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  1. Agreed, as much as I'd love a $2,000 check as someone who's laid off until March I need the bill passed for the extra unemployment money more than I need it delayed for an extra 1,400 in a one time payment.
  2. Yeah I was reading a medical article earlier that said while it is possible for it to mutate enough for vaccines to stop working it typically takes years for that to happen... It mentioned the flu typically taking 5-7 years of mutations for that to occur and the flu is said to mutate much quicker than Covid.
  3. I haven't finished the game but I'm pretty sure there are also multiple endings so I'm sure choices effect which one you get as well. Also I know of at least one case where what you choose to do directly decides whether a pretty significant character lives or dies
  4. You just praised gtaV...a game with a pre determined story you can easily watch on YouTube, lol.
  5. I play on ps5 and it's playable... Yes it does crash quite a bit but thankfully the game autosaves frequently so you're never going to have to go back far because of a crash. Personally I'm enjoying the game enough to deal with the crashes and other bugs the game has... Some people may not... Just depends on the person and how much you like the game. But ultimately for 45 bucks I'd say it's worth it... If you don't want to deal with the crashes and bugs you can always just wait to actually play it until they roll out some more patches.. Just because you buy it now doesn't mean you
  6. Almost 40% of the u.s population watched the cheers finale... Think that's all that really needs to be said
  7. Playing on ps5, 10 hours in...5 crashes... So averaging a crash every couple hours... Annoying but still enjoying the game so still keep an it. Other than the crashing I've only had one major bug and all I had to do was exit and reload to fix it. Game definitely wasn't ready for release, no way around it.
  8. The article claims that he was going to but the "galactic council" stopped him, lol.
  9. I'm assuming because it's supposed to be really buggy... Not that the gameplay or story is bad.
  10. Wait.. that would technically show a win against Ohio State on Haubaughs record and he'll get a lifetime extension.. DO NOT FORFEIT
  11. When is the last time they didn't play in a season? I imagine it's been a while
  12. https://m.jpost.com/omg/former-israeli-space-security-chief-says-aliens-exist-humanity-not-ready-651405
  13. Well he'll never be on the cover, lol. Not that it was ever likely to happen anyway.
  14. I definitely wouldn't expect much, generally speaking in the past the first year of the new console tends to suck... Not just with Madden either, tends to be the case with most yearly sports titles.
  15. Mathis and Freeney are both top 20 all time in sacks... Pretty sure both will get in eventually so not sure they really fit the theme of the thread.
  16. I know PS5 games have to be stored on the SSD so it wouldn't surprise me if it's the same for xbox.
  17. I think we all knew it was going to be bad when the broncos tried to get permission to start a coach at QB for the game, lol.
  18. I'd be pissed if I was the Ravens and the NFL forces the game to be played... They won't even have a full roster.
  19. Now that's wanting it enough, lol
  20. We're just lucky only about 1 in 20 people who get Covid get the lingering stuff.
  21. I meant as far as having actual dates on games... With how many delays we've seen in games lately I'm not crossing my fingers on any of the big hitters being ready by spring... Would certainly like to see it... Just not expecting it.
  22. Demon's souls and miles morales... Other than that not not really. And there aren't any major exclusives coming until well into next year. I just got one when I could just incase I didn't have the money next year.
  23. Glover is 74 and Gibson is 64... Seems a little old to be doing a buddy cop action movie.
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