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  1. I mean it makes sense, especially with the shark in the commercial saying he survived by feeding on "yo-magic". It makes sense that her magic is being drained but to what end I wonder. I'm thinking Agetha is potentially trying to syphon Wanda's power to summon someone... Mephisto or nightmare... But I still don't understand why she would do that. Wasn't she actually a good guy in the comics?
  2. Yeah the twins might be the ridiculously rich Olsens but Elizabeth is officially the hot Olsen. If you would have told 18 year old me that Mary Kate and Ashley had a younger sister that would become even hotter than them I wouldn't have believed you. ... Seriously the genes in that family must be something special.
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure that whole thing was a show she was putting on for Vision, especially considering she then faked him out when he found her on the edge of town. It seems like she wanted him to figure everything out the question is why? Despite what the extremely catchy song that I'll never get out of my head said I'm still not convinced it was really just her all along.
  4. Probably still months away from being able to walk into a store and get one.
  5. She's not an aerospace engineer, she said the person was an aerospace engineer.
  6. Even Peters was in Kick-*** too so it was a double reference.
  7. She was talking before that though, no one else on the outskirts could even move.
  8. In the car, they were on the outskirts of town and everyone was frozen yet for some reason Agnes was able to move and talk.
  9. Couple questions, how come Agnes could move and talk to vision when no one else in the outskirts could? And how the hell did Pietro know vision died? That happened years after Pietro was already dead...
  10. Strange has to be showing up, no way he doesn't get word of this happening.
  11. So Oberyn Martell as Joel and Leanna Mormont as Ellie, I'm sure HBO isn't done casting GoT actors either.
  12. Correct, that's one thing xbox did better than playstation. Unfortunately with the PS5 you can't even store the PS5 games on an external drive to swap them so you don't have to download them again but the Xbox does allow you to do that.
  13. I think fans will be disappointed if he takes it because so many have called for him to be Johnny Blaze in the MCU and it's pretty unlikely he could do both.
  14. Didn't he already say he was coming back? Pretty sure I remember him saying that during the trophy presentation ceremony.
  15. I wonder... Darcy said there were high levels of cosmic microwave background radiation detected and they reinforced that statement in the email. Monica said something about knowing an aerospace engineer who might be up to the task of safely getting someone through the barrier... Reed Richards is an aerospace engineer... The fantastic 4 got their powers from cosmic radiation... We know there is a fantastic 4 MCU movie coming... Hmm...
  16. So I just thought of something, how could vision get into Norm's head and free him off Wanda's influence without the mind stone? That's what gave him that kind of power... Without it isn't he just a robot? Also did anyone else notice that anytime the kids grew Agnes was around? And they were about to do it again when Agnes showed them the dead dog until Wanda stopped them.
  17. Holy crap this show is so amazing.
  18. Anybody check out destruction all stars yet? I played a couple rounds last night, it's fun but I feel like they definitely need to add some more to the game down the line.
  19. Apparently not only will The Show be on Xbox this year it will also have cross platform play.
  20. I just realized.... We play the Rams next year....
  21. I just tried the demo... Hardest part for me is getting over how terrible it looks after playing world on PS4. Not sure I'll be able to get used to it
  22. Discord banned the wallstreetbets server as well.
  23. Ugh, why did all this have to be happening when I'm broke.... If it was next week I could have gotten in on this but this is just not a good week for me.
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