Anderson finally agreed to come back and do it after Kevin has his heart attack.
  14. Same, definitely had some issues I had to reload the game multiple times to deal with and dealt with regular crashes (PS5 btw) but I still loved the game despite it's performance flaws and will undoubtedly play it more when the ps5 version and DLC come out.
  15. To be fair... He's better than whoever the Texans will probably be trotting out week 1 so there's that...
  16. I really dislike the archetype system... One game I'm a god at the plate the next game I'm on the mount but suddenly forgot how to hit and went from one of the fastest players in the league to being slow af? Yeah that's not how that works, lol. It's a damn sports game not COD...
  17. Monitors I can't really help with, I don't have a traditional desk setup I have mine hooked up to the big screen. Just Google "best gaming monitors" and you'll definitely find some good lists and most lists usually try to accommodate every price point.
  18. Okay so for anyone that's been playing the beta is it just me or did they really mess up the AI? I seem to remember enemies swarming you in the original but in this one they seem to have a tendency to run around like chickens with their heads cut off
  19. I don't have friends anyway so not a problem for me, lol
  20. I'd definitely put the show above it but obviously that does require that you enjoy baseball games, you'll never catch me watching baseball but I like playing the video games (same with golf and soccer)
  21. Yeah basically NZXT H510 NZXT H710 Be quiet! Pure base 500DX Fractal design Meshify Lian Li 011 Dynamic Lian Li Liancool II Mesh Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X Those are a few very popular options, I'd say pick the one you think looks best (or just the cheapest if you wanna save money) as you really can't go wrong with any of them.
  22. I just realized I said the pure base 500DX comes with 2 case fans, it actually comes with 3 but since I went with the AIO I had to remove the one in front to put the radiator in (of course the AIO has 3 fans of it's own sm attached to the radiator) but if you went with an air cooler you would keep the front fan.
  23. There are a lot of solid cases out there, often times it becomes a matter of gamers choosing which one they like the most aesthetically once you get into the quality cases as they are all fine
  24. High quality coolers definitely help run both quieter and cooler than cheap coolers. The Noctua NH D15 and the be quiet! Dark rock pro 4 are probably the two best air coolers on the market. Both offer excellent cooling and run pretty quiet, I prefer the dark rock pro 4 just because the Noctua is ugly .. Although I think it does now come in black which makes it much better looking. You could also choose an AIO if you prefer the sleek look. Lots of good options, the most popular are the Corsair H series (I personally gave an H150i elite capellix in my PC) and the NZXT kraken series.
  25. The H510 is a very popular and widely used case for gaming PCs.
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