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  1. Adding a couple more fans isn't terribly complicated if it's necessary, it's just one wire and 4 screws per fan, tricky part when adding fans to a PC that already has everything in it can be the lack of space to work in but I'd personally say it's worth the hassle to get a quality PC. If you're not comfortable with potentially having to do so you can just find a different PC with better cooling and airflow, now that you know you're approved for that price range you're options should be pretty plentiful... There's a decent amount of options around that price it's just the initial under $1,
  2. How strict is that price range? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B093CG8VHP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_JFKWX4W2KSRAM19YBDX8 That's a really good deal in today's market... That GPU alone will cost you that price. If you can afford it I'd jump at that one right now and don't look back. Under $1,400 is tough in today's market... It's possible... But you're looking at a low end gaming PC with a GPU already outdated. EDIT: Btw I was being slightly sarcastic that GPU won't really cost you $1,800 on its own but it legitimately will run you $1,200.
  3. The way the market is right now find a solid pre built... Not a good time to build your own and you'll actually pay more to do so. As far as controllers go just get an Xbox controller and the Xbox wireless dongle for PC, it's fully compatible with most PC games right out of the box. As far as having a PC that can do both .. Any decent gaming PC is going to have enough juice to do productivity stuff just fine. The latest AMD CPUs are better than Intel right now in almost every category so I'd go with them personally. Anything more detailed would require knowing what kind of
  4. I'm sorry why would I take anything thing guy says seriously? He did some deals for what? The 7th most popular sports league in the U.S so he has an idea of how things work for by far the most popular league? I'm sorry but doing some deals for MLS does not mean you know squat about what the NFL revenue machine is like. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, Nascar, hell even WWE... All more popular than MLS... But yeah I'm going to take this guy's word...
  5. So according to Madden Baker has equal arm strength to Matthew Stafford.... Right....
  6. I'm assuming the hesitancy many would have to try to buy one in stores without being vaccinated? Given that any store that gets then is going to be rushed by people wanting one (unless they were sly and made no mention of them coming in stock ahead of time)
  7. The main thing people need to realize is that though this can access the any game on steam it is not powerful enough to actually play any game on steam .. You're not running cyberpunk on this thing for example... At least not at any frame rate that's actually playable. Luckily a lot of the PC gamers are into MMOs, MOBAs, BRs, strategy games, 4X, etc... Which aren't typically very demanding on hardware but people just need to be aware that when it comes to the graphically demanding titles you're either going to be playing at an extremely low frame rate or not going to be able to play at a
  8. I can see not paying to watch it in theaters or paying the extra $30 to watch it now on Disney+ but I'd at least recommend watching once it's his Disney+ without having to pay extra for it in October (I think it's October anyway). It's not a great movie by any means but it's entertaining enough to be worth watching once. EDIT: Unless of course you don't have Disney+
  9. Probably just a misunderstanding of what you mean by crossplay, crossplay with PC has existed in PS4 since 2014 I believe, but "universal" crossplay Fortnite was first. Little known fact about crossplay, Sony actually did it first. There was crossplay between PS2 and Dreamcast... But only in Japan... And only for one game (that I'm aware of). EDIT: After looking it up I stand corrected, the first universal crossplay game was Final Fantasy 11 between PS2, 360, and PC.
  10. Also to be fair the crossplay thing went both ways, during the 360/PS3 era when Microsoft was outperforming Sony they were the ones hesitant about crossplay while Sony advocated it... Then during the PS4/Xbone era when Sony pulled way ahead from the start the roles reversed.
  11. I'm not sure I'd say it's more anticipated than God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West. I'm definitely excited for it and will play it since Todd Howard described it as "Skyrim in space" but there's also a lot of people hesitant as faith in Bethesda isn't quite as high as it used to be.
  12. Going to have to agree with the Grim Dawn suggestion for you, if you loved Diablo 2 you'll love Grim Dawn... Pretty much guaranteed.
  13. No, can only play what's available on PS4/PS5 or on the PS Store. Only way to play a game older than PS4 era is of it's available for download on the PS Store and I'm pretty sure no Madden games that old are on there.
  14. Maybe you're thinking of the vampire Morbius that has a movie coming?
  15. No thank you to bringing back the podcast it annoyed the hell out of me.
  16. This is false, you can play PS4 games on the digital version, can download them from the PS Store just like you would on a PS4 or play them from an external hard drive.
  17. So I don't follow basketball much but what I've read says Cade's biggest weakness is ball handling so I'm guessing Detroit will have Hayes at point and Cade as the 2?
  18. I like the UI change, the main concern I have is if certain features aren't ready for launch and will be added later (like the scouting update) I worry that there will be a lot of potential bugs. Dunno if I'll get this one or not... We'll see.. definitely won't be on launch but maybe at a later time.
  19. 2K is living on reputation at this point, for so long they were considered superior putting out great sports titles that people think that's still the case and the fact is it's not...2K started going downhill years ago and at this point NBA2K is just as bad as Madden and in some ways much worse.
  20. At the very least it has to be how Deadpool arrives... It's just too perfect for the character and the fun he'd have with shattering the multiverse 4th wall not to do it.
  21. Really? Mines always been very quiet. Especially considering the jet engine sound of the PS4 pro.
  22. Guess I have until November 11th 2022 to finally be able to snag a new GPU... Built myself a new PC a couple months ago .. Ryzen 7 5800x, 32GB DDR4 3600 RAM, 2TB Gen4 M.2 drive but being held back considerably by the fact that I haven't been able to get a new GPU... Stuck using my old 1060 6GB. Definitely need to get one by release cause I really wanna play this and I'm not wasting money in a console I can play every game for on PC.
  23. This E3 sucks... Unfortunate I don't think it's going to ever get back to being as good as it used to be...I miss the days of the amazing production quality Microsoft and Sony used to have for their conferences and those are unfortunately never coming back... Sucks...
  24. Does kinda make you wonder how much better it would look if it was ps5 exclusive though.
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