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  1. We haven't actually seen Thoros fight yet in the show have we? They better make him live up to the hype.
  2. I don't see any way all of them make it out of that alive... Too many dead... Plus the white walkers themselves are there... And all they took was a small contingent... Should we start taking bets on who in that little fellowship dies?? Speaking of fellowship.. There were 7 of them that left weren't there? I wonder if that was a homage? (7 named characters anyway... We all know the random wildlings that went with them are screwed)
  3. Awe come on really?!?! This week will go by so slow now ?
  4. I didn't know Bran could control an entire murder of Ravens at once...
  5. So pumped to see if they can top or at least manage to match last week's episode tonight. Also my first post on the new forum, yay!
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