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  1. Are the 49ers the leagues best team?

    I’m not saying the Cowboys are super bowl contenders, but if you’re basing it on those 4 criteria, how can you not include them? top 3 linebacker group with depth top 3-5 running back great oline and pretty darn good pass rush Qb has been playing pretty well too coaching then?
  2. SNF GDT: Eagles @ Cowboys

    Terrible calls
  3. GDT[Week 5]: Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers

    Jason Garrett is such a lame tool. Jesus how can you have this much talent and screw it up for so long?
  4. SNF Week 4 - Cowboys @ Saints

    Yeah but as far as I could tell those holding penalties were good calls. It’s not just the number of calls.
  5. SNF Week 4 - Cowboys @ Saints

    Bogus cooper offensive pi call bogus Elliot fumble call bogus Lawrence roughing the passer call no wonder the saints are 11-1 with these refs
  6. Assuming they were all healthy going into the draft, how would you rank these linebackers as college prospects? Just interested to know because I remember hearing that these guys were so awesome, so I wondered how they stacked up against each other. *Aaron Curry *Tremaine Edmunds *Myles Jack *Luke Kuechly *Rolando McClain *Jaylon Smiith *Roquan Smith *Patrick Willis