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  1. Hopefully they'll revive Stargate
  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/lions-coach-dan-campbell-wants-to-have-a-pet-lion-at-practice-i-might-end-up-losing-an-arm-192524358.html Dan Campbell said he talked to team owner Sheila Ford Hamp about his pet lion idea.
  3. Maybe you'll be able to customize it like in fallout
  4. 98 pages... How many actually have anything to do with Rodgers? What was the last page to even have any news or speculation on the situation? How is this thread even still going? I could see if it was gen but letting it go like this in news? This place must be extra bored this off-season.
  5. The point about having the comics doesn't really differentiate marvel and DC movies, Warner Media owns DC... They have the comics too... They just don't synergize the comics and movies like marvel does.
  6. Not really much they can do about the scalper problem, that's on retailers.
  7. They have 4 first round picks over the next two years... Plenty of ammo to make a move to get a QB if they have to.
  8. The English take soccer way to seriously.
  9. No, ps2 and ps4 ahead of it for me... Probably ps1 as well. The terrible controller makes it hard for me to rank it higher than 4th even though there were definitely some great games on it.
  10. The amazing thing is that even with the production shortages it's still the fastest selling console of all time at this point.
  11. But the switch pro or super switch or whatever it's called is coming later this year! lol
  12. Fallen order alone is worth it tbh
  13. So like.. Is that enough for a comp pick? Cause it'd be pretty cool to get a comp pick for our returner, lol.
  14. I wonder if they might try to use it as leverage to almost trade exclusives... Like go to Sony and say "we'll release elder scrolls 6 on ps5 if you release God of War (for example) on Series X.
  15. So that's just not accurate at all, while the death rate does skyrocket with age even the peak death rate (80+ age range) is still well under "most" people that age losing their battles at around 20%. 1 in 5 is certainly nowhere near most people.
  16. This while time I had no idea there was a dark mode... I've been staring at that ugly white background all this time. My life will change so much now😋
  17. WandaVision has surpassed the mandalorian as the most watched streaming show in the U.S
  18. Well WandaVision is supposed to tie heavily into Spider-Man 3 and doctor strange 2 so they don't necessarily have to wrap everything up here. The last episode could very well just set up what's going to happen in the MCU going forward rather than being a conclusion like a typical series.
  19. Well it's really just a dlc, part 2 is probably still at least a couple years away.
  20. Why isn't it working? I'm throwing my money at my ps5 but game still isn't on there 😭
  21. Hey so just to make sure you are remembering to play the training drill once to get gold right?
  22. I wouldn't assume that's the darkhold, there are a lot of mystical books in the marvel universe. Personally I highly doubt it's the darkhold, more likely that it's one of the missing books from the Sanctum Sanctorum or something along those lines.
  23. I always manually edited his attributes to the lowest possible to make sure he wasn't signed, not because I have anything against him I do the same when players retire too late to be removed from the game.
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