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  1. I’m not saying the Cowboys are super bowl contenders, but if you’re basing it on those 4 criteria, how can you not include them? top 3 linebacker group with depth top 3-5 running back great oline and pretty darn good pass rush Qb has been playing pretty well too coaching then?
  2. Jason Garrett is such a lame tool. Jesus how can you have this much talent and screw it up for so long?
  3. Yeah but as far as I could tell those holding penalties were good calls. It’s not just the number of calls.
  4. Bogus cooper offensive pi call bogus Elliot fumble call bogus Lawrence roughing the passer call no wonder the saints are 11-1 with these refs
  5. Assuming they were all healthy going into the draft, how would you rank these linebackers as college prospects? Just interested to know because I remember hearing that these guys were so awesome, so I wondered how they stacked up against each other. *Aaron Curry *Tremaine Edmunds *Myles Jack *Luke Kuechly *Rolando McClain *Jaylon Smiith *Roquan Smith *Patrick Willis
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